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[Zip Pay] Spend $100 in-Store or Online, Get $20 Cashback @ JB Hi-Fi


Spotted as part of the most recent catalogue which goes live from tomorrow.

Not live on site as of yet, but expected to come later tonight or tomorrow with terms then being posted.

$20 cashback will be applied as a credit to your Zip account. One use per person. Offer ends 30/6/2021.

Important things to know:

  • Zip will show during checkout for orders of $20 - $1000 (excludes any applicable delivery costs)
  • You cannot use Zip to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards or digital products like Microsoft 365 or Playstation store credits.
  • Zip is not yet available on purchases made through our phone sales line

How to Use:


  1. Add your items to cart
  2. Select Zip as your payment method at checkout
  3. You’ll be redirected to log in to or create a Zip account
  4. That’s it! Your purchase will be split into the payment schedule you setup.


  1. Download the Zip app
  2. Tap the ‘In-store' tab at the bottom of the app
  3. Tap ‘Pay in-store’ to generate a 6 digit code to provide the JB HI-FI staff member
  4. Confirm the payment on your mobile and that’s it! You can take home the goods today.

Alternatively, if you have Zip set up in your digital wallet you can use Tap & Pay in-store with Zip Pay everywhere Visa contactless payments are accepted. See the Zip Pay terms and conditions

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Can we buy gift cards similar to the after pay method?

    • You cannot use Zip to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards or digital products like Microsoft 365 or Playstation store credits.

      • +2

        That’s also what they said for afterpay, didn’t stop anyone using Apple Pay method.

    • +4

      There's no way for zip to identify that a gift card was purchased. I managed to buy a jb gift card with afterpay.

      • Yeah but I dont know if itll track if you use the zip apple pay card. Thats the method that afterpay used, but the described zip method to pay online stated above is the standard zip method.

        • Good point. This is credit back, not instant discount like latitude.

          • @griffith 101: normally zip credit back straight away. At least it's the case from last TGG zip promo

          • @griffith 101: Itll be worse if u cant claim cashback until it hits $30 cap…

        • From jb website

          Alternatively, if you have Zip set up in your digital wallet you can use Tap & Pay in-store with Zip Pay everywhere Visa contactless payments are accepted.

  • I don't know why they can't allow these BNPL options when you email/phone to get a price match. JB standard prices are not very competitive. Got a price match the other day, they emailed the custom order and I thought great i'll pay with Latitude and get an extra $25 off, but nope had to do that on the full price instead :(

    • +1

      I bet it would be fine in store. The kind of order you placed I suspect is simply you providing details then payment being processed manually by one of their staff (instead of the usual digital/automatic payment processing that normally occurs when buying online)?

      • -1

        It probably would be fine in store, but Latitude Pay is a PITA to use in store. Wont be using it again either, they restricted my account after paying off the balance immediately and CS do not respond to my email.

        When you get a price match at JB they just send you a customised order link with the matched price valid until midnight, it is the same as the regular checkout and the payment is processed immediately, except you cannot use BNPL options. It was a saving of $11 but I couldn't be bothered so just ordered at JB price with the $25 off and picked up 30 mins later.

        • Ah ok. That is ridiculous that the BNPL doesnt show up.

          You're not missing much with Latitude - their promotions are pretty hopeless. I save maybe $80/yr with them myself.

  • Can't part pay with vouchers either, IIRC?

    • correct

      • +1


      • Do u mean say for 200 purchase, i cant pay 100 with gift card and the other 100 via zippay? So i cant split payments basically?

        Sorry i may misunderstand what voucher means here.

        • Yes, exactly what you said. Voucher = gift card

          • @zzyss: Thats not the way I see it, can't see anywhere in T&C's that says I have to spend the whole transaction value on ZIP. Just $100.

            • @vodamerc: Sure, I should clarify that I mean online. You literally can't do that since their system won't allow it.

              • +2

                @zzyss: I just paid for a $500 item with a $400 GC and the balance on ZIP. Can confirm you can do it

  • +1

    chromecast +$1 item might be a good buy. I am refusing to pay the full price lol.

    • Yer same here lol. Does it include the 6month Netflix?

      • I guess netflix offer had be activated on google, probably with S/N so yes but not 100% sure.

      • I bought one of these yesterday with the 1 item.
        How do I claim said free 6month of Netflix offer?

        • +1

          You have to buy direct from Google for Netflix. JB offer 3 months YouTube premium

  • if spend $1000, can i get 200 back? I'm after laptop

    • +2

      Yeah if you create 10 different accounts, then divide the payment in 10 different card in apple pay, on 10 different iPhones

  • Good deal!

  • Does zippay do credit check?

    • Yes

    • Yes. Afterpay seems to be the only one of the BNPL that doesn't do credit checks

  • how about computer game Prepaid Cards?
    such as League of Legends $25 Prepaid Card

  • Can I go in store and use 2 zip accounts on one order to get $40 off ?

    • +1

      If you can setup 2 google pay or apple pay (maybe need a second phone) I think you can in-store. Just tell them $xxx on the first , $xxx on the second. Don't need to mention zippay.

      I never try that, just guessing. Could be wrong.

      • But Latitude Pay uses phone numbers as well….

  • The latitude pay promo is still valid until June 30, spend $100 and get $25, in case anyone hasn't used that yet.

    • latitude pay charge any fee if we paid off on time?

      • Nope they dont

        • thanks

          so Afterpay zip latitude are same condition:if we pay each installment on time and there is no cost at all?

          compare to go mastercard
          there will monthly keeping fee if balances over $10,no matter pay on time or not

  • if you buy something and then return it, will you still get the $20

    • refunded whatever it says on your receipt.

    • +1

      You might put your Zip account at risk of being negative amount since Zip knows if you refund it. I think $20 isn’t worth of playing with my credit record.

  • This isn’t “$20 off the purchase” is it?

    It goes into something called Zip Rewards - and you have to wait til you earn $30 before you can withdraw it?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve gone through the checkout on a blu-ray box-set for $130 and it didn’t show any $20 discount like the Latitude pay offer did.

    • +1

      Its not rewards. You will simply get $20 back on your zip balance in a few days. So zip will pay $130 now, and a few days later your balance with zip will show $110.

      • Thanks. That kinda makes sense. Just couldn’t see any mention of the $20 when going through the online checkout at JB or logging into my Zip pay account.

        Is there any confirmation anywhere that we will get $20 taken off the amount we owe?

        I remember there being a Valentine’s Day promo where they were supposed to give us $10 back for tapping the zip and pay card. I had to contact them to get them to pay up, just hope it happens automatically this time!

        • Took about a week for me last time.

  • +1

    Hopefully someone will try buying a JB gift card and report back if they get the $20 back :)

    • I bought a gift card, didn't receive anything. However, from the T&C's I won't receive anything for 7 days. The transaction is still pending.

      The $20 AUD cashback will be applied to the Zip Account from which the Eligible Purchase was made within 7 days of the Eligible Purchase being processed.

      • +1

        Keep us posted please :)

        I don’t see how Zip can tell the difference between gift card and other type of purchase

      • Instore or online ?

    • +1

      Any updates please?

      • Transaction still pending, no cash back so far

        • maybe need to wait until monday to be processed. offer ends 30/6 should be enough time for people to buy one if it works which i believe it will.

          • @ce5himm: It does not work. It must go through Zip QR code instore, not mobile pay. I am surprised nph still tried to challenge.

            • @Neoika: How do you know it does not work?do you have a transaction processed without cashback using tap?

              • @ce5himm: From previous similar offers with other stores. It could be different this time, though.

                • @Neoika: Appreciated, but that couldn't convince me. We just need to see the update from neilp

                  • @ce5himm: Maybe 2% cashback was already applied for it. Dont think Zip will allow double dipping discount.

          • @ce5himm: my transaction is now finalised. no cash back yet. It's likely that it'll take up to 7 days.

  • Pulled the trigger on the 40mm gps + cellular stainless steel for $430

  • Includes postage right? as long the checkout total is $100?

  • Me bloody idiot applied for ZIPMONEY thinking it was ZIPPAY like 8 months ago, such a idiot.
    Whatever the case happy I did not create the account, only signed up (still affected the credit score though)

  • Is there anything that I can buy for 6 or 11$ to make it a 100$. Suggestions pls.

    • Try movie DVDs. Well maybe some cheap kids movie. Don't expect those latest ones.

  • I just tried to use this at JB the clerk told me they don't accept in store 6 digit code or bar code. You have to add zip as a payment card to your wallet then use it there.

    • that's the way i normally do. i don't even tell them anything, just tap as normal. they would not know it's a zip card or regular credit card.

  • Anyone got $20 credit yet or waiting ?

    • +1

      Bought yesterday around 5:30pm via the barcode. Still shows full purchase price outstanding

      • They accepted barcode in score ? Scanned it or entered 6 digits code ? They told me that they don't accept these barcodes and i need to add to google pay.

        • +1

          Yeah it's the first time I've used the barcode, the checkout assistant actually requested the barcode

  • No credit yet, but the amount has gone from pending to posted.

    I changed my payment schedule to be full amount to avoid fees, and it shows my payment is 31 July (not June), and is $20 less than the amount I spent at JB.

    • That's a good signal

    • Did you pay with QR code or Apple ID?

      • Google pay

        • Did you receive 2% cashback reward?

          • @Neoika: Yes I did. (I don't use zip for anything but these deals though)

            Just to check with payments though, it has gone to my zip account on June 26. If I don't pay it off before the end of the month will I get charged the fee?

            • @kulprit: June Statement to be issued in early July. Pay by 31st July to avoid any fee.

              For Zip, you always do not need to pay off any amount for the spend in the current month.

              • @Neoika: Thanks, good to know. Found this in the help section as well.

                For Example: If you make two purchases in February, you'll receive a statement on the 1st of March showing how much you owe for these two purchases. You'll then have until March 31st to pay this amount without being charged the $6 account keeping fee. If you do not pay the statement balance in full by the 31st of March, a $6 monthly account service fee will be charged on the account on the 1st of April.

          • @Neoika: Which 2% is this ?

      • Jb just told me they don’t accept QR code and I need to add the card to my phone to pay

        • Same … Jb told me that they don't accept barcode with 6 digits etc … had to add it to GooglePay. Wish zip works with SamsungPay.

          • +1

            @ChipsChicky: Was able to go to different JB and they were happy to do the purchase with bar code. Zip shows payment of $100 but payment of $80 due in 4 days so I think the $20 discount has applied.

            Edit: I even got an email from zip saying my payment was successful at JB and $80 owing (I never get emails for purchases so this must be confirmation it worked).

  • Definitely not an instant cashback or a few days, am still waiting and zip support are saying within 7 days so lets see…