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Small Optus Data Plan 5GB $7.50/Month (Includes Optus Sport Access, Reverts to $15 after 12 Months) @ Optus (App)


Optus is currently offering 50% off their data sim plans via the Optus app. So the cheapest way to get Optus sports is on their 5GB plan. The plans are also unlimited downloads at 1.5mbs after the limit is reached. So a decent deal for those that want Optus sports.

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        • I've just spoken too Optus chat (just posted below) you can get a Optus post paid data plan as an eSim and your right about calls/sms though you can sms "IN" with data plans they allow this I guess when doing porting, using sms OTP to mobile number attached to data simcard as proof of ownership

          Edit: sorry are you saying above one data simcard/plan attached with both a physical sim and eSim too use on two devices? then of course your right it's one or the other

          Or your iPhone currently has a main physical sim mobile plan and you want too add too the eSim portion of your iPhone a seperate eSim data plan I.e. Dual simcard setup? Well it's not the limitation of your iPhone not allowing dual sim, only allowing single sim either physical or eSim not both, might actually be the issue?

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            @Italkdigital: Nope, my iPad data plan has no options for eSIM online, and speaking to support they say no worries then go to process the request and find out they are unable to as it’s a data sim.
            I’m aware that you can’t run two sims, I run my iPad on wifi at home and wanted the data eSIM as backup data on my iPhone 12.
            Anyway, I had a spare 12 month Optus prepaid sim and activated that and set up using eSIM as a spare data line.

            • @jakeyo: Ok so I guess your saying your iPad is eSim capable but for some reason Optus system doesn't have a provision with data pland too allocate an eSim for your iPad

              I've only experienced an Optus eSim in my Samsung Galaxy Watch, also applied for eSim through the galaxy wear app that's on my Note 10 mobile while connected through Bluetooth too my Note, though the eSim is tied too my Note 10 mobile number called "number share" so technically it's a mobile plan cost on top of $5

              Though when I signed up for that 3 months data plan free offer thingy there certainly was the mention of eSim, well like you said it's in Optus system end the problem with your iPad so have you tried any other methods? well I haven't really looked into it, one is meant too be able too transfer "the plan" from one eSim device too another eSim device again I haven't looked into it maybe there are other ways, I might look into it for my existing data plans but I don't own an eSim iPad only own Samsung devices πŸ‘πŸ˜

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      Yes, it gives you an option when signing up via the app to select esim.

  • This is a targeted offer. Optus does not put the offer publicly.

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      As per the title, it’s via the Optus App. It’s not targeting a group of Optus App users. It’s for all Optus App users.

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        That's right. The Optus App targets existing users. It is a targeted offer.

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          It’s not targeted offer if everyone has access to the same offer. - IMHO

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            @TomGum: "Everyone" not including non-Optus users.

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              @sicaboy: What’s stopping someone buying a cheap prepaid Optus sim and getting the app?

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          do you know where do I click in the optus app to get this offer? I couldn't find it :(

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            @Ti94: Under the "offers" tab at the top.

            • @henrus: Not showing any 50% off offer to me on the Offers tab. May be because I only have NBN but no mobile?

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              @henrus: Thanks heaps! Found it. Can anyone please clarify if we have 2 post paid mobile services with Optus (my wife's and mine), can we downgrade one of the service? (our smaller plan is $39 post paid plan which we want to downgrade to this one in the promotion since we can still data pool with each other. Thanks heaps!

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                @Ti94: This is a data sim plan so it is not wise to downgrade your current voice plan to this one.

                What yo can do is to get one of these sims then ask CS to apply the current 25% discount offer to whatever new plan you choose to go on. I think there is not a big save for you though.

                Alternatively keep an eye out on the 50% off on voice plan Optus did last week, they are likely to do it again. You need to port your number into Optus prepaid and the number will be quality for that deal.

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                  @syswong: ah daarnn I made a mistake. too quick to jump the gun lol. I will read the description more carefully next time. Hopefully they let me cancel the order I made. Cheers

    • Ok didn't realise Optus has a Deals web site/page of course for everyone to view, though I can't see this deal anywhere in there Deal page even hitting the tabs above like tablet, watches etc, well big thankyou to Ozbargainrs helping me find these deals, and thanks OP πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    So what's the point if you should have an active account with optus to get discount!!! That means you already have an account.

    • True I mean I can navigate too this deal from the app, though I doubt anybody would find it without th app unless they really dig into there website so very strange for Optus to do this

      Thought I'd better test before opening my mouth, so from Optus https://www.optus.com.au/ webpage, scroll down hit data plans icon,. yupz no mention of 50% discount for this plan and all other data plans

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    Thanks OP, iPad contract and data sim was due to expire next week so this offer was very timely.

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    Italkdigital, you really need to settle your problem with "to" and "too" lol

    • Majored in maths and science, I'm crap when it comes 2 English, shame predictive text or spell check doesn't helps me out 🀣

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    Ok just spoke too Optus chat,..

    Yupz,.. existing customers can not use this deal to obtain 50% discount on their existing plans, only for applying for new data plans

    Optus agent was willing too start a new extra small data plan for me with the 50% discount and also put on hold activating this plan for 2 months (once my current existing extra small data plan finnishes in 2 months as its tied too a tablet deal), it's been notated on my account

    (Don't know how above would apply too those that aren't with Optus I.e. chatting through Optus app, ok there's their $2 starter kit, currently $1 with free postage, I guess you can use this too setup a prepaid plan and account for life so too use there Optus app for chatting about deals etc,..

    Edit: non Optus customers can message chat through this Optus message weblink also,..

  • would this deal qualify for the cash rewards cash back Postpaid Mobile Broadband (Data Sim Plan) $28.00 if you get the 10% off student code applied later on manually?

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      How would you click through cashrewards if the offer is via the app?

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        Umm interesting thought I'd search Optus in cashrewards, current cash back deals are ..

        4G Home Internet: $70.00
        NBN Home Internet: $63.00
        Postpaid Mobile - Handset & SIM Plans: $55.00
        Postpaid Mobile Broadband (Device & Data Sim Plan): $55.00
        Postpaid Mobile - SIM Only Plans: $30.00
        Postpaid Mobile Broadband (Data Sim Plan): $28.00

        Don't know if this 50% discount data plan deal would qualify for cash back for 4G Internet @ $70 or Postpaid Mobile Broadband (Data Sim Plan) @ $28.00, I'd prefer the first

        Ok without at this stage navigating too this deal through the cash reward app, so navigating through a web browser (while logged into my account) Optus will bring me too a web page suggesting me too use Optus app or goto to deals webpage link and as I've stated before from the deals page no mention of this deal at all, here is link from app though I had too remove token in web link

        I'll see if some how I can navigate too this deal without using the Optus app and then one might be able too get cash back from cash rewards, maybe no guarantees either

        Edit: give up I doubt it's possible 🀣😜

    • You have too apply 10% off student discount at time of signing up an can't do it later manually

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    $55 by aim plan for mobile phone reduced to $44 for 12 months. 80gb data.

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      Sorry. BYO sim plan.

    • AIM Plan?

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    GOOD deal if you're also an EPL fan but they've lost uefa club competitions rights… it's starting to become annoying now you've gotta get Stan, kayo/bein sports, optus and paramount plus if you are a football fan. It's at a point where if any half decent Russian Chinese pirate streaming site offers a 100% stable pirate stream even in 720p I'd rather pay for that with / in crypto and be a pirate. It's just non sense all these streaming (movies/ shows/sports) services. We've come a full circle… it really now is "the good old days" when it comes to the old 5 tv channels we used to have. Sure we had 10x less sports but it's all we had and we were happy coz everyone got to see and talk about the same thing at school the next day.

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      yup, looks like I'm back to pirating UCL…..

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      The sucking part is there is no such capacity to support these type of subscription in Australia. So all these company fight for and pay for these rights for nothing. No one will pay to get all these streaming, the best will be Kayo subscribers watching whatever is there and the hardcore fans will either get it from pirate stream or VPN to an off shore steam services.

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    Target offer? I don't see it in My Optus app.

    • Try updating the app or try going to the offers section and keep swiping left on the first offer.

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    those with a second plan (like the lucky ones on the free data plan for 3 months) can ask for 25% discount on this deal via chat and then sign up there for this offer as chat rep should be able to see the offer is on your app. i told them to put a note on my account and will apply via chat on the last day of the month as i want to spread out the 2 other credit checks i did last month. if successful it will bring down plan to $5.62 per month. not sure if i can push them for another 10% discount if i give them the student emailed code at the same time or maybe its best i wait until i receive the sim and then try to get the student code applied to it then.

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      Are you able to explain what you would say to the chat rep to apply the 25% discount when there is a 50% on offer? I have the Optus 3 month free offer, and would like to know just in case I myself take on this offer.

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        i logged onto my account and did web chat with rep specialist as i was charged 10 cent for a rogue sms so i asked if he could put a block on my accounts to bar sms and mms and refund the 10 cent. He then offered to review my accounts to see if i was getting the best value . i told him i was interested in the data sim plan for $7.50 offer in my app. He said he could see that offer on my account and offered me a 25% discount if i signed up on the spot. I told him im not ready to sign up now only on july 31st . he offered to put a note on account so next chat rep will apply the 25% discount.

    • Reckon best to use any discounts on any second plans on a more expensive plans like Optus's mobile plans starting from $45

      $45 plan with 20gb data Γ— 25%,… discount = $11.25
      $55 plan with 80gb data Γ— 25%,… discount = $13.75
      $65 plan with 200gb data Γ— 25%,… discount = $16.25

      but maybe your using Optus for just there data plans, $2 - $3 more discount I guess is better then nothing :)

      that Optus free data plan for 3 months was so easy to do I decided to order 3x of them, hope it happens every EOFY

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        I contacted Optus. If we have only data plan, new plan is not eligible for 25% off as second service. It means that Optus doesn’t accept data sim plan as first service for 25% OFF.
        They said only Mobile plan and Home broadband plan are eligible for 25% OFF second service.

        As I have data plan with iPad, I asked iPhone 12 ($350 OFF) with 25% off as second service. But Optus confirmed I need mobile phone plan (inc Sim plan) or home broadband.

        Therefore, as you said, if we have this data plan, we can’t get 25% off for other plan.

        I confirmed this with two Optus sales reps and one supervisor.

        • Yeah I tried a similar deal while back, too add a mobile deal they had I think there $115 mobile plan with 500gb (not listed anymore) which was heavily discounted too $65 for 12 months, tried too add this with 25% discount (well actually I tried 50% first deal that was on offer then) on top as another 2nd well 3rd mobile plan and definitely they wouldn't do it since the plan was already heavily discounted at $65

          Why if your using this 25% discount on a second plan is too do it on your most expensive plan, usually it be one of the mobile plans now starting at $45 and make first plan cheapest data plan the $15 extra small data plan of course at full price too qualify for discount of 25% on second plan, And great the 25% discount on more expensive second plan will or almost pay for first plan,.. why I did it this way for myself and both sims are data shared, my first plan is my home internet in a 4G/5G modem

          And noticed someone here then managed afterwards too get there existing extra small data plan (first plan) at $15 too this deal of $7.50

          Again as I've said before its really depends who you too speak too on Optus chat that knows or will allow any of these extra deals on top of any other deals, I'll be trying in 2 months time with my $15 extra small data plan too bring it with this deal to $7.50 as chat has noted this in my account, just waiting 2 months as I have a tablet deal attached too my extra small data plan which finnishes in 2 months

  • Some of the comment really gets to me….. So people expect telco to give you more discount on a data plan that is already discounted by 50%? Then expected it comes with free premium sports and lets you run your 4K streaming non stop? People just think!! Think for 1 minute if you are the Telco, how are you going to maintain your margin with customer mind set like this?

    Don't get me wrong, I think Optus' standard pricing is an absolute rip off amount the big three. May be they think people will pay for their extortion price because of Optus sports which I think they calculated wrong. So they are now slowly moving back to discounting plans. Their recent round of deals are not bad. In my case I have secure 700G of data pool between three lines for $100 in the next three months. I don't even use that much and I don't have NBN. I am sure in this three months Optus will have other deal so I can keep circulating the three lines with deals to maintain a reasonable data pool.

    Speaking of extortion price for sports TV. I notice the comment on Optus losing UEFA events….. I always question the profitability of sports tv in Australia. Aussies are so glued to their League and and AFL so don't think they care much about the soccer. Yes there are soccer fans but is there enough to sustain the broadcast right fee (They are really expensive!!), not to mention fans are much smarter these days and they can use offshore streaming via VPN.

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      What service are people using to watch PL, UCL, maybe Europa? Is there similar to Optus sport overseas somewhere I can use my VPN?

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        Every country free to air TV provides some coverage of their local soccer league. Just like how we have free NRL and AFL. So it's a matter of you being correctly geolocated. VPN usually works.

        If you are specifically asking the Euro final, both BBC and ITV will air it.

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    @syswong Now don't you agree Ozbargain would be a pointless site too visit if there weren't users like coolsteps chasing another 25% off an already 50% discounted deal to save just another $2 to $3 per month, ok probably most would see this as crazy but most of us are here "for the fun" of getting the deal even if the deal is only for a few dollars savings

    Optus yearly revenue published on 27th of May was $15.64 billion yupz billions (down 5% cause of the covid situation)
    Funny enough Optus started up a MVNO called Gomo mobile (lowest mobile plan $15 for 8gb) and they are or have bought out MVNO Amaysim

    So yupz ones certainly gotta feel guilty, reducing Optus's profit margins by chasing a 25% discount deal

    Actually I have sleepless nights over it anyone else?, why I'm posting this at 6:30 in the morning, anyway I also love a rant so keep at it (and gave you an up vote), so my 2 cents on these matters πŸ˜πŸ‘

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      Well everyone's need is different and that is how MVNO become so popular. Say you can't ditch NBN and you want your mobile to have included IDD, MVNO gives you that option at a very low price. On the other hand you want a big pool of data to share and don't want to look for hotspot all the time (and cut your NBN!!), only the big three can give you that. Also it has been well know that the big three is not interested in keeping low spender in their core business but that doesn't mean they are not doing business in that market.

      I don't think there is anything wrong of bargain hunting. I just feel there should be a line to draw. When someone offer a $7.5 data plan with endless data and people still try to milk more out of it or complain about its feature, I think the line is crossed. Just like how the countless people trying to milk a phone out of JB and TGG.

    • +1

      @Italkdigital: Definitely appreciate all your posts and information mate! @syswong is allowed to draw the line wherever they please, and fellow hardcore 'bargain-gamers' like you and me are allowed to spend hours chasing an extra $1 or $2 savings haha ;)

      • Yeah sometimes I'll over do it (literally lolz), well Ozbargain is great place too share ones knowledge of a subject or something you use like having plans for years with Optus and sharing the tricks ones learnt over the years to get better deals, I certainly don't feel guilty getting next too nothing or free or even better cash backs with Optus or any other Telco (Telstra been the best over 10 years by far), and amazes me when someone on here gets a better deal I thought wasn't possible,.. well all the fun of being here on Ozbargain so all good πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ€‘πŸ˜œπŸ€£πŸ€ͺ

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    Just messaged Optus and they offered me $5 a month with β€œan extra 10 gig”. Not sure if this will actually come out as 10 gig or 15gig. But I’m happy.

    I’m on a business plan so thought not eligible, but I thought I’d ask anyway. I messaged asking if I could have the $7.50 plan, as I’m mostly at home and thinking of canceling my data plan, but would stay if a bit cheaper. I was surprised they immediately said yes. Then went away to arrange it.

    Rep came back saying that for being a loyal customer he would instead give me $10 a month discount and an extra 10gig for 12 months!

    Pretty pleased about that.

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      Lucky you, they just tell me there is no such offer. Max they can do is 20%off

      • @tai gui le,.. Is that $10 discount (brings your data plan too $5) only discounted only for 12 months? Or forever? Well bonus if forever and great effort on your part πŸ‘πŸ˜

        @kenison,..I think it's which Optus rep you talk to, maybe it's best too talk to a rep during the day hopefully will talk to a rep in Australia, might try this on my current extra small data plan in 2 months time when it's finnished tied too my tablet deal

        • +1

          $5 for 12 months the rep said.
          Hoping in 12 months, I can ask if they'll continue it. :)

          • @tai gui le: I doubt it but I'm sure all these big deals from Optus is too lure more people into there system (and word of mouth is also powerful advertising), especially the free deals, though of course no harm trying and I reckon it will come down too who you speak on chat, also I'm sure Optus will have a similar deal you can play around with on this data plan you have (interesting to see what they do with the 3 months data plan thingy they offered for EOFY in before 3 months time when people decide too cancel this plan) think this time around as usually these type of deals were in the past aimed towards only new customers and I'd say Optus has learnt to offer to everyone including there existing customers so not too piss anyone off and loose there customer base

            Ok I need a break from OzBargain lol

            Enjoy πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    @everyone,.. those that decide too keep there Optus data plan forever (like me), look at the Optus tablets deals (or watches) for example the Samsung A7 10.4", deal is $5 per month over 36 months (=$180) or better $7.50 per month for 24 months (again =$180),
    Here is Optus A7 deal,.. https://www.optus.com.au/mobile/tablets/samsung/tab-a7
    Though too qualify for this deal the tablet needs too be tied too a data plan (new or existing, you'll need to speak too chat for existing), since one already is keeping there data plan like I did I tied the tablet deal with my existing extra small data plan (so no extra cost for purchasing a data plan since its existing and I'm keeping long term, mind you the 25% discount for "my second mobile plan of $50", discount =$12.50 covers almost most of my data plan costs of $15, so $15 - $12.50 = $2.50 for my data plan, depends which way you look at it),

    Though note I'm paying full price of $15 for my extra small data plan so don't know if they'll tie the tablet deal with a heavly discounted existing data plan, anyway I got the A7 series 10" tablet which I sold straight away on eBay for a profit, mind you all these Optus tablets are 4G capable (simcard, not just wifi) so are more expensive, just searched Google a A7 10.4" non 4g (wifi only) on Amazon is $350, The 4G/wifi A7 10.4" version at Jbhifi is over $500 what Optus is offering the 4g/wifi version, so around $300+ savings/difference and you get too pay it off over 24 months or 36 months, though if you cancel your data plan then it could effect the big discount on your tablet deal and you'll have too pay out the remaining owing off the tablet (speak to chat about costs for early cancellation of data plan), so this is best for those that will keep there data plan for long term 24 months or more, bonus if you actually need a tablet, I decided too sell mine new straight away too profit

    Sorry, hope everyone understands what I've just postedπŸ‘πŸ˜

    • If it was $7.50 per month for 24 months, it was a good deal! The price has increased now though.

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    Can someone please let me know how I can watch Brazil vs Argentina game live without subscribing to optus sports ? I don’t get to stay up all night for the games just watch occasional games happy to do VPN etc please let me know. Inbox me etc.
    My friends overseas pay peanuts for all sports but we pay premium for everything

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      Okay no replies

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        Here's the list of Free To Air stations in Brazil,..

        Not sure which station would be covering the game, probably search each station TV guide there ain't many FTA stations like we have so should be easy I guess 😁, then see the station broadcasting this game website too see what's the app or weblink they use to broadcast over the Web of course at this point is were you start using your VPN for Brazil so their app/website thinks your in Brazil

        Never done this before just assuming most of the above, good luck

        Do reply how you went, enjoy πŸ‘πŸ˜

        Edit: VPNPro has Brazil (hopefully still free)

        Few links that might help you,..

        Ok https://www.fubo.tv/ has a free 7 day trial set your VPN for USA and use clean browser

        Or BBC Iplayer (VPN set too UK)
        (Looks like iplayer is free just need too register, hopefully BBC broadcasts the game, Wimbledon is showing)

        Game on there sort of TV guide and states being viewed on iplayer, though on Sunday, maybe time difference with Brazil? States "Copa America"
        Guide listing all soccer games

        And be viewed on BBC sports Android app

        Best two sites I could find, enjoy

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          What a lot of trouble you went to, how kind of you :)

          • +1

            @corky: BBC Sports Android app seems too be the best method, well it seems to be free unless someone can suggest a better method, certainly one needs a very fast internet connection when using a free VPN, why I guess people pay for a good fast VPN

        • +1

          Thank you so much.
          Unfortunately I have Apple devices can I get some options ?
          Also which VPN should I use there’s so many ? Again for Apple please

          • +1

            @justanick: The VPNs I have in my Android Note 10 plus that are free or were free when I installed them,..
            VPN Pro

            Hopefully you find some of these VPNs in the Apple IOS store

            BBC iplayer app should be in the Apple store for iPhones/iPads, I guess use a VPN when searching the store and using the app

            • +1

              @Italkdigital: Thank you Sir. I’ve searched for the vpns none of them are free in Apple site but the search is ongoing. Sadly iplayer is not there in Apple store. I might have to use VPN.

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                @justanick: My guess as cause Apple is very restrictive why you won't find these free VPNs or any free VPNs,.. well can you see a paid VPN in the Apple store???

                I know this is a mess around, probably worth to by a cheap cheap Androind phone too slip your simcard into for these type of moments,.. well if you have a spare data sim slip that into cheap Android mobile and install a VPN etc in it and wifi hotspot too your Iphone though why isn't the BBC iplayer showing in the app store? Ok maybe like you said need too use a VPN too navigate through Apple UK app store too find the BBC iplayer app

                Edit: BBC sport official web site looks almost exactly as there app, probably your only solution πŸ‘

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                @justanick: VPN deal just posted on Ozbargain with title,..

                FastestVPN Lifetime Subscription (15 Devices) + 1 Year of Internxt 2TB Cloud Storage US$18 (A$24.04) @ FastestVPN


                And do let us know how really fast it is if by chance you use them πŸ‘πŸ˜

                Another VPN I'm trying out "CloudFlare" which is the name of the maker of app in Android store,.. app is called,..

       Faster & Safer Internet


                EDIT: Another VPN posted on Ozbargain it's paid but has 7 day trial, seems to be an Australian one or setup from Victoria and NSW, so this might be a fast one for Australians


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                  @Italkdigital: Thank you so much. So if I get the VPN the nexts steps are go to Apple App Store and look for bbc iplayer ? Do I change my App Store country ?
                  I like to watch the games on my iPad and then stream on tv.

                  Also is bbc iplayer free ?

                  • +1

                    @justanick: Not sure (as I'm Android devices here) either way you'll find out the hard way or as I posted above, BBC sport official web site looks almost exactly as there Android app, probably your only solution πŸ‘
                    Copa America 2021 final: Argentina v Brazil https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57776158

                    Edit: Yes too,.. if it's possible to change country in Apple store and Yes use your VPN too

                    NordVPN 2 Year Plan offer just posted on Ozbargain,..

                    • +1

                      @Italkdigital: Thank you so much sir!
                      I’m on it now will report back on nordvpn

                    • +1

                      @Italkdigital: Mate let me report back. I am using NordVPN and BBC iPlayer and now watching tennis live. It works amazing on my iPad. Thank you so much for your help and support.

                      Now the only issue is I cannot airplay or steam it on my Samsung TV. I can mirror everything except when I am connected through VPN.

                      • @justanick: Simple buy a Samsung device works perfect for Samsung TV'S πŸ‘πŸ˜

                        Edit: do other apps work with airplay too your TV? Well I'm guessing you might need your TV through a VPN also, if you want BBC iplayer too work

                        if your internet connection is through the NBN (fixed home internet) of course you'll have too setup the VPN in the NBN modem,..

                        Or its great to have a mobile device that can share a wifi connection as a wifi hotspot (like a wifi extender,.. not just sharing a 4G/5G connection)
                        Why I love the my Note 9 and also same feature on my Note 10 plus we're I can connect too my home fixed wifi then share/broadcast that wifi connection through hot spotting "to example a wifi TV or my Tablet" (most mobiles only share a 4G/5G connection), it's a great feature as I can run my VPN within my Note 10 plus mobile so my TV will get a VPN internet connection from original source my wifi NBN home fixed connection, so my Note 10 plus acts as a go between between my wifi TV and fixed home internet and my Note 10 plus runs the VPN, the Note 9/10 have two wifi radios built into them why this works, again awesome feature

                        Edit: Wondering if this feature is in other expensive Android mobiles,. I'd love too know πŸ‘

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                          @Italkdigital: Thanks how do I install VPN on my Samsung TV ? Everything works perfectly with airplay except when I connect VPN. After connecting the VPN I can only AirPlay Home Screen (wallpaper) and my device keeps locking itself. Weird.
                          The NBN modem I have TPG connection and their modem. How can I setup VPN there ?
                          Ideally I just want to mirror from my iPad

                          • +1

                            @justanick: Lengthy process how too setup a VPN in your TPG modem, just download the manual for your modem and it will explain everything (but it's not a difficult process)

                            I doubt there is an option too install a VPN in your Samsung TV, but maybe since (I think) you can install Android apps on a SamsungTV you can install anything from there store, I.e a VPN app, so Google "how too install VPN or VPN app on my Samsung TV, model etc, or download manual"

                            But as your already experiencing issues, it's best too install a VPN at the source, which provides same wifi network for both your phone and TV through wifi connection, (I.e your TPG modem, your home internet connection) both devices need too be on the same wifi network for airplay too work, airplay is like Google casting, your telling your TV with the app you've chosen to start downloading/streaming the channel/stream on its own (run app on its own) without the need of your phone, so if your TV doesn't have a VPN or it's internet source your TPG modem then BBC app is not going too work (if it requires a VPN to work in Australia), your only option is too mirror the app from your phone too your TV, yes it's not going too be as good as google casting/airplay

          • @justanick: Anybody worked out the time in Australia when this soccer game is playing LIVE . between Argentina vs Brazil

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    https://colesmobile.com.au/Mobile-Plans $119 120gb + calls & text

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip - currently down to $99.

      Would that work in an iPad though? There seem to be all sorts of artificial limitations when it comes to data.

      • +1

        Well, according to their online support, it will work in any mobile device.

      • +1

        Correction, $99 (until 27 July) gets you 60GB. The 120GB plan is $150.

      • +1

        $99 (until 27 July) gets you 60GB. The 120GB plan is $150

        I'm sure there are better plans

        example .. Felix mobile $35 per month, with usual unlimited calls/sms etc, also unlimited data (though speed capped at reasonable 20 Mbps), personally reckon its better but it's Vodafone network so certainly not for everyone, posted here on Ozbargain link below and welcome too use my referal code so PM me, free for one month so equates too $17.50 per month over 2 months for those that want too try them out

        People are also using this plan purely for its data only in a 4G modem as it has unlimited data

        • Felix is great, made use of the free 1 month promo last time.
          Only for new customers sadly, so I couldn't do it again, even after 3-4 months gap, as a rep mention in another post when I asked.

          It's not like Kogan which has a 30-31? days before becoming a "new user" again, maxed at 5 accounts.
          My 2 sims (30 & 90 days) have just expired this month and last.

  • +1

    Anyone received theirs yet?

    • I'm enjoying faster speeds

      Just a heads up as this has now happened twice too me, well I've used up all my allocated data so my Optus data plan has been speed limited to 1.5 Mbps for a few weeks now, but decided to jump onto the Optus app tonight and it's down for servicing (and bit of a hunch) just noticed my plan again speed limiting is off, it's running at full speed when it shouldn't be

      Anyone else notice this, when Optus does servicing for there App and other services the speed limiting cap is switched off/removed temporarily?

      • +1

        This hasn't happened to me yet. I have multiple broadband services with them, but none of them have switched from unlimited data.

        • +2

          Been experimentaing with different modems and mobiles, as funny it only works "uncapped full data speeds" with my Optus data simcard in my 5G Telstra Wifi Pro mu500 modem) as a 4G connection and while using the ethernet port of that modem (with my PC) as Wifi hotspotting too my mobile won't work at all with that 5G modem and I tried Wifi hot spotting with a generic 4g modem and same deal it won't work at high uncapped speeds (while data plan speeds is capped), I'm guessing Optus system can see if ones Wifi hotspotting or how ones device is connected to there system (ethernet they've missed or is glitch in there system as no one really has/uses), anyway its back too capped speeds and only seems too happen when there servicing there Optus App or services over night, well I managed about 40gb downloading over night downloading steam games, so now has happened twice for me, I'll keep yous updated if yous want the third time it happens if Optus decides to do servicing over night againπŸ‘

  • i had chat with a different rep today totally unhelpful didn't want to apply the 25% off and said that was for voice only. i have to try and find the chat transcript of other rep. luckily they have extended promo expiry to 8th august op please update date. anyone get 25% off as a second plan on this as its a data sim?

    • My 25% discount is on my mobile plan and I was told couple years back the 25% is for a second plan and needs to be a mobile plan as my first plan is a data plan, considering my mobile plan is the more expensive plan we'll it works out better for me to discount my more expensive mobile plan actually the discount almost pays my data plan

  • +1

    This deal is still ongoing but can only be seen through the Optus app unless someones got a direct link

    Also few other Optus deals to consider

    • Thanks. The unlimited downloads at 1.5mbs is very attractive to me. Thinking about getting a cheap SIM to sign up.

      • +1

        Search Optus in Ozbargain there are other deals one can mix like having your second mobile too your first data plan at 25% off as an example

  • I seem to be having trouble in the Android My Optus app.
    I can see the offer, but when I tap on it I get "loading.." some bouncing balls then.. nothing.
    I've tried a few devices, rebooting, updating etc. Anyone know how to redeem this offer?

    • +2

      I ended up sorting it out through messaging

  • +2

    looks like today is the last day to order it via the app so ill have another go via chat.

  • Does anyone know if this deal is still available? I'm not an Optus customer but would like to get it. Thanks in advance .

    • Finished yesterday unfortunately

      • thank you

        • +1

          I just checked my app and the same offer is on again till the 22nd, must be popular

          • @corky: Oh great thanks… that really helps. I guess I'll have to get a temp prepaid service so i can use the app.

          • +2

            @corky: I can confirm I was able to get this offer today over the chat window with Optus. They are sending out a new SIM with this activated and I currently don't have any other services with them. Thanks OP and corky… this is a great deal

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