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Google Pixel 5 5G (Just Black) Snapdragon 765G, 8GB RAM 128GB $759.05 + Delivery Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Snapdragon 765G
128GB Storage

Network compatibility 5G

Device screen size (inches) 6
Resolution (Pixels) 1080 x 2340
Display type Full HD+ OLED
Battery capacity (mAh) 4080
Qi Wireless Charging

Rear Cameras (MP) 12MP dual-pixel + 16MP ultrawide
Front camera (MP) 8MP

This phone currently ranks 2nd best on our Best High End Smartphone ($500 ⇆ $800) in 2021

Credit scrimshaw for title & desc.

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  • +2

    I bought one in the last JB 799 plus oddly one day 5% off also
    but then I bought a google case also they were expensive!

    • +1

      I quite like the fabric case.

      • +1

        They are really not fabric just recycled plastic and they look like fabric, one colour is out of stock everywhere - the neon green I bought the grey one

  • Can’t wait for the Pixel 6! Their phones are getting better and their camera is a killer!

  • +2

    Ideally wanted 4a 5g but didn't bite the bullet on the Telstra deal…not sure if I regret it now. Pixel 5 isn't that much better and has a worse loudspeaker (which is more important to me than I realised) for ~$200 more. I think I'll hold onto my Pixel 2XL for now. It's still chugging along fine.

    • I almost pulled the trigger on this, but looking at the rumoured specs of the Pixel 6, its camera offering looks really really tempting if true.

      Edit: I just saw a video review on the camera's astro capabilities. Damn I think I'm back in.

  • +2

    Personally I prefer phones no larger than 6.1" I am really happy with this Pixel 5 yes it is a premium price but it is made specifically for Android and when Android 12 comes out in August you will see the Pixel 5 is the best phone for it. BTW the screen is 90 hertz and the warranty is 2 years.

    • +1

      Keep in mind, not all pixel features get carried backwards. So the pixel 6 will be the best phone for android 12.

      It’s almost down to only 2 years support now too.

      • Not all pixel features are needed by everyone

        • Wait if you don’t need pixel features then why buy pixel?

          Given that pixel 5 doesn’t have all the visual core that’s used for video/graphic processing I would prefer to wait for the pixel 6. Given the pixel 5 is now reduced support period, mid range specs etc.

          • @onlinepred: Didn't I just say not ALL pixel features or did I say All pixel features?

    • Yes the nice thing about this is everything can be done by one hand.

    • +1

      but it is made specifically for Android

      Aren't all Android phones made specifically for Android? :)

      • This one's joined in the hips like twins the rest are just siblings with resemblances

  • Finally pulled the trigger been needing to replace my slowly dying Nokia 8

  • My pixel 4xl still goes strong and I'm waiting for 6 Pro

    • I mean I would surely hope so.

      I used to buy MediaTek Meizus. Sure they were cheap but they got annoying to use after a while. I try to get the fastest non heating variant Snapdragon these days.

      I would like to keep my 7T for a few more years. Only problem is being able to source a genuine battery.

      • Thats a domestic brand
        Are the only two recommend bang for the buck

  • +1

    Chipset is garbage

    • +1

      It's not garbage, but it's mid-range, not high end.

  • +1

    Would have gone for this because my pixel 2xl doesn't charge properly or hold charge properly. But I've been waiting so long for the 6 which the leaks say won't disappoint. I will do what it takes to wait for November.

    • +1

      My pixel 2xl just died last night. Easily the best phone I had despite it.

      Looking at Pixel 5 now. Really hoping its experience as good as 2xl so I don't mind missing out on new features.

      Hopefully, yours survives long enough!

      • +1

        It's going to be a long painful 4months for me, definitely sweating it.

        I'd say get a cheapie and get pixel 6 later

        • hahaha cheapie is definitely the best option but babies grow too quickly in 4 months! want to get as many candid pictures as I can get.

          2xl was so good. never looked at a new phone with that. ahh oh well !

          • @deliciousdimsim: Well spec wise the 5 is very similar to the 2 so you probably won't miss much then

  • +1

    I'm keen to have it, but I got my Galaxy s20+ for a similar price a year ago and its specs seem to be better than Pixel 5 so its difficult to justify :(

  • +3


    Pixel 5 is the LAST phone in the pixel linup offering FREE high quality photo uploads without counting towards15 GB of storage, during the lifetime of the phone (October 2023)

    Every phone after Pixel 5 photos and video count towards your Google Account 15GB limit, meaning you have to pay to store.

    This is a good deal! I'd jump in but my 3a is still running strong and has another 1 year of its lifetime.

    Useful info:

    Stay smart'gainers everyone!

    • +1

      Yeah google photos is hard to replace I bought it for that reason alone. You get keep it for that duration while free photos upload. It's a major selling point.

      • Hopefully they bring back free storage in some way with pixel 6 and beyond. I mean with a 1.6TRILLION market cap google can afford it.

        • I doubt they will give it back for free. However Google can afford to but they are just greedy. They offered the service for free to run their AI algorithm once all good then start charging ppl

    • I wish I never took my Pixel XL 1 in the water….
      Would love to know if it can be revived at all…

      Since then, have been using s20 FE and happy that it works well (screen issues fixed after update, battery last more beyond a day, play COD well, etc) but still reminiscing of the good old original Pixel camera with lifetime storage… LOL I have dreams in my sleep that it's still running 🤣

  • Have I missed something?.Was going to buy it then and there but no luck on jb website.

  • I bought this a month ago. I got the best battery life 7hrs OST yet and lasts 3 days.

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