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Eneloop Smart & Quick Charger $29.50 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee


Found this via the previous deal (Eneloop Pro AA/AAA 4pk $17.50 + Delivery @ Bing Lee https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630476) and looked like a decent deal.

Price shown in checkout after adding to cart.

Quite a bit cheaper than just a month ago ($42.99) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626278 and appears to be lowest ever.

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    It shows $59 to me

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      Price shown in checkout after adding to cart.

      I just purchased it - don't worry, the deal works

  • Price shown in checkout after adding to cart.

    DISCOUNT (EOFY 50%OFF SALE) -$29.50

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    Just here to hear about how awesome Ladda are

    • Does ikea also sell chargers?

      • Not sure sorry, I have this charger and it's been excellent for me.

      • Does ikea also sell chargers?

        Yes, but the current ones are all crap. One claims to be a smart charger, but isn't.

        Ikea used to sell a good charger, also called "LADDA". Not available anymore.

    • I'm not here to hear how awesome Ladda are, just how they're better value because they're the same thing at a better price.

      • didn't they actually used to be better than eneloop but then the same place that makes eneloop started making them and now they are just the same?

  • Thanks got 1

  • I have a BQ-CC51 charger, which comes in a pack along with 8AA and 4AAA. What's the difference from that one with this one?

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      This has quick charge function which takes 1.5h to complete, led indicators and can charge individually.
      The one you have may not have quick charge feature and take up to 10h for battery to be fully charged. It may not be important for you.

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      This is quick charger, check package right corner.

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      What's the difference from that one with this one?

      This is a "smart" charger, the BQ-CC51 is a "dumb" charger, which will damage your batteries a little more every time you use it. It's unfortunate that the majority of chargers available, and the majority listed here on OzBargain, are dumb chargers.

      Here's the review of the BQ-CC51, note the comment "Panasonic has a line of NiMH chargers, some are fast and smart, others dumb. This one here is a very slow and very dumb charger":

      And sadly, once charged in a "dumb" charger, your batteries are permanently damaged and will gradually decline, even if you switch to a smart charger. You'll never get close to the rated number of charge cycles.

      With eneloop batteries, it's generally easy to spot damaged ones. If it looks like there's a water stain around the positive end of the battery, under the clear plastic, it's damaged. The pressure seal has ruptured due to overheating by a bad charger, and the water stain is caused by the electrolyte leaking out of the battery. Once the pressure seal has ruptured, the remaining electrolyte leaks out, and any that stays in the battery dries up.

      • What charger do you recommend I get if I bought the batteries separately on the current Amazon Prime sale?

        Also, what are the major differences between the regular Eneloops and Pro?

        This deal says on the Bing Lee webpage for me it ships between 34-41 days (is it possible I get it sooner, anyone know? I've never ordered from Bing Lee before). I don't know if I want to wait that long to get them. The charger with this deal is the good smart one I assume?

        • I bought from bing lee and chose C&C with the earliest collection date being Jul 28 (ish).. got an email the next day saying ready for pickup.


        • This charger is a good charger if you've never had one before. But it only has a light to indicate when each battery has reached full charge. After your batteries have been used for a year or three, they will start to decline in their performance. A better charger, like the Liitokala Lii500 or Lii500S will let you know how well each battery is performing, they can tell you the capacity of the battery. I have found that when using NiMh batteries in low-drain applications, like clocks and remote controls, they lose quite a bit of capacity, which can be mostly restored by cycling the batteries through a few charge/discharge cycles, using the test modes on the Lii500/Lii500S.

          Eneloop pros have higher capacity (2500mAh) than regular eneloops (1900mAh). The pros also get fewer charge cycles (500) than regular eneloops (1800 cycles), but when you consider that charging once a week gets you to 500 cycles in ten years, the extra cycles of the regular eneloops aren't useful. Maybe they would be if you were charging them every day.

          • @Russ: Hi russ, thanks for the reply. Someone also mentioned the Nitecore D4 to me in another post. How does that charger compare to the Liitokala Lii500/s that you've recommended?

            Also, what can I buy some of these charges from? I'd like to have a look at the ones you've recommended? what is the difference between the 500 and 500s?

            • @Ice009: I have both chargers, but I don't use the D4 an more, it's too slow when charging more than two batteries. I use the Lii-500 instead, even with two batteries it's faster, so I think it's a better charger. But the D4 is simpler to use, just plug the batteries in, and come back next day. With the Lii500/Lii500S you can do the same, but it defaults to 700mA, so you should really push a few buttons to set it to 1000mA for AA batteries, or 300mA for AAA batteries.

              Lii500/Lii500S can be bought from Banggood or Ebay, but read my other comment comparing the two, and note the warning about needing a plug adapter:

              what is the difference between the 500 and 500s?

              Lii500S has a slightly nicer display, and touch switches instead of ordinary buttons. But costs more.

              • @Russ: Hey Russ, could you possibly PM me where you got yours from and also what adapter I'd need to buy?

                Also, what type of batteries can the Lii500 charge? Most types like the Nitecore? Very interesting read on the link you gave, sounds like the Lii500 is a better charger than the Nitecore.

                I was thinking of getting two of the packs with the Panasonic smart charger packs to get 8 batteries https://www.binglee.com.au/panasonic-k-kj55mcc4ta-eneloop-sm... as I can't find any AA packs of Eneloop for $14.99 (I missed out on the Amazon deal the other day), but I'm not sure anymore as I think I should get a better charger and just packs of individual batteries without a charger.

                • @Ice009: I just published a deal for the Lii-500: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633702

                  I bought mine years ago from GearBest, but their current price is horrible. Use the deal above.

                  Are you a Kurt Vonnegut fan? Your handle suggests so.

                • @Ice009:

                  as I can't find any AA packs of Eneloop for $14.99

                  Also, I think eneloop batteries are a bit overrated. Try the LADDA batteries from Ikea, they're supposedly made in the same factory as eneloops. They're equivalent to Eneloop Pro batteries: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/ladda-rechargeable-battery-7030...

                  • @Russ: Hi Russ, thanks for the reply. I tried ordering those LADDA batteries, but Ikea website says delivery not available to my postcode :(.

                    As for the Ice-9 thing, no, I haven't read the book. Should I? I got it from a Joe Satriani song, but I am assuming he based it/got it from Kurt Vonnegut's book. You're the second person that has asked me that, so maybe it's time I read it.

                    • @Ice009:

                      As for the Ice-9 thing, no, I haven't read the book. Should I?

                      I read a lot of SciFi in my youth, and I remember an association between ice-9 and Kurt Vonnegut, but that's all I remember. So I can't advise you whether to read it or not.

                      When I sent the previous message, I did a quick Google search to check that ice-9 and Kurt Vonnegut were connected. Because sometimes I mis-remember.

  • Good deal even with shipping ($6 for me) bought one thanks.

  • Got one thanks

  • Excellent. Been going to buy this for ages and almost bit the bullet a couple of days ago. Glad I waited now. :)

  • Thanks, what a great deal! 👍

  • Got it. Cheers OP.

  • Anyone know if these are the Japan-made batteries?

  • Thanks OP, bought 2x of these Eneloop Smart & Quick Chargers… so it's effectively "Buy One, Get One Free" which I'm happy about + $6 Shipping :)

  • At the risk of going against the grain, I think I have enough batteries but don't have a smart charger. Would an OzB tick of approval smart charger only product be the same general price as just buying this so should I just buy this and get some extra batteries for my money anyway?

  • Thanks OP! bought x2 which saved me on shipping too. Cheers!

  • I have one of those Aldi chargers that does like 6 batteries at a time, has display etc.. looks smart. But is it as smart as this eneloop charger?

  • Dumb question but does this include the batteries?

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      Yes, Comes with 4x eneloop AA batteries.

      • Ta :)

  • Lost my eneloop charger but I had the regular one. The issue for me here, the shipping time of 34-41 days to the northern suburbs of Melb is ridiculous! No wonder people use Amazon

    • Same delivery time for me and I'm in Sydney's Inner West….

  • Can this be used for AAA batteries also?
    Edit: Found this which says yes - https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/household/batteries/en...

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    Thanks bought one after reading the BQ-CC51 is a "dumb" charger from Russ.

  • Am I right to assume this deal isn't available in store?

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    Missed out on this one, I was a day too late. Looks like Bing Lee have these specials around June and December.

  • Just thought I'd share the following:

    I placed an order rather late on 28 June and I just received an email from Bing Lee advising that there has been issues regarding overseas shipment from the suppliers and that the ETA is now late November - early December. They did offer an order cancellation and refund.

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      Got the same email. The refund was processed pretty quick though, so not too upset.

      It may mean though that Eneloop specials might be a bit rarer for the rest of the year if there are supply issues.

    • Interesting.

      I placed an order on 19 June and contacted Bing Lee on 3 July to find out about shipping info as my order confirmation email said 8 - 9 days shipping time with an Estimated Delivery around 28 June. I was told that stock is 4-6 weeks away. I then jumped on the Liitokala Lii 402 deal that was posted. I went back to Bing Lee a couple of days ago to try and cancel my order and I was magically informed that it was already dispatched and awaiting shipment out of their warehouse now so nothing could be done to cancel the order.