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Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid until 13 September 2021)


The latest Hungry Jack's vouchers are out. Valid till 13/09/2021.

Almost identical to the current deal.

Edit: PDF Version available now.

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  • +6

    Thanks! Sad the avo wrap is still gone.

    • avo wrap? didnt see it on old deal…sounds good!

      • +2

        So good. Avocado BLT wrap. Last seen: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548521

        • Why kill a great product?

          • @Geekomatic: Ask McDonalds why they got rid of the chicken tenders or the chicken aioli wrap. At my local I asked the guy serving why got rid of the aioli wrap and he said he had no idea as it was by far their most popular wrap. The wrap finally came back but no tenders :( maybe too much of a loss leader?

  • +2

    Generally speaking some staff members can be quite pissy, "they must see the expiry date on vouchers", Not all but yeah some can be.
    Otherwise on their system they can clearly see what voucher someone is talking about.

    So yeah would need something not so pixelated photo, So yeah definitely go for the PDF version. not the photo

    • Says "Expires 13/09/21" clearly on top right?

      • probably meant the second page

        • -1

          Almost identical to the current deal.

          Hey IU darl, so what's different?

    • +11

      ive never had this issue, i rarely even show the coupon tbh.
      "I get 2x bacon deluxe for 9 bucks please"
      coupon deal 9.95?
      "that's the one"

      • +10

        This. In fact, back in my Uni days I used to plain make stuff up and got away with it most of the time when using the drive through. "Got a voucher here for two whoppers and 2 onion rings for $6.95". "Uhhhh. OK. That'll be, $6.95 I guess?"

        • +1

          I guess that was an old system, because for as long as I've worked there, (3 years) we cannot set a custom price.

    • +19

      I've never had this happen at my branch. This is because the employees should be competent enough to understand what the current promotions are anyways. Generally speaking we don't need to even see the voucher anymore, just mention the voucher and you should be fine.

    • +15

      I bring my full gaming setup with 2x32 inch curved monitors to show them, just in case. Usually they're so impressed they don't even wait for them to boot up.

  • +10

    $6 bacon deluxe meal is pretty good.

    • +2

      The what now?

      • +28


        • -1

          I remember when they had 2 Bacon deluxes for $6.95?

          Here's a link from 2012 - 2 for $6.95.

        • +1

          Yes it's good, though bare in mind it has 36 grams of fat (51% of recommended daily intake according to Hungry Jack's themselves) and is not a huge burger.

    • Yeah, that was surprisingly good.

    • I can vouch for that ^^^

      Found it in the app by accident and found it surprisingly good decent.

  • +9


    Q. Is phone fine?
    A. Phone is fine

    • Is tablet ok?

      • +7

        Take two and see your doctor is symptoms persist.

  • +1

    Wish they bring back $2 medium coffee ☕


    • $1 small coffee was better :D
      Free medium coffee still exists as a prize via shake and win though

      • +2

        I believe HJ allows a customer to swap a small soft drink for a medium size coffee for extra 50c, but the last time I ordered a coffee at HJ was 6 months ago, so things might have been changed. Personally I think 7-Eleven offers the best $1 coffee. After all, their coffee machines are valued at more than $10,000 per piece.

        • +1

          Personally I think 7-Eleven offers the best $1 coffee.

          Well yeah I'd agree but then again 7/11 isn't exactly around in food courts, it's more in line to compare with Maccas

      • Requires $1 spend though.

        • I've never had this enforced in my life. Even so, $1 small chips is a nice snack to go along with it

          • +2

            @pennypincher98: We get these coupons delivered in the letterbox, but the local HJs doesnt accept them (apparently it says 'selected stores' somewhere on them.. Very strict on Shake and Win and when I went to use the survey (gave them the redemption code) they wouldn't give it to me without providing the purchase receipt I used for survey…even though it only says "present this survey code" in the promotion after doing the survey. I Don't go to HJs any more. It's like a full interrogation to use a voucher or promotion. They can get stuffed !

            • @tunzafun001: When I do the survey I just write it on an old receipt and sometimes they type it in and fully check, other times they just add it so it's largely based on who's on for me

              local HJs doesnt accept them

              Sounds like something to take up with higher management to clarify; I smell BS. Write it on the next survey xD

              • @pennypincher98: Well, they wouldn't honour the voucher. So I did the survey based on this, then bought a chip butty and used the survey Chips/ coke ..which they whinged about as well.. need to do another survey!
                But not going back. I don't need HJs.

              • +1

                @pennypincher98: Yeah, depends on the server and how familiar they are with it. Some don't even take the voucher, which is handy.

                One store let me have it with a stunner meal. A different store insisted it couldn't be combined with stunner.

                One time I asked for a $2 BBQ cheeseburger as usual and handed over the voucher. Held my card ready to pay. She looked at me like I was stupid. I didn't know what was going on. She said it's free and then just gave me the chips and drink by themself.

                No idea what happened but I didn't complain. And of course the receipt was eligible for another survey code 😄

    • +1

      All my locals now are 'Jacks Cafe' so all the vouchers that include a coffee don't work there. Gotta pay Cafe prices..

      • +1

        It's got a bait and switch smell to it. Get you in with vouchers they won't honour. Most will probably just pay full price.

  • +10

    RIP the original grilled chicken burger and the crumbed onion rings.

    Why ruin a good thing HJs?!

    • Profit maximising obviously lol

    • +1

      Because battered onion rings are better!

      • +2

        The crumbed ones we're better.

        • +1

          The ones in batter are better.

    • Oh I loved that old chicken burger and those old onion rings! The chicken might be better quality now, but that taste!

      • I dunno about you but nearly everytime I order the new grilled chicken burger, it's not even cooked properly!!

  • +3

    The 6 Nuggets and Sauce for $3.25 is pretty poor value. I suggest using the Shake and Win app and hope to land on 12 nuggets and sauce for $5, much better value

    • +8

      I have never seen that in my life, must be rare asf.

      • Had it twice recently (didnt redeem though)

        • Finally tried to redeem it. Was okay, didnt include sauce though

  • +2

    So theoretically two bacon delux small meals should cost $12, which is cheaper than two chicken tender small meals which are advertised as $13.95 on the voucher.

  • Is Jack here?

  • +2

    I remember when 2 Whoppers was $5.99.

    • +2

      But what about when they were $3.25

      • +6

        $2 each coupons in 2008.

        Never to return.

        • Facebook ones? I remember printing off a 20 or so per a4 page and giving them to my friends.

          • +6

            @Dontdoit: yep, just blasted through the black ink of my printer with it.

            Only used twice myself, as it was the exams of the last year of high school, everyone else just asked for them.

        • The free ones from tipping a perfect round on FootyTips in AFL or NRL

  • +1

    Paper is fine?

  • Yes

  • +4

    Now, when they advertise a "Small Value Deal", is it the value deal which is small or is the deal small value?

  • What ! No Big Jack deals ☚ī¸

    • +1

      Look in the app, 2 for approx $10

  • Its becoming Hungry Price-Jacks now

  • +1

    Bit of a side rant but is the Android app the only one that is super laggy, or does iOS also have a really laggy Hungry Jacks app.

    Terrible experience scrolling through the menu, the "animations" they have on the first screen are like 5 fps. I always end up with Maccas because the app experience with HJs turns me away.

    • +1

      Lol, yes. The Android App is super laggy. I have noticed it too. Actually I have kind of figured out why it is laggy - when it loads the "vouchers", (in the background) it becomes laggy.

      Do this -
      1) Turn off your Mobile Data / WiFi
      2) Open the HJ App. Notice it is much smoother (as the vouchers do not load in the background)
      3) Click on Shake and Win - and see the extremely smooth animations - the Shake and Win logo, and the animation of the preview burger forming.
      4) Of course, to Shake, you will need to turn on internet. As soon as you do, the lag will start again.

      • Amazing, just tried it, smoothest ive ever seen the App run. I'm going to report this to the them, hopefully they can do something about it.

        • +1

          Haha :) Yes, I hope they fix it. But no, I dont think so. Its been this way since over 2 years now!

          • @djoz: Gone are the days of the old app where I could clear the app data, use root to change my MAC address, sign back in and shake again (even with my same Facebook account).

          • @djoz: Not sure if the update rolled out for you, but they took the feedback on board, and looks like they redesigned the app/menu. Seems pretty smooth for me now.

            • @OsakaBoi: Yes, I noticed. The app loads smooth now, its a bit better. But once you go to Shake and Win, its the same old laggy experience - lags a lot, the animation of the prizes rotating around is skewed.
              But yeah, rest of the app is better now.

  • +4

    Yay, $2 medium onion rings are back!

  • +1

    I want to order on ubereats but hungry Jack's is almost double the price such a rip off

  • These are instore only?
    Any code for delivered deal?

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