OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt - Next Gen Consoles & Supercars to be Won! Starting 23 June at 12PM

OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021 Has Finished! See this comment on what to do if you have won a prize.

Original Post:

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is Back! For those who have done it before — you know the drill. TL;DR

  • Hunt starts at 12PM AEST on Wednesday 23 June 2021.
  • Hunt finishes at 10AM AEST on Friday 25 June 2021.
  • Around $10,000 worth of prizes will be given away to OzBargain members.

For those who aren't familiar with the OzBargain Treasure Hunt, it's a site-wide event that we run (almost) every year since 2015. The format hasn't really changed much, so here is just the instruction from last year's hunt. Basically various prizes will pop up on the site throughout the day during the hunt. You'll need to do a bit of scrolling as they pops up in the middle of the page. Here's an example:

Click to Reveal the Prize

There are quite a few factors that determine whether a prize pops up on the current page or not.

  • Each prize has a probability
  • Each prize also has a starting time
  • Some prizes only appear on certain pages — more on that later.

When a prize pops up on a page, it won't stay there forever. The "Click to Reveal" banner will disappear after 20 seconds without interaction. However after you click on the prize, it will reveal what the prize is and allow you to claim it.

Click to Claim the Prize

After you have claimed the prize, it will be added to your inventory, which is available on the Marketplace page (that page will be enabled 2 hours before the hunt starts). Marketplace would be very important in the later part of the hunt. You can add at most 4 items to your inventory — prizes basically would stop popping up on OzBargain once your inventory is full.


On the Marketplace page, you can

  • See what prizes you have in your inventory.
  • Drop prizes to vacate your inventory. Dropped prize will be back to the wild, ready to be picked up by other OzBargainers.
  • Put your prizes on the marketplace for trading.
  • See what prizes other users have put on the marketplace.
  • Request / Accept / Reject trades.

Trading is important because many prizes come in multiple parts — and you can only claim the final prize when you have collected all the parts!

Multipart Prize

Feel free to use private messages or this forum to organise trades.


Here is a list of prizes for the OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021. There will be lots of Prezzee Gift Cards where you can exchange with merchants' gift cards to be spent online or instore. There will also be some OzBargain T-shirts from last year's competition. Moreover there are also OzBargain hoodies to be won — collect them all to complete your OzBargain lifestyle.

Finally the grand prizes — OzBargain will be giving away some Next Gen game consoles, i.e. Sony PlayStation 5 (disc and digital edition), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Do note that for PS5 and XSX — I might not be able to deliver those straight away, but rather a promise that OzBargain will get the winners a console sometime this year, as hunting them down at RRP can be difficult.

Since Automotive forum has been OzBargain's most popular forum with all the insurance and car accident advice requests, I thought we'll give away some car related prizes as well — Supercars — Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Sian and a few others. In LEGO though.

Here is the list:

  • 50x Prezzee eGift Card $25
  • 20x Prezzee eGift Card $50
  • 10x Prezzee eGift Card $100 (2 parts)
  • 50x OzBargain T-shirt
  • 50x OzBargain Hoodie
  • PlayStation 5 (3 parts)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series X (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series S (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 (3 parts)
  • LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender (3 parts)
  • LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R (2 parts)

For multi-part prizes, usually the last part would be more rare. For example there will be 3x PlayStation 5 Part 1 & 3x PlayStation 5 Part 2 in the wild during the hunt, but there will only be one Part 3, as there will only be one prize. And for game consoles & LEGO set, the final part will be hidden on specific pages on OzBargain, which the hint will be revealed at set hours on 24 June.


Official starting time for OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt is Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 12:00PM, and will conclude at Friday 25 June 2020 at 10:00AM. Most prizes will be released before the evening of Thursday 24 June, but and the extra time will allow trading to take place.

Here's the schedule.

Wednesday 23 June

  • 12PM: Start the hunt!

Thursday 24 June

  • 9AM: Hint for LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R
  • 10AM: Hint for LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR
  • 11AM: Hint for LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 12PM: Hint for Xbox Series S
  • 1PM: Hint for LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender
  • 2PM: Hint for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
  • 3PM: Hint for LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
  • 4PM: Hint for Xbox Series X
  • 5PM: Hint for LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron
  • 6PM: Hint for PlayStation 5

Friday 25 June

  • 10AM: Finish!

After the hunt finishes, those with prizes will be presented with a form on the Marketplace page for filling out the delivery details.

For T-shirts & Hoodies, these are Gildan 5000 and Gildan 12500, which you can check their size guide.

Participation Eligibility

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is open to OzBargain members, and

  • You are not currently in penalty box
  • Your account was created before this post. I am blocking new accounts from accessing the treasure hunt to stop people creating multiple accounts to game the system.

Also any attempt of scripting / gaming the system would result your account(s) banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is adblocker okay?

Yes, prizes will still show up when you use adblocker on OzBargain.

Q: Is mobile okay?

Yes, mobile browsers should not have any issue.

Q: Is dark mode okay?


Q: Where do the prizes pop up?

Most will pop up on random pages throughout the OzBargain website.

  • OzBargain front page
  • OzBargain new deals page
  • Individual page for deals (including expired), competitions or forum topics. They need to have 10 or more comments (to make the page long enough).

It will always be below the fold, i.e. requiring you to scroll down at least one full page. It pops up when the page is loaded, but will disappear after 20 seconds. Whether a prize will popup on a page is governed by probability — most prizes have low probability (0.5% to 1%) of chance popping up on a page. Some prizes have high probability but will only appear on specific pages. Please see "Timeline" above for those scheduled drops and hints on their locations.

Q: I am getting error "This item has already been claimed" when I try to click on Claim This button! What's going on?

A prize can simultaneously pop up on many ozbargainers' browsers, but only the first person clicking on "Claim This" will actually add the prize to his/her inventory. Others will get the error message after clicking on "Claim This" button. It's like multiple people can simultaneous spot a $50 notes on the floor, but only the first person who takes the action to pick it up can claim it.


      • No problem, sounds good. Looking forward to getting mine!

      • would be cool to have a long sleeve shirt in the mix for future :)

  • +4

    got nothing…literally checked most links no pop ups!….no luck :-(

    • +2

      same, everytime this event is on, can't see a single one…

  • +1

    Thank you Scotty and the team!
    I didn't find any but had a great time trying to find them and learning new ways around ozbargain!
    And a big thank you to MagicMushroom for all your help! I really appreciate it 🙂

  • I would love a black t-shirt or hoodie over all the other things tbh lol

    • +3

      If it's possible to send things to separate addresses I'd be happy for you to have mine. Got a hoodie and a shirt and prefer a hoodie.

      • Sorry for late response i have little internet where i am, but that would be awesome !

  • Kudos to the organisers and to the people who told us how to find the treasures (made the pot of gold at the rainbow that little bit more realistic). Definitely why we're so proud to be in ozbargain community.

    On an ozbargain note - if noone wants their tshirt or hoodie I will happily wear one for you that's all I was gunning for!

  • Anyone got Lego Porsche Part 3/3?

  • Hi Jellybean pancake I probably got in too late for a Tshirt but if you do have one would like it to support OzB.

  • +2

    Got nothing, scrolling through front page and new deals between 12pm - 4pm hoping to win anything even a console as they are so hard to get. No adblock or script blocker on. So much time wasted!….

    • yup same here, same as last year…

  • +3

    lol couldn't find anything all day

  • +1

    Thanks Scotty and team for putting this on, ended up with a gift card and a t-shirt from just general browsing, so I am stoked. Does the tee have pingunoots design on it? Because that would be cool. Cheers

    • Yes the t shirt has last year's winning design.

  • +2

    I too couldn't find a thing, if my boss found out how much time I wasted looking on 'company time' from 7.30am I would probably get the sack! all I wanted was a t shirt or something, I'm not greedy, I don't really need a ps5 or any more Lego lol. good luck people with your hunt, I have work to do that I've been putting of trying to find these mythical treasure boxes!

  • +5

    I never find anything each time this happens.

    Rewards those who have time to endlessly scroll.

    Can’t there just be a single page with a wheel to spin to win and each user account gets x tries per day?

    Then again, that wouldn’t generate site traffic and clicks….

  • +4

    I have noticed that Xbox Series X does not have person with the complete set, I am looking at forming a trade deal with three people to trade 3 of the 4 treasures (3 of which are single piece prizes) I have to form the complete set as I am one of the few people in this treasure hunt who has something of value to trade and has 3 treasure spots to be able to complete the set. Please reply or message me if interested in forming a trade deal for this and when I get all 3 pieces gathered I will discuss details of the trades.

    Fellow OzBargain members let us work together to get as many prizes as possible and ensure that scotty does not get away with not buying a Xbox Series X and all the other prizes he has promised to give away in this Treasure Hunt.

    Tagging those who have pieces of the Xbox Series X on marketplace if it works @driftheory @gokian @Chemiluminescence @djkelly69

    • +1

      Was trying to do the same thing but unfortunately djkelly69 has basically ghosted me and driftheory doesn't have messages turned on so the prospects seem bleak :(

      • Thanks for replying it was worth a shot at trying to get the set complete I have tried messing two people and they are either not online or do not have notifications on.

        It looks like we are running out of time soon so it might be this year there will be prizes that are unclaimed that scotty does not have to buy because people are not being active enough on trades, possible issues with ghost accounts (getting treasure and not doing anything) or people not cooperating to get full sets and cutting their losses and at least getting some minor prizes.

        • Let's try and make it work everyone! Happy to trade my part away so someone scores the Xbox.

          P.s thanks Scotty for running this, I still have my trusty orange t-shirt from years back.

      • +1

        Well he won, he has the rare piece. The other pieces are obtainable from multiple sources so it's his prize really. It's like mcdonalds monopoly, the rare piece is the one that matters.

      • Please respond in TWAM regarding to your account status & that related account.

      • Just as an update, the user did contact me however at that point it was too late to organise subsequent trades.
        Overall still super happy with my haul and wanted to thank Scotty for organising this hunt!

  • +2

    How come some of the t-shirts say “(Comp Winner)”, are there different t-shirt styles as prizes?

    • These are for the winners of the OzBargain T-shirt design competition. I am sending a T-shirt to the top 13 winners of that comp. Instead of asking all of them for postal address, I just add a new "prize" and put it into their account, so they can fill up the address when the treasure hunt ends. Did some of them try to trade it with gift card?

      • There are a couple in the trade list, no idea what or if they’re actually trying to trade though.

  • +1

    I've got PS5 Digital edition 2/3 if anyone needs it.

  • OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021 has officially concluded. For winners, i.e. those who have claimed T-shirt, hoodie, gift card, or all parts of a major prize, you will be presented with an address form on your Marketplace page. Please fill them out in the next couple of days.

    For those who have won t-shirts or hoodies, please check the Gildan's size chart:


    I know people have done some mutually benefiting deals over private messages. So if you have prizes that you would like to be sent elsewhere, please either send me a private message, or leave it in the "Comment" section of the address form.

    Feel free to leave suggestions on how we can run treasure hunts better next year.

    • form completed.

    • Thanks Scotty!

    • Thanks Scotty, there are many categories in the t-shirt sizing, do you know which one it is specifically?

      • T-Shirt — Gildan 5000
        Hoodie — Gildan 12500

        We have stock from S to 2XL.

      • +2

        See Sizing

        T-shirt = T-Shirt Collection > Gildan Heavy Cotton > 5000
        Hoodie = Fleece Collection > Gildan Dry Blend > 12500

    • +1

      Thanks Scotty for bringing the fun hunting treasures.

    • Thanks Scotty for the fun.

      I really liked the reveal of the hint every hour and having to go to a specific forum page/deal, but then having to refresh 102039 the page in the hope to get the treasure button wasn't that great.

      Maybe next time having the same reveal every hour but without having to refresh the page. e.g first one to get to the post would have a higher chance to get it. Then next one to get there and click the button would see that it was already taken?

      • I think the only problem with this suggested can that if first to get the page there is possibility that someone could cheat by a running website scraper bot that detects changing in website's webpages (though OzBargain being a forum it is a bit harder to do) and get it without having to figure out what the hint was for which page.

        I believe a similar thing happen when PLE computers ran a giveaway where they posted on twitter a hint on that a particular page on their website we have red dot appear some where on it when the post on twitter when live and the majority of prizes I believe where taken by people running a bot that checked if any webpages had changed which is easier to do on a website that sells stuff and these prizes were not found legitimately.

        • Yep fair point, but I guess you could easily detect this kind of bot?

          If the same ip address goes to 20 different pages within 1 sec = probably a bot > don't show the treasure button for this IP address for the next 5 min.

          The bot would need to scrape thousands of deals/forum pages to detect the change or the button.

          • @Jayjay93: Anti-bot protect might help but there still issues that it needs be made so it does not impact legitimate users while also not being able to be bypassed because depending on how sophisticated the bot is it could get around certain things. A bot could get around it by only needed to scrape forum/deal posts on a particular topic and it could slow its scraping rate to be similar to human or more than one bot on different IP addresses which could read pages instantly and give noticeable advantage to those that run bots.

            My suggest though would be to keep the random change but increase it substantially ie something like 10% to 20% change of showing so that assuming you are F5ing it should appear within less than 1 minute so those who get the page earlier should have a high very high change of getting it but those that are only very briefly late by few seconds might still have change to get it depending on their luck. This method I believe we still be some luck based but gives better opportunity for those who use their skills to get the post first to substantially improve their changes by having more attempts and can prevent bots from getting an advantage of finding the page first.

            • +1

              @AgentXKnight: How about a random captcha every 20 refreshes? Normal users can just close it down and continue browsing, but if you're in the hunt you need to click the box?

              Edit: Obviously only enabled during the hunt, with a message stating so.

    • +1

      Thanks Scotty for the hunt!

      I'd like to suggest doing more of the hint things with first xx people to reach the page will get the prize (eg. Prezzee, t-shirt). And another set of hints with first xx people (or everyone within 5 min of hint release) who reach the page can participate in a draw to win a big prize.

      Let the pop up stay on the page permanently after the hint is released with the message "Sorry ozbargained! you were the 56th to click this". That way people know it was there and what it looks like. I'd rather not play the F5 game!

  • +1

    I wasted so many hours and got nothing. Prefer spin and win as someone suggested.

  • Merged from Did You Win Anything from The OzB Treasure Hunt?

    You guys win anything from the treasure hunt that ended earlier today? If so, what was it?

    I spent a good hour looking and I found….


    • +3

      I stick to my day job :)

    • +1


    • On the Treasure Hunt Marketplace page clearly stated:

      Winners: 158

      Please use the main post for discussions.

    • Won the lego sian lambo

      I used to say "when lambo" but now i can say "have lambo".

    • Same got nothing!
      Well next yr then……same thing will happen!

  • +1

    Congrats to winners. To those like myself who never saw a pop-up: botter luck next year!

  • @Scotty Any chance of purchasing a t-shirt or a hoody somewhere?

  • Awesome a three day competition with barely any notice… Oh well guess I've got notice for next year….

  • +3

    Lol. Didn't get any banner of sorts at all. Despite randomly clicking any deals and refreshing front page hundred of times.

    • The reason why you did not get any treasure like me who found 6 treasures and ended up with 3 prizes is that I open about 12,000 pages (not sure if this includes my F5ing and does not include some random other pages opened in another browser) in the two days I participated in this treasure hunt.

      So in order to get treasure you either need to get very lucky which is what happened to me last year when I got 2 treasures with a strategy that was not as optimal as my current one or open so many pages or refresh so many pages like MagicMushroom (who got more lucky and I think did more pages than me to get more treasures) to get better change of getting one of the 280 treasures available. Also you need to do you refreshing when there are active treasures available otherwise you are just wasting your time.

      • Holy s*&t! This is actually much more involved than I thought.

        Consider myself warned for next year hahaha.

        Hundred of times not enuf obviously.

        • You made the mistake like me of reading the treasure hunt as being random drop on homepage / deal pages. It is actually hand placed on very specific deal pages and you have to know what to look for. Scotty dropped some hints in here but the filtering on the site search doesn't lend itself to locate particular deals easily still, no way to sort it by votes etc so requires mass opening pages on relevant searches too. Lot of work involved with a chance of getting 1/3 of a prize. Hopefully next time they run this they think out the whole thing a bit better. 150 prizes won out of however many thousands of people were using the site.

          • @Agret: It is a random drop on deals pages for the smaller prizes, they are a 0.5% to 1% chance popping up on any page.
            But the bigger prizes are on specific pages but have much higher probability of popping up for you.

            I got a hoodie, t-shirt and 2 gift cards by just opening a few (3) random pages and refreshing them for 5 mins or so after a prize release. I also saw one pop up but refreshed over it so missed it.

            • @NigelTufnel: That’s similar to what I did and I won 3 prizes. A t-shirt, a hoody and a piece of an x-box, the later 2 that I traded for gift cards.

  • :(

  • Had a question if someone won two $25 prezzee cards is it possible to receive one $50 card as the prize?

    • As I've previously commented, you need to reply to the TWAM post regarding to your other account, otherwise you'll risk having both your accounts' prizes forfeited.

      Otherwise regarding to your question, the gift cards will be a bulk order from generated CSV. If someone needs something special catered, leave in the comment field in the address form on the Marketplace page.

      • I don't think I have received a TWAM post could you please confirm or specify where I can find it?

        • TWAM forum — I was replying to a request you posted last December.

  • +1

    Never saw a pop up… oh wells.. next year!

  • I'm disappointed I missed this years treasure hunt, but I did win one in the past and it was glorious. Congrats to all the winners, and a big thank you to OzBargain for making this such a great community.

  • +1

    When will prizes be sent out (the gift cards particularly)

    • Gift cards would be a batch order, waiting for everyone to fill out the address form… Prezzee has already received the fund, and it will be sent out later today. If people haven't filled out the form, I'll use your registered email address on OzB to send out the gift card.

      T-shirts and hoodies will take a while, as Sydney is currently under lockdown. We'll see.

  • Just sent out

    • All the Prezzee gift cards
    • All the LEGO prizes. Should hopefully arrive this week (at least for those ordered from Amazon)
    • Xbox Series S, also from Amazon so arriving this week

    I'll be packing all the T-shirts & hoodies in the coming days. However Sydney is currently in lockdown so accessing postoffice might be problematic.

    As of PlayStation 5 — well, wish me good luck.

    And no one ended up winning Xbox Series X.

    • +2


      Reminder to everyone that the gift cards come from Delvu Media, don’t delete the email thinking it’s spam.

    • +1

      Thanks again to scotty & the team, gift card arrived ;)

    • +1

      Thanks @scotty & team at OzB

      Gift card received. 👍

    • +1

      Gift card received as well, thanks scotty and team for another fun treasure hunt :)

    • +2

      Just had my Lego arrive Scotty, absolutely awesome can't believe it now that it's in my hands. Thank you so much again!! <3

    • +2

      Thanks scotty got the lego :)

    • Hi Scotty, do you have a tracking number for the LEGO that was sent to me? I haven't received anything yet.

  • +1

    thanks scotty. just found my gift card on the junk mail. :)

  • Coming up to winter, and I realised I never received my hoodies from this. Anyone else?

    • Interesting… I just checked my records and I have indeed sent you a hoodie. Sorry I can't send you another one because I do not have any stock left.

      • Hmm… Odd. Maybe someone saw the precious package and snatched it.

        Maybe I'll snag another this year!

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