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Blue Yeti Nano Red Onyx or Vivid Blue Microphone - $50 + Delivery (or Free C&C) @ Officeworks


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    I have this mic and….don't recommend it unless you're going to use it in a very quiet room, very close to your mouth.

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      So it's good for ASMR

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      why so?

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      Just use a program like RTX Voice and you should be good to go

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      Why the negs without any explanation?

      • Lots of people complain about Blue mics being bad but most of the time it's because the mic isn't configured correctly. People are probably assuming that's what happened in this case.

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          Genuine question. I've got a rode nt USB. How do you configure a mic 'wrong'

          • @cheesecactus: With Yeti and Yeti Nano it can be common for people to select the wrong polar pattern and also because of the design they may speak into the wrong side of it too. It's less likely for the Rode NT to be used incorrectly because it only has a single polar pattern and it's design shouldn't give people the idea to speak into the top of it.

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          The Yeti Nano is genuinely not a great product. The Blue Snowball is a terrible choice for most people too, and the Yeti is decent, but usually expensive here compared to the competition.

          In truth, a lot of the USB mics are so overpriced here due to the herd mentality and nature of gaming and streaming-related recommendations, that you can pick up great XLR mics and a great interface for less, which deliver better quality. Then if you want to upgrade down the line, you already have an affordable upgrade path.

          For example, the Behringer XM8500 + UMC202HD is $130 (though you'll need a cable and a stand/arm), or you can change out the XM8500 for the Mackie EM-91c for an extra $55 (but you'll need a stand/arm).

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            The Yeti Nano is genuinely not a great product.

            Well that contradicts all the reviews I've seen/heard. Are you saying it's not a great product because it doesn't suit your personal needs or because there is something wrong with it?

            • @BROKENKEYBOARD: Recessed mids, brittle treble, terrible normal and launch price for the quality. Passable at this price, but there's a lot you can do for a little more.

              If people have a purpose for this beyond VoIP/game comms, they should be looking elsewhere, and even if not I would call this a pretty poor choice for spoken word.

              For those who have missed out, you can even start on an XM8500 and a USB-to-XLR cable, which can come in as low as $40 as a combo, and typically wind up sounding better for spoken word.

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                @jasswolf: When you say "genuinely not a great product" you're making it out like there's something wrong with the product.

                Recessed mids, brittle treble, terrible normal
                and even if not I would call this a pretty poor choice for spoken word

                These things are entirely subjective qualities and vary from user to user so while it may not suit you it may for others. I'm sure there are some that will prefer the sound of this vs the XM8500 or what if someone needed an omnidirectional mic?

                • @BROKENKEYBOARD: Omni in stereo on a budget? Get the original Yeti.

                  you're making it out like there's something wrong with the product.

                  Almost no one should read that from my comment. I did not call it DoA, just notably below average, and that's obviously the case given the clearance price.

                  These things are entirely subjective qualities and vary from user to user so while it may not suit you it may for others.

                  The frequency response of the Yeti Nano suits very few people, i.e. those with a nasally, average-to-low pitch voice.

          • @jasswolf: Umc404hd user and xlr combo won't work for a lot of steam games so probs a bad recommendation unless you just want to discord and record crappy podcasts

            • @bargone: Can you specify what games? Have you tried the latest driver (Feb 2021)?

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                @jasswolf: Yeah all the latest drivers tried with a sm58 and sm7b. Not playing to many games anymore tested in CS dota and valorant was unable to get any to work. Was able to get them to work in the steam voice setting etc seemed to be software conflict was Super annoying and reverted to a blue yeti usb for the time being. Also was working in discord, ableton, Windows etc. Tried voicemeeter and a bunch of other virtual audio solutions etc wasn't fun I hope no one runs into the same issue.

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      Yes and no - it's a large diaphragm condenser mic.

      You will want to keep it close to your mouth because being a large diaphragm mic, it needs to be close to get the diaphragm to move and give your voice richness (the proximity effect). Because it is a condenser mic, the room will need to be quiet because it picks up surrounding sounds quite well.

      FWIW, it's worth putting all of this into context. What are you trying to do? If you're trying to do professional audio work, then the acoustics of your room is much more important than your mic (I'd rather an average mic in a well treated room than the opposite). If you want better quality audio for your video calls, then this is far better than any inbuilt mic or headset mic.

      If you're streaming/podcasting, consider a dynamic microphone. You'll have to still keep it close, but the background noise rejection is far better.

      If you want to move it further away, get a shotgun condenser microphone. You can move it further away, but background noise rejection will be even worse.

      i.e. what you're criticising - bad background noise rejection AND need to keep it close, cannot both be satisfied (laws of physics, really). You have to choose one or the other. This is actually quite a good balance. It will be fine as a desk mic.

      • Could you not get a mic that excels at letting you keep it far away, and rely on something like Nvidia Broadcast to remove background noise?

        • Could you not get a mic that excels at letting you keep it far away, and rely on something like Nvidia Broadcast to remove background noise?

          Sure, but that comes with a whole set of its own flaws/requirements, i.e. having an Nvidia GPU, noise rejection isn't perfect, can lead to artifacting, fine for streaming, but it's not a solution for recording.

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        it's a large diaphragm condenser mic.

        It has an omnidirectional mode, it would use capsules like the bigger Yeti. This is actually one of the issues of Blue microphones where people tend to use omni when they're just sitting in front of it causing it to pick up far more ambient noise. Another common issue is where people point the mic the wrong way and speak into the top of it instead of the side.

      • Dynamic mics don't pick up less background noise compared to Condensers, that's just a (bad) popular myth.

        Dynamic microphones require a LOT more gain to function, and people tend to eat the microphones in terms of distance (which is normal to do with all mics, less than 6 inches is what you want). But with condensers they keep the gain higher than needed, and stay further back. If you lower the gain and likewise eat the microphone, you'll get the same amount of background noise.

        The bottom line is that if the vibrations from the air reach the diaphragm and vibrate it, it'll be picked up. If your condenser seems to be heavily picking up background noise compared to a dynamic, lower the gain on the condenser and get very close to the front of the microphone, around 3-4 inches. This will produce the same effect.

        In the end noise is noise, you can't change the laws of physics.

        Dynamic mics are definitely more durable which is why they're always used for concerts and the like.

    • Rtx voice + voicemeeter

    • The context, I found I had to buy a boom for it to sound good, so be prepared to do that. The full yeti allegedly has more mic controls, and that's probably what I'd buy if I did it again.

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    I had one of these for a good 12 months and never had an issue.

    Great quality mic and a steal at that price

  • Looks like its been OzBargained!

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    was able to order the blue one C&C in SA.

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    Hmm might be good for voiceover gigs on Fiverr

    • Are you Big Man Tyrone or Morgan Freeman?

  • Stock check showing one red in Campbellfield, VIC (03) 9358 4000.

  • i got red onyx in dee why bam

  • Blue one at Frankston

  • Buy it. This is good value.

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    So suddenly every OzBargainer is either a Podcaster or a YouTuber? XD

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      what are you on about it's a bargain mate

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        yep, who cares if u needed it…
        buy 1st, ask later…

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          Buy 1st, podcast later

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    OzBargained in Melbourne. Next time

  • Thanks OP. Got a blue in Aspley, Qld. Still one in stock there.

  • Not available to Click & Collect

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      This stock is incorrect, it says it has stock in heaps of places where it doesn't. For example 3 of my local stores are listed in that list as having stock, but all of them are out of stock on the official officeworks website

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      That was a month ago.

    • Read the description…

  • Can you price match with jb hifi?

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      Because it's a clearance item, they won't price match

  • Not working. Had this before with Officeworks where I couldn't order something and it is rejected for "customer privacy".

  • That's a bit unfair, managed to add it to the cart, was up to payment and then it said no longer available.

  • Yeah same won't let me order.

  • cant get rip

  • Deal seems to be dead

  • Does anyone know if this mic is still having issues with Microsoft teams?

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      now you tell me lol

      Mike for sale: 55 bucks

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        Who’s Mike?

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          Mike—robe. I’m not surprised you can’t see me, I’m very small.

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    Cracking price but the reviews are true. I tried to use it briefly at work for zoom meetings and the set up was easy but those on the other end could hear everything. Even casual conversation behind a partition 8m away

  • How the hell you guys manage that stock check on every store? Is there a website for that?

  • Out of stock for me i tried click and collect at Bondi and Alexandria even the city stores have no stock. Won't deliver either.

  • Checked at Carlton. No stocks for both. They got alot in warehouse but system won't allow you to backorder.

    • I got a ready for pickup notice for Carlton

      • Ye, only if you C&C before it was unavailable online.
        There's was two blue ones left.
        And both were C&Ced.

  • Dang too late.

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    How does this work as a mic for conference calls (i.e. to capture multiple voices in a conference room)?

  • god damn that's a good price, shame I missed out

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    Fun fact, higher quality audio makes people perceive you as more intelligent.

    I got one as an "investment" for work, don't know if it's had an effect but I'm pretty happy with it regardless.

  • Manager to pick up one

    • How'd you get to meet the manager?

  • I use this for work / MS Teams - highly recommend.

  • I was looking at this or Kingston HyperX Solocast - only for work meetings.

    I ended with the solocast - it's fine for what it is, but the cable is already flaky - at least it is USB-C

  • Did anyone find any leftover stock of this? :-(