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Large Pizzas - Value $3ea, Traditional $5ea, Premium/Super Premium $7ea - Pickup Only @ Domino’s


Tuesday July 6 only. Stay safe, and enjoy.

See working codes & locations here, here, here.

Credit to the original Facebook poster.

Mod: Domino's has sent us (OzBargain) some unique coupon codes, the deal has been updated with those now instead.

603322 – Value Range $3
867176 – Traditional Range $5
391745 – Premium Range $7

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  • “Dinner sorted”

  • +1

    Ordered thin n crispy.
    Got the pizza as thin as taco's shell.

  • Good deal to me. $14 for two super premium pizza for lunch. Great for the pocket and nothing wrong with the prawn and salmon pizza @ $7. Cheers TA

  • Used the original code and got my pizza! Thanks OP

  • Found out that you can freeze dominos pizza for up to 3 months… hmmmm

    • Yup and air fry on the other end

  • +1

    I get topping gate, but what's more annoying is their under-cooked pizzas?!

    I almost exclusively buy thin & crispy because their traditional and pan bases are always doughy. Even their thin and cripsy ones are often very soft and undercooked. I always end up panfrying and grilling the pizzas when I get home.

  • +4

    Sorry if already commented, but for any vegan bretheren: just get the traditional Vegorama, remove feta/mozzarella, and add 2 toppings of your choice (I usually go plant based beef and cherry tomatoes).

    Only $5, with an extra $2.95 if you want vegan cheese (I don't think it's worth it).

    • -2

      what about da meat

      • +4

        25+ years without any, and still feeling sprightly! :~)

        • -3

          damn thats sad

          • +1
            • -3

              @Doy: so sad.

              • @theebargainer: I encourage you to have a good think and reflect about what bothers you so much about what other people eat and how others live their lives. My comments weren't pressuring anyone else about their lifestyle choices or ethics, merely informing other people who share mine how they can obtain this deal.

                Doesn't everyone deserve to access a bargain on a bargain website, and doesn't everyone deserve to make their own decisions about how they navigate their own lives - as long as it's not negatively impacting on others?

                • -4

                  @Doy: damn u really got triggered lol

                  • +1

                    @theebargainer: You're still responding to my comment a day later with no other intention than to put down, my good fellow :D

    • +2

      Did that, added chilli flakes (free). Don't usually bother with vegan cheeses, costs as much as the pizza almost and not necessary (some nutritional yeast goes ok).

      Funny people still think you need meat.. like Arnie in 70's.. real men eat meat, haha

      But seriously, it's amazing how less oily and greasy the bottom of the box is without cheese and meat. The fat you eat is the fat you wear

  • +3

    Give Bazingaas Indian Salmon Tikka a crack fellas, it's a goodun! Especially for $5

  • Clayton Melbourne store the prawns are huge! Ordered the salmon and prawn super premium. Amazing and delicious!!!

  • +1

    For the premium pizzas pay the extra $3 for double the amount of pizza!

    If your topping is short-changed complain and they will go back and look at the photo of your pizza! Then they send you free vouchers!

    • +3

      My store couldn't be bothered putting it on the photo scanner. I ordered the super premium loaded chicken and even selected extra chicken and got about 7 small pieces in total on an extra large pizza. Absolutely appalling

      • Complain! They are supposed to use it. Get free pizza for it!

      • +2

        AFAIK never order any extras - either they "forget" or they don't add them on purpose.

    • +1

      I got the $7 pizza and had less toppings than usual. No photo of the pizza on the website. In place of the photo, there was a message like the photo couldn't be processed or something. I'm disappointed. If they discount their pizzas by 50% but also take half off toppings, it's not much of a deal. Really shady.

    • double the amount of pizza!

      *50% more

  • Thanks TA! Codes worked a treat and the 4 pizzas I got were all good quality with plenty of toppings.

  • Great value on the meat lovers!

  • +2

    Thanks got two pizzas. Terrible quality tho lol.

  • Great value, got four! Thanks

  • $3 sounded really cheap until I realised they were cheap already at $5. who cares about saving $2 for horrible pizza

    • +6

      Sir, this is OzBargain

    • Who buy the $3 today of course go $7 ones

      • $3 ones are best for $ per kJ.

  • Just got 2 super premium pizza’s. Loaded chicken supreme and Peking duck. Surprisingly very nice. Normal amount of toppings on mine

  • -1

    Putting order through now. If they are really small portion of toppings, I will definitely make a formal complaint.

  • Ordered the Slow & Low BBQ Brisket from super premiums, plenty of toppings and a delicious pizza!
    A real bargain for $7!

  • Little larger crust than normal. Funny though they must have been swarmed with orders earlier, I overheard them saying that the pizza fell off the side and had to be remade for another customers order.

  • can i order this now and pay now and pick it up tomorrow during lunch?

    nvm just tried and it says code invalid when i try to order for tomorrow

    • Should be today

    • Yea same here. Tried to order for tomorrow but no go

  • anyone else getting this code is not accepted at all stores??

  • +2

    Thanks. Ordered 3 premium pizzas. All eaten. Will never buy dominos again. Serving size is small, topping is next to nothing, and sauce drizzle crap doesn’t help. Back to my local pizza shop for real pizza!

    • Will never buy domino again unless the same promo is happening.

      There corrected for you

      • -1

        Good try but no correction needed. I wouldn’t buy it with or without promo. People who buy at full price need help.

  • +2

    I ordered 3 super premiums; Salmon, Peri Peri Chicken, Prawn and Garlic, along with a $5 Hawaiian for my fussy sibling.

    Was pleasantly surprised, especially given I combined this with Commbank cashback, so I paid $16 for 4 pizzas which were actually very tasty.

    Normal amount of toppings, the crust was much nicer than it was when I tried dominos about 6 years ago.

    Tick from me.

    • Which location made the good ones ?

      • Sorry bit late now, but it's Caulfield Dominos

  • +1

    Got 6. All burned and inedible. Not happy.

    • From which location so we know which ones to avoid ?

      • +1

        Yeah, location makes a big difference. My local Domino's pretty good but the KFC is crap.

    • +1

      Same here went with thin and crispy got home outside crust all burnt lol. Definite breach of crust.

  • Damn I already had dinner today before I saw this

  • I got 3 traditional pizzas today. Worth the $15 but they didn't at all compare to my usual local (which would be nearer $50).

  • Thanks for the post! Ordered 4 super premium pizzas. Definitely wouldn't order again as they are far from premium (minimal to no topical) but not too bad for $7

  • Hawaiian pizza with about 4 pieces of pineapple.
    Super premium veg with barely any veg.
    Only pizza that I don't think they cut back topping was cheese pizza which pretty hard to cut back.

    They don't realise if that's what people think there going get there is no way paying anywhere near there full prices for it.
    Visit the same store often and tonight certainly lacked everything bar the pizza base

    • but, but ….they have the "dom" the pizza checker hahahahaha

  • 3 of the 6 people who were working at my Domino's weren't even wearing a mask :/

  • ordered 3 premium pizzas, happy with mine: normal amount of toppings.
    Bexley dominos

  • Cool, have been sick so this saves me cooking for a few days.

  • -1

    Last had some Domino's a few months ago, which was still pretty decent then. And I always changed the sauce to creme fraiche, as that's their best sauce.

    Chanced on this today and thought I'd give it a go.

    Ordered 3 pizzas, all thin and crispy, which used to have the right mix of topping and base, at least for me.

    First things first, creme fraiche is now charged extra +$1. Nope, screw that. Went with the original sauces.

    Second, only 1 of 3 photos came out. Not a problem, never really cared.

    Brought pizzas home, toppings looked relatively decent, but as I was trying to get stuck into them, the slices disintegrated in my hands.

    That's when I realised the thin and crispy is now a lavosh cracker base.

    Which still wasn't that bad, if it wasn't for the candy-ass sauces!!

    Pizza sauce was sugary sweet, bbq sauce was the same except had a bit of smokey flavour. Even their mayo was grossly sweet, and had this fake lite-mayo look and feel to it.

    All that sugar blocked out everything else on the pizzas. Was almost gagging after having the equivalent of one pizza.

    $13 for 3 pizzas and still feel like they were overpriced.

    Sorry Dominos, I stuck with you through thick and thin, the downsizing and this new upsize bs. But I'm done.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing this deal. We got four different pizzas. The place we ordered from was super busy. Placed the order 2 hours prior and it was ready 25 minutes late. I can't remember the last time so many names were flashing up on the status screen but the staff were very helpful in making sure people knew their orders were ready.

    We decided to try the butter chicken pizza and it caught us out with how hot it was in taste. We forgot about the jalapenos and had to take them all off. Even though we got the four different pizzas they seemed to all taste the same in the end, except for the mega meat one with the BBQ sauce. Strange how that always happens, yet we go back again next time there's a discount.

  • -1

    aww man I get expired code :(

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Edit: test for future order, haha not desperate and ordering now

    Ahhh okay only for the 6th :( GG

  • -1

    If we aren't happy with the pizzas is there an email address we can contact?

    • You can contact them by leaving negative feedback from the feedback link send in the order confirmation email, or if you still have the app/order open on smartphone/computer. A negative feedback will go to the store manager who will usually contact you and try to resolve the problem.

  • +1

    The vegoramas were pretty good this time (had one, one left over), much more loaded than the usual value range I found. Well worth $5 but wouldn't say worth $15.

    A few mins in the airfryer touches them up nicely and adds crispiness.

    Obviously quality varies a bit store to store but no complaints.

    Cheers Op

  • Ordered 3 value peperoni for $9 from Penshurst store, all 3 had less cheese and pepperoni than usual and that's saying something!

  • +4

    Hit that like button, if you are having leftover Domino's for lunch?!! I am!

  • +1

    Had broccoli for the first time in a pizza. Don't do it just don't.

    • +1

      I'm all for veg but would have removed that, just doesn't suit lol

      • Actually added it myself of my own accord and free will lmao.

        • +1

          Ha, no worried, I noticed they have a new one with it standard..it's a bit like people that use lettuce as a vegetable with other hot veggies ha

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