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[PS4] Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 $15 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Reduced from $69.95.

Pretty sure lowest price since last month's clearance at Big W. Get on it!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Ouch! Just bought pre-owned one for $35 last week!

    • +2

      I'll make you feel better, paid $49 before Christmas, still sealed in the cellophane wrapper.

    • $9 shipping to metro :(

  • Great price

  • +1

    what's the PS5 upgrade path for this one? IIRC it isn't free

    • +1

      I believe it is a $10 cost to upgrade to PS5

    • $10 to upgrade, apparently.

    • $10 iirc

    • Why can’t I find the upgrade in the PS Store? Someone on Reddit asked why the upgrade isn’t available in Aus yet…

      • +1

        I upgraded my disc copy on the Australian PS store when it came out a couple of months ago but they might have pulled it. Just put the disc in and it appears.

        • +1

          It really should be a free upgrade.
          If it was a PS3 > PS5 then I’d understand. But given that these were almost simultaneously released, a $15 upgrade seems a bit too much to ask for. I haven’t played it to compare so I could be wrong

    • Was $10usd. Think it’s $15aud from one review I saw, $13 on another but looks to just be converting. Hard to find info, has anyone done it that can confirm?

    • Forgot about that.. what a rip off considering it’s a bare minimum upgrade…

      Good deal if you don’t mind playing the ps4 version though!

  • Wow $15 is an instant buy!

  • Sold out the instant I loaded it - was available, won't add to cart. Was able to pick one up through Target with $3 extra (pickup instore fee). Thanks for the post OP!

    Edit: I have a feeling this means it will be "free" in next month's games!

  • So here I am…

    …I still haven't opened mine yet, thanks for reminding me.

  • Nice deal. Amazon said 4 left but refused to add to my cart…. oh well, maybe next time.

    • I think the four left were for other stores? I had a similar experience.

  • Does this have Superman by Goldfinger in it?

    • +2

      Absolutely it does!

      • +2

        That makes it worth full price in my books

  • OOS.

    • try target

      • $9 delivery!? No thanks.

  • Such a fun game!

  • +1

    just in time for it to come out on switch tomorrow at full price

  • +2

    lol, TWO GAMES REMASTERED it says on the cover, but also pay $15 for PS5 upgrade. Sigh

    • +3

      You gotta pay for the remaster of the remaster

      • +3

        It won't be long before you're paying to unlock certain options in the settings.

        Audio? $2
        Performance RT? $5
        Accessibility Options? $10
        Gallery? $5
        Sound Gallery? $5
        Photo Mode? $10

        Or you can get the settings menu season pass for $19.99!

        • +2

          Shhh, don't give them ideas…

          But sadly; you're probably already right.

    • Did you find the upgrade in the PSN store? I can’t seem to find it anywhere? Or does it just appear once I have the install of the PS4 version?

      Funny that the current gen upgrade almost costs more (if you scored this deal)

  • -1

    I got them for $8 on Prime day. $10 - $2 for prime members.

    • Why didn’t you post the deal?

      • +1

        He was too busy trying not to miss out on the historic low for nivea cool kick deodorant cans

  • Just ordered it for $15 at Target. Seemed to be plenty of stock in SA.

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