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Amazon AU: 15% Cashback on All Categories ($20 Cap Per Transaction, 4-5PM AEST) @ ShopBack


Something extra to make your Prime Day shopping experience possibly better!

Starts 4pm for one hour.


Stack with Amazon gift cards for further savings!

Cashback is only payable on order value (excludes taxes, shipping and packaging costs) and is valid on orders paid for with gift cards (not orders with Amazon credit)

Other cashbacks -

  • Rebel Sport - 25% (cap $50)
  • First Choice Liquor - 20% (cap $25) stack with $10 off $100 spend (promo code EOFYTEN) - 12pm to 6pm AEST
  • Target - up to 15%
  • Groupon - 20% (no cap, excludes goods) - 2 to 6pm AEST
  • Lancome - 20% (no cap)
  • Catch - 8% uncapped (excludes electronics & Apple)
  • Best & Less - 20% (cap $25)
  • Adidas - 15% (no cap) stack with 30% off sitewide

Orders made with Subscribe and Save are not eligible for cashbacks

Referral Links

Referral: random (3854)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +1

    why it says 10% only?

    • Yep I also see 10% and it's 4:02 pm :D

      • it showing 15% now. Go get them BOYS!

  • Amazon AU seems to have fallen off shopback website 😅

    Ahh there we go

    • Same here…

      • hmm website says 15%

        clicking through from Shopback, shopback extension says "activate cashback 10%"

        • pulled the trigger, I'll let @gotyourback sort it out later

    • my cart is empty as well for now

  • +1

    10% only :(

  • it says only 10%?

  • It's showing as 10% cashback @ 404pm, will I still get the 15% cashback?

  • Hrmm, when I click "open app" in the shopback app it launches both Amazon app and in browser. Wonder which I'm supposed to use…?

  • +1

    Link is wrong LOL .. need to click https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia-flash-store I assume?

    • +1

      Shopback buddy still says 10%. I don't want to take my chances. Where the SB rep when you need him.

      • Yeah, I'm waiting to see if the extension will change to 15% but not sure it will?

      • Hey I'm here, sorry we were just fixing a few things.
        Should be working now!

    • Yes must use that one

  • +1

    Not working at all on the app

  • The app shows 15% back

  • +1

    Canceled monopoly, now try to buy again, oos

  • says 10%

  • Does this work for preorders e.g. Battlefield 2042?

    • yes as long as it is shipped within 60 days

      • Are you sure it's 60? I thought it was 30.

        • +1

          Definitely 60 days :)

    • This won't work battlefield is October release.

  • Is this valid for purchases fulfilled by Amazon us ?

    • +1

      yes, as long as purchased from amazon.com.au but seller is Amazon US

  • +1

    No subscribe and save kills the deal a bit

  • I hope all the purchases made before the 15% was listed but still after 4pm AEST still qualify for 15%!

  • Not sure if my cash back would be tracked: click thru ShopBack app, click amazon, click continue with app, continue to amazon app, start and complete order.

  • +3

    Not working! It's showing redirection error occured when clicking the link from the shopback site to go to Amazon AU. The notifier also doesn't get activated.

  • Getting redirect error on Amazon using desktop. On mobile, cant bring shopback to open up their in-app web browser for amazon. fail

    • Got the same error.

    • Working on fixing this now.

      • if i click the link listed, it does take me to the 'loading 15% off amazon etc' page, then gets to the amazon page, but the chrome extension is still showing red. will this track or no?

        • +1

          Yes it will, chrome extension doesn't work for flash sales like this one :)

  • +1

    Chrome plugin still showing 10%… then closed all browsers, now it won't even detect amazon. Ahem… SB

    • +2

      Chrome extension won't work in this flash sale, has to be clicked through from App or Website.

      • Thank you

  • Not showing for 15% in Chrome extension

    • Chrome extension won't work in this flash sale, has to be clicked through from App or Website.

  • +1

    You all gotta click https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia-flash-store
    Dont bother with the SB extension

    Made about 4 orders

    • yeah but when I do it doesnt activate the notifier and when you click Activate again it gives redirection error on desktop.

      • Ad blocker? Pi Hole? Use DNS?

        • shopback fixed the error message just now

      • No chrome extension available on flash sales, as long as you clicked through our site it'll be fine :)

    • https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia works fine for me. Automatically forwards to the one you linked.

  • +1

    When can I see this transaction in SHOPBACK?

      • Thanks, I meant the transaction I have just made.

        • +1

          Gotta wait a few hours

    • +2

      Found the answer:
      Thanks for the information!
      Amazon Australia Flash Sale needs 2 days to track your purchase. Please come back after 23 June 2021 to check again!

  • I went through the shopback app and it directed me through to the Amazon app where I placed my order so I assumed it was all good

  • Link from Shopback showed 15% and worked right from the dot of 4pm.

    Can't complain at an effective ~$89 Pulse Headset :D

  • How many times can you do this? Like can I do 2 transactions and get $20 cap twice for $40?

    • +1

      Unlimited :)

      • Limited to 1 hour window unfortunately.

  • Hi OP,

    Will 'checkbox coupons' (no code, usually 5 or 6%) stack with cashback?

    e.g., this guy

  • How soon does it take for the activity appear in cashback overview?

  • +1

    Is anybodys shopback not working? wont let me activate or find amazon on browser extension and link in this post doesnt confirm active?

    • yep same thing is happening to me

      • Same, I just purchased via the link even though the neon is showing red. Basically, no way to take screenshots so if it doesn't come through it's pretty much "too bad so sad"

  • +1

    Hi Rep,
    I placed an order after 4:00pm and just received the tracking information but Cashback is showing 0%?
    Could you please clarify?

  • @gotyourback, if I purchased it through the Amazon iOS app (by clicking through from the Shopback app), will i qualify?

    • +1

      So long as you clicked through from the 15% Cashback banner, should be sweet :)

  • Just received, all my shopbacks from Amazon are all 0.00 (purchases since last night). This is quite dissapointing - always having problems with ShopBack.

    • If the order is are on a commissionable category, send me a DM so I can look at it.
      If they're on a non-commissionable category (0%) then there's nothing I can do for that.

      • +1

        I thought it's 15% Cashback on All Categories?

        • +1

          15% on all categories are only from 4pm-5pm. Otherwise they vary from 0%-10%.

          Im guessing because the original comment said his/her purchases 'since last night' did not count hence gotyourback is asking which category

  • Bought via app. Hopefully no issues since I took advantage and bought some books

  • Emptied cart, clicked through ShopBack link, logged into Shopback, added everything to cart and ordered 10 minutes ago, but haven't received a confirmation email or anything from Shopback. How can I ensure this has gone through?

    • +1

      It can take up to 48 hours for Amazon to report your purchase back to our system.
      If you don't have a confirmation email within that time frame, send me a DM and I'll check it out :)

      • This makes it really tough. I have a bad feeling that some Amazon promo credit I received this morning has been applied to one of the three items without selecting to apply it. Would that invalidate the order? It's $149.99, I really want to ensure I get the full cashback here…

        • If the credit was automatically applied, you won't get any cashback.
          You might need to check on your account purchase history to see what happened.
          You can always cancel/re-order.

        • You can deselect it at payment screen. That's what I had to do

          • @ironworthy: @gotyourback I took screenshots of every screen and there is no visibility as to whether promo credit was applied or to deselect it. It just says -$77.00 Promotion(s) applied, which is of course mostly the Prime Day price discounts. Does this mean I'm good, or is it still ambiguous? Not sure what to do here…

            • @sareth: It's at the payment part. You have to expand it to see payment options. If you had Promo credit then it's automatically applied

              • @ironworthy: Thanks for your help, I've cancelled and re-ordered with the promo discount deselected after expanding payment options. Sneaky that they hide it by default!

  • is it for S&S items as well?

    • Unfortunately not :(

    • No. Never is.

      "Orders made with Subscribe and Save are not eligible for cashbacks" in OP.

  • When checking out it came up “promo code applied” but I didn’t add one and couldn’t figure out the promo. Will cashback still apply?

    • Uhhh.. not too sure on this one?
      Could you check your order confirmation in case there was an automatic discount code applied to one of the products.
      If nothing appears, it should be fine.

      • It doesn’t specify in my order. But I checked the item and in it is has “Prime day deal, an extra 10% off in checkout” Will that still get cashback as it was an automatic discount applied in checkout?

        • Sorry for the delayed response, I believe that extra 10% off should be fine as long as it didn't show as a coupon.
          Let me know if you have any issues with the order tracking within 48 hours.

  • +1

    so this applies only to "Prime Day Deals" and not all items right?

    pretty limited in terms of ssd options

    • Nope, applies to all products.

  • +4

    Cash back showing as 0%. Not looking good!

    • +3

      yep also got an email the same :(

      Your Transaction Summary
      Date Store Order Number Cashback
      2021-06-21 Amazon Australia **************** A$0.00