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Dell Inspiron 15 5502 $1237.82 (40% off) + 3yrs Premium Support & On-Site Service $91.60 (Was $180.03) @ Dell


Inspiron 15 Laptop (4.0 stars of 8495 ratings)

Inspiron 15 Laptop: $1330.99 (40% off actual $2218.99)

3yrs Premium Support & On-site service: $98.49 (35% off actual $180.03)

3yrs Premium Plus Support (Accidental Damage Cover) & On-Site Service: $360.43 (35% off actual $583.02)

LOVEKEANU (courtesy @lindl) further $100.06 discount - NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK FOR ALL
5% Cashback From Cashrewards
12% Shopback

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 Processor (12MB Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)

Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English


Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics with shared graphics memory


16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 3200MHz


1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive


Platinum Silver

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  • +1

    I have Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1 (7506) for work and is a beautiful machine.

  • How come mine shows as $1692? Did i do anything incorrect?

    • Same here ? Don’t know why

      • Link I used is with 3 years Premium Plus Support Option selected.
        I updated the link with default selections
        Apoligies for the confusion

    • Mine does same. Click the link and above price is shown temporarily then goes up to $1692.

      • Link I used is with 3 years Premium Plus Support Option selected.
        I updated the link with default selections
        Apoligies for the confusion

    • Select the option for "1Y Premium Support and Onsite Service Included in price" and it changes to 13xx.

    • Link I used is with 3 years Premium Plus Support Option selected.
      I updated the link with default selections
      Apoligies for the confusion

  • It automatically includes the 3 yr premium plus onsite support, which you can remove to get it down to the OPs price.

  • +4

    add LOVEKEANU to bring it down to 1237

  • Bought. "Estimated to arrive Aug 25, 2021……". Hope 12% Shopback tracks.

    • When I purchased through Cashrewards a week ago, 10% was tracked.
      Cashback came down to 5%.
      Thanks for pointing 12% Cashrewards along with @lindol's code LOVEKEANU is way better deal than what I got..

    • LOVEKEANU doesn't appear as an approved coupon on ShopBack right now (although it still does on Cashrewards) so quite possible your transaction will be denied cashback by Shopback.
      Saying that, they have a $20 bonus cashback for $200+ spend directly on the Dell website so at least that's something.

  • +2

    Is there much difference between this Inspiron and the newer Version Inspiron 15 on Sale as well?

    Just wondering if this is a better deal?


    • +1

      Two differences:

      +++ Postive First +++:
      Item in your link, Delivery is immediate. Item in stock.
      CPU Newer release (2021) compared to one on my post is 2020 release…

      —- Negative —-: Item in your link DO NOT include 1 Year Premium Support & On-Site Service.

  • +1

    Specs in title, original price doesn't mean as much
    Guess I'll be supporting you guys on Premium Support :P

    • Can you please check my post below. Am I correct or am I missing something?

  • +3


    This is the same Inspiron 15 5000 range laptop with slightly different specs for $1,099 vs $1,331:
    - CPU 11370H vs 1165G7. Quick check online shows 11370H is newer and slightly better.
    - SSD 512GB vs 1T
    - Same Graphic Iris Xe
    - Windows Home vs Windows Home 64 bit
    - Same RAM 16GB 3200Mhz

    So you are literally paying $232 for 512GB of extra storage and 64 bit Windows Home.

    • +1

      Being newer means nothing a 11400f is newer than a 10900k but is it the same performance?
      All Windows >4GB is 64bit

      Advantages of Intel Core i7 1165G7
      Consumes up to 20% less energy than the Core i7 11370H – 28 vs 35 Watt
      This means 20% more battery life for similar performance
      12% faster in a single-core Geekbench v5 test - 1539 vs 1376 points

      Advantages of Intel Core i7 11370H
      Newer - released 5-months later
      2% higher Turbo Boost frequency (4.8 GHz vs 4.7 GHz)

      • Yeah. I read that much online. Absolutely accept that newer doesn't mean better. The 11370H uses more power and so less battery life. Performance wise they are vert similar depending on the tests.

    • Apologies replies to wrong comment.

      Very impressive comparison of CPU'S.
      Take a Bow

      • I thought that's another extra $98.49 for the 1 year PS&OSS or am I reading the title incorrectly?

        • +1

          1 year PS&OSS Includes in $1330.99…

        • +1

          That is for the 3 year extension, its very worth if if you intend to use it over the next 3 years. Apart from a EOL battery >1year it covers all hardware faults

          • @Levity: Ok. Thanks. That's what I was missing. The PS&OSS which wasn't in the title and I didn't read the post in full. Thanks.

      • +1

        Any system more than 4GB RAM is already 64bit!
        Premium support is actually worth it, next day service for hardware issues and shorter wait and more professional support from me.

    • So you are literally paying $232 for 512GB of extra storage and 64 bit Windows Home.

      PLUS 1 year Premium Support &On-Site Service

      • +2

        Yes I'd say the Premium support is worth $100
        $132 for:
        512gb extra storage
        20% more power efficient CPU with similar performance= 20% longer battery life

        • That completely made sense now. For cheap bastards like me I am sticking with the 11370H, 512GB without PS&OSS model just to save a couple of hundred dollars.

        • Hi. Can you please help me understand what is better option:

          One 16GB RAM stick
          Two 8GB RAM Sticks.

          Which configuration will give better performance!?


          • @Ouffer serffer: Performance "slightly" better with two 8GB, but id suggest these days people wouldnt typically notice. Personally would prefer one 16GB stick to support upgrading to 2x16=32GB

            • @v00d00 AU: Thank you.
              I believe you mean to say, you prefer Two 8GB slots that will facilitate upgrade to 32GB if desired!?

              • @Ouffer serffer: Well typically they'll have two slots available; and so one stick of ram leaves one available to upgrade/add in. But yes, if one stick of ram means one slot available; then thats a no

                • @v00d00 AU: Oh I undertand now. I was of the impression that one 16GB RAM means there will be only one slot in the machine.
                  It make sense now. If i want to upgrade i need to buy two 16GB sticks now. Got it
                  Thanks for the crash course

                  • @Ouffer serffer: Unlikely the case with this, but one other thing to keep in mind that typically ultrathin laptops have a chance of using soldered RAM; which means you cannot upgrade/change them out of the initial build/order.

  • Any option for touch screen?

    • Not on this model, the 2 in 1 Inspiron 14 is a lot more expensive ATM.

      • You guys should do a discount on the 14" models. I wanted a lighter laptop for my kid to take to school daily so I was looking for the 14" but could't find anything nice on discount. Settled for the 15" model in discussion above.

  • Wish it had 20% cashrewards too :)

    • +1

      20% was missing initially :) before, I replied..
      It was 10% couple fo days back..

  • Am I right the "new" inspiron with i7 has a thunderbolt 4 port….?

  • +1

    Off topic but does anyone have a student email they could claim the 7% discount?

    I want to use it for a monitor (lovekeanu doesn’t work) thanks!

  • Rep any love for xps machine?

  • I recently bought one of these, it's a beautiful machine.
    Now only $1129 at the Dell outlet store

  • 220 nits, 45% NTSC. No thanks.

    If you can get access to a Dell XPS 15, turn its screen brightness down to just below half way - that's the maximum brightness of this Inspiron 15 screen.

  • @Rep what's the weight on this badboy?

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