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Google Nest Hub $99 in-Store/ C&C/ Delivered @ Kmart ($89.10 Price Beat @ Bunnings)


Thanks to this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631681

Saw that the hub was also on sale for $99. Doesn't specify if it's Gen 1 or 2, however Bunnings price beat didn't seem to care. Brings it down to $89.10 if you can get your local bunnings to beat it, or a bit more expensive if you try officeworks.

Edit - Bunnings is Gen 2.

Edit 2 - Bunnings Receipt https://imgur.com/B9IQw65

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  • Is this a gen 1?

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      Kmart doesn't specify, but I got them from bunnings using price beat which are gen 2.

      • Nice, thanks, cracking price.

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          How much for one that’s not cracked?

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            @PainToad: "Hey Google, tell me a Dad joke"

      • Strangely but I can't find Google Nest Hub on Bunnings website

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          yep it's not listed on their retail site, however is on their tradie app.

          they do have it in store in the 'smart home' section, however if you pm me, I can see what stock is around your postcode.

  • How do I stream videos / music from my NAS on this device?

  • Can anyone please send through their receipt as I just got knocked back by Bunnings. Thank you

    • Me too please

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      What reason did they give?

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        I am really getting fed up with the bunnings price beat crap. It varies per store. I got mine pricebeat by bunnings rydalmere (NSW) after some complaints.

        Some of the excuses they have given me in the past:
        - We don't price beat sales, it needs to be an every day price
        - That price doesn't include delivery
        - We don't price beat internet only stores.

        Seems they come up with new rules every day.

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    I cant find it on their website. Does anyone have a link to stock check stores for this?

  • The guy at my Bunnings queried it by doing a bit of a computer search, but then said it was fine. Great price thank you, I was about to pay $129 yesterday.

  • Grabbed one from Kmart. UPC code looks to be gen 1.

    Don't really care as it's a novelty.

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    • Checked with OW and there's only one unit available in Victoria at the Cranbourne OW.

  • I've just bought 2 from Bunnings Nunawading in Vic for $89.10 each. Great price.

  • Thanks op .. price matched

  • Got mine for 89.1 at Bunnings as well . Gen 2. At Dandenong

  • doesn't seem to show up on bunnings website. is it close out stock or something?

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      Doesn't show up for me either, but local Bunnings had plenty in stock and happily price-beat with a Gen2 unit

  • The other Bunnings receipt won't work as the store I went to said their don't price match other Bunnings stores, only competitors.

  • Springvale Bunnings wouldn't match the price because the colour of the model has to be the same…

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    Thanks so much OP, nice lady @ Bunnings Oakleigh price matched for us.

    She was checking Kmart website though.

  • Matched, although it has to be in stock at Kmart. Lucky the nearby Kmart had stock so they matched it. Clearly they had no idea Kmart one was Gen 1, lol.

  • Someone got $59

  • Those that got one, when was your unit manufactured and where?

  • Officeworks had 3 staff huddled around the Kmart website only to discover the product dimensions are different… no price match for 2nd gen

  • Dimensions on Kmarts website are for Gen 1. Gen 2 is 2mm taller and deeper.

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    Just got knocked back… Apparently there has been a memo sent out by the Bunnings Store Support team advising that the two models are different generations and not to honour price matches :(

    • Well… Rydalmere must not have seen that memo yet then ;)

      • They have it now. Just went in and was knocked back. Said they only match when it's online. That's wrong, but I didn't push back because it's OOS on all my postcodes for C&C on kmart. So I couldn't get it at $99 from Kmart.

        On other news, Google sent me a code for $30 off the hub, so comes to $100 delivered for the 2nd gen. Check your Gmail folks.

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          Unfortunately the Google code doesn't work like that, it's $30 of their full price/ can't be used ontop of the current EOFY special.
          Applying the code will remove the EOFY discount then apply the $30, saving only an extra $10.
          Bunnings Pakenham just price matched Kmart at 6:30pm, I brought 2

          • @pkdelaney: Soooo dodgy, bloody google!
            Thanks for the heads up.

            Good on ya for getting a price match even after it went oos online.

  • I managed to get it from OW at 95 AUD

  • i got amazon echo's, there amazing. I switched from google nest. Prime deals coming up on the 21st.

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    What do people use these things for?

    Anything that makes a huge difference to life?

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      The joy of more screen

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      I have one with the microphone turned off, displaying a rolling slideshow of my family from Google Photos using the search by face functionality.

      It shows my wife and I, my two kids and my dog, and seems to have some element of showing the photos from the same time of year over previous years, even though that isn't advertised as a feature.

      I get to see hundreds of nice photos I wouldn't look at normally and the kids love it.

      I also cast music to it - it is a solid speaker to just have some music on if you are not an audiophile.

      Sometimes the kids will turn the microphone on and ask it to tell them jokes or play them a certain song.

      Pretty good functionality for the price. It also makes a killer mothers day/fathers day present - just set it up to show exactly the same pics, but in your parents house. Hopefully they haven't been scarred by too much incidental nudity over the journey…

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        Is there a story behind that last sentence?

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          Is that a question you want answered…?

        • I don't think there is anyone - especially parents - who aren't going to have some incidental nudity in their camera roll. Think in the bath with the kids etc.

          I don't know if Google are doing anything to prevent those photos coming up on my MiLs google photo frame - but for her sake I hope they are.

      • photo frame feature is good. we got one just for that after the dog died, and set it to just show an album of the little guy.
        the adaptive lighting is great, it always just blends in nicely with the room without feeling like some glaring screen

  • Bunnings Pakenham price matched Kmart at 6:30pm tonight no issues

  • Love the morning routine automation. As soon as I turn off alarm, it tells me weather, reads news, read all calendar entries and reminders and boils my kettle.

  • Going to go off/on-topic here

    People with these, what do you use them for? Reading emails? Recipes? Managing music?

    • Think of it as a glorified bedside radio clock and photo frame.

  • My local Bunnings sticker price is now down to $99 for gen 2 - could try to price match HN currently advertising at $98

    • Mine is still showing as full price.

  • ”Thank you JBs, you've done it again” by price matching Kmart’s price, for a Gen_v2 👍

  • How does this rate compared with the Echo Show 8 (first gen)?

  • Price beat still working for Bunnings Nunawading, but Google Nest Hub stock is low (they indicated only 2 left in Scoresby and only 1 left in Nunawading).