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Royal Kludge RK84 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard $99 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Umart


Lots of positive reviews for this mechanical keyboard, supposedly a great entry point into the hobby - which is why I picked one up! Could make for a nice tax-deduction on a work from home setup too.

Blue switches here
Brown switches - OOS

Key features:

  • Mechanical Keyboard (RK's own Blue, Brown, Red switches pre-installed)
  • 75% form factor, nice compromise between size and functionality with dedicated F-keys and arrow keys
  • Bluetooth multipoint for up to 3 devices + 2.4 Ghz Wireless Dongle (Have been issues reported about the 2.4Ghz connection, but apparently solved in firmware updates)
  • Hot-swappable (Meaning you can pop-out and pop-in 99% of 3 and 5 pin switches)
  • USB-C Wired Connection
  • 2 * USB A Hub if used with USB-C cable
  • Removable outer frame for customisation
  • Replaceable keycaps for customisation
  • Windows and Mac layouts + Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Per-key RGB lighting, controllable via the board
  • Branding can be removed with an eraser
  • Includes key cap and switch pullers


Custom Keycap Examples

Happy click clacking!

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  • +27

    don't buy this. this hobby is a deep, dark, slippery slope. this is the gateway to that. steer well clear.

    • +12

      Switches get b*tches

      • +5

        Yup, plenty of batches to try out.

    • I'm unfortunately very deep down quite a few other niche hobbies, so I know what that exhilarating/nauseating journey can be like!

    • +4

      Can confirm. One of the most frustrating hobbies with group buys followed by a wait of up to a year, buying from some dude in a garage or dodgy website. Long shipping times, unreliable suppliers.

      Cutting up bits of band-aid and lubing them to get a better feeling, wasting a weekend lubing switches, cutting up bits of foam to get a better sound, etc, etc….

      • I cut up bits of band-aid and lubed the my stabs of my Gamakay K87 last night. I don't have the tool to disassemble switches though so taking apart all the switches with the flat end of a tweezer is gonna take a while.

        The stabs are definitely quieter now though the space bar is still louder than I'd like. Maybe I'll try putting foam into the stabs next. Would small pieces of magic eraser work?

        • I have no idea honestly. I'm still waiting for some guy who cuts foam to have an item back in stock. If I don't get impatient and order Sorbothane and cut it myself, I'll be waiting until the foam arrives before I go any further. My plan is simply Bandaid with Dielectric grease under Durock stabs.

  • +4

    The name doesn't inspire confidence

  • If only it were available in black…

    Still quite tempted. I've already purchased a bunch of switches and ordered some keycaps and was intending on maybe going with a GMMK Pro later this year when the keycaps arrive, but this could be a good interim option.

    • I was eyeing the GMMK Pro too - but decided against it because it lacks bluetooth and this keyboard will be moved around quite a bit.

      • Seems like a good use case.

        I could totally still go with a GMMK Pro for my desktop and have this as a portable board…..

  • +1

    Got an RK71 and can't complain. Tempted by this but completely don't need it. Wouldn't mind the F keys…

  • +1

    Thanks for the detailed post.
    Seems like a good keyboard except for the included dongle (not a massive deal but very odd it works so poorly).

  • Anne Pro 2 (red switches)
    Keychron K6 (brown switches)

    My next keyboard will have blue switches and drive my household crazy!


    • I've done similar. At the beginning of the pandemic, I bought a K6 (Optical Brown) and Anne Pro (Kalih Box White). I like both boards, but I think the Anne Pro has a slight edge for me.

      The box whites have been my favourite switch with the keyboard becoming the main one that I use. I'd consider switches other than Cherry or clones, and potentially a hot-swap board :)

  • +2

    I don’t need this I don’t need this…. I need this.

  • +1

    I've had an rk71 for a while and I love it 👌 I got red switches and my friend got brown, I must say the brown ones feel much more premium and sturdy.

  • So any switch is good these days? back in the day it was just cherry mx and kaith was coming up , razer n logitech in house were inferior

    wanna get this or ducky sf 2 deal, but ducky has reputable switch and brand

    • +1

      From what I've read, you're right, the Ducky has a very strong reputation for making solid entry level boards. I think the appeal of the RK84 is all the features (bluetooth + USB Hub for instance) + potential that hotswap brings - you can pop out the switches and throw in whatever you like, so it can be a constantly evolving keyboard.

  • Any deals on full size keyboards? Was thinking of buying the iquinix but that is so expensive.

  • Red Switch and Brown Switch are out of stock!