Is everyone WFH again (corporate)?

After the announcement yesterday that masks are compulsory in all indoor places, my company sent us all home. They offered to hand out masks to all 600 employees but there was a lot of resistance from people refusing to come to the office if they have to wear a mask for 8 hours everyday (this would be an OHS concern as masks aren't designed for long term use and they restrict breathing).

We're now WFH for the next 2 weeks (at least). I have a feeling it will be more. Did this happen to everyone else too or is your employer forcing you to keep coming in?


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    Been working from home for the last year (Melbourne). But then we have a government that is good at stuffing up containment measures.

    • I was too was WFH in Perth for a GTE and then moved to another GTE who prefer seeing you in the office (no where near as productive when in the office). When it was masks indoors we are allowed to WFH at least.

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        What's a GTE?

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          Must be a common abbreviation used in Perth lol. Government Trading Enterprises…

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      @netjock, yep the Federal Gov't has royally stuffed it up

    • Federal or State? NSW,VIC QLD OR SA?

      • TAS :P

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    Melbourne here, beside a handful of self-organised work socials (colleague farewells etc), I've been fully WFH since March last year. Personally, I prefer working in the office more, however with the majority of my team opting to be 100% remote, it's made it pretty pointless for me to go in alone.

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      pretty pointless for me to go in alone.

      Someone else paid for quiet space. Priceless.

      WFH, the other half thinks I am working part time for them.

      • Yep.

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        WFH, the other half thinks I am working part time for them.

        Any suggestions for managing this?
        (asking for a friend of course)

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          Noise cancelling headphones and a lockable door.

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          Book a lot of meetings. Pretend you got meetings. Repeat how much you actually are doing at work. I'm working 1.5 jobs at the moment.

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          But what about all that time you save commuting. You can spend that doing housework right? RIGHT?!?!!

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          play this whenever you need to and tell her that you're in a Zoom meeting :)

          • @PleasureMe: This is brilliant!

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              @arcticmonkey: Wow I watched about 30 seconds of that and skipped through - do they have to ask for someone to move a motion and then second it every time someone sneezes?

        • This is my problem as well. my other half decided to pickup son and left me with a crying baby that I had for one meeting then next meeting when son is back home he's yelling in the background for my next meeting. ha I dont have a private room :(

          • @Dr Techno: Sounds about right. You wonder how they survived in the past when the other half was at work.

      • Does the other half WFH too?

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      Same time period for me. I wouldn't mind going into the office sometimes, but I don't really want to be back there 40+ hours a week. One or two days a week would be good - just to get out of the house.

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    WA here - Covid, what covid?

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      WA safe behind its Iron Ore Curtain.

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      WA, what WA?

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      Been ACT is even better, no travel restrictions, no covid. Been travelling around Aus except WA (SA x3, SYD x1, NT x1, Qld x1), thought of visiting WA, but anything good there? lol

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        Well, I'd rather visit WA than ACT 😂

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          Me neither, I'm too young for that, work ACT visit everywhere else is a lot better option haha

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        Enjoy your beaches over there in sunny ACT

        • Also sorry, I didn't mean to downvote your comment 😅

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          ACT do have a beach you know 😜

          • @boomramada: Jervis Bay has multiple very nice beaches, but it's a fairly long drive from Canberra.

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      How's it going today spackbace.

      Better get some bog rolls.

      • No lockdown 😉

        • True.

          I hope you enjoy the footy at Perth Stadium today.

          Should be a good game.

          Hope you enjoy your overpriced pie and beer.

          PS. I'd still stock up on bog rolls if i was you.

          • @mdavant: Never had plans to go to the game, thunderstorms here so went out for breakfast and now chilling at home with a Sunday roast later 😁

            • @spackbace: A Sunday roast!!

              Can me and like 30 other guests come over for a feed?

              • @mdavant: Sure can

                Well, could do if you were in Perth…

                Shame, not an option for you is it

                • @spackbace: Nah all good. I am as entitled to do it as you are ;)

    • Hahah this aged well didn’t it?

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        shrug still not a lockdown

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          That’s not the point you were making though was it?


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          Speak too soon bahahahawa

    • Don't worry. It's coming soon to a state near you.

      • Well, NT is a state near me…

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          Territory :P

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      Ah fk 😕😂

      • Hope you got those bog rolls

        • Please confirm if you got the bog rolls

    • @spackbace covid said HIIIIII ;)

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    Melbourne based too and WFH 4 out of the 5 days.

    As for masks, I believe it is misconceived that it restricts breathing! Shout out to all the healthcare workers wearing masks all day - thank you :)

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      How dare you call out the heavy breathers!

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      Yes, tell my neighbour who is a theatre nurse and wears PPE for hours non-stop, or any of those working at COVID testing sites, or vaccination sites, or in Intensive Care units.

      At least we have options to not wear masks.

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      As for masks, I believe it is misconceived that it restricts breathing!

      Seems like a blanket statement. Everyone breathes differently and has a different level of airway capacity.

      Putting anything in front of your mouth is going to restrict breathing. The question is whether that restriction is something people can tolerate, which comes down to subjective response.

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        I imagine you have something in your mouth stopping you from talking which is why you're here subjecting us to this nonsense.

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          A pen?is that what's in his mouth?

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            @arkie0: Pen!s

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            @arkie0: Certainly not a succulent Chinese meal

            • @Telios: Are you willing to receive my succulent Chinese meal….. get your masks of me! :P Ozbargain manifest!

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        It doesn’t restrict breathing, it catches some of the droplets you exhale to reduce risk of being exposed to pathogens for others (so if everyone wears one risk is reduced overall). If your breathing is restricted, you’ll know about it, quickly.

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          I’m not saying I agree with some of the ridiculous comments here, because of course we need to wear them, but actually when I wear a mask I do genuinely find it harder to breath. It may be because the air feels hotter, not sure, but doing a bit of strenuous movement and it becomes more difficult than if I had it off.

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            @Mortal Krumpet: Dude, it’s hotter because some of the air you’re breathing in is the air you exhaled, which has less oxygen.

            Does that constitute restriction in breathing? I’ll let others debate that.

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              @cloudy: …Dude. I know. I was just saying that when I wear a mask, breathing is more difficult for me personally. Not saying much more than that really. It’s just my experience.

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                @Mortal Krumpet: of course it restricts your ability to breath, it's a mask that's meant to restrict how freely particles move in and out of you, it's going to somewhat restrict breathing. How much and if it's a problem is the question, probably not, no one is asking you to run a marathon in one.

                I think the downvotes have more to do with the fact that it's SlavOz talking than anything else, something I only really clued on to the other day

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                  @Jackson: I can't sugar coat this - anyone claiming their 'ability to breathe' is restricted needs to HTFU or STFU.

                  There are studies available on this topic now just to curb this nonsense - we can say with reasonable certainty that oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange levels are unaffected by mask usage to any significant degree.

                  You would need to be afflicted with a relatively severe pre-existing respritory complication in order for mask usage to become a health concern.

                  • @cydia9k: So rather than put your rudeness on display, why don't you link to the studies or at least a story on one, so you can educate the community? You also just proved my point, by qualifying your statement, there is "some degree" of restriction, or there'd be no point wearing a mask

                    • @Jackson: As I said, if you can't handle a piece of fabric on your face, harden up or shut up. I don't care to entertain the thought that it's 'restrictive' in any meaningful sense unless you have a legitemate respritory issue.

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            @Mortal Krumpet: get a looser mask? or different material? I do agree that some masks are harder to wear than others

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            @Mortal Krumpet: Are you wearing a cloth mask or a 3m style dust mask?

            I've done asbestos removal in a mask in 30 degree heat, after a while you notice the restriction as the mask soaks through with sweat and stops you being able to breath. But if you can't breath through a normal mask you should be locking yourself in your house until covid clears because it will certainly kill you if your lungs are that weak.

            A dust mask does restrict breathing a little, and a cloth feels annoying for a little while until you get used to it. But either is managable.

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          It dosnt restrict being able to breath. It dose restrict the ability to get air normally. Usually needing to work harder to intake the Same amount with a barrier there.

          Is that really hard to understand ?

          • @T1OOO: @Cydia9k @gumbs

            T1000’s comment is correct. It’s almost physically impossible for this not to be the case based on what the mask needs to do.

            You seem to interpret this as ‘I don’t want to wear a mask because I can’t breath’, which is not what I’m saying. I am simply saying… when I wear a mask (bearing in mind it’s one of the cheap fabric style ones), it’s harder to take a breath…. If I carry a backpack, I can’t walk as fast as if I don’t carry a backpack. How fast, depends on the weight, but will still be true regardless. For a mask, something that filters air has to slow the flow, which means more effort is required. How much, just depends on the material / filtering.

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        Seems like a blanket statement

        As is the statement that it is an OHS issue and restricts breathing.

        As someone with quite strong asthma, and have worked in places over the last 12 months that require masks on 8 hours a day, most people that say it causes them health issues are making it up to avoid wearing masks.

        Yes I understand that some people have issues, but nowhere near the amount that claim they can't wear a mask because of those issues.

        So do you have a breathing issue, or are you "fighting the good fight" for someone else that has breathing issues?

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        Seems like a blanket statement. Everyone breathes differently and has a different level of airway capacity.

        Yes and it seems the mouth breathers are the one with issues.

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        Typical slavoz comment to be honest. Uneducated and no clue.

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      Fogs up your glasses though

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        move it away from your nose bridge the glasses

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        Just say No

      • Mask sweats :) I'm not against mask wearing - but there are undesirable side-effects

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        And when you chew gum the mint vapors hit you right in the eyes

      • If you tape the top of your mask it helps.

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      My pharmacist friend works at a hospital and developed a partially collapsed lung and very low oxygen saturation (80%) as a result of wearing a mask all day at work with no deep breaths. They found out because he passed out at work. I'd say that's not misconceived at all.

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        as a result of wearing a mask all day at work with no deep breaths

        The medical report into their death stated this was due to wearing a surgical mask?

        Or is this a case of correlation /= causation

        • He didn't die, he got a good long time with high purity oxygen and now has a doctor written exception against wearing a mask in the hospital that otherwise requires masks being worn. The doctor believes that the mask caused the respiratory issues, so I'll defer to his judgement.

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            @mccarthyp64: Apologies read 'passed out' as passed

            Still, that would be the 0.001% kind of example if medically prescribed, for not wearing a mask.
            Not the blanket statement the op makes.

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              @SBOB: lol the cognitive dissonance on display

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                @mccarthyp64: Yes, starting with ".. my {employed} friend works at a {job} and he said.." 😊

                • @cydia9k: If it were my exception, I'd post it just to shut people up but it's not my medical history to share.

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                    @mccarthyp64: It's irrelevant, anecdotal recounts are less than useless when discussing matters for which we have empirical evidence to draw conclusions from.

                  • @mccarthyp64: so you have one case of someone having great difficulty using masks - what about the hundreds of other people you know? Any more collapsed lungs?

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