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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5-10300H/8GB/512GB SSD/RTX 2060 6GB Laptop $998 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I was about to pull the trigger on the 3060 variant when I saw this offer for the 2060 variant which looks like a better bang for your buck.

Save $700 according to HN

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55-52BT
Screen 15.6 inch, 1920x1080 IPS, 144 Hz, matte
i5-10300H, 4C/8T
GeForce RTX 2060 6GB
512 GB SSD
802.11ax (2x2), Bluetooth
1x USB 3.2 (Gen 2), 1x USB 3.2 (Type C, Gen 2), 2x USB3.2 Gen 1, HDMI 2.0, RJ45

Additional Offer :
- $150 worth of Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic products with every purchase.
- Bonus Intel Gaming Bundle, via redemption

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    i read long ago Acer were not long lasting quality

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      Acer isn't amazing but this is dirt cheap for a 2060.

    • yeah, you have to take the price into consideration, you can hardly get anything good at this price point, unless you going for those brand-less laptops.

    • With the yearly CPU and GPU release cycles, you'll want/need to upgrade before modern day computer dies. No?

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      I have a 2018 Acer Predator Helios (GTX1060)
      Still going strong today with not much in the way of intervention.

      It's in desperate need of a service now as it's running a bit hot, though.
      Still - it's been an amazing workhorse for me,

      • If I may offer a really potent solution.

        My 2019 Heliox [1660Ti, 9750H], was also running very hot recently, and causing a bit of lag etc too.

        Bit of thermal paste and cleaning really helped out. There's some awesome step by step guides on youtube, and even if you are a complete idiot when it comes to electronics like me, it's really simple as long as you take your time, watch the video on 0.5x speed and replay it and be careful.

        Temps went from 90~degrees C all the time, to around 30-40 when idle, and 50-70 gaming.

        • Mate I know there're tons of videos… but could you share the video you followed (if you still got link). My 4yo laptop is always ~80 even though I tried clear dust, etc… Probably thermal paste is all gone already.

    • +1

      I bought the Nitro 5 recently after owning the original Nitro for almost 5 years which is still going strong.

      After opening the Nitro 5 to add a disk in I'm pretty confident this new one will last longer. Very decent build quality and well thought out placement of components.

      Noise and heat wise its excellent.

  • Anyone know how to redeem the "$150 worth of Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic products with every purchase."?

    • I suppose just bring the receipt into any harvey norman store.

    • according to the site, by contacting your local store

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    An extra $300 will get you RTX 3060 but I agree the RTX 2060 is where the value is.

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      Do you mind linking to that 3060? Does it also have a better processor?

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        Here for same specs of this post but with 3060.

        • Legend! Thanks mate. I wonder how the 10300H (both with 2060 and 3060) will perform on flight sim vs 10750. Hard to find solid info.

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            @Larsson: I have this exact model/spec since Dec 2020 it was on special then for $1278.
            Has been great for Quest 2 and MSFS 2020 in VR, it does run a little warm I added another 8 GB ram 3 months ago. Not sure how much better a 3060 would be but the RTX 2060 has run everything well so far.

            • @Creekbargain: Ah mate what a legend, thank you very much! This is exactly what I was wondering! If it handles vr it should easily do regular 1080p play so that’s great! Not looking for crazy graphics anyway so as long as it maintains a good fps on okay settings, I am okay

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    And this the link where you can see all Acer Nitro 5 variants on sale.


  • Seems good value for a 2060.
    Things to note:
    8 GB ram i5, vs 16GB i7 (but hey)

    Also, others have noted (and I have verified) that the keys don't register if you press them on the edge, rather than flush in middle.
    This may or may not bother you.

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    You can probably use 5% discount gift cards through Shopback I believe aswell…

  • I am unsure if this worth much. Can someone help, I am using a dell gaming i5-7300hq gtx 1050ti. Want to play some high-end game like cyperpunk, Starcitizen.
    I wonder if I should get this or saving up more.
    The Rtx 2060 is nice but it is a low-end from previous rtx gen and the cpu is 4 core. And i heard people having problem with the computer heating problem

    • @Tarus Coincidently I too have come from a 7300HQ 1050ti albeit a Lenovo S5 Gen 2 from 2017 which I recently bricked during a Wifi card Upgrade.

      I was ready to pull the trigger on Nitro 5 10300H 3060 when I saw the RTX 2060 variant with the same processor for $998.
      Based on several hours of scouring the web I came to learn the Nitro 5 has the 3060 MaxQ which is 15-20% lower FPS compared to standard RTX 3060.
      That in itself might might tip the odds in favour of 2060.

      For my use case coding and casual gaming the 10300H RTX 2060 at this price seems like the perfect bargain.

      • thank you but I am still unsure if the 10300h will hold enough power to play star citizen

        • For an extra $500 you can get 10750h and 16gb RAM but imho this build is where the value is.

        • @Tarus

          I haven't played either a google search would indicate that the recommended CPU & GPU requirements for Star Citizen is more than satisfied. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles...

          I've seen videos where Cyber Punk runs okay on a similar setup. I assume you aren't looking to run at Ultra settings as that would cripple even the best cards today let alone a nerfed mobile card.

          But if you're thinking about being future proof, if you go with this setup you'll likely need to upgrade in 2-3 years.

      • I also have the lenovo S5 gen 2 (e570p) and it's been struggling with light games like tetrio. I might need to do a clean install to see if it'll fix the issue but these 2060/3060 laptops are so cheap. Even if 3060 is only running on 85 Max TGP it'll still run rings around 1050ti.

        • @CodeXD i had heating issues with the e570p where it just seem to run hot with any game, replacing the thermal paste on CPU / GPU it ran much cooler.

          That said, may be you shouldn't take the advise of someone who eventually bricked their device.. :D

          • @chopsumbongw: I feel like replacing thermal paste is much harder than replacing the wifi haha I did have a look at upgrading the RAM yesterday. 1 slot is is just remove back cover, but 2nd slot requires you to disassemble back cover, battery, ssd, hdd, keyboard…

            I bought a 16gb stick from amazon prime day yesterday with shopback 15% off so hopefully it'll run better.

      • I came to learn the Nitro 5 has the 3060 MaxQ which is 15-20% lower FPS compared to standard RTX 3060.
        That in itself might might tip the odds in favour of 2060.

        Depends on the TDP of the 3060 Max Q. The 2060 on this Nitro 5 is 80W I believe.

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    Hi. . Can anyone recommend an 8gb extension ram for this laptop which will be compatible with the existing ram? Link will be great. . Thanks

    • I added an extra 8GB ram,but this was done instore at HN so to not void warranty. They only had a 16GB stick available /compatible. So it cost $239. Kept the 8GB stick in case it has to go in for repair. The name of the 16GB stick is ADATA DDR4 2666 PC4-21300

      • +2

        Adding your own ram never voids warranty. Buying ram @ HN is a professional ripoff.

        • Well I got dudded..I hadn't bought a new laptop in many years part of their spiel was "you can add more ram later but needs to be done on store to not void warranty."

      • Thanks mate. . btw the stock ram which comes with the laptop is 3200Mhz. . why you went with a lower data rate?

        Does anyone know if I mix two different brands with same specs and speed will it impact the performance? I can't find the stock Hynix ram locally in Australia. .

        • mixing brands is fine as long as the Mhz is the same.

  • What is the weight like on this machine? Is it easy to carry around or more of a desktop replacement? Also what is the fan noise like?

    • Not much heavier than other laptops,fan noise even at high isn't too loud. I added a KLIM Cylcone recently helps lower a few degrees.

  • +1

    I recently purchased the i7 version of this laptop from Harvey Norman for $1198. All the same specs except for swapping the i5 (4 core 8 thread) for an i7 (6 core 12 thread). I am no stranger to gaming laptops, having owned them since the Pentium 3 laptops, so I can provide some pros and cons.

    - Cooling is REALLY good on these. Not only do they have separate heat pipes and fans, but Acer undervolted both the GPU and the CPU out of the box.
    - It's the high wattage version of the 2060, not the original slower one. That being said, you need to enable "Overclock" (a button on the laptop itself) to see the actual full wattage at play.
    - Thanks to the cooling, the i7 is usually hitting around 4.4ghz on full load (I don't see it throttle to anything less).
    - It has one NVME slot filled, but has a spare NVME slot AND a 2.5" drive spot (with all the bits you need to use it) so you can really expand it. I am running 2x2TB NVME and a 2TB SATA for a whopping 6TB of SSD storage on a portable machine! Additionally, the NVME drive that came with it was a Samsung that was quite zippy.
    - Power is located at the back, so you can dock it on your desk without worrying about the power cord covering a useful connection like USB, etc.
    - The latest BIOS updates still include the ability to undervolt both your CPU and GPU, so if you are still not happy with the cooling you can even get more out of it.
    - 144hz screen is nice, with good brightness and contrast levels. It's not the worlds best, but its not crap by any means.
    - USB-C has no problem connecting multiple devices through a dock, so no USB shenanigans here. No display out through USB-C or power delivery however (you cant charge via USB-C)

    Edit: Mine came with 16GB of RAM too, so very similar in spec, just with different CPU and RAM

    - Default BIOS setting is to use "Intel Optane" as the storage method, not AHCI. If you want to use Linux (or even reinstall Windows) you need to head to the BIOS first and change that option, otherwise nothing sees the installed drives.
    - Controlling the fans (manually) on Linux requires using NotebookFanControl (free app). Works automatically without it, but if you want to tinker you need to use that app.
    - Sub 4 hour battery life if that matters to you

    Overall, I am impressed with the laptop, especially considering the cost. I own MUCH more expensive laptops that generally have some sort of fatal flaw (usually cooling related, or an inadequate power supply, etc) but have not encountered one with the Predator (yet) after three months of solid use.

    • +1

      I recently purchased the i7 version of this laptop from Harvey Norman for $1198

      When was this? They're currently $1498

      • Yes, keen to know as well.

        • About three months ago. I was going to buy a Metabox while they were doing their big sale (I like metabox from historical ownership) but thought rather than wait for it to arrive I'd quickly check retail and saw the Acer for $1198 which I quickly went into store and bought.

          As noted below though, it appears that I bought an Acer Predator Helios. not a Nitro like this one. Not sure how different they are, but visually they look identical other than a red trim (over the blue trim on the predator).

    • encountered one with the Predator (yet) after three months of solid use.

      Isn't the Predator a different machine?

      • You're right, it is! It turns out that my machine was the Acer Predator Helios 300, which looks identical to this machine other than having a blue trim over the red trim.

        • OK :)
          I thought that would be more expensive?

          • @RecklessMonkeys: Yeah my guess is they were clearing it out for the RTX3060 series (which was released just a few weeks after I purchased mine).

            • @holisticboy: You did well on that one.

            • @holisticboy: Acer Predator helios for $1200 is amazing, clearout or not.

              I bought my 9750H and 1660Ti [16GB ram], helios 300 at the end of 2019, for about $1k USD and felt like I got an amazing piece of machinery well worth the cost.

              It's also a very well travelled laptop, Amazon USA -> India -> Me in NZ.

              Only issue is that thermal paste eventually needs to be replaced [which happens to all laptops] to ensure it runs cool.

    • Is that standard for a laptop like this to not support video/power over USB C?

      My whole set up is current based around using a monitor with USB C PD - one cable for everything.

  • Bought it today from HN.. But its not turning on after hour of charging.. What should I do?

    • return it. Mine immediately turn on after plugging it in.

      • It's not turning on. I think I need to go back tmr

      • Do you get battery charging indicator on when plugged in? Mine is dead no light is on

      • @martians yes I do

  • Just bought mine today, paid using gift card, shopback has a promo with 7% cashback. Also I can claim $150 bonus voucher to buy any Logitech G products.
    So far, loving it. Thanks OP!

    • I did not receive any voucher.. The computer guy at store told me I will get it online.. Is it true?

      • No, it needs to be claimed in store. The staff basically told me to pick any products that I want and they will modify the invoice to include the products for free.

        • all sorted. i need to go to pick up the voucher/stuff. Laptop's working too. Thank you

    • +1

      You’re welcome. I only just picked up the device today as both HN outlets closer to me were sold out by Monday and C&C was the only way to lock in my order. I used ShopBack offer but only recouped $50 as 5% on $500 GC

      At HN I was told the $150 voucher has to be processed in same purchase so I picked up G703 $98 Back Order and G305 $68. Your mileage may vary as some people on Oz reported they got HN vouchers instead.

      Still in the box. 😂

  • This or MSI GL65 Leopard 15.6" - i5-10200H / 16GB / 512GB / GTX 1650 $879.20 Shipped @ Microsoft via eBay.
    Is it easy to upgrade to 16GB RAM on this Acer ? I do need 16TB RAM …. Thanks guys…

    • +1

      2060 > 1650

  • Does this have Thunderbolt 3?

    • +1

      No just a USB 3.2 Type C gen 2 and does not support Power Delivery or Display Port

  • Cant see the Intel Gaming bundle anymore and replaced by Windows 11 free upgrade.

    Anyone know if we still get that?

    • Yes. . I just claimed it this week. . You can find the link at HN website to redeem the offer. .