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DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine (Black) $179.15 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


Haven't seen this popular coffee machine this low in a while (usually $199 at best nowadays) so decided it deserves its own post. Price is $169.15 with $10 postage. Pairing with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro for $264.15 could make for a decent setup.

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  • +5

    We have this exact machine and the Breville smart grinder pro you recommended. Both good (the machine we got for free but works well).

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      Thanks for the feedback. Have the machine and looking to upgrade my grinder to the SGP since getting a bottomless portafilter and unpressurised basket. Glad to hear they pair well

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        I have this exact setup, and the coffee is really good. The only let down is the milk steamer, otherwise 10/10 coffee in my book

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          I have recently removed the plastic part of the milk steamer and now just using the rubber nozzle to steam the milk and getting better results. Just use my finger to hold it on otherwise it will blast off in the process, probably need to figure out another method to hold it in place

        • Same here. Aldi has a Delonghi machine in stores now for $150 (although they maybe sold out) which I replaced it with

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          I replaced the steam wand with a Rancilio Silvia steam wand, works VERY well!
          Followed this video:

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            @albot: +1 for this. not too hard in the end and works a treat.

    • Very happy with this combination :)

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    This is an awesome machine. Had it for almost three years and use it daily. Highly recommend getting a standard filter basket to replace the basket with rubber gasket. Get a knock box and tamper from Amazon, and a Breville grinder. We got the BCG450 conical burr grinder from gumtree and modified it to an even finer grind. Really happy with this setup.

      • upgrade the steam wand to a rancilio unit!
    • what basket did you get?

      • You just need a standard 51mm filter basket. But bear in mind you will need to unscrew the black plastic attachment at the bottom of the portafilter to fit (depth) the standard basket.

        • +1

          Just cut off about 11mm from the top. Screw back in, easy.

          The rubber gasket kept coming out in the knock box. You can try the new filter and if you don’t like it, the old version still works.

      • +1
        • Ordered, will give it a shot. Sick of my machine dying with my pressurised stock basket.

          • @bboT: I have the very same setup.
            Make sure to get a distributor like this to pair unpressurized filter basket. I had a steel flat tamper already but much better result is ensured with this small additional tool.

            • @sunnyskyu: Did you find it that much better? I found I can get it pretty darn level with the regular steel tamper

          • @bboT: a bit late but I would say dont buy that basket.
            You see the number 2 - engraving on the inside? That will make your tamper get stuck and its very very annoying.
            I had the same machine and bought the same chinese make basket.

            • @yama131: Doesn't seem to be causing me any problem. But it's a huge basket compared to even the double shot it comes with, is this normal?

              I have a distributor/tamper already.

        • Yeah. The new basket was $5 so you either do that and cut the internal plastic part or spend $30 for this.

  • +2

    I bought this one for my Mum, and I'm afraid we've gone through two. They've been under warranty, but each time we run into the same issue - it simply stops pumping water through the basket. It'll run fine if nothing is in the basket, but as soon as you put coffee in - bam, it's stuck.
    The first one went to a coffee repairer, who couldn't fix it and we got a replacement under warranty. Now, the second one broke just a week ago and is also back at the coffee repairer shop.

    I have no idea why, or if there's something wrong with us or the machine. Either way, it is fantastic when it works, but seemingly unreliable. Looking for recommendations for a replacement :)

    • +9

      I'm not an expert, but I have worked in coffee shops for the first 6 years of my career but it sounds like you might be putting in too much coffee in the basket or tamping too hard

      • Thanks, I should have clarified, we did try a lot of things out. Less coffee, different brand of coffee, not tamping too hard. None of it fixed it, though I'm not sure that if once it's broken, changing things up will fix it.
        I do suspect that a very fine grind could cause the issue, but we don't grind our own and just buy lavazza Oro pre ground.

        With the first machine, it broke not long after we opened new lavazza pack, and this one after my sister brought a blend from a coffee shop where they grind for you and we tried it for a fortnight or so.

        If it is us, I guess I would want to know if it is reversable (the coffee repairer couldn't fix it) or if such a small differentiation in granule size (if you stick to a brand like lavazza) could cause the issue.

        • I think it's the grind, I experimented with my Breville Grinder and setting it too fine would cause this issue, it could barely get any liquid through. Setting it to the recommended Espresso level with the Breville works perfectly and makes nice strong coffee.

    • +4

      My intuition it is the grind size messing with the pressure of the machine, and over time pump failing.
      What type of beans are you using - perhaps it is too fine? I had a similar issue with a delonghi not too long ago.

      My recommendation to replace this machine would be a Breville Bambino / Bambino Plus - but you're looking at a starting point of ~$300.
      The bambino in features trumps this machine.

      • Thanks, I was thinking the bambino, but we have narrow bench space, so size is important here :) have to see one in the shop.

        Yes, I suspected the bean grain size too, but as I wrote above, we don't grind our own, just use pre ground lavazza Oro. Perhaps it just doesn't suit the machine, which seems like a pretty fatal flaw nonetheless!!

        • also when was the machine last descaled?
          given you're in Melbourne it shouldn't need it too often, but that is the first question i got asked by my tech.

    • +1

      It happened to mine the model one I got from Amazon. It was under 30 days, sent it back got another one. The same thing happened. I did a bit of research found out when using my Breville Pro grinder I had my grinding settings at a powdery level. It was under #10 on my grind setting. I managed to increase it to 20 slightly better. If I am to tamp coffee in the portafilter that makes it harder to get the extraction from the basket. I lowered my tamping pressure that worked. I never had an issue afterward since 2017.

      • +1

        Second this. I'm still using the stock pressurized portafilter and to get good crema, I have to vary my grinder settings. E.g. limebluecoffee's peaberry: #22, arjo's single origin: #17. And I only apply a slight tamping pressure - any more pressure and the extraction slows right down to a drip.

    • It may be an issue with your particular machine, but trial and error won't hurt (apart from a bit of coffee wastage). Try changing one independent variable at a time i.e. increase grind size and keep the rest the same (or change tamp pressure or dose size) and see if water comes through.

      • Thanks, can't do much now while it's at the repairer, and as I said, we don't grind our own so testing different grain size is difficult. However, I'm interested to see what the repairer says when we hear back. I'll have to ask what they tried.

    • Yeah definitely grinding too fine. This is a very low-cost (read cheap) machine and won't be able to deal with superfine grinds. It'll "choke" until you give it coarser beans. Same thing if you go and tamp too hard. Basically the joys having a ~$100 coffee machine ey. Save your money and get a Bialetti stovetop Moka pot instead lol

      • Yep, stove top coffee in the meantime.
        It's frustrating that an ordinary commercial blend like lavazza could stuff the machine up…if I ground my own yes, but stuff from the shop. Hmm….

        • +1

          There it is! Store bought pre-ground is like powder. Way too fine for this! TBH there is no use-case for using that rubbish - cheap appliances can't push water through it and expensive machines.. Well why would you use already stale coffee in an expensive machine?

          Do yourself a favour and get rid of the pressurised basket if you are using that. It demands higher machine pressure to push everything through a single tiny hole. Buy the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. This is the best home-consumer level grinder for coffee appliances. Grinder is more important than coffee machine (or appliance in this case as you can hardly call the delonghi a machine). Use freshly ground coffee. TBH you'll struggle to do much better than a Moka pot for any espresso appliance under $700. Also look up WDT preparation method as that all helps get a good extraction.

          • @sAmiZZle: The SGP is a big boi though. Half the reason I got this machine is because it's compact…

            • @bboT: Ahhh that's a conundrum then :/…. Have a look at it's competitors and you may find something. I've just upgraded my machine and grinder. While it is smaller than the Breville (and also about 5 times better), they start getting super exxy. Sooo I don't know if I can recommend anything here. You want something ideally with a flat or Conical burr. None of this spice grinder crap lol

    • As the other's have I would be checking the grind size, amount of coffee in your basket, and the tamp pressure before doing anything.

      Get yourself some cheap beans (Aldi or Coles) and change one thing at a time till you see if the machine works.

      That being said your repairer should also be telling you this info

      • That's the bit that gets me, surely if it was us, the repairer would have tried out a few different grain sizes to get it to work?

        As I mentioned, we only use lavazza Oro, so we don't have a grinder.

        I'm interested to read in the comment above that giving it a coarser blend would 'unstick it' though I can't try right now as it's still at the repairer! All this advice is great though, kind of confirms what I researched in the first place, though still unsure if it would actually fix itself on coarser blend.

        Then of course, it's be a case of deciding what to do will our remaining lavazza!

        • It's hard to say what will happen because using too fine a bean or too much could have damaged the pump (but it's strange that it works with nothing in the portafilter though).

          Pre-ground beans are normally cut coarser than when you grind it yourself so it could be too much coffee in the portafilter or tamping too hard

        • Also for future reference this is one of the smallest grinders you can get which is actually good quality:

          I have only just replaced mine (after 7 years of use)

    • It's a common issue with this machine. It took fine grind (size 14 with Breville Smart Grinder Pro) when I first got it. Now it won't even cope with size 24. The filter just gets blocked. I have to use a bottomless portafilter.

      • Oh, good to know that you fixed it though. What bottomless portafilter did you get, if I may ask?

      • -1

        I'm surprised a bottomless portafilter makes a difference since there is little to no pressure being added with a bottom. You can also clean the showerhead and gasket area as oils and coffee grounds can get stuck there after a period of use

        • It does, and it also takes more grind (I typically use 14g). The pressurized basket struggles with 10g.

          • @DisabledUser27274: Yeah, I go for 17g basket and generally dose 18g (barista shot?)

            • @Dbuiz: For me 14g is perfect for a double shot

    • My large basket clogged recently. Try your other basket or soak it in CLR. I thought my machine was broken too until I tried the other basket.

    • I had the same issue with mine. It just won't work with finer grind settings and with coarse grind the coffee wasn't good enough.
      Ended up getting a sunbeam and very happy with it. It can do finer ground and the frother is so much better too.

    • Agree with others here, happens with my Sunbeam as well, found 3 causes - Finer grinds(25secs grind works well for mine), Trying to pack all the Coffee that I grind(more coffee) or Hard Tampering, it could be either one or in any combination, the batch in the basket goes to waste but works next time if I take care of these 3 things.

    • +1

      There’s a coffee granule blocking the small hole between the hole and the rubber gasket.

    • +1

      If you are using the original pressurised basket, they could become blocked with fine coffee grinds - have you checked the pinhole exit to see?
      Using an unpressurised basket would solve this, and (with fresh beans) give you better tasting coffee to boot.

  • I got one of these they are very good for the price.

  • Got one for this price last month. Great machine for the price. Make about 3 or 4 coffees a day with it.

  • I've had one before. Overall it is good, especially for the price. As far as I remember, it uses a pressurised basket, so the grinder is not so important.

  • Like everyone says really good machine, had the old version of the same, which had a terrible milk wand but now have the current model and the wand makes great milk too !

  • +1

    had one for about an year now, can't complain but we mostly use it to make black coffee and hardly use it with milk.

  • +2

    Why they don't reduce the price on Metalic :(

  • Very good product!

  • I got mine near the beginning of lockdown and love it still! (I found a deal and posted it here)

    The large basket clogged recently (I need to get some CLR) but multiple shots with the small basket is working well.

  • I have one of these and I think it makes below average coffee. It has a very small footprint, therefore taking up minimal counter space. But…here lies the problem. To make it small, Breville reduced the size of the boiler, making it overheat very quickly. I have to purge a lot of hot water to reduce the boiler temp or switch it off for a minute, which is annoying. Good luck trying to make two cappuccinos back to back. By the time you get around to frothing the milk after pulling the second coffee, the first coffee is not so great. As others have written, the steam wand is not great. The automation is OK, along with the preinfusion and descaling indicator. It has been relegated to my work machine. I have much cheaper manual Delonghi, that I was gifted, and it makes a better coffee - just. I would spend a bit more. Perhaps a Bambino Plus or Breville Infuser BES840.

    • Suggest you try taking off the tempralino wand and zip-tying the silicone tip, it works better (but not as good as say a rancilio replacement)

      Re the temperature, there's a few tricks I use along with tips from online discussions:
      1) preheat the machine by running a shot of water through it first
      2) Steam the milk first (bringing the machine to a higher temperature)
      3) After steaming milk the espresso buttons (middle and left) will blink, pressing these buttons will run cool water through the steam wand, to reduce the temp to espresso level - this gives a more consistent brewing temperature to then dial in your coffee bean/grind to

      I also like to flush once (a shot of water) at the end for a quick easy rinse

    • If you are making two coffees you should make the coffee shots for both first then change to steam and steam enough milk for both of them. Then there is no waiting time. It would be the same advice for any manual machine.

    • Purchase some double-walled glasses to preserve the temperature of the coffee while steaming milk: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/bodum%20double%20wa...

  • +1

    these are good for beginners but terriable for advanced users and people that like good espresso. there are so many features and control that is lacking.

    • +2

      Agree, a dual boiler will be a significant step up or even a second hand Gaggia. I find the cost to performance ratio for this machine to still be great but definitely appreciate people may want more from their coffee

  • This was my previous coffee machine. Couldn't complain for the price, but we did run into a few issues over time. We had a water leaking from undernethe the unit, though I have to admit that Delonghi were pretty good with warranty (the repairs would've probably cost 3 times what the machine cost). Other nitpicks were the basket would sometimes start twisting out of the group head from the pressure of water. If you weren't paying attention and holiding it in place, it would pop off and create a big ol mess. Also from memory, this doesn't have mechnaism to release the pressure after an extraction, so again, if you're not careful you'll have a bit of a mess on your hands. Milk frothing was also pretty weak from memory.

    Overall a good machine for the price though. Only replaced it because WFH allowed me to justify an upgrade.

  • is there any good nespresso pod taking ones

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Aldi Delonghi one for $149? https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-wed-7-j...

    • +1
      Dedica Distanta Comment
      Thermoblock Boiler
      Buttons Knobs
      149x330x304 197x310x322 Footprint (w x d x h)

      Dedica looks a little better option with the above

    • Old style wand on the aldi unit

    • The Aldi one misses out on pre-infusion, adjustable brew temperature, progammable shot.
      Both models share the completely shyte Panarello steam wand though.

  • If you want a proper espresso machine (especially with decent milk frothing) I would say do not buy this unless you want to modify it with a better steam wand (which will disqualify your warranty). Save your money and buy a decent non-consumer machine.

  • +2

    For those who are considering bambino + grinder option over this, I would say it’s my biggest concern with the bambino is that you can’t change water temperature, my understanding is that this one can.

    If you are like me who will tinker and potentially max out the bambino I think this is a better choice.

  • What's the best value replacement basket (ideally commensurate with the total price I paid - I only got it slightly over $100). My single basket is clogged and I've been using the double (but don't fill to the brim), but that will eventually go.

    • aliexpress or ebay, but they are single wall aka unpressurised.
      It's worth learning how to use them though because the coffee is heaps better, if you have a decent grinder anyway.

  • happy with mine after adding a normal double basket and washer mod.

    • Where did you get your basket from?

    • Can you share what the washer mod is?

  • I still can't believe I got this for $20 on FB marketplace. This is a good compact coffee machine. Frothing milk is a bit tricky though.

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