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Philips Hue LightStrip Plus (2m Base Kit) $90.70 Delivered @ Amazon AU


33% off $134.95 RRP - Possibly Cheapest Ever - been falling ~$5 a day for the past few days

Philips Hue LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light - Two Metre Base Kit (Compatible with Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant), White and Colour

About this item
Take control of your home lighting wirelessly, with a smart device Set your lights to power on with the morning sun, gently waking you, or to turn on and off as you leave or arrive home
Transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms with millions of colors and shades of white light Sync to games, music, and movies for enhanced experiences
Install the flexible Light Strip Plus under bars, bed frames, or cabinets, with included adhesive tape Trim it to the perfect size with the included cut marksIP code : protection against objects bigger than 12.5 mm
Connect it to a Hue Bridge (sold separately) to control your lighting Light the entire home with versatile accessories (sold separately) such as Hue Dimmer switch, Hue Tap, or Hue Motion Sensor
Control your lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, or Google Assistant Pair it for home automation with your existing Nest or Samsung SmartThings system and others

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  • +1

    extension is also $39

  • +4

    I got Bunnings to price beat the $99 they had a while ago so if they did that here it takes it down to $81. Crazy price.

    • +1

      Didn't know Bunnings price beat Amazon! thanks heaps

      • It seems to greatly depend on what storeperson you get. The last one I had was super easy going but some are less lenient.

    • Unfortunately my local Bunnings wouldn't price beat :(

  • +12

    Saw generic brands for like $30 on amazon, what could this give me with triple in price?

    • -6

      Exactly. I could diy this with an Arduino or RasPi and a roll of ws2812b's for a third of the price

    • +14

      1 reliability. I also bought one from eBay thing exactly the same. Dead in 2 weeks. (Not even accounting for the janky controls and trash app)

      2 home kit integration- quite rare. (At least out of the box, without homebridge and fiddling around, coz f that.) but now there is ikea in that space - hence I believe the price drops. They are getting closer to matching ikea ones now. (Yay competition!)

      But yeah, those $30 ones you are referring really aren’t equal to this product. (Or if you find one, please do let the rest of us know…)

    • Just grab the xiaomi yeelight strip
      Cheaper and works just the same. I've had mine going non stop for over a year.

      • I bought a couple of yeelight bedlamps. The wifi module on them is rubbish, keeps dropping out and I have to power cycle them to get them controllable again - typically 2-3 times a week. My wifi signal strength is really strong at that spot, so thats not the issue.

      • I've got both the Yeelight Strip and the Hue Light strip and i've noticed that the Hue is brighter, more colour accurate and has dedicated white LEDs. That's not to say the Yeelight Strip is bad, compared to other budget options it's resoundingly good, but you definitely get what you pay for with the Hue Light Strip (couldn't say the same about the HDMI sync box though).

    • For $13 on Amazon you can get a 3m lightstrip (perfect for most TV's), with colour selection, remote etc. Plugs into USB on the TV so auto on every time you turn the TV on and keeps the settings. The last one of these I had cost about $30 and lasted 2 years. The newer one looks better made and only $13.

      I have a lot of Philips stuff but really hard to justify $90 on special for what is really a pretty basic thing.

      The one I got is JESLED. Had 4.5 star rating. So far contacted support (id10t error) and they were super responsive.

  • +18

    I've got Kmart ones and lifx strips. You can def tell the difference. I also have had Xiaomi bulbs and over 60 hue lights and..you can def tell the difference. It's one of those, you pay for what you get scenarios but not worth it at full price …

    • Ive got the lifx bulb for over 3 years and both the hue light colour recently, the hue light was very dim and went straight back to the box.

  • +3

    The adhesive it comes with is super bad. Expect to spend a few dollars on a replacement (I used command strips)

    • +1

      I have this set and it was excellent for my application. Up against wall paint. Hasn’t had any issues.
      My lifx one on the other hand was useless and fell off within a month.

    • +1

      Mine is fine and in the kitchen out of all places that should tell you the tape is holding pretty good.
      Also is near the kettle. I did clean the surface really good before sticking the lights though.

      • Definitely makes a world of difference to clean the surface with a rubbing alcohol / mentholated spirits.

  • +1

    I thought they used to be <$70 at Bunnings not that long ago for the 2m Lightstrip+, along with other similar prices at Good Guys, Bing Lee, etc on eBay.

    • +6

      Old version

      • +2

        what's the diff?

        • +3

          Bluetooth on the new versions means you don't need the hub.

          • +1

            @Master Bates: So probably best to get older version if you have the hub?

            • +1

              @Mahalo: I’m no expert, but I believe the only difference with the new product line is the introduction of Bluetooth, so if you already have a hub/bridge and the older versions can be bought significantly cheaper then yes get those. However the new versions will still work with your existing hub/bridge.

        • +2

          The connectors are also different so a gen 1 cannot fit a gen 2 extension for example. The double sided tape was also better on gen 1

      • Can you still get there old version anywhere though?

  • +1

    Has anyone compared this side by side to the nanoleaf one? I have that which seems to do a pretty good job of different temperatures of white along with RGB

    • +1

      I'll let you know how it compares to my Nanoleaf strip when my hue strip arrives on Friday

    • +1

      So my delivery arrived a day early. I have the hue light strip, the Nanoleaf light strip, and the meross 10m light strip. Putting them all side by side, my observations are:
      - Physically, the hue and Nanoleaf are the same width, but the hue is a bit thicker height wise. The meross is much smaller width and height (which makes it much easier for mounting it around corners).
      - Nanoleaf has a small remote on the cable to turn on/off and select scene, the other 2 don't have anything.
      - There are 42 sets of leds on the Nanoleaf, 36 on the hue, and 61 on the meross (over 2m)
      - The Nanoleaf strip is definitely the brightest, followed by hue then meross (which has smaller led's due to the smaller physical size). This is for both white and colour.
      - The hue strip, when running through the colours via homekit, is a bit more accurate when comparing the output light vs the colour on the palette around the orange-yellow colour bands. For example, Nanoleaf is orange when the palette colour is still red, and by the time the hue strip goes orange, Nanoleaf has moved on to yellow (when it should be showing orange, and then when I get to yellow, the hue is yellow where Nanoleaf is clearly green. But for the rest of the colour wheel, the colours are fairly comparable to each other and match the selected colour in the app.
      - For scenes, the Nanoleaf has the best "breathing" transition, meross has breath (with configurable change rate) but it's not quite as smooth as Nanoleaf (meross also has a flash mode which Nanoleaf doesn't). Hue doesn't appear to have this function at all. Hue allows you to select a scene in the hue app, but its static. That being said, Hue does have the ability to create entertainment areas which allows you to sync the light strip colour to your PC/Mac (my mate set it up on his PC but I've not figured out why it doesn't work on my Mac yet)
      - Nanoleaf and hue both have configurable power on recovery settings (hue has a few more options). Meross always goes back to what it was before it lost power.

      They all have their pros and cons, so which one is best is really dependent on where you are going to put it
      Nanoleaf is best for brightness, breath effect, middle for price
      Hue is best for colour, dynamic entertainment effect, middle for brightness, worst for price
      Meross is best for length, price and flexibility for installation, worst for brightness

      My Nanoleaf sits along the top/back of my display shelf, the hue will be mounted at my desk near my computer, and my meross will provide effect lighting around my bed, and I think for each spot, I think I've got the best one for the job.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply, really appreciate it!

        I've been meaning to play more with the circadian effect on my Nanoleaf strip but haven't had a proper go at it just yet.

      • Ooh would love to see where the lifx sits in this if you ever get one. Kmart brand was pretty terrible compared to my 2x lifx.

        • Without going into any detail on brightness, colour etc, I know the lifx allows for different colours at the same time, whereas nanoleaf/hue/meross can only show one colour at a time. I have a lifx beam (which I love) but their app is probably the most non-intuitive interface out of all of them. That being said, I keep it on the aurora scene and control it with Siri so I don't have to use their app much.
          I've just identified a place where a lifx light strip could go, so I've created a watch on camel lol

          • @joolz50: Haha awesome. Update this review once you get it

            Half tempted to try an Amazon cheapie jesled which is wifi as well

            but kinda know I will be disappointed

            • @jasontworld: Sure, but the only problem is, by then, I'll have mounted my hue light strip to the table which will make it a bit difficult to compare them all side by side lol. Annoyingly, it seems I missed getting one during the prime day sales. Oh well.

              I've seen a lot of comments on ozbargain that say to the effect "you can get an LED light strip much cheaper from ….", but for me, the reason why you pay the premium price is for the software - not the hardware. All the cheapies don't integrate with homekit so thats a deal breaker for me. Yes you can get a smart plug, but then you can't control other aspects of it.

              • @joolz50: Having all 3 brands, hue for 70 lights (no strip but I got hue plays), lifx strips and tuya (Kmart strips), I haven't actually gone into the software much after initial setup to adjust. But mine are really just ambient lighting rather than entertainment lighting or for colours. I did hate the Kmart light for colour accuracy and for brightness. Can't go bright unless it's cool white, warm white is always either too orange or too dim.

                But I do run routines and triggers from Google home and Samsung smart things once they are setup and added to google/smartthings.

  • Does anyone use light diffuser with light strips in general?

    • +1

      I have some light diffusers on a couple of my strips, but generally they are on pelmets pointing upwards so not needed.

      It's only where the ceiling is really close to the lights that you'll see the individual pixels that you might need a diffuser.

    • +1

      I bought the outdoor version to use inside when it was on special. Has a diffuser with it, I leave it on the floor in my bedroom

  • -3

    Definitely not cheapest ever (if you count without bluetooth as being the same product, which it more or less is). This link was $62.41 during this deal.

    • +1

      Old model.

  • Is this product suitable to apply to the back of a large wall mounted TV?

    • Yes

    • +5

      Yes if you just want it for bias lighting.

      If you want it for effects (with Hue Play Sync box) then no as this lightship doesn't have individually addressed zones.

    • +1

      It might be a bit of a challenge if you want it to go around the back of the TV at 90 degree turns though.

      • Yes, I recently purchased an LG G1 65" dimensions: 1446mm x 830mm x 20mm - so total edge circumference is 4552mm - what's the cheapest way to cover this length?

        Another concern is whether the strip will fit behind the TV when it's wall (flush) mounted? If anyone has installed a Philips light strip behind a G1 successfully let me know any tips?

        Also, does this product require a Hue Bridge to work?

        • It's not very thick but it does have a heavy duty protector that you can squash a little bit if you need to.
          As far as the TV lights are concerned, you need the gradient strip. And it ain't cheap like this one is.

    • Yes, I have one for each of my TVs and it works super well. Can also use the sync app to have it sync with what's on your TV which works reasonably well but some people find it annoying. I like it for movies though.

  • +9

    Saw this come up on 3 Camels yesterday for $96.70 at Amazon so I got one. Saw it tonight in Bunnings for the same price.

    Now I get the email that its dropped more. I'll see if Amazon will refund the difference.

    Nope, they wouldn't refund me the difference, so I've cancelled and reordered at the cheaper price.

    Edit : After I told the Amazon rep that I'd just cancel and reorder it and ended the chat on him, I find that when I go to order it again he'd applied the $6.00 credit anyway. Got it for $84.70 LoL.

    • Nice!

    • +5

      I’ve never understood why large companies like this don’t have a price guarantee policy.
      Particularly those with free shipping and/or returns. Surely it’s in their best interests 🤷‍♀️

  • +1

    is a Hue bridged required for this if I have a Amazon Echo plus etc.?
    Edit: i see a comment it can be down via app on bluetooth, is that my only option then as well if no Hue Bridge?

    • also interested in hearing this. can i use google home with no bridge?

      • Need the hub for Google home unfortunately!

    • Hub required for integration with any smart home system.

    • +1

      You will be able to control it via your Amazon Echo Plus without the hub/bridge, but with a very limited colour selection. The new Bluetooth version (which this is) does not need a hub/bridge if controlling directly from your Bluetooth enabled device (very likely iOS/Android phone only).

  • +3

    39 for 1m of led light strip seems a bit expensive?

    • Yeah, the extensions are pretty overpriced. But it's the way it goes, I bought a 2m one on sale, realised I needed a bit longer and had no choice at that point but to buy it.

  • Does this do multiple colour zones per strip, like LIFX Z? Or is it just one colour?

  • Nice! Bought one…. Now to consider getting the hue sync box from Amazon US for $350….

    • +1

      Do it but heaps better with a gradient light strip

      • I have a pair of hue play and now this strip for the TV. Will it do a good enough job? If the gradient strip were $150 less I would be all over it.

        • +1

          That’s what I had before was good but gradient strip is heaps better

  • Really keen on some LED lights like this… first attempt here. Looks like they need plugging in to a normal power point? So all I can imagine is a strip under the bed, plugged in along with the bedside lights, or 2) above the kitchen window (which is a fraction over 2m long) with a cord going down to a power point on the wall (standard kitchen power point for the coffee machine/toaster etc). Am I missing something here? Is an electrician needed to set these up nicely like in the sales photos? ;)

    • You don't need an electrician, plug and play.

      I have no doubt many of the pretty pictures have the cords photoshopped out.

      I have them set up on top of window pelmets, and the cord is hidden behind the curtains.

    • I try to line my strip lighting up with corners, then run v channel conduit down the corner with the power cable within. No electrician necessary.

  • +2

    I too would love people’s thoughts on what a ‘Philips Hue home’ (in my case apartment) would look like. I’ve scoured their website and still don’t fully grasp what’s going on haha. Any people care to share their experience and advice?

    • +2


      Check out other people’s implementations.

    • It's really just a smart home and your lights can be hue lights. I have around 70 hue lights along with other hue sensors (switches and motion). I run a hub with Samsung smartthings and other smart home products like lifx lights, sensibo thermostats, yeelights, Tuya devices.

      Things like motion sensors will enable you to turn lights on at certain times and off after a preset time. Geo location means you can always go home and lights will turn on automatically (or thermostats). You can have schedules, rules and sensor based triggers etc. It can be as simple or as complex as you want.

  • +2

    The Hub is also reduced to $62 on Amazon. $99 at JB.

  • Better than Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip ? Paid around $40 couple of years ago, pretty happy with it.

  • Thanks been waiting for a deal to get in on this. Need some bias lighting behind the monitors.

  • Down to 89$ now for some reason

    • +1

      3rd party. Amazon stock is sold out

      • Ooops, accidentally bought from the 3rd party. Not sure if I should trust them or cancel the order :/

        • I did the same, the ones we bought from seem trustworthy though so I'm personally keeping it

          • @rider3467: I got Monggre Corporation. No info on them, and no feedback earlier than March. 100% positive feedback but could be bogus.

            No 1-click order cancellation with third parties. Ah well, I'll wait and see what arrives.

            • @lint: mine was “lost in transit”

  • So if I want to sync it to the tv I need that mega expensive sync box or a philips tv?

  • Hmmm… price just went up to $96.70 while I was browsing.

  • Does it say on the box what version it is?

  • Back in stock at $89.00. Get in quick!

    • Note: $89 is from a third party store.

      Edit: It also out of stock; can't add to cart.

    • But now says "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months."

  • This is madness, I got a 5M "5050" (google it) LED strip from China for I think $25 shipped to my door from AliExpress.

    It's google home and home assistant (hass.io) compatible.
    Screw that pricing from Philips - nope no way.

  • unlucky The carrier has just announced that your order has been lost in transit. We are very sorry for this, it was unintentional. We have refunded.
    Once again we apologize and ask for your understanding.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hey mate, I had the same issue except my tracking shows that it has been delivered to an alternative address approx. 40km away from the address I provided. Is yours the same? seems like a dodgy re-seller..

      • Nah, no mention of delivered.
        Auspost: 10/7 - Processed facility VIC 12/7 - Processed facility QLD 14/7 - Expected 15-20/7
        Amazon: dispatched 13/7 - lost in tranist 14/7 - refund email reason customer return 14/7

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