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[eBay Plus] Refurb Sony 55" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $1120.05 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Original Coupon Deal Free delivery for eBay plus members, great price on this it is refurbished but over 10 available so you can get one.

I have one and it’s great, only issue I have is they still haven’t enabled VRR.

At $1120 it’s a steal and we’ll worth the extra on top of an Aldi or similar for Apple play alone.

65” OOS $1421 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284091986593?epid=5041892658&hash=item422533b2a1:g:y28AAOSwcwlfvGt6

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    Man, so tempted. But my 2016 X8000D is still getting updates to this day. When that stops, will get a new TV.

    Nice deal though for sure

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      It would be cheaper and likely more environmentally friendly to buy a set-top box, than replace the entire TV.

      In a more sane world, the TV would be a 'dumb' panel which you connect a receiver to.

      • When my 2009 Toshiba 3D TV dies I’ll be after 2.1hdmi capability. Having a dumb panel isn’t going to happen any time soon. Making them more reparable or recyclable should be a priority for manufactures and new legislation is coming in within Europe to force these issues with manufacturers, so Aussie will get flooded with the crap no one else wants I’d guess. Plenty of space for landfill…

      • I've already got a Chromecast with Google TV that's also Android TV but runs hell faster. It's a good panel with HDR, and when mine dies or something like 4k/120hz gaming becomes a necessity for me, then I'll upgrade.

        Also have a ten year old Sony going strong in the house too haha. Can't fault em

        • Yeah but no consoles can actually run 4k 120hz. Maybe in tetris.

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    Don't waste your time/money if you are getting it for a ps5. 120hz is supposed to be at 4k but there is a noticeable drop in picture quality at 120hz. Also still have issues where about 90% of the time where you power on from the ps5 there is no audio. Sony support are useless and don't bother replying.


    • Yeah, you basically have to disable earc to get stable constant sound, which basically leaves no HDMI 2.1 functions active

      • What?
        I have absolute no issues with enhanced mode on this tv at all with the xbox series x and ps5.
        And I’m using a sound bar

        • Cool, good for you.

          I'm one of the owners who this error applies to:

          "Audio is cutting in and out of my Soundbar/Receiver

          Problem: Not explicitly known at this point. Possibly: ARC/eARC issues. Possibly firmware issues. This issue is especially present with soundbars in particular.

          Workaround: Some have had success disabling eARC on that particular HDMI output. Some still have issues after doing this. It's really a crap-shoot, but far fewer AV receivers have been having this issue compared to soundbars. Some have resorted to connecting their soundbar/receiver via Optical instead of HDMI. You sacrifice the use of some of the higher-bandwidth audio formats, but perhaps this is preferable to stuttering audio until the issue is resolved.


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    Just pulled the trigger on the 65, I think I got the second to last one available. Cheers for the post OP, makes a great replacement for my Hisense that shat itself😁

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    Ah nah. M8 had so much issues with his, including 2 replacements. Audio cutting off, freezing apps, rebooting. Eventually he got a refund. Sony was so difficult to deal with, good thing JB did the right thing.

    Then again it's refurb so they could've fixed the probs.

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    Cheers op, picked up the 55". Great price.

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    Many people who bought box damaged products from Sony received brand new products. Do you think there is a chance it might happen with "seconds" too? Or the quantity is too little this time that they are actually "seconds"?

    • From the listing it appears seconds and refurbished are the same thing. Very possible the item will be brand new.

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    Bought a refurbished sony 55 a few years ago arrived without the remote. Called emailed and begged got the remote sent by mail. OS was painfully slow and buggy sound off had to reboot to get hdmi to be recognised by dvd player every time and after 14 months it started showing a horizontal line half way up the screen and mirror image upside-down. Called Sony was quoted more than I paid for it to repair and threw it in the garbage. Bought a dumb 4k tv using with Mi TV box all up for under $500 and very happy 😊

    • My mum also got vertical lines on her Sony, changed the panel, happened again, the repairs sent by Sony were dodgy as hell too, as long as the TV had basic functionality they thought job done.

      Now she has a rainbow in a corner of the TV and gave up.

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    A lot of people are getting refunds for this TV because it's unable to do the advertised gaming features (VRR, ALLM, [email protected] is blurry) if you don't care about using it for gaming or just game casually it is a great tv.

    • I use mine for gaming and it looks bloody great.

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        Definitely the picture is outstanding! More for the hard core gamers that notice small details. Like screen tearing, blurred text in 120hz mode. I have the 65" and love the picture quality it's the best tv I have ever owned.

      • Me too. I can’t believe the picture quality on this TV for gaming that and the response time is unbelievable.

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    65" OOS.

  • Does anyone have any experience or insight into whether "refurbished" models tend to have poorer panel characteristics (e.g. grey uniformity/ banding / DSE etc.) because users return them but are deemed within "tolerance" by Sony? Entirely possible I'm being paranoid, but as someone who is fairly sensitive to this, would probably avoid if that's the case even at this great price.

    • It is the same kind of lottery even with brand new TV’s - manufacturers keep pushing somewhat defective panels and hope you don’t notice it.
      It works because 90% of people don’t care and just think “big TV = good”.

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    I purchased one of these 2 weeks ago. It arrived with a smashed screen. Sony have been the worst to deal with regarding this - unable to actually talk to the "eBay team", and generally given the run around. It's still sitting at my door waiting to be picked up and returned, and I'm still waiting for a refund.

    Good luck if you do purchase one of these.

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      I think this comment is very relevant. Similar experience here years ago but it is the risk taken to save a couple hundred.

      So be aware that if the TV does have issues, you will be spending alot of time chasing and following up.

    • Sony have been horrible to deal with regarding this tv, and I purchased directly. Never again

    • Would you mind sharing what size 55",65" or 75" you got on Sony eBay? Can you possibly contact Sony directly or have to go through eBay?

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        55 inch. Contacted Sony directly via number on invoice. They palm you back to their eBay team, who have no phone number and the only way to talk to them is via eBay messages. Ridiculous.

    • Are you me? Also ordered one of these maybe 3 weeks ago, at a similar price to this deal. Received a smashed screen, but managed to get them to pick it back up. Don't think I've been refunded yet though.

      • I suspect mine was not a refurb but rather box damaged that they didn't check. The tv looked new, remote etc was all in new packaging.

        If I were you, I'd be badgering the hell out of them for your refund, I sure have.

  • I bought one of 75" a couple of days ago, it was in my ebay watch list and came back into stock for short time, paid $2099 -5% with some ebay gift cards. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618103

    I'm hoping it's 100% perfect

  • May I ask what's the difference between the 65'' of this one and 9000H? I am so confused about TV specifications… what are the key indicators should I usually care?


      • Haha, I came across this thought it was irrelevant, since the title is "900" whereas we are looking at "9000". I saw "Bestbuy", so guess it's a review from US. Thanks!

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      from my observations ……
      KD = TV
      65 = inches
      X = Sony letter for lcd tv
      7000, 8000, 8500, 9000, 9500 = model, higher number more features/quality
      F, G, H = year of model, i.e. F is 2019, G is 2020, H is 2021

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        I believe F is 2018, G is 2019, H is 2020 etc

        • J Is 2021

      • Ohh! It's a year indicator! I thought they are feature-related. Thank you!

        (Does that mean Sony only gonna make TV for 26 years?! XD

        • Hmm yeah interesting to see what they will do after Z lol

  • I pretty sure this X9000H model is being replaced with with X90J, so I'm hoping Sony are getting rid of old stock and these will be unopened.

  • I have had the E and F models in the 9000 series. I own the G. I owned the 7000 and 8500 series and some older W models previously. The 9000H model is more a "sideways grade" in some ways over the E F and G. I can't break it down perfectly here but personally I would buy an E/F/G if available brand new 11 out of 10 times over the H model. If you want to get a good deal you won't find a "better" LED; however if you can save up or can afford to pay around $2000 for when the J models come out…wait up for a true long term investment.

  • Not really a bargain in my opinion for a refurbished old model.

    • keep in mind, I believe Sony sells "refurbished" to avoid people who paid RRP getting upset, but I believe they are new with potentially the box damaged

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        Yep. I got a 65 inch refurb that seemed brand new. Original packing, padding etc.

      • Lol it wouldn't be to avoid people who paid RRP getting upset. Sony's primary customers are the retailer's that's who they are trying not to upset.

  • I bought this TV new from Costco online last week and omg, the picture quality is awesome. All 4K contents in DOLBY VISION and HDR10 look amazing on it. For an LCD TV, the black level is honestly really really good. So glad I bought it.

  • waiting for Sony to beat some 65" boxes so we can buy cheaper

  • Probably too late because it is sold out, but do your research on these first. Absolutely cannot do 4k 120hz. I tried it from a PC input and it scales to 3840x1080 at 120Hz, which makes text etc noticeably blurry. Not worth the money. I moved to a Samsung instead and get the 4k at 120hz working perfectly. Also, for anyone interested in VRR, you need to be aware of the brightness flickering that exists on ALL VRR TVs and gaming monitors.

  • back in stock. 3 available

    65inch also back in stock 5 available

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    Did anyone else's tv arrive broken? Mine arrived with small crack in bottom left of tv :(

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      Mine is broken too.

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        Out of interest, were you boxes damaged? My courier didn’t tie my tv down and I was suprised it hadn’t fallen over. No damage though.

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          My box wasn't damaged per-say. However it was clearly a refurb box as whoever had the TV first cut the top of the box flap badly and has cut away a bit more of the cardboard and there was clearly some areas like the handle holds where it was roughly handled.

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            @AlphaSquid1604: Yes mine was the same. No box damage really. But the foam was broken in the middle sections and bottom.

            The accessories weren't in plastic and the remote was loose in the box.

            I plugged it in and lines all over screen and crack in bottom left of screen.

            I started the ebay return process but says Sony has 7 days to reply so we'll see how that goes. I'll keep you updated.

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              @Quotationz: Similar I've contacted Sony Ebay and given them images of the issues.
              Hopefully we get response pretty quickly. Hoping they are willing to send out a replacement pretty quickly, but we will see.

              I will update if I get response too.

              • @AlphaSquid1604: I recieved a reply from sony ebay. They are asking for photos of the box.

                I've taken some photos and noticed a dint in the bottom right about 3/4 way down the box.

                Also the bottom edges are slightly worn but nothing substantial other than the divot out of the box.

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                  @Quotationz: how did you guys go ? 5 days later have they rectified everything ?

                  • @Skallywagzzz: I've received a shipping label from Sony Ebay and booked their Toll courier pickup to return the TV. I had to send photos of the tv and photos of the box and about a week later they approved it for return.

                    I assume once they receive the TV they will refund me but they haven't made that exactly clear yet.

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    My 65X900H arrived today and I've just gone to set it up and bottom of the panel is entirely cracked.

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    I have received my 75x9000h two days ago and everything has been working fine so far. There was no damage on the box itself and power cord and remote controller were all sealed in their plastic bags. I would be interested in to see anyone else who also got the 75" with similar experience?

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      I got the same a couple of days ago, the top box seal seemed original and unopened, all the accessories appear unused, the TV itself had some dust on the back vents so wasn't perfectly clean, the box had some dust/dirt in the bottom, the TV was encased in a big plastic bag. There is no damage to be found and the TV works perfectly.

      So it's definitely not brand new but I am very happy with it.

      Coming from a 55" LED 10 YO Panasonic there is a huge improvement in contrast, brightness and size, the blacks look amazing and a fully black screen looks like the TV is off.

      Bought a Sonos ARC with some of $$$ I saved :)

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      The accessories with my one was not sealed and clearly used as the battery was in the remote already and is pretty scratched up near the IR part at the top.

      Definitely got a seconds/dud sadly.

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    I'm a little shocked reading people's experience about Sony. For such a big company they seem very amateurish, selling crap on eBay.