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Samsung Galaxy Buds + $99 (Exp), Crucial BX500 1TB SSD $99 (Exp), Cooler Master MWE 650W 80+ Gold PSU $79 + Delivery @ PC Byte


In response to Shopping Express' EOFY sale, PC Byte have decided to match them with some deals of their own. Some products have Free Shipping, while all others have $9.90 flat rate shipping, there's no surcharge and free Click & Collect at their Auburn store.

The good picks in my opinion have been highlighted in bold below. Also don't forget to enter their EOFY Gaming PC + Monitor Giveaway!

Edit: Rep has confirmed that the Samsung Buds are a global import and Genuine with a 1yr warranty via PCByte.

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  • Buds Plus coming up as $119

    • 99 to me

    • +1

      Fixed thank you.

  • Samsung Galaxy Bud+ showing $119 for me

  • +3

    Give me a minute re the Samsung Galaxy Buds. I'll talk to PC Byte.

    Edit: Fixed.

  • Thanks OP, does the Asus Power Mate Qi 15W Wireless Charging Pad - Pink include with the wall power adapter? It says Optional Bundled Power Adaptor on their website.

    • No the adaptor is sold separately.

      • Ok, I assumed so but was confused as the Specification part on their website says:

        Bundled: USB-Type C® to USB-Type A ®cable (supporting data transfer as well), Power adapter
        (Max.18W, QC 3.0)

        So not sure if it includes power adapter or not.

        • I checked other stores and they all said it wasn't include, so I would assume that's it's not.

          • @Clear: Thanks @Clear :)

            • +1

              @PLA74: Rep confirms that there's no power adapter included. Just the wireless charger and cable.

  • 99 for the buds plus, a bargain, try JB, last time they matched for me when it was 139.

  • Site's going down i thinks, cant check out.

  • +10

    Earbud plus is very good. Allow you to use one eaither just left or just right. And battery last at least more than 5 hours non stop playing music. You can use just left/right until its low and swap with other so non stop listening if you want.

    Also noise cancellation is very good, im operating machine at my work and cant ever hear it with both earbud on. So i keep one off to keep make sure my machine working well

    also if you using samsung galaxy wear app you can adjust equaliser.worth the price

    • +4

      Nice insight. I think you're referring to noise isolation rather than cancellation

      • passive noise cancellation=noise isolation

    • "So i keep one off to keep make sure my machine working well"

      You can just turn on ambient sound in the Galacy Wearables app so you can listen to outside noise.

    • I'm looking for some headphones or buds when mowing. You think these will go well?

      • I think something with ANC would be better for that use case.

        It will cut out the lawnmower alot more than passive noise reduction.

        Problem is they cost alot more.

        The Sony earphones would be better suited for repetitive droning noises like listening to music on planes and mowing lawns I reckon.

        • I only want them for a few activities so cost is important. Also I wear a big hat when mowing so headphones are not really an option.

  • I got them shipped just in case, but what's the go with click & collect during the current lock down?

    • Might come with a free corona gift..

  • +7

    Just keep in mind that during the last deal, some people reported receiving grey import Buds+ from this store. If that's the case it's the same price as the current Kogan deal.

    • Thanks for pointing this out for me. Might take a pass this time!

    • +5

      I've confirmed these are Grey import buds, but they're Genuine Samsung with a 1 year warranty via PC Byte. The Kogan deal has comments about people receiving fake Buds and it's being sold by a 3rd party seller instead of Kogan themselves, so I know who I'd rather deal with.

      That 3rd party store being Electronics Superstore who screwed up their Roborock S5 Max orders and sent people the cheaper S6 Pure.

      • +7

        I think they should make it clearer on the product page that they're grey imports; most people would assume they're local stock with local manufacturer's warranty based on the fact it's from a local bricks and mortar store (just as most people wouldn't look up the model number on JB or OW to check whether it's grey import).

        • +1

          It's certainly a good idea.

          • @Clear: Just an FYI for next time Clear, we don't allow negotiated deals for rep-banned stores

            PCByte is currently banned for sockpuppeting until 17/07/2021 and cannot post till then.

            • @scrimshaw: Oh crap I'm so sorry! Had I realised they were banned and then negotiating deals for banned stores also not allowed I certainly would not have shared.

              I have to admit I'm surprised they're banned for sockpuppeting. They've been around forever and should know better.

    • I think they all Gray import. Check the model number, it is different from JB/tgg.

  • Does anyone know if the Buds+ carries Samsung Australia (manufacturers warranty)? Never bought anything from PCByte before. TIA

    • +1

      Not if you get grey import ones. See above.

  • Those buds are the best wireless ones i've used, pity they've stopped making them

    • +1

      How is the sound quality for calls and mic?

      • mic is just passable, like any other buds with the mic all the way up near the ear. Airpods would be slightly better for calls cause the stem takes the mic down closer to the mouth

        Otherwise, for sound quality, calls and music is great used them all day wfh and then all night playing games without charging. They've got two drivers per ear so the separation is pretty good and you get quite good audio

    • Stopped making them?

      Seems to be alot in stock.

      • I'm only assuming they have because a lot of places are pricing them quite low, could be getting rid of stock?

        They had the buds and buds + but then started to make other ones. But i really hope they make a reiteration of these for improvements instead of releasing a new type of bud with each phone

    • These stop making them? Why?

      • buds 2 will coming later, so every store put buds on sell

      • replied above :)

  • +2

    Buds+ for $99 nothing better in the world better than that for that cost, great earbuds!

  • I've used both the galaxy buds and also the plus and for non ANC they're pretty bloody amazing good fit and music quality is top notch

  • Hm any 10700k bundles?

  • I bought these Samsung Buds Plus in the Microsoft deal.

    I feel the fit isn't perfect for me as I'm getting alot of sound from outside. As there's no ANC I need to turn the volume up higher which isn't ideal.

    However, I tried them at gym today and they performed pretty well drowning out gym music.

  • Ordered the buds but after seeing grey import comments I've put in a cancel request.

    • Why? Due to warranty issue?

      • Yep. Don't want to take any chances. Knowing my luck, something would go wrong with them.

        • +1

          I have bad luck with product breaking too. But *** it, yolo haha. Bought.

    • I am bit confused. In the OP it says, "Rep has confirmed that the Samsung Buds are a global import and Genuine with a 1yr warranty via PCByte."
      So it comes with genuine warranty from Samsung via PCByte?

      • +1

        The Samsung Buds are genuine Samsung and not fakes from the Kogan deal. Since they're a grey import it means that the warranty is with PCByte and not Samsung.

        Grey import does not mean fake.

  • +1

    interesting they have the 4TB HDD for $122 and the 3TB for $129 XD

    $49 is a steal though for 2TB specially if its just for storage needs and not worried about speeds

    • +1

      7200RPM is actually going to be faster than other 3.5"HDDs as most others spin at 5400rpm.

      This is also going to be a lot louder though.

      • -2

        It was always 7200 rpm and I haven't seen any 5400 rpm 3.5" drives, that is the speed for old 2.5" drives though.

    • I clicked the 2tb and it came up as $69, not $49. I assume this drive is for a desktop, not a laptop?

  • Support the local store…

  • Anyone bought this RTX 3060 deal?

    • dont buy any graphics card right now, wait for them to drop to msrp.

      • Yep I wasn't paying $1k for a 3060 don't you worry about that, my wallet is welded shut at that kind of price

  • +1

    Already got the jaber 75t, guess the Buds+ would be similar?

  • +2

    OP thanks for negotiating the deal for the ozb community, appreciate it, however it's worthwhile to put a note in the post if the products are grey import, for example buds+

    PC Byte should also make it clear on their website as a lot of people aren't aware about this fact. I almost bought it considering they carry a local warranty but cross checked the SKU with OW and realised they are a grey import.

    • Once I became aware I put a note in the deal and it's still there.

      • oh sorry, just saw that! Thanks.

  • +3

    How do these stack against the Jabra 65t/75t?

  • The buds is OOS

  • Anyone know the significance of that nvme ssd enclosure having a higher RRP than others? I just bought a new SSD and I'm looking to use my old SSD as external portable storage but I have no idea if there's any purpose to buying a more premium one of these.

    The cheaper ones from Centrecom seem to have the same transfer speed of 10gbps. Any other differences?

    • +1

      It has the RGB tax. Besides appearance there really isn't any other advantage.

      • Thanks for the reply! I've been looking into it and it seems like it apparently works as a heat sink though I'm not sure that will help me personally much. Another point some reviews are saying is that it's good because it's from a named brand. Again not sure if that matters

        • +3

          They all typically act as heatsinks as you'll find they have thermal pads in them. Reviews for this specific enclosure are reporting good thermals so I think you're in safe hands.

          One of the big contributing factors for a good NVMe enclosure is the bridge chipset that's used. Cheaper enclosures use JMicron or Asmedia that often results in more heat and less performance. ASUS aren't entirely transparent but it seems to be using Realtek and that's the best bridge chipset.

          I'd say it's a good buy.

  • Charging Pad OOS

  • Anyone know if the PSU is any good? And if its a good price?

    Also looking to run rtx 3080 with a R 3600. Any idea if that's good to run on 650w? I've read online and its a mixed bag.

    • You can still run it and it should be fine. But 750 would alway be better. Why, because you dont want your PSU to fail/fry your GPU once they are out of warranty (chances are less though).

    • You can get the 750W version for just $16 more. I may post a deal for it soon so look out for it.

  • hmm looking at that nvme enclosure

    are there any that support regular sata m.2 and nvme in the same unit? would be nice to have something like that for swapping drives in and out

    • From my brief research on the subject after seeing that deal, it doesn't appear that any support both.

      • ah dang, oh well. might have to just get one of each type eventually

    • +1

      This one from ORICO will do it if you select the Dual Protocol one.

      • ooo thanks, i'll give it a sus :)

        • +1

          Using the store coupon and promo code it works out to be US$25.29 at checkout too.

  • Hows the bx500 vs the kingston a2000, i know it's nvme vs ssd, but realiability are we looking at WD green or blue standards?

    • BX500 is DRAMless, while the Kingston A2000 has DRAM. So you could say the BX500 is the WD Green and the Kingston A2000 is the WD Blue.

    • get kingston dram version, bx500 dramless performance is much lesser than mx500

    • but when you choose m2 nvme, better add extra $40 for samsung 970 evo plus 1tb (currently $17 cashback from samsung), data are valueless and worth more than $40

  • Asus NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 TUF Gaming OC V2 12GB


    Get a buddy from Taiwan to buy and ship one to you for cheaper.

  • +2

    The GPU is a ripoff.

  • Man.. I'd love an Crucial MX deal sometime soon please.

  • Buds are back in stock at $119 - any chance of getting the $99 reinstated for round 2? Missed out first time round

    • It shows No Stock though. I would love to buy at $99 as well.

      • huh.. so i had buds+ in my cart from the other day they are still there and i can checkout with them at $99 interesting store design choice there but im gunna do it and see if i get them XD

        Edit: never mind checked out and it removed them from the cart at the last step oh well

  • got a call from the shop today…thanks to lockdown they're posting buds+ foc rather than store pickup

    • Did you have to pay for shipping?

  • Seems like the 2TB Barracuda has gone up to $69.00. :(

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