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Dell 27 Inch Monitors - S2721Q $249 (OOS), S2721D $209 Delivered @ Dell eBay


I reached out to Dell to see if they could do some special deals as part of their current ebay campaign.

These two deals will go live at 6pm AEST.

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  • So the Q is $30 cheaper than the deal a few days ago?

    Was $279 and now $249.

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    No love for Keanu anymore.

  • S2721DS for $255 if you are after a stand capable of pivot, tilt, swivel and height adjustments. Be quick almost gone

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      +45 dollars for that feature though. Not worth

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    Bought 3 last year over $300, thought it was a good deal. Now sub $250? This is crazy!

  • bought 2 at various times through these deals these past 7 months.

    I see a black screen on both every few days - anyone else has that issue?

    • Yep, I have a QS that gets the black/blank screen once or twice a month. Unplug and reinsert the power cable and it's all good. Can occur either straight from power up or coming out of sleep mode.

      • Doesn't that make the unit faulty, you shouldn't have to unplug and replug the power?

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          I changed my Display cable then all worked fine.

        • I'd say yes it qualifies as faulty. For me it's not enough of an inconvenience to worry about ;).

          • @Fullbrewz: Dude, that's horrible..you shouldn't have to deal with that, get it replaced if it's the actual unit. But if you're using cheap cables definitely change those first.

            • @ifreddo: Also if you are using a laptop dock I would update the firmware on it. I found the screen would not pickup everytime but does now

    • No, one of the cable, the monitor or your computer is faulty. I did have some issues similar when I was using a long cable I already had, switched to either the one in the box or a newer / better quality one and the issue went away.

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    Anyone have experience with Dell S3422DW? Also on sale via their direct store and ebay. I can't find any substantial reviews.

  • Thanks.. alarm 6 pm -set :)

  • Looks like these do not have adjustable height?

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    Whats the diff between Q and D models?

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  • Is 2721Q good for PS5?

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      no issues with using it for ps5, unless u are playing first person shooters like cod and want the higher fps

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    These two deals will go live at 6pm AEST. - you mean on Dell on ebay or Dell's official site?

  • Does anyone know where to buy a monitor arm with extra height support? Looking to stack this on a 34 inch ultrawide. That Vivo brand on Amazon is expensive af.

    • North Bayou on amazon had some cheap ones during prime day?

    • I have the Vivo - what can I say, it's great quality.

    • Have you tried Aus Screen Mounts?


      • These ones don't look tall enough. I read some reviews that if you stack 2 monitors vertically with NB arms, the bottom one would have to be almost sitting on the desk, which is not an ideal viewing angle.

        • F100 is tall. Check the specs.

  • Nice deals but definitely needed the adjustable stand with the QS model. At $299 that's still a great deal too for those who need adjustable stand.

  • I've been hanging out for a 34" IPS widescreen deal, any chance of that before EOFY?

  • I still have hope of seeing a P2721Q on sale some day :/

  • So cheap!

  • Picked up 2 x S2721DS from the outlet for $220/ea delivered, kinda regretting not holding out for the Q or just getting the D….

    • Update:already answered above - so deleting

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    Deal for the U2720Q? Need a second one, great monitor for work ☝️

    • Yeah, you and me both. Futu had it for around $780 last week, but they've now raised the price.

      • Please PM me, I can share some coupons to get the U2720Q for $759.61 from the Dell store if you'd like.

    • No, believe Dell itself won't do >3% OFF deals on U2720Q, instead it raised it's RRP from $920 to $1,020 :(

      It knows very well that the U2720Q target customers can afford a much higher price, and higher.

  • I bought the 2721Q from last sale for $269.
    For the price, very good monitor - IPS and 4K.
    I play Xbox Series X on it - tremendous.
    Be aware, freesync through DP only.
    Happy to answer any questions.

    • When does this sale start?

    • Thoughts on use for home office?

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        Great! - apply rtings colour profile
        Text is extremely clear

  • How is the laptop? Does it have a good screen?

    • Not sure about the screen but be aware that there is a class action in the US for overheating and hinge issues with the G3 and G5 series.

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    I have Q and D, side by side. Is there a difference, yes, there is in text. Is that worth $40, no. But this is Australia, most people make $40 in 2 hours at least. So yeah, why not. After using a while, I have to think to figure out if it is a D or a Q. No point, but for $40, may as well. So Q please, do not worry about D.

    • I do a lot of reading. Therefore, I think Q is for me :)

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      Confidently incorrect, perfect.

  • have the 4k one, it's a great monitor, definitely notice the density and increase in resolution.

    More or less every single app in Windows works perfect. No complaints.

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    Now if only there was a deal on the U3415W, U3422DW or another 34" UW

  • For home office, shall I get a 27 4k or that Samsung 34" ultra wqhd for $100 more, but I am afraid text wouldn't be as clear, any hints???

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      Seriously once you go ultrawide you can’t go back. It has to be experienced. I’d say go the 21:9

      • WQHD is om for 34"?

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        Not worth sacrificing UHD IMO.

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      For gaming go 34" ultrawide hands on!
      For work only, 4k is better, text is a bit sharper.

  • Does anybody have a good suggestion for a USB C monitor?

    They seem uber expensive

  • Is the S2721D model same as S2721DGF?

    • No, the DGF has higher refresh rate, response time and Freesync support.

  • Would 4k look weird as a side monitor in portrait? Tossing up between the two to go next to a 34" 3440 x 1440.

    • I’m thinking the same

    • would be a great side monitor, especially if you are using AMD graphic cards.

      I'm using a 34 ultrawide 34401440 sided by a 2K 27inch monitor. with a bit of setting you can use it as one 48801440 monitor….. if you can put up with the line in between.

      4K as side monitor would be great as well. but then you would notice the difference in resolution/PPI which could potentially make you uncomfortable (at least for me)….

  • I have the 27" QHD, now getting tempted, not sure another QHD or 4K

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    So tempting but after trying a few 27” monitors I always end up sending them back. After being on 21:9 34” ultrawide for years it feels physically uncomfortable going to a smaller screen no joke. I think im just weird lol. Could always put it in portrait mode next to it I guess

  • the s271q is compatible with the bayou monitor arms that were posted the other day correct?

  • Delivery will take a month?

    • Yeah. 30 July

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      Have a read through this comment on the other post.

      • Awesome. Cheers for the link

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    129 sold in 4 mins

    • Oof

  • Someone just bought 6 of these as per Ebay! i wonder what they'll do with 6 4k monitors?

    Another guy 8 of these monitors!

    • Saw someone bought 10 of S2721D…

      • LOL it was me. Buying for a client of mine. Was initally gonna get them 10x Lenovo 21.5" for the same price.

    • Flight sim!

    • I run 4 dell 27" at 4k :)

  • Does anyone know if 2721D will fit North Bayou F80 and H80 mounts?
    2721D has a recessed VESA mount?

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      Yep it fits. I've used both F80 and H80 with the S2721D and both fit perfectly.

  • How’s the HDR on this 4K Dell?

    • Pretty damn good actually.

  • What is the return or process? for change of mind? who pays for the return? what timeframe?

  • Tempted to get the 4k for a side screen to my 55" so I can watch multiple sports. Currently do this with a few 13 inch tablets but they're a bit harder to see at a glance.

  • Is the late July delivery likely to be accurate? I need a screen sooner so might not work.

  • Thanks OP. Bought two 4K ones with 3% off Ebay gift cards 😊!

  • Fingers crossed for 49" Dell

  • Any chance the 4k will come back in stock?

  • which monitor among this is good for regular office work?
    Also, which is more better, the first or second one ?

  • Thanks OP. I bought two S2721D!

  • wow, the response time 8ms…

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    I went for the S2721QS for extra $50.
    Figure after the tax deduction it’s only really extra $30.

  • Is it possible to use the DELL20 code together with an ebay plus $50 joining voucher?

    • Yes, one is a discount voucher and one is a gift card.

      • Incorrect, they don't send you a gift card.
        They can't be stacked

        • They did when I joined Plus a couple of years ago and it had a two year expiration

          I spent it with discount code so they must have downgraded the incentives since then.

          Plus sucked so I let it lapse.

    • I tried yesterday but didn't work. I joined ebay plus especially for this. Then I tried to cancel my memership (as I can't use both at once) but ebay support refuse to cancel and refund me as I already received the voucher. I asked them to cancel the voucher, cancel my membership and refund me but they said that they can't cancel the voucher :-(