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Large Pizzas - Value $3ea, Traditional $5ea, Premium/Super Premium $7ea - Pickup Only @ Domino’s


Tuesday July 6 only. Stay safe, and enjoy.

See working codes & locations here, here, here.

Credit to the original Facebook poster.

Mod: Domino's has sent us (OzBargain) some unique coupon codes, the deal has been updated with those now instead.

603322 – Value Range $3
867176 – Traditional Range $5
391745 – Premium Range $7

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    Thanks tightarse!


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      You gonna have a hard time!

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      Tight arse turd


    • you guys must be related

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    On a side note, does anyone notice Domino’s pizzas shrinking in size? And being really small now (even the large, looks like a small).

    Domino’s in North America is known for being more bang for the buck than Pizza Hut. Not so sure about that here as Pizza Hut is quite budget friendly here as well and their pizzas are larger.

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        Did you raise this question with Biden this week?

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        How much cheese should I Putin on pizza?

        • In mother Russia you only need one Putin.

      • must be order from Putin himself!

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      Yes, it happened in 2017. https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/dominos-set-to-ser.... There was lots of discussion about it back then.

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      Yeah they’re tiny and taste too sugary

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        sugary…. what!? I've never heard someone describe pizza as 'sugary'. I haven't noticed this

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          Sugar added to pizza sauce

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      I ordered 2 Godfather Pizza's few weeks back (Separate purchases). One with 50% discount and the other full price. The discounted one was noticeably smaller. (。_。) sus

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        Question - why would you order a Domino's pizza full price?

      • I've noticed the same thing as well! It's also extremely consistent through my orders. Discounted ones are smaller. Basically a single serving now with the regular pizzas also getting smaller.

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      It's not just shrinking in size, they're also chopping up, mincing toppings LOL! from feta cubes, it's feta crumbs now, same with bacon rashes and other stuff, it's all going super miniature.

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        you'll be seeing a lot more of this, it's called "shrinkflation" - as the dollar is printed into oblivion

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      I won't buy them unless they're at least 50% off. I actually like the size as a personal pizza and I like their bases because I'm all about the toppings and it's very light and fluffy, it's the only pizza where I eat all of the crust. If I get a large pizza from a normal pizza shop I have half and save the other half for the next day and it's a little bit too much, I eat a Domino's large in one sitting and it's about right.

      I don't like Pizza Hut pizzas. When they had free pizzas I used two email addresses and got two vouchers, I tried the first pizza and didn't eat much of it and gave the other code away. Some people prefer it though. They do have bases more like other pizza shops, but it's more dense than any I've tried before and the pizza was very sweet.

      • 50% off, you must eat dominos once in a blue moon 😂😂.

        Discounts from dominos 30% off or higher, I usually treat myself.

        • Probably should have said about 50% or more (rather than at least 50%), there's usually a deal where traditional is $7.95 (~45% off depending on what you get). I don't get it all that often, probably every couple of months. I'll usually get it when it's on special like it is today though.

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      Do you mean the same past size shrink, or another one added to the list?

    • +1

      yeah - big topic some time ago now as others have said - I don't think its shrunk yet again tho
      I believe the big D actually initially tried to deny it - i.e. because they added the $3 upgrade to extra large meant they still had big pizzas or something - like we are all stoooopid
      i guess when some other pizza places you have to pay at least $3 more due to unavailability of the same vouchers means its kinda ok… but they should have changed the name to 'regular' or something instead of 'large' to be fair.

      Don't get me wrong I still love and buy Dominos more than any other as i think its good value (but only with the discount codes… usually as displayed here of course), speedy delivery, and pizzachef / customisation / app features…. but yeah they shrunk vs how they used to be once upon a time… so, little D now

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      It also depends which franchise you buy from. Bought a few (seven) pizzas from Domino's Pizza Cherrybrook for a family gettogether, and the toppings were appalling- hardly each piece had small prawns and the chicken portions were surprisingly small!!! (4 were Premium pizzas).
      Same pizza if ordered at Domino's Pizza Zetlands (where I usually buy) is heaps better- almost double the toppings and with each bite, you get more than just the bread and cheese.
      When at Epping, used to order from both Domino's Epping and Pizza Hut Carlingford, and they were OK.

      Domino's Pizza Zetlands *****
      Domino's Epping and Pizza Hut Carlingford *** 1/2*
      Domino's Pizza Cherrybrook *

      (Personal rating based on experience, and I know that others may had a different experience)

      • +4

        Might be a corporate vs franchisee. the franchisee's usually cut corners and corporates have to do everything by the book.

        • +3

          How do you know which shop is which?

          • @DainB: Id like to know also, nothing worse than ordering just a pizza base 🤦

      • The pepperoni is always dead giveway. Usually it's half as many slices as the picture they advertise.

        • Hope the slices are twice the size. Wouldn’t want it to be less than a full circle.

          Maybe you can ask them to cut it into more slices?

      • Just going to add on here that Domino's Castle Hill is very generous on the toppings, overall a very nice pizza.
        $3 pepperoni in January from this deal

        • +2

          That looks like they made a "Loaded Pepperoni" by mistake.

    • How? its the same size and Pizza hut has almost no coupons unless you are getting it on a Tuesday.

    • Yes, exactly I bought a $9.95+$1 Sunday Sur- charge pizza. But the topping is not much more than the $5 budget range and size is shrinking as well

    • the domino's pizzas are tiny and the only thing that that robot checker does it reduce the toppings. They are so stingy.

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    That’s some major meal planning. Thanks TA!

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    Always set a reminder for preorder, too easy to forget about it.

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    You couldn't pay me to eat domino's they are terrible.

    • +2

      Everybody has a price…

    • +1

      $3 is an alright lunch, I'll see what KFC has to offer on that day though too lol

        • No lol, I was meaning "the great bucket hunt". The only worse promotion than those $8 buckets is the 20c McDonald's hamburger.

          • @pennypincher98: Oh, my bad. On the hunt I got a free go bucket, which is $3.95 worth so pretty good in my opinion. Shame you can only redeem one prize and per day.

            • @MoistureMood: I tend to go for higher value items because of the only one prize per day, but go bucket was ok for my first day

    • +9

      i respectfully disagree with your sentiment - my local store does a fairly good job, really quick, for not much money (with vouchers). It helps to heavily customise the pizza using the pizzachef options to get what you want. I have found quality varies at some stores though.

      Pay for the $3 size upgrade if you want bigger and better, and throw some of the freebie extra selections on like spring onion and oregano to give it more green / topping variation. Also if you select a pizza that has a lot of inclusions like the ones with 4 types of meat and other inclusions, take a couple off and then for free you can put something more varied on in their place like cherry tomatoes and/or olives that give it more variety - makes it seem so much better. I also usually swap out their usual 'pizza sauce' that everyone knows to make it different.

      Worst pizza I had in recent years was from a supposed upmarket pizza chain for about 4 times the price - it was f..in terrible, chewy doughy base, a pittance of the toppings it was supposed to have (e.g. paid extra to have avo on it, looking at flashy marketing images, what I got were about 4 brown small slices so thin they were transparent), sauce basically dried out on top, partially blackened (not in a good way), and about 3 times as slow and just not good at all… I thought I would upgrade over the usual cheap eats whilst catering for others on a holiday and regretted it big time.

      Whereas I fed my in-laws Dominos just last week for dinner - they bucked and squirmed at the prospect - i asked what sort of pizzas they liked, customised them something on a thin base they prefer, and they had to eat their words - said it was really quite good. (it actually was)

      They had simply suffered pizza snobbery (that's marketing for you!) and/or bad menu selections.

      Not saying there's not better pizza out there - of course there is… but i could have 3-4 of mine for the same $s and this is OzB after all

      • Was it Crust? A while back, I went to a new franchisee and they were slow eg 25 mins plus from order, but mid way through gave me a free calzone pizza to make up for the time. Have also been to bad Nando's before (small outlet in a petrol station). Guess it depends on how good the franchisee is sometimes.

        • "Made In Italy" pizzas are tiny as well…..over $20 for something that wouldn't feed a child. Was tasty but stupidly small. Never again.

      • Spring onion is not a "freebie extra" although it damn well should be. Still a lot better than the pizza hut mob who charge $3 per topping change!

    • yeah it's awful. Very poor quality and tiny size with barely any toppings.

  • +2

    Don't forget to use your Commbank spend $25, get back $10 if you have it in your rewards. It finishes today.

    • -2

      Might not work as the terms and conditions indicate that voucher codes excluded

      • +1

        I don't think there's anyway they'll actually know. Worst case you get the $10 back before the actual day so you could always cancel if need be.

      • i used the commbank rewards $10 cashback and i used a code, it still worked, i received the cashback around a week later from commbank

        • Just got my cashback today

  • -2


    I'm sure ALDI will also have American cuisine on special too, candy and jerky.

    • seen some items in the international section at coles. Pie crusts, Beans, sauces, dr pepper and Fluff, lol.

    • +2

      Positive comments only! Dominos is not garbage (:

    • +3

      I tried that, and Domino’s was better.

    • +9

      @EconomicDecline I think you are supposed to eat the pizza, not the box it came in. But I might be wrong 🤔

      • Yes, hence the Economic Decline.

  • +4

    Traditional code works for the Melbourne range. Premium code works on the super premium range. Can get the extra large value range for $5, mini is still $3. Codes don't seem to work on the vegan or vegetarian plant based pizzas.

    • +1

      don't seem to work on the vegan or vegetarian plant based pizzas.

      just select one with meat and swap meat to plant based beef.

      • +1

        Then you gotta pay an extra $2.95 for the vegan cheese. Damn vegan tax!

  • whenever this happens the pizzas noticeably have a lot less toppings so i guess you get what you pay for

    • +9

      If they put any less toppings on at my local store they'll be able to tie on a piece of string and sell them as novelty-shaped helium balloons.

    • It does seem that way, doesn't it! Like when Subway had the $7 footlong meatball sub promotion and would put 7 meatballs in it instead of the usual 8.

  • +1

    Why have pizza places stopped including the little 3 legged table in the middle of the pizza?

    • +15

      It was too small to eat off.

    • +30

      They were worried the toppings and cheese would stick to the top of the cardboard box, but now since they have reduced the the cheese and the toppings, they no longer have to worry.

    • It's called a pizza saver :)

    • +2

      Advancements in cardboard engineering have made modern boxes 30% stronger VS boxes in 1999.

      I miss those little table things

      • Some places still have them.

  • Perfect timing for July Sixth Park

  • Can anyone tell me are you billed in advanced for the advanced order, or are you billed when the order is actually processed? There’s a pertinent reason why I’d like to know. As comm bank has a target offer if $10 return on a minimum $25 order placed before the next few days.

    • It depends if you use credit card you will be billed in advanced or you can pay at the store during pickup.

  • 14 days, bugger. Just decided i'd go pizza tonight.

  • What happened to the AI cameras that Dominos installed to monitor quality? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7580681/Domi...

    • They are still using the cameras right?

      Although i have never seen the cameras, they may not look like the picture.

  • I keep getting an error when trying to use the voucher "The voucher 603322 can not be used at this time of the day."

    Any ideas anyone?

    • You sure your pickup date is correct?

      • I tried tomorrow at 230pm. Flinders Street & Carlton locations, same error

        • +2

          Pretty sure this promo applies only for 6th of July champ.

          • +1

            @dins: aaah. sorry, i misunderstood. thought it was valid UNTIL 6th of july. damn!

  • ordered mine last week to pick up tomorrow. Got 4 pizzas for $14 (i trad and 3 value)

  • I'm guessing they can't be making money on this.
    Must be close to cost price (including labour) so Dominos pizzas 'worth' about $3, ingredients worth maybe $2, really not quality stuff!
    Even a good homemade pizza with store purchased base costs me $6-10 (depending on ingredients)

    • I'd bet Domino's generally do not make any or not much money with the cheaper pizzas. They are the door openers to the more lucrative pizzas in the $10-18 segment and the zero-labour sides.

    • Maybe head office subsidies the promo? Domino itself making billions see their share price

    • They are losing on the cheaper pizzas.. I remember this being an interesting thread https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7226452/redir

    • The 2$ guess is very accurate. +/- ~25-50c depending on the pizza. (It's why they tried the weird 5/5.15/5.45$ value range) think it was less than 5c* after costs. Definitely used as tool to get people in store/brand. * for franchise stores.
      5c on the 5$. At 3$ it's a bad day to own a store

      In Corporate stores they have much higher profit, they definitely squeeze the margins tight for franchisees.

      Source: worked there

  • -3

    well… an excuse to go out.. gladys will go balistic ……

  • why people pre-ordering? is there a cap or something? or something fishy here?

    • No cap, just playing it safe I guess.

      • +1

        Safe until one forgets that one ordered in Advance :-)

  • Now they have super premium?

    • +2

      Yup. Enjoy it until super premium plus is released next year 😏

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