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[VIC] Bonus $700 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card on $99 Telstra 12 Month Contract (Min Cost $1188, New / Port In Users) @ JB Hi-Fi, Richmond


Surprised nobody posted this.
Handy for those who don’t want $800 off a phone right now.
Can then save it for the iPhone 13 models.

Expires June 20

Spotted it at Richmond job hifi today as we were scrolling thru the deals on the system.

Btw coles Richmond next to ikea had some $250 coles cards in stock…

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    Not a good deal, $1188 plan cost, $700gc assume resale value $650, sim cost $538 or $488 if you keep the GC

    Better off sign up to the 12mini deal, resell for assume $900, leaves $288 sim cost

    • +1

      100% this is the OzB way. Worst case you will sell a 12 Mini sealed for $900 any day of the week.

    • $800 forced purchase vs $700 gift card with no strings.
      With a phone you have to go through all the hassle of selling it too.

      A 800$ off is only really worth $740 too as you can use suncorp discounts or supermarket discounted cards.

      Personally I would go the sure thing of a gift card

      • $800 forced purchase? The 64gb 12 mini is free on the $99 plan

        • Forced as in you can't pick anything else on this plan.

      • +3

        Giftcard is forced purchase anyway because you have to stick up with jb which almost always has higher selling price for things you want and doesn't like to price match.

  • Does the cancellation in first month work?

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      No this has been long fixed. ETC is $594 plus a voucher repayment fee of up to $500 pro rated down over 12 months.

      • I changed to telstra plan on the same day in telstra store..no ETC…

        • When did you change plans at the Telstra store?

        • When you say change plan, do you mean from a JB /GG Plan to a Telstra BYO mobile plan?

            • @PeppaCat: Right! You’re actually very lucky they let you do that. I managed to do it, but it involved a long process, a $600+ ETC, a complaint to Telstra, an hour on online chat, etc before it was resolved and only because I took screenshots of everything.

              I wouldn’t say this is normal tbh as you should have been under contract for 12 months.

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    when are they going to offer something good for existing customer to lock into a contract, its always new customers instead of trying to retain existing

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      Port out port in

    • This is always the way. Commissions are much higher for signing a "new connect" compared to a recontract.

      Agreed that port out and in is the only way. Can't say if it works straight away, but you can always ask the salesperson to see if you're eligible in the system.

  • Better to get the iPhone, I think its easy to sell it for $900 or even more

  • This is not a great deal. Feel like JB is inflating the gift card vouchers to justify the increase cost of the plan.

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