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Dell 27 Inch Monitors - S2721Q $249 (OOS), S2721D $209 Delivered @ Dell eBay


I reached out to Dell to see if they could do some special deals as part of their current ebay campaign.

These two deals will go live at 6pm AEST.

Other deals -

Original Coupon Deal

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    I already have another two new dell monitors and I must control myself.

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      same here, My mind is controlling over myself, I need a lesson to control my mind

    • It’s time for building a 3 monitor setup!

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        if I do it will end up full wall of monitors :-)

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          I am getting someone to re-tile my bath room wall…. Maybe it is cheaper that if I just replace with all monitors?

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            @cliveli: Why not both? 24/7 wallpaper of tiles on all screens.

          • @cliveli: A wall of monitors with web cams and you in the bath, go the tiles.

            • @Jackamo: Now looking for deals for cams……….

    • Hi Joe2015 … any comment about the quality of the colour of this display monitor?

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        Hi Nik, I am not an expert on monitors and nor do I do graphic works or video editing. From a lay person's perspective, I would say it is good monitor comparing to my previous LG monitor. I only play COD occasionally on the S2721Q and no complaint at all. You can perhaps check out other persons comments in the previous deals in relation to these two monitors. That might help.

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        I have S2721QS and I am pretty happy with the colour and image quality, I did use the monitor to develop a Photo Album and it came pretty good.
        The monitor connected to iMac 2014.

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        It’s good for SDR / non professional colour accurate work. No complaints and I’m fairly picky. (Have multiple S2721Qs). It ‘does’ HDR but the brightness and lack of dimming zones means it’s not going to give you the wow factor you can get with proper HDR.

        If you were very serious about colour accuracy/ HDR there are better options but they are a long way from this price range, need an extra digit.

        If you’re competitively gaming there are models with better refresh rates.

    • Me too… i have run out of tables!

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      you know you want it :D

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      Thanks the people who noticed this deal earlier than me. I don't need to struggle any more. It is out of stock now.

  • Almost bought the D from the outlet. Winner.

  • OOS?

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      go live at 6pm AEST.

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      Starts at 6PM mate

    • +1

      The OP mentioned that the deal starts at 6pm.

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      Not sure if you got the message, it starts at 6PM

    • +3

      Thanks everyone, I think it starts at 6pm

      • +1

        Yes, but what time does it start?

    • Sorry, did you say it starts at 5 PM?

    • 6pm mate

    • Cheers. Was it 6AM or 6PM?

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    Any good deals on sub $300 usb-c monitors? I'd go for these but no USB-C is a killer at this point

    • +1

      USB C isn't worth it. Limited bandwidth for QHD/60-75hz monitor daisy chaining and much more expensive per unit.

      • +12

        Depends on your needs and your setup. I love USB C. I can easily dock my work laptop and my personal macbook with a single cable, no clutter, no extra dock etc.
        Worth it for me.

        • For the cost difference between this and a decent USB-C monitor you can get a dock that replicates all that and more.

          • @jkart: A lower end dock is at least $200, then you have to put that ugly thing somewhere…

            • @3L Milk: ~$200 is mid range really (top of the range for USB-C), the absolute top ones (thunderbolt pass through etc) are under $300 on sale and can do two monitors, you could bury it behind the monitor, where for most users it will never be seen. And unless there's been changes recently for one monitor that's still cheaper overall.

              Assuming you have a power adapter you can use already, and you just want the display output and power input in one cable I bought a HDMI adapter with power input for $12.99 that allows me to plug in the one cable the same as if the monitor supported it natively, for $50-70 you can get one with USB ports / SD card readers / ethernet as well. So they're definitely not $200 on the lower end.

      • I thought daisy chaining had more limitations on non-usb C these days

    • +1

      You can get a usb c to hdmi cable/ a usb c hub for cheap, that's what I do!

    • This… so much this!!!!!!

    • look out for good deal on the Gigabyte M27Q, it has usb-c but havent tried that connection yet so cant comment, but based on youtube reviews it seemed to work well

    • I ended up with a P2419HC as I wanted a high quality panel and USBC. Only 1080 but it’s a second monitor for me, so that wasn’t a concern.


  • +1

    I nearly got the S2721Q then wished I bought a second S2721QS from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/632276. After checking it's still up. Ordered a second S2721QS instead.


    • Whats the addition to QS vs Q?
      speaker or the adjustable stand?

      • +6

        QS has the adjustable stand.

      • +5

        "The ‘Q’ model offers a tilt-only stand, whilst the ‘QS’ model adds height, swivel and pivot adjustment to this. That stand design is the only difference between these models."

        source: https://pcmonitors.info/dell/dell-s2721q-and-s2721qs-with-27...

      • +1

        adjustable stand, you get height and swivel as additional features

      • +2

        Thanks guys. looks like the Q model will be good enough if I am mounting with arms via VESA.

        • I have a couple of Dell monitor stands (quick release stands, which have height and swivel adjustments, but are quite a few years old) - does anyone know if I will be able to use them on these monitors or how I can check?

          • +1

            @Shamwow01: You will need shorten the two upwards latches/overhangs of the very old Dell Stands.

            New Dell stands have similar two unique metal pieces but about 2mm shorter, so do the invisible slots at the back of the monitor.

            In other words, new Dell stands work well with old Dell monitors, but not vice versa.

  • Any one experiencing issue with ebay since this morning? Image doesn't load and page freezing?

    • +1

      Yes the ebay website is playing up for me too.

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    Hey OP - Can you get them to re-stock their eBay store with the S2421HS at $139 after discounts?

  • +1

    Damn, these are some really good prices for decent non-1080p monitors! That being said, I have no regrets going for the DGF model for the stand and refresh rate.

  • -2

    If I get two, can these daisy chain together for dual screen?

  • +3

    Any 32 inch deals please?

  • +3

    Can you request a deal on the S3221QS? :)

    • +1

      Yes please! Bought one last month, love it, NEED another.

    • +7

      Stay tuned!

      • Gah! I'm on the fence with the S3221QS or the S2721Q! By the time I decide, both will be sold out :(

        • I believe the '32 is now a discontinued model; hence the run-out last month.

          • @chrism238: Model Year 2021 discontinued before the end of June 2021? :)

          • @chrism238: according to the rep, they are waiting for another shipment to arrive next month

      • Yeesssss please, I'm also desperately waiting for a deal on S3221QS or any 32" curved budget dell for that matter

      • any chance for a good S3221QS deal this month?

  • Are either of these good for gaming? Or should I look at something with a higher refresh rate?

    • Depends what games you want to play. If they are fps definitely look for higher refresh rate monitors. Also what GPU do u have?

    • I have PS4 and Switch connected to this monitor. Plays great. Amazing input lag.

  • 4k 60hz or qhd 75hz?

    • Depends on the size, if it's 27 then I'd say 4k 60hz for Netflix, QHD for all rounded.

    • You haven't said what you are using it for…

      If it's for gaming, the 4k variant will need a fair GPU if you wish you play games without lowering the resolution.

  • +2

    Why you have to be so cheap? I want one but I don’t need one.

  • +2

    so should i get a 4th monitor, that is the question that will be bugging me for the next 6 hours

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    What is the bottom price for this man, every month/sales get lower

    • +2

      I've been looking at catching the falling knife for nearly a year now. My 10+ year old ASUS 1080p 27's just keep surviving.

      • +2

        Sale it for $40 and buy this one

  • +1

    What are peoples opinions of 4k resolution at 27" when it comes to apps like photoshop, premiere, blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, Substance etc etc. Are the UI's too tiny? Is Windows scaling an option? Is it just right? I'm still rocking a 1080p 24" Dell U2413.

    • +2

      I don't even believe in you, but will give you my 2c;
      I went from 32" 1080p to the 27" 4k Dell QS and have no regrets. Size of everything is perfect to me, what I lost in screen size I gained in sharpness and resolution. Feels like screen real estate is same as my old 32", but I also gain some actual desk space back.

    • +2

      IMO - 27" @ 4K is good for games/watching movies, not so great for productivity. Scaling doesn't work properly with all programs.

      • To clarify, I think it works well enough with 99% of programs these days. I got a 4K monitor maybe 5-6 years ago, first few years was pretty bad but haven't noticed anything in the last 2-3 years probably

      • It does with mine. What programs don't work properly with 4k yet? They have had years and it's clearly the new standard.

    • scaling is fine these days for majority of programs. also just upgrading from a 24 to 27 inch is good for those sorts of programs imo.

      • So fine for general office work? I’m finally upgrading my WFH station (running a 13 inch Dell lappy) and bought the 27 inch QS. This going to do my nut in?

    • +1

      I sent back a 32” 4K and dropped to a 27” 4K - much sharper for my liking. Also the 32” was VA so colour shift was annoying me. IPS FTW.

      For some further insight I use it on a MacBook and run it at “Default for display” which is a 1080p equivalent but super sharp. Very easy on the eyes. If you go to say 1440p equivalent scaling or higher (except native 4K) I can notice lag at times (especially when viewing photos via finder) - I think it’s due to the way Mac OS does it’s scaling. If it’s a non default 4K / 1080p res (which is easy qtr of 4K) it upscales to 5k then back down to the “non standard” res, so adds time to do some tasks such as image previews.

      4K native is a bit small for my liking without some kind of scaling on a 27”

      All in all, very happy with the 27” 4K.

    • I agree with cook99, I currently use an Asus 27" @ 4k (MX27UQ), and have had a pretty reliable experience using photoshop. I can't speak for the comparison asked using monitors of the qualities listed above, as I haven't purchased one of these myself.

  • [EDITED] sorry :-/

  • Great deals. Wish they had some UltraSharp’s in stock on ebay though.

  • yep sold out the 4k hdr IPS display. dammit.

  • Great prices. Any chance we may see a cheaper AW3821DW in the near future?

    • Possibly! I might announce it elsewhere though.

  • -2

    Does either monitor feature touch screen?

  • What are Dell like to cancel orders via eBay? Got the QS for $299 but the Q at $249 is a lot more palatable.

    • nope you have to take the order and then return it.

    • +1

      Good if they haven't shipped. I accidently ordered the wrong monitor. Money was back in the bank in under a week.

    • I'm in the same boat, bought the QS for $299 just last night! Contemplating what to do with this deal for the Q now, don't really think I have a huge need for the adjustable stand, sigh

  • All of them are out of stock for me :-(

    • +4


    • +1

      Probably because the deal hasn’t started yet

    • yeap noticed this after writting the comment :-P

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