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[Preorder] PNY GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Uprising Dual Fan LHR 8GB Graphics Card $999 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Felt cute, keen to see them OzOverMSRP comments

Note: LHR model, 1 week eta

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    Price in title.

  • I can't even tell if this is MSRP anymore. Someone tell me if this is a good deal or not.

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      This card was $700-$750 for 2 fans model when it launches

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      Well. Half a year ago it was $699: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/588249

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        Eff this, I'm just going to buy an Xbox Series X.

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          Gaming on PC since the early 90s, never owned a console, and seriously considering it too. This is just too much with no end in sight.

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            @v8o: PC Gamer here. Own a Series X, no regrets especially if you have a 4K/120hz TV.

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          Be sure to check out our deals for XB Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate and look at the different hacks to renew your membership for cheaper

          (spoiler: it's just a Brazillian VPN)

          • @scrimshaw: games cost money - series x makes your game budget bigger, and game pass reduces even that….

            its really a no-brainer.. no turning back once your gone because no need.

            • @petry: Just get game pass for PC and get a ps5?

              • @mordinhoz: bugger all exclusives on ps5 yet to justify purchase really

                • @petry: I made the switch and the exclusives have been amazing. Do yourself a favour and play god of war. Microsoft really dropped the ball with software over last gen.

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      The 3080 was advertised on the Nvidia website as AUD $1139 for the FE at launch from memory. So make of this what you will.

    • Hrm hope this helps.
      This card is due into an AU wholesaler on June 30 - https://rog.asus.com/graphics-cards/graphics-cards/rog-strix...
      It's cost is about $1,100 (GST Inc), when it hits retailers it's RRP is meant to be around $1350 retailers like Scorptec are charging $1379.

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    3060ti damn havent seen one of them back in stock for like 6 months

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    Prices are going down, just wait

  • Fk, when I placed an order 2 hour ago it did not say it's LHR, now they modify the listing, and by checking the product number it is LHR, not worth the money, I am canceling it.

    • Yeah, seems quite a rush listing, they made many changes in the description already

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    Price is definitely coming down. Just wait a bit.
    If you have to own the best right now, here is another option. Gigabyte Gaming OC 3070 Ti for 1600 in stock: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-...
    Their 3070 is even more expensive than 3070 Ti LOL. That been said, it is still not a reasonable price. I got my 3070 for 880 half year ago.

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      3070 more expensive as it's not hash limited like the Ti is.

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    Even if u buy a non hash limited 3070 now at 1600, you need a year and a half to pay the card off, at current BTC price and using Nicehash. I wouldn't get into mining anywhere near that price.
    If someone is betting on sell the card when market crash, I would still say good luck at making a decent profit.
    Just saying.

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      But you don’t have to pay off the card entirely to make it worth buying, you just have to pay off the price above msrp. Remember you are buying this card for gaming, not mining.

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        In that case, if you want to keep the card, the memory, chock and vrm even the GPU would already been degraded significantly though.

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          That is just a speculation, I mined with 1080ti in the last couple of months, earned about $400, and it does not slow a bit

          • @rainbowyen: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying u cannot make money, just that it is hard to make money if someone just start.
            And ur graphic card lifespan will decrease for sure due to heat

            • @s20525xxx: Sounds like a maintenance issue. Sufficient airflow, clear of dust and it's unlikely that you'd have issues.

            • @s20525xxx: I've been using my 5700xt for gaming and mining. Bought it back in December 2019 for $599 and I've mined 1.x ethereum since then
              As long as you keep memory temps under control (mine was around 86-90 degrees) and undervolt and downclock your card, you shouldn't have any problems
              Core temps were around 40-45 degrees
              Mining mostly stresses the memory, more so than gaming
              So yeah it can degrade your memory
              But I personally haven't noticed much difference compared to when it was new. I can still run 1900mhz on the memory like it did when it was brand new

    • is this factoring in for elec cost?

      • Yes, assuming u don't have solar panels.

        • yeah fair. im surprised there isn't some kind of solar+lithium iron boxes being sold for/marketed to mining.

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    Lol remember when the 60 series of video cards always set around $350-400…

  • Manufacturer has an estimated lifespan of these type of electronics, called mean time to failure. It's all about heat and humidity generated degradation. When graphic card mining, the gram and hot spot temp are almost 60 C, in some badly designed card, like Gigabyte 3090, which reach to 100C. It will slowly kill the silicon and soldering, just matter of time

    • Meant to reply rainbowyen, accidentally created a new reply

  • I would not recommend to buy any video cards at the moment. Cryptomining is prohibited in China and vide card price is going down rapidly.

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    For those complaining about LHR, you don't buy a GPU to mine coins if you're serious. You would go down the ASIC path.

    The time for ROI on a GPU based system + power usage and depreciation of investment is awful compared with other solutions. ~ Unless perhaps you off grid using solar/battery power combo.