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[VIC] IKEA Ladda AAA 900 $6.99 / AA 2450 $9.99 @ IKEA Richmond


Been eying on LADDA AAA for a while but was disappointing that there hasn't been promotion for LADDA AAA in VIC.

Both online and shelf price say it's $12.99, decided to bite the bullet today and pay full price for it. To my surprise it turned out to be $6.99 when I check out at IKEA Richmond.

Get in quick!

P/S: the unit price is $6.99 (the $10 reward is Ikea family reward which is only applicable if you have received email directly from IKEA)

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  • Will try and grab some tomorrow cheers

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    Anyone know of the price at IKEA Springvale?

    • keen to know as well. thanks

    • Just got back from IKEA Springvale:
      AAA = $12.99 (picked up last pack - no more stock)
      AA = $7.99 (heaps on shelf @ 11:30 this morning) but people buying multiple packs so be quick.

    • Just bought the AA 4 pack 2450 at Springvale for $7.99

  • This was the same at northlakes qld today.

    You have to be an Ikea family member.

    • You can join for free and get a $10 off coupon online via email.

      • Min spend is $10, you need some fill ups.

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    Eyeing off*

  • If anyone is planning to get some and comes near Ballarat at all, let me know. Wouldnt mind a few packs at this price

    • I live near Ballarat and would like some as well and if anyone is going to costco can they get me some stuff?😀

  • Superspreader event, lol

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    Note that All AA LADDA 2450mAh batteries are sold out at Rhodes. Seems to be replaced by cheaper 1900mAh Brown version.

    • can confirm this. IKEA seems to be removing the current LADDA line with the cheaper and smaller capacity ones :(
      Back to Eneloop I guess

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        They have released a new line that includes 2450 AA at $10 a pack which are made in Japan.

        • details please. the aa laddas i have are 2450mah and are made in japan. is this "new line" any different, and, if so, in what way? as for the price, is that $10 for a pack of 4? got a link to anything on this, including speculation/discussions on it?

      • @mapax: good to know. Thanks

    • Thanks for the heads up. Was thinking of dropping by tomorrow. This saved me the trip.

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        I believe the price for AA on the website is accurate (unlike the AAA one which is $12.99 online vs $6.99 check out in store)

        You can check stock level prior to your visit

  • Can these go in a regulat charger, like the energiser ones from woolies?

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      The cheap energiser charger will cook your batteries over time. If this worries you, get a better charger, otherwise energise away

      • Got a recommendation?

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          I was looking at Nitecore, and Littokala, and both seemed reputable. There have been some deals on both historically on this website - I havent bought one yet but am just relaying information I deemed useful

          • @modded: i'm just waiting for a good deal - seems there hasn't been any good ones recently.

  • Are these the next eneloops?

    • Supposedly made in the same factory, just rebadged for Ikea. Identical performance.

  • Ikea Tempe had AAA 900 mAh for $8.99 and AA 2450 mAh for $11.99 (noticed this on Wednesday).

  • Can the charger that comes with Eneloops be used for these?

    • yes, these actually are eneloops in different packaging

  • still both in stock at Richmond - AAAs (900Ah) not advertised as such, but are 6.99.

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      it's probably still there because it's labelled as full price!

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    No more stock of the AAA at Richmond this morning

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