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Bosch Blue Stud Finder $79.87 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & Save $72 When You Buy $290 of Select Items) @ Amazon US via AU


For all the Studs out there.

Cheapest price ever for this stud finder. Even cheaper if you have Prime and can spend $290. Or buy 4 and it comes down to $61.87 each.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Whenever I hold these things, they beep uncontrollably.

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      I know, same.

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      Could be a faulty product. Return for replacement.

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      • Out of range beep perhaps?

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      Maybe you have a magnetic personality?

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        And here I thought I was just attractive

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      came for the dad jokes, wasn't disappointed

    • I had the same problem before with the Stanley one I borrowed from a friend. Even after "calibrating" it before use

      I than bought this device because I was fed up and it's worth every dollar. Used in on wood and metal studs without any problem! Highly recommend it.

      • Are you playing along with the dad joke or does yours literally beep uncontrollably? My Stanley one ACTUALLY does that! It's kind of annoying, although it does one long, sustained beep when it finds a stud, so it does actually work.

        Either that or we're just studs… :P

    • Do you knock on your head when you say 'knock on wood'?

  • Bought this one last year for around 90 ish. The Bunnings guy was kind enough beating Amazon price for me. Quite useful for securing all my ikea furniture to the wall.

  • No deal, I just open any ozbargain post to find some REAL studs.

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      • ozbargainonly

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    Don't magnets do the same thing?

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      Yep. This is one of the best stud-finders. Also doubles as a really strong fridge magnet when not in use.

    • Not unless you have some very strong rare earth magnets.

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      i didnt know magnets work on wood lol

      • Neither does this.

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        If you are lucky you will find some nails behind.

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        You should rethink your construction if your walls are held onto the studs with wooden nails.

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      Only for one of the 3 cases

      "The Bosch GMS120 Digital Wall Scanner features multi mode laser detection for wood studs, metal objects (rebar, studs and steel/copper pipes) and live wiring"

  • My wife would happily pay if it found studs easily.

    I have used stud finders at various price points and they all seems to be a bit hit or miss.

    There are a number of online video tests of stud finders and I think if purchasing a new one I would use the information gleaned from them.

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    If it's just for studs you will not regret spending an extra $1 and getting Franklin Sensors FS710PRO. It's not even close with how good these things are..

    • Agreed. Most of the finders are crap, the Bosch one is good but isn't perfect. The Franklin one is spot on every time. Alternatively yank some magnets from old spindle hard drives and sweep the wall with them until they attach to the nails used on the plaster board, then you know there is a stud there.

    • Thanks, I will try this, I already have two (Ryobi and Stanley), none of them are working properly

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        ryobi one from bunnings is trashhhhh agree

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  • any deals on laser measures?

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    My wife is one…

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      Sure is. She says Hi.

    • how much did you pay?

    • You don't have a wife.

  • Anyone has an idea of this vs this. Had an eye on it to buy during prime day sale but never went on sale.

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    Usually Bosch blue is the premium product. Green for occasional home use and blue for professional.

    No idea on the specific product you linked.

  • I was lost, but now I've been found… With this bargain

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    I had one of these and was very disappointed given the price paid. False positives for electrical and inaccurate to find studs. Became obvious how bad it was when putting up a wall and it could be seen everything was. A few Amazon reviews say similar, so it can't be just a dud unit.

    Bosch have a good reputation, but I haven't had a lot of luck with their products, PBD40 drill press has a wobbly spindle, GSB 18V-60C blue hammer drill went back twice under warranty due to faulty chuck and then this. For balance I've been very happy with impact driver GDR18V-EC and reciprocating saw GSA18V-083.

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      Yeah I got this last year when posted, most useless thing there is, says there is electricity where there is not, cant find studs.

      Spent more time trying to figure out why if gives a lot of false positives in lieu of just doing the jobs I need to.

      Do not recommend

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    Only one stud finder to buy, and its not the Bosch one (sorry OP).


    After owning quite a few over a years (and giving up on all of them because they are crap!), I took a chance on this one by all the good reviews online… and haven't looked back.
    An actual stud finder that works- and works accurately!

    Don't think- buy. I'm not a rep, I don't get rewarded for this recommendation in any way. Just a happy customer who was sick and tired of getting ripped off by 'big name brands' using their rep to sell junk.

    You won't regret it, I promise.

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      you can get the T13 at Bunnings for a little more if you don't want to wait for international delivery

      The T13 is an upgraded to our 710+. It has a slightly deeper max detection depth of 1.7” and includes a pencil caddy to make marking the wall easier.

    • Franklin 710 and T13 are really good. I borrowed one and it was brilliant. Doesn't do electricity.
      Here is a review: