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iPad Air 4th Gen (2020) 64GB $769 + Delivery/Free C&C @ The Good Guys


Decent deal from B&M store.

Would be better deal if you can PM with OW of you find stock.

Family: iPad Air
Screen Size: 10.9"
Display Type: LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
Display Resolution: 2360 x 1640
Chip: A14 Bionic Chip
Operating System: iPadOS 14
Camera: 12MP Rear
Video Recording: 1080p HD video
FaceTime: 7MP
Capacity: 64GB
Wi-Fi: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
Network: Gigabit-class LTE
Bluetooth: 5.0
Sensors: Touch ID, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Barometer, Ambient light sensor
Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
Battery: Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi or watching video
Connectors: USB-C connector, Magnetic connector, Smart Connector
Cellular or Wi-Fi Only: Wi-Fi
Colour: Green
Product Height (mm): 247.6
Product Width (mm): 178.5
Product Depth (mm): 6.1
Weight (g): 458
What's In The Box: iPad Air, USB-C Charge Cable (1 metre), 20W USB-C Power Adapter
Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 Months

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +1

    GB in the title please!

    • +2

      also should add what the regular price is

  • +2

    Shows as 769 but still a decent price

    Remember to grab discount gc’s for that extra few %

  • +3

    Same price at Jb

  • Cheaper at Officeworks

    • +1

      Couldn't find local stock near my postcode

      • Yeah all good I think this is still a great deal really snappy iPad for cheap :)

  • +5

    Apple refurbished iPad Pro 2018 64GB is $779, Cashrewards can also do 5% cash back.

    • +1

      That’s not bad, still love my launch-day 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch.

  • +13

    The iPad Pro 2020 model posted a few weeks ago was cheaper and better than this deal. No deal for me

    • +12

      2 weeks ago. I managed to snatch 1. But the quantity was very limited and the deal wouldn't come back again anytime soon though.

    • +2

      Wish I'd got one. Such a good deal - and rare for ipad pros.

    • Wasn’t that the 2018 model? Still a good deal.

  • +1

    Ordered one for gift to friend with suncorp 5% gift cards from jb. Thanks

    • +8

      Hi, friend.

  • +1

    Is it worth getting the 256GB instead at $999? Planning to update all my tech (computer and all getting pretty old) and starting it with the iPad Air

    • +1

      If thats the case i suggest go for 128 pro, and get a reliable portable ssd like samsung t5.
      If you know someone who works at apple store (au or overseas), s/he can give you 15% off through friends and family.

    • Depends I don’t use a whole lot of data on an iPad but ymmv it’ll probably be fine unless you are dealing with a lot of productivity apps large files and all that

    • I ditched a home computer in 2014 and have been using my iPad Air 2 since then.
      It’s great … in spite of what the bitter folks in the response above will try to tell you.

  • Cheap

  • +3

    Finally grabbed one with latitudepay save another $25

  • +1

    Still using my OG iPad Air. 16gb.

    • Same, but I hardly use it as every tab reloads when i switch between.

      • I have 32GB OG Air

        Reloading web pages and getting generally slower, so this deal was enough to push me over the edge for an upgrade!
        My productivity should get better :P

    • Probably days are numbered, you'd be about to if not already not receiving new ios updates

      • +1

        Yet youtube still works. shrug

  • +1

    This vs Galaxy Tab S7 for use with SPen/APencil?

    • +3

      I'd personally go for this, but I can only tell you in comparison to the Tab S6 with the S pen.
      For background, I use an android phone atm, and I pretty much only use the ipad (pro, which is similar to the air) now.

      Apple pencil is a lot better, theres no comparison at all. S pen (at least in the 6) is just not as good, and the apps are not as great either. I'm assuming you use it for creative work, I draw a lot and I feel procreate + apple pencil is a lot better than Artflow with the s pen. I can't comment on the S7 and their pen though.

      Also most apps on the tab are just screen-stretched versions of the same app on the phone, but ipad actually has apps that are more customised for the bigger screen.

      All the best with whatever you choose.

      • +1

        S6 was 60hz yeah? S7 is 120hz and the spen is on par with apple pencil now for latency.

    • But like, what are you asking about?

    • Depends on what you will primarily be using it for, they both have strengths and weaknesses

      • +1

        It's for note taking over slides and PDFs. Will draw some diagrams too, but I'm not a creative doing illustrations or anything

        • Both are good.
          What I used to do in uni was use a screen recording app with audio while I was taking notes in lectures, and when there was something I missed or something important (like “YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS FOR YOUR EXAM”) I’d draw a red asterisk on my notes. Then later I’d skip to the part of the recording when I drew that asterisk so I could re-listen to what the lecturer said. It was very handy

          • @MaxDong69: What app was that the default ipad notes.

            I had an s6 tablet for this but one note did not have the full features of one note on desktop so I got rid of it and sold the tablet.

    • This all day is more reliable for presenting

  • Does anyone know when this deal expires?

    • +2

      10th July as stated on their website.

      • Thank you! I was looking at JB and couldn't see it anywhere (I know they're connected). I guess it will probably be the same at other retailers for the next few days…

  • How much is the normal price?

    • $899 for the 64GB WiFi model

      All Airs are on sale.

      • +1

        I missed the pro deal few weeks ago, maybe I’ll grab this one. Thanks!

  • +1

    All office works say out of stock and jb showing back order. Prolly will have to call around tomorrow to get the numbers. I will post stock levels when I get responses. If anyone else calls around please post stock levels and location as well

    • I just checked JB Hifi - there seems to be a lot of stock of different models / colours still available.
      Delivery is only $5 if that is a better option

      • GG said call stores as they have stock and website is showing "not available"
        i called a few GG in perth WA and confirmed they have in stock

  • no forgee

  • Price is showing $769 for me - seems like OW have already price matched at $768 w/free delivery anyway.

  • +2

    Does anyone know the max number of gift cards to use in Harvey Norman online, there's 7% cashback on the Shopback app on 100s.

    • Not sure about online, but in store, there's no limit.

    • Not sure, but I made the most of the $100 gift cards from Shopback to purchase an iPad.

  • does anyone know if apple would price match the above? Might be able to stack with the Amex $800/$80 off offer.

  • +1

    If you have the Amex $80 off $800:
    It'd be cheaper to buy in Apple Edu Store with Cashreward offer until tomorrow:
    The Edu store price is $829. I got one with the bigger 8% cashback on Friday and paid $689 total (829 - 80 from Amex - 60 from CR). CR is currently only 5% though

  • +2

    Thanks bought one with 5% suncorp gift card and $25 off latitude pay deal at jb hifi

  • Well my iPad Air 2 is going to get iOS 15 so I will wait another year. Still tempting though…

  • Great price for a great device that can do 99.9% of the things the latest and greatest is capable of doing!

  • That's not a bad price, but 64GB is not a lot of storage. If you do purchase it, make sure the storage size meets your needs.

    • +3

      64gb should be enough for the majority especially those have a phone and laptop. Considering buying one just for I can have a portable device with a bigger screen for Netflix YouTube etc haha

    • What are people storing on these iPads that needs more than 64GB? The days of having to download movies has passed.

      • yeh that's what I was wondering too.

      • +1

        So it's more like 35GB of usable storage once you factor in OS, base apps and how memory bits/bytes are converted. If you do anything with video (kids doing video project for example) the 35ish gigs will run out pretty quickly.

        • Agree. I guess people just need to figure out what they are actually using their iPad for. My mum’s old iPad Air which has 16gb, she only use it for watching videos and some simple games. Still got 8GB storage left 😂

    • +1

      Been using an iPad 64GB for a few years now. Still got loads of space. It's a consumption device for me for the most part, so nothing gets stored on there except apps.
      Everything else is done on Windows PCs and laptops that I own.

      So it depends on what you're doing with it. I'd imagine that if you use an iPad as your main or only computer, then 64GB wouldn't be enough.

  • If I bought it from Officeworks/JB Hifi etc can you still get AppleCare?

    • yes

    • You can even purchase AppleCare through the iPad itself

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one hour ago and iPad has already shipped.

  • Is 64GB enough for creative work/drawings/artist⁉️

  • 2015 IPad Pro still goes good! Only 32GB too.

  • great price and a great unit

  • Bought one on Sunday night and already delivered today from JB HiFi
    ….that was quick!

  • Best price with cellular??

  • am i too late? no more stock now?

  • some Good Guys stores in Sydney have them - Castle Hill did on Thurs

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