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Small Optus Data Plan 5GB $7.50/Month (Includes Optus Sport Access, Reverts to $15 after 12 Months) @ Optus (App)


Optus is currently offering 50% off their data sim plans via the Optus app. So the cheapest way to get Optus sports is on their 5GB plan. The plans are also unlimited downloads at 1.5mbs after the limit is reached. So a decent deal for those that want Optus sports.

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            • @DDozBargain: That's great, always nice to get a bargain

            • @DDozBargain: Can I just confirm you did this via website chat, and didnt need to buy anything else from Optus at the same time? Did they sign you up for Optus Sport during the purchase like you can on the website?

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    Offer has been extended to the 5th of September.

  • Noob question but where do I go to add a new plan in the my Optus app?
    (existing customer)

    • Hit the "For You" tab on bottom off app
      Then "Offers" tab on top
      Optus deals are here but funny it will open a browser but I guess these are deals through the my Optus app

      Or chat is your other pain free option, that was sarcasm lolz well depends who you talk too πŸ‘πŸ€£

  • Went on Optus chat and the offer ended yesterday and I also checked on the app and the offer went away and it’s back to $15

  • A bit confusing because it was definitely missing from the app yesterday. Appears to be back today, still expiring on September 5th.

    Took a screenshot in case it helps anyone out.

    • Can you send me the exact link of that page you were on?
      Looks like Optus customer service lied to me.

      • Some can be Opeless πŸ‘πŸ€£

  • Have tried Live Chat multiple times with no success (not an existing Optus customer).

    • Some people have just bought and activated a $2 prepaid sim and gone from there to get it

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        I actually got a free 7 day Optus flex plan so didn't even need the $2 sim

        • How did you get that?

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