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Dell 32 Inch Monitors - S3221QS $370 (OOS), S3222DGM $423.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


I managed to negotiate a couple of great prices on these 32 inch Dell monitors.

These two deals will go live at 7pm AEST.

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As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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  • I thought same … took a while for this to sink in lol … "These two deals will go live at 7pm AEST" … so … wait & see?

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    It would be awesome if they could first send the one ordered on Thursday within these deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633502?page=2#comment

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    I can't believe the S3221QS is getting this cheap, it's amazing value for a big 4k monitor (Yes it's VA & not perfect, but a 32" IPS 4k is at least double this price)

    Works fine for PS5 @ 4k60 too, but HDR isn't worthwhile (as per most 4k monitors).

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    As announced on "you know where"

    I don't :(

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    wow… S3221QS @ $370, brilliant price!

    In Oct-2020, I picked up one of these for ~$540 via https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570005

    It has been a really nice work and play monitor - crisp details, comfortable colours, and solid build quality. I would use it as my main monitor, but my desk is too narrow so there is not enough room between me and the monitor resulting in extra neck/eye strain/movement. Hence, I have this monitor as my secondary monitor for displaying Zoom/webinars, watching streaming content, and playing games on my PS4. Since the monitor has a couple of little speakers inside, it is sufficient for general streaming/gaming purposes - for more immersive viewing/gaming sessions, I would plug in a pair of headphones to the PS4 controller 3.5mm headphone jack that passes through the audio instead of the monitor.

    For $370, fantastic deal.

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      How do you feel VA vs IPS panels?

      • For my casual viewing/gaming purposes, it isn't critical for IPS. However, in saying that the VA panel on the S3221QS is very good. Since it is a curved monitor, you'll want to be centred and due to the size you might need to sit a little further back (as compared to a 24"-27" monitor). Hence the percieved sharpness, brightness, colour, and responsiveness on this monitor is great for a VA panel. For ~$550 it was already a good bang for buck monitor, now at ~$370 it is an incredible deal.

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      Yeah, I'm also looking for 34 inch

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        @dealbot can you negotiate a better deal for 4k 34 inch.

      • pm sent.

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      It's already 20% off. What more do you want?

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        A misprice with decimal to the left :D

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        Just more πŸ€ͺ

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      Stay tuned. I'm working on something now.

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        Any cheaper and availability for the dell curved usb-c 34" P3421W ?

      • Yes please!

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        Hey @dealbot, thanks for the deals.
        Hoping to see if you could provide an update as to roughly when this will be please?
        As its last day of financial year, if its going to be today then I'll wait, if not then i'll buy something in order to be able to claim for tax
        Thank you

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      • Bought a S3221QS and now feeling that perhaps I should have waited :(

        • Just sell it if you prefer 34", I am sure people who have missed it would be interested.

      • You know no 20% off code.

      • That's not a bad price! Damnit now im tempted even though I just bought my S3221QS not even 6 months ago!

      • Can get this one for $355 with the 7% student coupon and a $100 DELL advantage coupon i have. How does the S3422DW compare with the S3221QS apart from the obvious 4K UHD vs WQHD

        • Very depends on whether you want Ultra Wide (wider view) or 32" more vertical view.

  • I have the S3221QS but it does suffer from a noticeable flickering on the screen when scrolling and or dark/light colours alternating on the screen.

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      I think you might have an issue with your monitor, as mine does not have these issues.

      • I just read someone using a Mac mini had the same problem.

        • Hmmm, mine is attached to a Hackintosh that's the equivalent to a Mac mini. Got a link?

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        Nope that's dark smearing, common on VA panels

        • I use two VA 32" 4k panels, and previously had an IPS side by side with one of them and did not notice this (or much of a difference other than the VA's better blacks and worse viewing angles), is it just something that some people are more susceptible to noticing?

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      Have you checked the cable you are using and display settings?

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      No flickering here either. First cable I used with it was rubbish but after switching to another, it's all good.

    • Make sure your refresh rate is set to 60hz and you are using a cable and device that supports 4k 60hz. I had it connected via HDMI initially and it was set to 30hz and it looked really bad (as my laptop didn't support HDMI output at that resolution and refresh rate), with lots of streaking, and gaming was just really bad to play. Switched to a USBc to Display port cable, changed to 60hz, and it was like I was using a different monitor

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    Be sure you don't need it soon - Est. delivery Wed, 28 Jul - Wed, 4 Aug

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      Dell's eBay page always says that but typically ships about a week after ordering from my experience.

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      I bought one Dell monitor a few days ago, it said estimate delivery is 20 Jul - 27 Jul. But I just got it today.

      • That's good to hear I'm waiting from last Dell20 code hoping they ship it soon

    • They usually ship within 15 days.

    • I bought DGF in the last deal about a week ago. It said delivered in mid-July, but arrived today.

      • May I know how much you paid for it?

        • Around $385

          • @chriise: Wow, that's the best price I've ever heard of for DGF. I must have missed it by around 30 minutes, as when I checked back then all the 32" were gone.

            • @deliriouss: I got the 27 not the 32.. pretty regular Ozb price i think

              • @chriise: Oh right.. oops, I thought you meant the S3220DGF, I would have chosen it over S3221QS if it can be bought for $385 lol, my wishful thinking there.

  • I understand none of these (nor the 34” mentioned in comments above) have USB C compatibility for display / power if I was to dock a laptop?

    • I don't think so - The reality is that USB C is expensive.

      The cheapest USB C I found (and purchased) is the Samsung 34" curved (LC34H892WGE) which is $600+

      • Kogan has one for 599 . Or get it from eBay with 15% discount

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      Yes, there is no free lunch. Monitors with USB-C support basically have that dock build inside.

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      Get a separate dock for cheap.

      • +2

        I find it really convenient to have the monitor power the laptop.

        So there is only the 1 cable connected to my laptop, for power, display, keyboard, mouse etc…

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    Find us a good USB-C option πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

  • Very good price for the S3222DGM, I have the previous version and it’s an excellent monitor, love it

    • Why is it more expensive than the 4k QS model? Is it worth paying more for the DGM?

      • +3

        The 4k version is 60hz, the 2k version is 165hz. Great price for the DGM really, don't think the previous version has ever gone below $590 new. Both are great monitors.

  • That price on the 32QS is amazing.

    Got one for $389 a month or so a go. So good for productivity, great colours given VA, really happy with it all around.

  • How do these compare to MI Curved 34?

      • +4

        Still using mine daily 4 months in for gaming and photo work. Love it. No faults. Gutted that your experience was poor.

    • I just got a refurbed 34" MI for $300 which seemed like a good deal at the time. Already love it, the 144hz is super smooth.

      • if it doesn't have any flaw then it is still a good deal.

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    Would these be good for a WFH monitor (big enough to go down to 1 monitor from two) with occasional gaming? Which would be better?

    • +2

      The 4k one has better text clarity, the 2k one is much better suited for gaming. The stand of the 2k one has swivel and bigger range of height adjustment, the 4k one doesn't swivel and neither can be rotated. If you are going from dual monitor setup to one monitor then consider a 34" as well. 34" is the same height as 27" but wider, 32" has more vertical real estate.

      • Cheers, super helpful comment. I'll look for a 34"

  • Proposal, all monitor posts clarify panel type and curved or not curved in the description.

    Would save me a click !

    • +2

      Saving one click while saving $400? First world problem!

      • True true.

        Curved, no sale

        Not IPS? No sale

  • Curved monitor? Probably better off getting an ultra wide or even better a VR headset.

  • Any deals on the aw3821dw? Price on the Dell website is $1,574.30 so was hoping to get in closer to $1K

    • I bit the bullet on the weekend. Due to arrive tomorrow. But after Amex, Dell advantage coupon, 7% discount code and cashback tracked got down to under $1250.

      Hopefully I don’t regret it.

    • +3

      I've secured a deal for this. It's not $1K but certainly much cheaper than the current discounted ebay price.

      • I’m scared.

      • I'd definitely be interested but from posts here it looks like the invoice will only be created on the delivery date?

  • +8

    Am I weird for wanting 32 inch non curved? I wish Dell made a 1440p flat planel 32 inch.

  • damn

  • +1

    Really hurts to see I paid last Nov 4k one for $570

    • +8

      Buy another and then you only paid $470 each πŸ˜€

      • No need, i only played PS4 Pro and switch games on it, $200 over 8 months…..that's quite expensive at $25 a month and would have paid 2/3 of a switch!

    • Same, and they took effing forever to deliver it too!!

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    Need some discount love on a U3219Q

    • +4

      Yes! Any chance of this one?

      • What's the difference between this model?

        • -1

          The Ultrasharps are actual good monitors, these $300 ones are cheap Chinese shit.

  • +3

    Any USB-C monitor deals please?

  • Any review/comment on C3422WE?
    Also any one who knows of a good deal and care to share?

  • i cant decide which one!!

  • Just received the Samsung 34" 21:9 uqhd, so tempted to return it and get the QS one, almost same price, just for home office use, any advice?


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