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Macpac Halo Hooded Down Jacket / Mercury Hooded Jacket + $1 Item for $110.99 Delivered/C&C @ BCF


Greetings everyone, thanks to the $40 off $150 spend @ BCF, this comes down to an awesome price for this jacket, one of the cheapest prices I have seen.

Note, as the price is $0.01 below the min spend, you'll need to add another item to your cart. The cheapest deliverable item I could find is a Boot Rubber for $1 which makes the total to be $110.99 Delivered. Alternatively, search by Lowest to Highest in the clearance section and find an item that is available for delivery which you like.

As this is sold by BCF, makes it much easier to stack with discounted gift cards also, see here for rates.

If you don't know your sizing, I would recommend to go into a Macpac store to try this on first to gauge your sizing.

Also Available

Rug up and stay protected on your day out in the Halo Jacket from Macpac. Desgined with a 100% nylon fabric, this jacket is filled with 600 loft duck down for premium comfort while the adjustable cuffs and hem traps heat in when needed. Made for the outdoors, the jacket boasts a C6 water repellent finish to keep you dry and has its own storage bag for easy packing when you're off on your next adventure.

Small, Medium and Large now out of stock.

Women's Available Here for the same price.

Note also, BCF have only just started stocking Macpac items (SRG expanding the brand). So the sales which are also occuring on the Macpac site have been replicated here. Such as Macpac Men's Tui Fleece Pullover 2 for $100, or Macpac Men's Geothermal Long Sleeve 2 for $50 which when spending over $150 can then be stacked with the coupon.

As always, enjoy :)

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • +15

    Great price at this time of year for this jacket.

    Best item for $1 maybe? Escape Outdoors Active Daypack 14L Grey 14L


  • Is this good for snow?

    • +7

      It's not waterproof and the down will lose warmth when wet, so depends what your doing. If you're camping or hiking then should be okay with an appropriate rain jacket, but probably not the best choice for skiing etc

      • +2

        Apparently down will clump too once it gets wet, so not suitable for wet conditions.

        • +1

          It does but you can fix this by Tumblr drying on cool with tennis balls.

          Seriously it works!

          • +8


            It does but you can fix this by Tumblr drying on cool with tennis balls.

            tumblr got rid of balls at the end of 2018 though.

            (I think incipient means it will clump when it gets wet while you're wearing it - a dryer won't help when you're out and about)

            • @eug: Lol. Tumble dried I mean.

              I followed the cleaning instructions for my macpac halo jacket (wearing right now) and it was soaked through, because I washed it. Drying it took a bit of time and I'll admit I was worried, but leaving it in the dryer on a cool-air only cycle and putting three tennis balls in, as per instruction, worked a treat.

              So yes you need to wash it occasionally anyway, so it's not like if it gets wet from the rain it's ruined forever if it clumps.

            • +2


              tumblr got rid of balls at the end of 2018 though

              Haha quality.

              Actually I was told they permanently clumped. That drier on cold with tennis balls is a great tip! Thanks =D this place really is a fountain of knowledge haha

              • +1

                @incipient: If you buy a down wash kit like this, you'll get balls that don't smell or fluff like tennis balls.

                • @eug: Ohhhh. Even better! Cheers

                • +1

                  @eug: Can confirm that the spiky balls also do a better job of breaking up the clumps too.

                  It’s worth running the washing machine on a quick rinse to get rid of residual clothes detergent before using the down specific one, and worth looking at using a DWR (water repellent) replenisher every few washes too if you want to minimise the chance of it getting wet in the first place when out and about.

            • +1

              @eug: Here's an upvote for the tumblr and balls reference!

    • +1

      It's warm enough for the snow with a couple of layers underneath, but I wouldn't be doing snowsports with it, as it is not fully waterproof.

      • not fully waterproof

        An understatement. Mine is practically a sieve.

    • +2

      Depends what you're doing in the snow. Down jackets are typically only good for dry cold; once they get wet they're useless, and a waterproof over-jacket squashes the down, so they lose their insulation. The outer fabric is also quite delicate, so they're not much good for high-speed sports like skiing etc. If you're doing light sight-seeing in the snow, they're fine, or if you're sure there won't be rain, you should be OK, but otherwise I'd go for other materials (synthetic for bulk, wool for thermals)

  • Perfect!

  • Just bought this 2 days ago without the voucher :(

    • Return it and buy this.

  • Colour Black Iris / Orange Flame

    It looks more blue to me?

    • +8

      Yeah agree

      I want to purchase but I’m concerned that it’s blue, Dabudee, Dabudiy

      • Agree. Iris is a shade of purple and this 'blue' version of black iris is odd name as not seem like it's right. Just call it dark blue.

  • +1

    I heard they run large? Probably best to order a size down?

    • +5

      Yup can confirm they run large.
      Im normally size M but got size S. Even considered XS.

      BCF doesn't stock XS though, for those on the smaller side

      • -1

        Damn. I'd probably need an XS.

    • I had to size down for a snug fit.

    • yeah i wear uniqlo L and couldve fit into a S here. though it was a bit snug and would be hard to layer

    • They run very large - id go in an try one on if you can - especially if you like a nice fit

    • Not sure about that, I'm medium and I got M last time from them.

    • I’m found the sizing a bit wild.
      I’m usually Large and I wear a Small.
      Probably best to try on, if you can, first.

  • Nice, bought one. thanks OP !
    Have been waiting for this jacket to go on sale for a while.

  • I’m a “large” for the same type of jacket in Kathmandu. I’m assuming buy a “M” for this given it runs large?


    • I'd say that's a safe bet, my (S) from Macpac feels only slightly smaller than the equivilant Kathmandu (M). Macpac does have very long sleeves too… or maybe i have very short arms….

  • Highly recommended! I've had mine for two years and wear it almost every day during winter and it's great for travel as well.

  • +1

    I tried this jacket on in Macpac and I'm an XS (usually a S) but BCF don't even have that size :(

  • How does this compare to the Ultra down from Uniqlo?


    • Uniqlo doesn’t have a hood while this macpac does.

    • That looks more like Macpac's Uberlight one: https://www.bcf.com.au/p/macpac-mens-uber-light-hooded-jacke...

    • +4

      that's an ultralight. Fill weight will be really low, probably sub 100. It's not in the same league.

      I do like the fine print on that jacket as well.. "generally 550 fill power* and above is considered to be high quality".
      No it's not. 700 and above is where you're getting into good quality warmth.

      *not the same as fill weight.

  • Thanks doweyy.

    I bought one of the Uber Hooded Down Jacket from one of the previous Macpac deals and am fairly happy with it so decided to grab this also.

  • +2

    Don't forget 3.5% cashback on Cashrewards and Shopback!

  • +7

    BCF: why are we receiving so many boot rubber orders?

    Thanks OP

    • I can't wait for my vegetarian girlfriend to ask why I have long shark hooks..

  • Winters in metropolitan Australia is so mild, I only need a light jacket / jumper.

    • yeah the thicker padded parkas are more for lazing about the house at most for me. If I move around in them its RIP i get so damnhot.

    • +1

      Anywhere north of Canberra yes but down jackets are great for Melbourne - perfect for wearing a t-shirt underneath

      • yep.
        Reading this in a t-shirt and a macpac uberlight down jacket.
        getting a bit warm so i just undo the zip.

  • +1

    no stock

  • Order is already packed with tracking number! Very efficient!

  • I'm usually 100cm chest which is an M, but people here are saying I should go a size down to S? Can anyone confirm?

  • Not available for delivery anymore and out of stock at the stores!

    • +1

      Looks like Small is gone, the rest are still showing as Available.

      • Yes, you are right!

  • Colour definitely doesn’t seem black, has anyone purchased this jacket and does it look passable? Would have easily preferred paying a little bit extra for something that wasn’t two toned (torso looks blue on this one while the arms look navy yet it’s described as black)


  • Thanks OP, got two geothermals and two fleece tops for $110 delivered.

  • +1

    Says it can't be delivered and there's no stock in stores around .. am I doing something wrong ?

    • +1

      Looks like S,M,L just went OOS unfortunately.

  • Can't decide between this and the Uber Light (I like how it can pack down small).

  • Medium sold out just as I was checking out - damn

    • It'll probably become available again as people's carts timeout

  • anyone know if this would suffer if i bought it and left it in the compressed state for 1 year?

    • +1

      I just took mine out after being compressed for probably 2 years. It puffed up fine. It's rather crinkled though.

  • How are you supposed to clean the macpac goose down jackets?

    • By following the instructions on the manufacturers site

  • out of stock in melbourne

  • Thanks OP, bought now, might regret later.

    • I can't imagine you will.

      Changed my outlook on cold weather. It's incredible how warm these things are.

      • Im hoping the down sizing works. If not my partner has already expressed interest lmao

  • damn.. sold out both online and c and c

  • +1

    Thanks OP, for anyone who's interested in a warmer jacket the Mercury is the same price but 650 fill instead of 600 for the halo

    • EDIT: NVM,

      I realised I have the Mercury jacket that I got boughtthis year from Ozb. Love this jacket, bought another!

      • Pretty certain that refers to “fill power” and not fill weight I think the weight of the halo is around 550 medium vs 390 (219 vs 137 fill) for the Mercury. You can look at the specs here:


        It would be good to have a sense of what all this means, as a person who doesn’t understand much of this tech jargon I ruled it out on the basis of the weight factor being less warm than the Halo, I would’ve liked to see the Sundowner but BCF doesn’t stock it

        • +1

          Yeah i agree, its very misleading.

          The Mercury is 90:10 down:feathers and the fill power is 650, so higher quality fill but the fill weight is only 137g for medium size, so they skimped on the quantity.

          The Halo is 80:20 down:feathers and the fill power is 600, so lower quality fill and the fill weight is 219g for medium size, so they have added 60% more fill (even if it is lower quality more still equals more).

          Just by the numbers the Halo must be warmer than the Mercury.

          • +1

            @Sprintz25: If it helps, I’ve used the Mercury in Melb/ACT/SYD - and it’s been perfect. ACT was the most brutal in terms of weather.

    • ty..got a mercury, its warmer but significantly lighter than Halo.

      • How's the fit on mercury compared to halo?

      • +1

        I bought the Mercury too. I called Macpac store afterward and was told that Mercury is lighter than Halo, but not as warm.

  • +4
    • Does anyone own both a Halo and Mercury? Significantly less fill yet is marketed as warmer - seems fishy

      • +1

        copied from an earlier post, may be this helps you.

        BIGMAV on 23/02/2021 - 20:19
        +1 vote
        Have seen plenty of posts for both halo and Uber light. I spoke with the sales team at Macpac, Enfield, SA. Going by their information alone they ranked Uber light the least warm followed by then halo then Mercury hooded. That's based solely on the information supplied by them. I've tried on all three and feel the Mercury hooded was the most comfortable and felt quite filled without the excess bulk look of the halo. Hopefully the information they told me was correct.

      • +1

        I ended up buying the Mercury. I called Macpac store afterward and was told that Mercury is lighter than Halo, but not as overall warm.
        Fill Power is 650 vs 600, but this refer to warmth per gm of Down (so since it is lighter 137gm vs 219gm, then overall warmth is much less than Halo).

    • How's the fit on mercury compared to halo?

      • +1

        Spoke to BCF’s chat rep and confirmed that if I don’t like the size/fit/colour or anything, I can return it in store as long as I have the proof of purchase and the tags on. So, bought one with 3.5% cash rewards to be delivered along with the rubber boot. ;)

  • How does one clean / wash this jacket?

  • +5

    Received notification that my Boot Rubber has been packed and is ready to be shipped.


    • +1

      Make sure you wait till it arrives before using your boot. It might not feel as good, but better to be safe than sorry.

  • Thanks.

  • Are they warm or good? How do they compare to Kathmandu Down Jacket?

    • Better imo

    • +1

      I bought one yesterday. I got the 650 down version.

      It's warm.

      The 600 ones felt good also.

  • Thanks OP. Was able to get the Halo Jacket and a repair kit for my Bait Pump for $112 which I needed to get anyway, Awesome. Got this one without the hood tbough- https://www.bcf.com.au/p/macpac-mens-halo-jacket/M59677101.h...

  • depending on what colour you want the halo jacket is on clearance at macpac at the moment for $99. So if this is what you are looking for it's already $40 cheaper (same as the discount) than BCF. Also its a very warm jacket and I can rate it.

    • macpac website has it on sale for $139?

  • Thanks OP got the Mercury jacket and a couple of the daypacks which will work great as shoe-bags for my golf shoes

    • went to MacPac to try out the sizes. Bought a Mercury aswell. The sizes are a bit on the loose side. So bought 1 size small then my usual.
      Thanks OP.

  • Thanks got a jacket and some thermals

  • hello. whats the sizing like for women jackets?
    170cm. normal build.. like kate middleton?