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[Refurbish] HP Z230 Tower Intel i7-4770 / 16GB / 512GB SSD / Nvidia Quadro K600 / Win 10 Pro: $349 + Shipping @ PC Takeaway


Hi all,

First time posting here so any feedback is appreciated.

$50 off with HPZ230 on Checkout

Solid price for these 512GB SSD variants.

Anyone who is familiar with these Z230s knows of their reputation. Full product description can be found here:

  • Intel i7-4770 @ 3.6GHz
  • 16GB Ram
  • 512GB SSD
  • NVidia Quadro K600
  • Windows 10 Pro Loaded with digital license

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      If you thinking about Windows 11, the CPU is unsupported anyway.

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      • "Supported" and "capable of running" are two different things. A lot of people are panicking over whether their older hardware will be able to run Windows 11. It's probably gonna take a couple of years before the new OS takes off and by that time you can either upgrade your hardware (assuming there's no TPM 2.0 workaround) or continue to run Windows 10 until 2025.

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          I’ve upgraded Win10 to Win11 on a 2015 HP Spectre X2 with m7 processor and 8gb RAM
          Runs faster and seems really snappy.
          Unusual for an upgraded OS
          This should have no trouble running

          • @wiggam: The issue is less the performance and more the specific hardware requirements.

            If TPM ends up being a hard-requirement, you literally won't be able to boot Win 11 on even the most performant hardware if it doesn't support TPM.

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              @Chandler: Thanks, good point!

            • @Chandler: HP EliteDesk 800 G2 has TPM 1.2 that is upgradable to TPM 2.0 thru offical HP firmware patch. Similar specs to this post and only cost me $200 with i5 6500. So if looking for one of these cheaper second hand units this may give you a path to Win 11.

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      Becareful with tpm because if the chip goes bad all your encrypted data is lost too

      • Im sure you know; but for all the 'normies' out there; All of your WINDOWS encrypted data is lost.

        If you're using a better tool like veracrypt, a TPM wont affect that drive.

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    even without Windows 11, still good for another few years

  • Ram is DDR3?

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    Have a mate with a near identical system, where we added a 2060S for gaming.

    Can confirm, at 1440p, targeting 75Hz, the CPU is (almost) never a bottleneck.
    I've seen it peak a few times in CPU intensive games, but for most of them, the combo works well for a sub $1k gaming computer (slightly over now, because GPU prices…. but 2nd hand 2060S's will fit the budget)

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    good price.
    but nobody wants it except 3D designers.

    • Why?

      • Quadro is designed for designing, not for games.

        • Got it, thanks

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          Hi CPU power with ram and SSD in a full size case for not much more than the cheap sff desktops that show up here.
          Would be capable if you drop in a newer GPU.

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          I use my Quadro M4000 GPU with games and it plays it fine. The same graphics processor as the GTX 970. Only difference is the graphics RAM and GPU clock speed. But it came in my second hand Dell Precision 5810.

          Then again the Quadro K600 GPU in this PC deal is a lot slower. GDDR3 only on this.

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      Sure, nobody, the 200+ clicks so far means nothing.

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        Clicks don't mean sales!

        The 4770 was made in 2013

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          Thanks for clarifying, I know how clicks work. People clicking the link means there is interest in the product.

          I have a 4770 and it's solid.

    • K600 is a toy GPU anyway, even professionals wouldn't want it.
      It's just there so HP, Dell, Lenovo get to say "Quadro ISV certified!" on a cheaper price point.

      It is basically a Geforce 630.

  • I think it would be better for a budget version of this build. drop the graphics card - use the onboard video, 8gb ram, 250gb ssd at around $200.

  • Hi OP, has the CPUs from these machines been replaced as when i see the specs at the hp link it uses xeon CPU while on your machine it has i7? Many thanks

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      Hi Kurnitb,

      The CPUs haven't been replaced, these are the stock CPUs from HP.

      There were different variants of these, some with Xeon and some with i7s.


      • Thanks

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    Picked up one of these cheap ($170) fb marketplace.

    Been a great DIY Unraid NAS.

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      Surely it's costing you more in power in the long run?
      I use a Dell 9020m, and it uses about 15W.

      • Have solar panels, so cost is minimal

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    Anyone getting this may find this:

    site useful.

    It doesn't say whether swapping the workstation video card out for a Trident S3 is worth it but I doubt it has ISA slots…

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    These desktops are excellent and I used mine to plot Chia months back. It already has a heap of onboard SATA ports and paired with a RAID card I was able to add a stack of 4TB HDDs in for a large amount of storage.\

    Good if you want a small homelab "server" or even stick a video card in for gaming. They'll even take ECC RAM.

    • It says only 2 internal 3.5-inch drive bays available. How did you mount additional disks ?

  • can i install nvme drives in this?

    • It doesn't have a native NVMe slot. You'd have to use a PCIe adapter.

    • as Clear said no nvme slot, but should have more than enough pcie slots left to add in a $10 pcie adapter card to use an nvme drive, in saying that -
      getting the system to boot off of the NVME drive is most likely a different story, should still be possible but will involve flashing the system with a modified bios containing the drivers for running an nvme drive when the bios initialises rather than having to wait for the pc to load into windows first before the drive is recognised.

  • Has anyone purchased from here before who can provide feedback?

    Their eBay store shows slightly different models but to get the above model will need to order direct, so just checking before i do!

    • did you end up buying, I am also considering a purchase to move on from my AMD Athlon II X4 620 that has been serving me well for the past 12 years

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      Hi Silvion,

      We have been operating as a local computer sales and repair store in Sydney's Northern Beaches for the past 26 years. We have recently decided to enter the online retail space.

      All orders placed yesterday have been booked in for pickup by Courier today. Hopefully you can receive feedback from one of the buyers once they've received their machine on Monday or Tuesday.


      • Thanks for responding JustinFR, sounds good.

        $374 shipped, reckon you could do $350 shipping?

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    couple of suggestions/feedback imho.
    website itself - navigation half buttons/links go nowhere if you aren't on the front page page, once navigating away from the front page some some cease to function as they appear to be just chapter/page bookmarks for sections of the front page.(home page doesnt work once off front page either, have to click on logo to get back to front page)
    list some sort of location/warehouse point etc where someone can come and burn down if they buy something and it stops working within a week and they get ghosted immediately.
    In your case the sales/repair shop I assume would be the one to list.
    Might consider separating the refurb/2ndhand pc business to a diff domain from the e-waste if planning on permanently selling refurbs as an ongoing thing, but linking the 2 somewhere in the about us etc section.
    You're just starting out website wise (I assume due to the above) wish you good luck! more stores more competition etc etc.
    In addition.
    If you don't want the question "is this business legitimate" need to list that ABN which you should be doing anyway on your site and not make it something you have to go on a treasure hunt for if it is listed somewhere on there.

    Going off on a tangent somewhat the "trading for 26 years" etc could be 56 years or 2 years for all it matters without the ABN,
    There was another pc/repairs shop advertising… think GPU's and budget systems a while ago on here similar claimed length but when looking at the ABN, was a $2 shop for 6 oof 20*or whatever years and had 4 different trading names, and moved interstate once + stopped trading for 3 of those years right in the middle of this "20year period" so wasn't the amount they claimed at all was more like 8-10 as the current business in the end so ABN listed is a must.

    These systems are on par with all the other ex-corporate/govt refurbs that get listed fairly regularly, once you adjust for price for faster parts in these workstation units they've very similar, should have no trouble emptying the shelves, again good luck all the best👍

    • Wow, if I own a business I definitely get business advice from you.

    • Hi mrhashish,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We definitely have many things to iron out as we go forward, the website being a top priority.

      Appreciate the insights and we will get working on them!

      Justin @ PC Takeaway.

  • 4770 is solid af, had one of them bad boys for ages

  • Tried to purchase but coupon expired

    • We have extended the coupon until Wednesday.

      • what brand is the SSD in the system?

        • Micron

  • Received my PC two days ago from this deal. Seems solid and fast out of the box, no fake windows or dodgy malware pre installed

    Seems Legit :-)

    • Spewing I missed out

  • Missed it, doesn't seem worth it otherwise? It's a computer from 2013!

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