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OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum and High Power Cordless Air Duster US$50 (~A$66.72) Delivered @ OPOLAR


Greetings everyone, thought this product was worth sharing also as part of the OPOLAR sale. This is a 2-in-1 Vacuum and Duster version which may be better for others. Significantly cheaper than it has been in the past, I believe the cheapest I can see is approx $110.

Note: Discount is applied at checkout with the coupon "50OFF" auto applied.

It's best to purchase using PayPal with a card with no FX fees and let your card provider calculate the FX rate.

Product Information:

  • OPOLAR Newest Air Duster - This is an upgraded version of air duster. Equipped with the newest hurricane super motor.
  • Air Blower & Mini Vacuum 2-in-1 - This air duster is equipped with 2-in-1 technology of blowing and suction.
  • Rechargeable Battery & Fast Charging - This electric air duster comes with 6000mAh rechargeable batteries and 10W fast charging facility.
  • Portable & Multipurpose - Being cordless, you can carry it anywhere and its compact size also allow you to clean with ease.
  • Environmental-friendly - No greenhouse gases, no chemicals, no water vapor, this air duster is more environmental-friendly and more suitable for electronics


As always, enjoy :)

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  • Payed with my debit card A$68.12

  • This works well for catching flies.

  • Awesome. Missed the blower version earlier and was half tempted to get the vac version at $100+. Glad I held off for this better deal:)

  • +1

    The vacuum part of this kinda sucks… its okay for picking up fine particles, but not really great beyond that. Also the rubber intake seal flops so unless you have it vertical, particles can fall out.

    • +2

      Kinda the point buddy

      • r/whoosh

    • so Dyson suction > OPOLAR?

  • This one suck does it not?

    • Yes, but some things can't like a cat or a dog.

  • I tried using a hair dryer on my computer once. Was pretty disappointed - it didn't remove the dust trapped in the heatsink. Bit the bullet and bought this one but I wouldn't be surprised if results were similar. Maybe the output pressure would be higher if the nozzle width could be somehow reduced.

    • +2

      This is much better. I was seriously impressed, it wiped all the dust out of the sinks on my GPU and AIO cooler very quickly. The really caked on stuff on your case might not get dislodged but canned air rarely did that either.

  • How long does the charge last for vacuuming?

  • Does it have type C or micro USB connector?

  • I missed on earlier one. I thought this model is vaccum only. lol

    Ordered one.

  • Great little unit, if you have a use for it. I got the ATenge branded one from Ali for more money than this. Works better than compressed air for cleaning PCs - not as strong but much more constant blast and of course it lasts as long as the battery.

    I've also used it for vacuuming and while it isn't as good as a proper vac, it's surprisingly handy for small jobs and tricky spots.

    Can imagine it's handy for people wanting to clear out sheds of dust, saw dust, cobwebs etc.

  • got it for $66.79, choose usd dollars. Thanks Op, I was thinking about buying a mini vacuum cleaner but didn't expect to get an air duster as well. So very good deal.

    • Extra 1.34 foreign currency transaction fee charged the next day. So a total of 68.13. Did that happen to others?

  • Is this more powerful or the same power as the duster version? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636451

  • Thanks OP. Paid with my Transferwise debit card in USD and cost AUD$66.99 delivered

  • got this for $66.86(by Paypal credit card). Thanks, OP

  • How does the suction on this compare to the Mi Mini Vacuum cleaner? I already have the regular blower and the Mi Vacuum, wondering whether its worthwhile getting a 2 in 1 as well.

  • Anyone know how the blowing power is compared with the one sold at Banggood months ago? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617981

    Understandably it's 60000RPM vs Banggood's 45000RPM, just after some real world feedback. Thanks!

    • +1

      unfortunately can't compare it to that model as i don't have that, but between blowing out pc radiators/keyboards it's held up nicely and although it's not as strong as compresssed air it's more than enough for the things i mentioned

      vacuum's mostly bark no bite, wouldn't really be able to replace anything but is handy due to its size

      • Thanks! I've already got the Banggood one and it's been amazing. Good to know about the vacuum, been looking for a portable one for the car etc.

  • Thanks, got this instead of the other one for increased POWER!!

  • What about the OPOLAR Upgraded Battery Operated Air Duster Vacuum Blower 2 in 1?

    LINK: https://www.opolar.com/collections/air-duster/products/upgra...

    Does anyone know the RPM rating on this one?

    I don't know how the battery can be considered to be upgraded when it is a downgrade from 6000mAh to 4000mAh.

    • Reading your link it says it has a suction of 4KPa under specifications while the one in the deal has an image saying it has a suction of 8000Pa (or 8KPa).

      So it's safe to assume the one you linked is weaker.

  • Just be warned their delivery is appalling. it goes to a physical shop not your home address, and likely you need to pick it up yourself.

    My one went to some random flower shop affiliated with Chinese couriers. They do this to save shipping I got zero notifications last time and lucky I got a tracking number to find out where it went, it said delivered but was never delivered to my home address. It went to this unknown address, and I had to do an extensive amount of searching to find out what that address is and what happened

    • +1

      So how did you end up finding the unknown address? Also since it is marked delivered, how do you prove to the shop you can pick up it?

      • -1

        I had the package with my name and mobile number. I show them my ID.

        This unknown address is just a street number and street name had nothing mention about what store it was. The tracking is of a china courier system, and since I had access to it and matches my name and mobile, they handed it over.

        When its says delivered it means delivered to this shop not your home address, its dodgy. the delivered address ended up being that shop's address, but google doesn;t tell you what is at that address…..i originally thought it was someone else's home….

        They do not deliver to your door. I live in Sydney Metro and a house and yet they still don't deliver and no text message received

        • +7

          They do not deliver to your door. I live in Sydney Metro and a house and yet they still don't deliver and no text message received

          Finding it hard to believe this would be their standard delivery practice.
          No one else has complained about this.

          Since I am using PayPal, if the package is not delivered to my address, the seller will be hit with a dispute.

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: Yep, me too!!!!

          • @DoctorCalculon: Then don't believe. It 100% happened to me that the tracking shows delivered when it hasn't to my address. And no I didn't go PayPal so there was no way of disputing.

            Therefore whoever negged can just rot

        • Did the tracking show delivery to a different address, or just say delivered?

          If the latter, Paypal will try to get out of it. My wife had a parcel that our local Aramax guy decided to just return to DHL depot because he did not want to deliver to parcel locker, the tracking just said "delivered", so my wife had to chase Aramax for proof that they meant delivered to depot. Even with the statement from Aramax Paypal was still insisting on proof from Australia Post which made no sense because Australia Post was not involved at all.

    • If this is true then they should be losing money with Paypal disputes since buyers will 100% win the case (Delivery address should match the one with Paypal's). I think you were in the minority of it and you should use Paypal next time assuming you didn't

    • It's just Aramex delivering it to an alternate drop off point if they can't reach you in your home. Same as AusPost bringing it back to the local post office.

  • Bought three of the duster only type. Why three you may ask. Probably greedy.

    • -1

      So you can flog the other two on eBay?

      • Not really. Will give one to brother and when it comes to tools, I like at least two of everything.

  • Ah pulled the trigger. Hopefully good for dusting Lego and other things.

  • Is this much more powerful than the cheaper one on sale? Don't really need the vacuum option

    • Some Korean guy on YouTube tested it. About 10-15%

      • +1

        Thanks I just saw it, apparently if you take off the vacuum part it's even stronger again, so probably worth getting this one

  • Does anyone know if they are good to clean skirtings specially corners?

  • Thanks OP! Purchased two! :)

  • I've got one, great unit and mine vacuums just fine, use the attachment

  • For those looking at the Blower only version, I posted below on the earlier Blower thread. More as a comparison between it and the Merkmark type of blower. I believe they are more powerful if power is important to you?

    • But is the merkmark more powerful than this one though?

      • My guess around the same being 60000rpm and only noted for those that were looking for the smaller blower only.
        If I didn't already own a blower, i would have jumped on this as vac is a handy addition indeed.

  • Does it have any filter which needs to be changed? If so, how much does it cost and how frequently changed?

  • Thanks doweyy, $66.79 when selecting pay by USD through PayPal rather than the PayPal conversion rate which was $69.89. Time to clean, when it arrives!

  • Thanks for sharing doweyy, this is a great deal and looks like it’s the go for cleaning IT gear.

  • Thanks OP! Bought one to clean the rail/tracks of my Kia Carnival! Dyson didn't have any attachments that fit so hopefully this either sucks it up or blows it out so I can vac it up!

  • Oh come on just brought the dust buster from other deal..

  • Update: Their customer service sucks, I sent a cancellation email to them like 5 mins after I bought the blower only product and jumped on this, and the first order didn't even show in my account while the latter one did (kidda weird). Then this morning they replied to me the item has shipped even without any order confirmation yet. It seems like they deliberateily doing so to ensure no one can cancel their orders as returning takes time and money. Although I think paypal provide free return services? Anyways I have just requested to cancel the latter order as it's still showing "unfulfilled", lets see if they use the same excuse to turn me down.

    FYI, the 50% off prices seems decent for global customers but such discounted prices are actually close to their RRP in China.

    • thats strange i did the same thing ordered the blower only one on the 7th then later that day i decided to cancel it and get the 2 in 1 then i made an account to see if there was some easy way to cancel the blower only one like a cancel button and there wasnt but both orders were showing in my account so i sent an email to cancel it took 2 days but i got confirmation a couple of hours ago that it was cancelled and i would be refunded

  • $67.02 here NAB debit card through paypal. Ordered just then

  • $67.02 with 28degrees through paypal, ordered a minute ago.

  • +1

    Does anyone know, how long this guys take to ship out the orders?

    • +1

      Just got shipping notification for mine, ordered yesterday. Current location Brisbane, using Fastway, expected delivery 15th July southern NSW.

  • Ordered on 7th July 2021. Order still showing as not shipping (and no tracking number provided).
    Has anyone else here had their order shipped by now?

  • -1

    Delivered today… Amazon Prime delivery!

  • Has anyone else actually received a shipping notification email from OPOLAR other than the above person who had it delivered by Amazon Prime? 🤔

      • Thanks.

        So, when did you place your order? Also, did you receive any tracking information before it was delivered by Amazon Prime delivery (Aramex?) ?

        • Ordered just before this deal was posted.. Received Aus Post tracking. It was sent from Redbank, QLD in a usual Amazon prime package from 'Amazon Returns'.

    • I ordered mine on Thursday and i haven't received a shipping confirmation email.

      • I just received the notification from OPOLAR today. It is coming from China via 4PX. So, no Amazon Prime delivery for me.
        Only the folks who ordered early gets such special treatment.

        • you're right. mines the same

        • Same.

  • +1
  • Got my shipping notification last night. Ordered mine about 2 hours before this deal went up. ETA Friday, but looks like coming via Aus Post.

  • I got one of these, is it AU stock?

    • Mine came on the weekend, I most likely yes.

      • Thanks! I was confused because I got the tracking information and it is coming from overseas… :(

        • +1

          There's a possibility they ran out of AU stock, and have to ship from overseas.

          Hopefully this isn't the case for you

  • Was not aware that : Fastway has changed name :

    Sydney / Your shipping information has been submitted to Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers)

  • Mine arrived today from Brisbane Amazon Warehouse.

  • anyone get it delivered by 4PX yet?

  • I got mine delivered, Amazon packaging. Seemed to have been Fastway though.

  • My 4PX is saying - 2021-07-14 11:21SYD / Your consignment has been picked up…
    So its in Sydney but no further tracking since.

    • I got same tracking info, parcel came yesterday, so I guess you will get yours very soon.

    • Got mine today

    • Mine says the same…sounds very haphazard….has been 3 days since arriving in Sydney and still not delivered….

    • Same here… My however also says "2012-07-16 16:39 Arrived at destination facility", right after "2021-07-14 11:21 Your consignment has been picked up"

    • I have the exact same thing. Still haven't gotten the delivery yet

  • I had some strange courier company called Express drop off my package now. Completely out of the blue, and no prior notification.
    The 4px tracking site is so broken. It is still stuck at: SYD / Your consignment has been picked up 2021-07-13 13:31.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know who the last mile delivery partner is?

  • found mine on the doorstep tonight 1st time i got a delivery on a sunday never on a sunday before

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