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[eBay Plus] Free - Davis & Waddell Electric Ice Cream Maker @ Robins Kitchen via eBay


Free at checkout. You all know what to do - go go go!

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  • +2

    Haven't got eBay plus rip

  • Plus members only :(

  • Order in, thanks dealbot!

  • +3

    Hahaha, do I need one? Don't know… Clicking faster than thinking. :-)

  • got one thanks OP!!

  • Thanks! Was hoping they have some free stuff with this coupon!

  • +1

    OOS in 5…4…3…2..

  • Awesome, thanks OP 👍

  • Ebay plus needed!

  • Thanks got one :)

  • Ordered nice

    • Order cancelled .. bad

  • Dammit.. Used my code this morning!!

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Dont know if it's any good but got it first

  • Ordered ..thanks :)

  • +6

    Didn’t even read the description, I have no idea what this is, bought it straight away

    • +6

      You'll use it once and then throw it in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

      • i rather have a snowcone maker/flavoured shaved ice :D

  • +4

    Thanks heaps OP got one lol wasn't planning on shopping for a while buy hey its free. 👌🤣

  • +1

    (thinks, do I need this)…but clicks anyway!

  • +1

    Got one 🙂

  • Cheers dealbot.

  • If I don't need this, I'll gift this.

  • Ta OP. Got one. Guess we'll be making some home made ice cream now haha.

  • +1

    got one, and its OOS

  • Got one, that was quick.


  • +1

    aaaand.. it's OOS now

  • Can anyone use the code on something else and applied the discount successfully ?

  • +1

    Dealbot = Legend

  • Back in stock. Just got one.

    Thanks OP

  • Order first, consider later. Cheers OP

  • +1

    back in stock. Cheers DB.

  • ordered one, thanks dilbert

  • Just ordered

  • Thanks OP

  • Yes back in stock got one! Thanks OP

  • Code wouldn’t work for me as it is a one time use only but it worked on something I need, Chase Distillery GB Extra Dry Gin 700mL Bottle for $32 only 😁

  • Thanks, OP!

  • +1

    You magnificent bastard OP.

  • -1

    405 sold so far, do they really have that many in stock

    • -1

      Highly unlikely

    • Of course, they re stocked after it went OOS.
      Has been plenty of successful deals like this in the past.

      • +1

        If you reckon the have covered it in the past, then fair enough. 405 seems like a lot of stock for such an item though

        • +1

          I bet you an Ultimate Box from my KFC stash that it's honoured.
          Will PM you if you win. :D

          • +1

            @millzy: So I'll grab Hot & Spicy thanks. (only kidding) Looks like the bastards cancelled after all

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: Was literally about to comment haha.

              I humbly concede. They ended the KFC Stash promo early because of covid.

              How will I repay my debt.. Would you like to parade me through the forums whilst repeating "SHAME, SHAME"?

  • +2

    OOS :(

  • Thanks OP!

  • You quick!

  • out stock :S

  • GOT 1 luckily

  • OOS oh well

  • +1

    1600 clicks in 17mins…

  • nice

  • +1

    fck just sign up and its gone……

  • +1

    has it always been there before?

    • +1

      definitely not I had gone through all pages before and the cheapest one a pair of wine glass $9.99 after $20 discount

      • missed out :(

    • I got my pizza oven delivered this afternoon, bought from the same seller last week for 89.99 after some discount, can't remember which!! Made amazing pizzas for dinner!

      • +1

        I have no idea why you got negged

  • Members runs out today lol

  • +5

    Damn it! I missed it. That'll teach me to work instead of being on OzB

  • +1

    I keep my Beskar in these. Perfect fit.

  • Good find. Nothing under 29.99 in the 20 bucks off section. These are all products the code can be applied to. Btw it’s not hard to create a free ebay plus account (trial) https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/ebay-tuesday-deals

  • $27 seems like crappy value after it's been free, but now I want one.

    Also, I think Robins Kitchen/House have the same stock, so it might be out of stock anyway.

  • +1

    Darn, I'd been waiting for an ice cream maker deal for weeks :(

    • +3

      Stress not my friend. You can have mine for $20. Yeah I know to bloody kind.

    • same if you in Sydney :)

    • Missed out too - anyone got one on a whim in Adelaide and want $20 for it?

    • $27 if they have stock, I know they're related, but not sure if they share stock with Robins Kitchen, so may not receive.


  • +1

    Deals like this make me regret for a thing I never wanted to buy in the first place !!!

    • dw you would of regretted this too

  • I can see it for $59.95, different page tho,

    Will be honoured?

    • Probably not. We had something similar before…

  • I have been looking for an appropriate use of this code, and I missed this one :-)

  • +2

    I don't need brain to think. My finger think and clicked. If something wrong my finger is at fault.

  • +1

    Now it’s available again but for 59.99 if you tick the link….

  • If it’s from 19.99 to 59.99 I wonder if they made a mistake and all orders get canceled anyway… or they realised they can make more money. Bad luck cause no one will buy this for 59.99!

  • +7

    Also free with PFINAL40: Leaf & Bean Electric 3 Cup Espresso Maker Black $6.99.

    Looks like it’s a price error though, the decimal point’s in the wrong place, so it may be refunded: $69.99 @ Robins Kitchen.

    • I wonder if we would be able to use the voucher code again if that’s a price error and it’s getting refunded…

    • Just received shipping notice for the espresso maker bought for $6.99. Thanks!!

      • My espresso maker maker was refunded :(

      • Lucky 1/3 so far.

  • +5
    • code PFINAL40 doesn't work for me on this item

      • Only the regular 5 off code works there.

        • Ops that makes sense now. I can't edit it cause I wait to boil water for food :(

    • +1

      Bought for $7 without code. Will probably be cancelled, oh well.

      • Let’s hope not

        • $119 for the listing now lol

  • +5

    Pretty sure I’m not getting my $6.99 pizza oven

    • Doesn’t work anymore using the code

      • I wouldn't waste your code on something like that in case it gets refunded. If it does the code will no longer work because it will be expired by the time it gets refunded.

        • There’s nothing else I need and everything which is eligible cost a lot more than the code is worth.

    • Wow. Got 1. Let's hope its honored.

  • Some very cheap items. Paying without my code in case it's refunded (most likely will)

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