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US$20 off Artist-D 3D Printer US$479 (~A$635) & Artist-D Pro US$579 (~A$767) with IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) @ JGMaker3D


JGMaker are a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer who have been around since 2009. They recently launched their latest models, the JGMaker Artist-D, and Artist-D Pro and are offering a $20USD discount on it using coupon IDEX4OZB. These units are in Sydney now, and the price includes free shipping (5-8 days)!

This printer has dual independent extruders (IDEX) — this means you can print two of the same prints at once, or can do things like dual colour or dual material (e.g. PLA +PVA support) printing.


Comes with 1x 3D Printer, 2x ~250g PLA Filaments, 1x SD Card & Reader, 1x Tool Kit, 1x User Manual

The main advantages of the Artist-D Pro (~A$767) are that it includes a premium quality Meanwell brand Power Supply, and a full touch-screen interface.
Artist-D Pro link: https://www.jgmaker3d.com/collections/desktop-fdm-3d-printer...

Feel free to ask any questions below — I have an Artist-D Pro myself, but I'm pretty confident I can answer questions about both.

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    PITA extruder/hotend design though. Tenlog is $300 premium but worth it unless you’re happy to do the extruder/hotend/levelling upgrade yourself