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Amazon AU: 15% Cashback on All Categories ($20 Cap Per Transaction, 4-5PM AEST) @ ShopBack


Something extra to make your Prime Day shopping experience possibly better!

Starts 4pm for one hour.


Stack with Amazon gift cards for further savings!

Cashback is only payable on order value (excludes taxes, shipping and packaging costs) and is valid on orders paid for with gift cards (not orders with Amazon credit)

Other cashbacks -

  • Rebel Sport - 25% (cap $50)
  • First Choice Liquor - 20% (cap $25) stack with $10 off $100 spend (promo code EOFYTEN) - 12pm to 6pm AEST
  • Target - up to 15%
  • Groupon - 20% (no cap, excludes goods) - 2 to 6pm AEST
  • Lancome - 20% (no cap)
  • Catch - 8% uncapped (excludes electronics & Apple)
  • Best & Less - 20% (cap $25)
  • Adidas - 15% (no cap) stack with 30% off sitewide

Orders made with Subscribe and Save are not eligible for cashbacks

Referral Links

Referral: random (3854)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • lightning deals incl?

  • +1

    Anyone feels that the price of some items increased? I add one item to my wish list yesterday and today the price seems to go up a lot!

  • You can click track package and there is an option to cancel in there. I cancelled mine just now.

  • Prime day is struggling?

  • All categories that normally have cashback or ALL categories? I buy from Amazon all the time but weirdly have never made a purchase that falls into one of the cashback categories.

    • +1

      Every single category ;)

      • Hmm, every single category? How about buying egift cards in the Amazon "gift card" category.

        Or do you need to revise the "every single category" statement?

        • There is no "Gift Card" category.
          You can find all the categories here: https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia

          • @gotyourback: Ok, so just to be clear "Every single category ;)" means every single category listed on the Shopback website, which is a smaller subset of every single category which exists on the Amazon website.

            I expected gift cards to be excluded (they always are) - just wanted to clarify that all. Cheers.

            • @JohnSy: My apologies haha!
              Had so much going on, I could barely think :P

  • How long does Amazon usually take to confirm cancellation of order not shipped?
    I don't want to end up with 2 of everything

    • Instantly in most of the case
      Check your email

      • Damn despite saying ordered status they claim too late to cancel.
        And miraculously shipped minutes after cancellation request.
        Well played Jeff.

        • Strange times to complain about something getting shipped too quickly :)

          • @cute as ducks: Indeed haha. I think I found a loophole to accelerate Amazon shipping…

  • First time doing this so please walk me through
    So what I do is:
    1. activate the cashback on 4pm, make sure the cart is empty
    2. add items and check out
    3. once the order confirmed cashback will be able to collect through paypal or bank

    So what if I returned the item after I collected the cashback?

    • +2
      1. once the order confirmed cashback will be able to collect through paypal or bank

      Just wanted to clarify on this point, cashback for Amazon will take 120 days to confirm. Once the cashback is "Confirmed" in you ShopBack account, you can withdraw the cashback through PayPal/Bank.

      The 120 days is to avoid any refunds/cancellations. If you refund/cancel the order within 120 days, you don't get any cashback.
      I don't believe you can refund/cancel after 120 days with Amazon - don't quote me though.

      Hope this helps :D

      • Thanks, just wants to confrim one more thing.
        So cashback is on all item aviliable during the hour?

        • Correct :)

      • Hello, how about preorder to ship at year end?
        ok answered to myself - unless shipped within 60 days.

    • +1

      After you order, cashback will be tracked and will be in pending state. It will become available approx. 2 months later. By that time, your items won't be returnable.

      • Thanks, that helps

  • +3

    Every single clean purchase i've made today has been rejected.

    Shopback striiiiikeeees again.

    • +2

      Could you give more context here? If you send a DM I can look at it for you.
      Usually you don't get rejected cashback on the same day of purchase, the networks we work with don't always report that fast.

      • Hi Rep,
        I would like to ask about a context:
        - On the 1st tab, I added a item A to the cart, but not activated Shopback yet.
        - Opening the 2nd tab, I activated Shopback plugin. I then added a item B to the cart, and now I saw there were two items on the cart.
        - I came back to 1st tab to check out, and paid for both items as an order.

        Am I eligible with Shopback?
        Thanks :)

        • +1

          Oooh that's a tricky one.

          Amazon's tracking is a bit weird and says it can't track cashback on items already in your cart.
          Since this is 50/50 with one item pre-activation and one post-activation, I'm genuinely not sure what will happen here.
          I'm going to make the assumption that it won't track due to the item in your cart before clicking the links.

          I'd be interested to know what happens here though, could you send me a DM when you get confirmation on your cashback?

          • @gotyourback: Hello, I just received confirmation from Shopback.
            I get $5.73 for my $330 order. So I assume Shopback had successfully tracked item B on the 2nd tab, but missed the item A.
            Could you help me to raise a dispute please :)?

            • @badinh: Hey mate :)
              It might take up to 48 hours to appear. If the cashback hasn't tracked by then, send me a DM with your account details so I can investigate.

              • @gotyourback: Thank you for your kind offer :). It was sorted out.

                I did contact with Shopback with the Order Number I received in the first email with $5.73 cash back. The guy I met was a robot, and I answered all questions which were Yes/No basically. Shortly then I received a new email from Shopback with the same Order Number and an additional amount of $11.32. Based on my own calculation, $5.73+$11.32 is approximately 5% of my Amazon $330 order which was very likely correct.
                At the end, I felt happy with this result. Still a bit pity about missing this deal of 15% though.

                Thank you Rep :)

  • +2

    90% of things are now sold out anyway that I already bought. Only good for deals that happen to be in stock. Not going to cancel some of the orders that may go out of stock either.

  • If I use ZIP pay on my purchase between 4-5pm, will I get the cashback?

  • I just cancelled my order shrug if I miss out on the items I purchased earlier it wasn't meant to be

  • Please include the Time Zone in the post

    • AEST.
      @dealbot could you please update this.

  • +2

    Everyone talkin about sold out items, but today is one of those days I see alot of Junk being posted on OzB 😂

  • How does this work? I'm new to cashback and giftcards

  • Works for pre-orders if shipping in the next 30 days?

    • Yep :)

      • Look after me and I'll fire the higher end of my scale .
        Don't run away and hide when what normally happens after the deal .

      • What is the maximum date range for pre orders?

        • 60 days :)

  • So how much we should spend to get the full $20 after the gst? :/
    one smart person please help me :)

    • $133.33 recurring. 15% of $133.33 = $19.9995

      • Thanks my smart Man\lady :)

        • Only forgot to add GST component .

        • +1

          order value + 10% gst = 133.33 + 13.33 = $146.66

  • +1

    My order has a 1 qty limit. If I cancel, do you know whether it will let me buy again at 4pm?

    • If you want to risk it, risk it.

    • +2

      I did this last year - in my experience at that time I could not reorder again.

      • +1

        this…. happened to me twice.

        if you really need the item - don't cancel.

    • Letting you know now that you cannot reorder. Hahaha. Unfortunately found out after cancelling ps5 controlled to reorder :(

      Edit: 5 minutes later i was able to repurchase it at the prime special price of $69.

  • Hi OP,
    Does the use of Store Promo/Coupon Codes are allowed/eligible for cashback?

    • +2

      Unfortunately not, any coupon codes will cancel cashback.

  • Is it 1 order only or multiple orders with a max of $20 cashback?

  • My previous shopback cashback "expired" due to inactivity. I didn't even know this was a thing :(

  • +3

    What about products shipped from US (Amazon US)? Are they still eligible for the cashback?

  • My question is does preorder qualify for this cash back? The item I wanted is out of stock and my account will only be charged when the item is shipped….if I don’t get charged immediately, can I get today’s cash back rate?

  • Xbox series S, is now a good time or should I wait a bit? With the cashback it would be $409 but on the shopback app it says upto $42.90 for the series s on Amazon? Someone help

  • Will this work for pre-orders? Want to buy a game.

  • What time zone is 4pm in? Which state?

    • Sydney, Melbourne.

      • cheers

    • Australian eastern standard time

  • +1

    Haha, should I wait longer?

  • +1

    Already bought something, not going to cancel and order again because the product seems to be OOS in the warehouse now. Oh well. I’d rather use CR anyway to be honest, the data breach was just unacceptable.

  • All the stuff I bought early this morning have already been dispatched. Just unlucky as many others eh?

  • Can somebody help if I was planning to buy a bluetooth transmitter to connect to my TV so i can connect it to my wireless earbuds as my TV is not a smart TV.

    But if i buy Amazon firestick, will i still need bluetooth transmitter for this purpose?

    For now my TV audio is default set to my wired soundbar.

    If somebody can explain or help will this, will be much appreciated.

  • Preorders eligble?

    • +1

      Yes as long as shipped within 60 days

      • Perfect. Got Mario Golf :)

  • +7

    scam company expect to be submitting and arguing over invoices for months when they deny them and ignore them

  • +2



    this item , seller provide 6% coupon discount automatically, without any code on checkout

    Can you please confirm if I can get 15% cashback or not from shopback ? Thanks

    Also my last time ebay $30 cashback is denied after months and cannot be claimed :(

    • There is a checkbox Apply 6% coupon, so you could make that empty if 15% cashback is better

      • +2

        Yes I am wondering if I can get both 6% and 15% as 6% is technically not a coupon( no code needed or applied)

        • +1

          It was called a coupon so my assumption is not eligible for both

          • @Paul B: still no reply from shopback rep

            just wondering if I can get a confirmation

  • Great , can stack with AMZ Giftcard

  • -3

    I've a $10 discount voucher if I use Amazon mobile app. Will I still be eligible for cashback?

  • Are items sold by 3rd party sellers eligible? i.e. ships from and sold by (store name).

  • so multiple transactions??? can someone confirm that and put it into the post?

    • -1

      Rep said yes in thread but do you trust the tracking ?
      I'm holding back with a minor attack when I was hoping for major .

      • exaclty…cashrewards works nearly everytime…shopback is a black box

        • Never had a sale not track. Are you using the app?

  • +1

    OP (am assuming that it includes the 0% categories like toys)

    Unfortunately I am in the boat of almost every amazon purchase through shopback being rejected

  • Is it valid if paying with afterpay or zip?

    Shame it's not valid with Amazon credit, I was given an Amazon gift card that I've loaded into the account which shows as being a credit

    • Amazon gift cards are not a "credit". When they say credit they mean for example a $10 credit applied to the account by the helpdesk.

      Cashback tracks if using a gift card balance.

      • That's great thanks so much! Can use my credit

        Btw couldn't see this mentioned in the t&c's where did you find it please?

  • Are multiple Amazon gift cards in one transaction OK?

    • Giftcard is giftcard! Should be ok.

    • +1

      Amazon gift cards all get added to your gift card balance. So once they are added - they just form the balance. Is that what you meant?

      • Yes thanks!

    • I don’t think this cashback applies to giftcards

  • Why why why only till 5 I finish my work at 5 pm can it please be extended to like 7 or 6pm ???

    • Toilet break with your phone?

  • Can we use gift cards for the rebel sport cashback?

  • +1

    There’s nothing I want to buy and it’s 4pm….