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Google Pixel 5 5G (Just Black) Snapdragon 765G, 8GB RAM 128GB $759.05 + Delivery Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Snapdragon 765G
128GB Storage

Network compatibility 5G

Device screen size (inches) 6
Resolution (Pixels) 1080 x 2340
Display type Full HD+ OLED
Battery capacity (mAh) 4080
Qi Wireless Charging

Rear Cameras (MP) 12MP dual-pixel + 16MP ultrawide
Front camera (MP) 8MP

This phone currently ranks 2nd best on our Best High End Smartphone ($500 ⇆ $800) in 2021

Credit scrimshaw for title & desc.

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  • +4

    Noice! I've been hanging out for one of these and everywhere went out of stock.

  • +2

    Haven't kept up with phones for like a year or two… they have 5 Google Pixels now??? That's crazy.

    • +1

      And very soon 6

      • When?

        • +1

          Should be released by October

    • +2

      Yes, but 9 months ago and if Google themselves haven't changed support life times, that means that it is only good for security updates for another 27 months approximately; factor that in to the TCO unless you are able and willing to install your own ROM later.

      • Rumours swirling about 5 years updates starting with the 6…

        • +1

          Great, that should be the minimum standard these days.

  • -2

    Pixels don't last. Been babying my Pixel 3 since 2018 and the power button occasionally doesn't register input.

    The haptics are terrible and the fluidity doesn't live up to the hype. Apps sometimes stutter which doesn't give me confidence it'll load and work 100% every time I open a third-party app. (Not side-loading)

    This Pixel 5 has a mid-range CPU chip so there's no guarantee it'll last as long as cheaper phone's from Poco Pros or Xiaomi's with Snap 888's

    • +15

      Really? My pixel 5 is a year old and is still holding its battery at a day and 5 hours when I've charged it. Gets through a day easy.

    • +24

      My Pixel 2 still works fine - even though the battery drains a lot quicker now.

      • I had a Pixel 2XL, one of the better phones I have had for a while, unfortunately after a while USB cables would not click in, it's apparently a common issue, replaced under warranty but happened again, so it's now gifted to my son who hates me for the faulty port.
        Bought the 5 on the last JB deal and what a great phone, even on android S it runs fine (small issues but nothing a reboot doesn't fix)
        like for like the screen actual display is quite close but you get a smaller overall phone thats easier to hold.
        The 6 does sound good, but needed a phone that could charge…

        • +8

          I find my power port filled with compacted lint if that happens. Use a wooden toothpick to pluck it out.

          • +2

            @charzy: Yep, definitely this. Mine was perfectly fine once I cleaned out the lint.

          • +1

            @charzy: Thanks dude I've been putting up with the sketchy port for like a year and didn't realise it could be fixed! Dug out enough lint to clothe a small child.

        • Same here, I thought the port was faulty too. After reading on it and cleaning up the port, it was all good. It happened twice n cleaning up fixed it again. Can't believe this is such a common issue on this phone.

        • This happened on my Pixel 3a but I can't see anything blocking the port. Really weird. Cables don't fully click in, but the same cables work fine on other devices.

          My next phone will have wireless charging, for sure!

          • @Kontiki: Unbelievable that they omitted wireless charging. My Nexus 4 from Google back in 2013 had wireless charging

          • +2

            @Kontiki: It's super compacted debris around the base of the port. Find a sewing needle, something sharp and just pin all around it, you'll feel bits coming away. Works perfectly after.
            Then find a case with a cap for the charging port

            • +1

              @jruderwier: Don't use a metal implement, or if you have to please turn the phone off first! Toothpick works fine. You will be amazed at the years of crud that come out.

              • @Shon: Turn it off and remove the battery… oh wait.


    • My 3 is fine except that I only get 2 hours of screen time before the battery is flat. Holding out for the 6, or maybe 5a.

      • I'm getting a bit under 4hrs screen on time on a fully charged 3. According to the battery stats, full charge lasts about 8 hrs 45 mins

    • Why would you assume a 888 would last longer than the "midrange cpu"?

      • +4

        A flagship chip is more powerful than a mid range chip and will therefore last longer in terms of keeping speed

        • That is tryue. I meant you are saying the high end chip lasts longer than a mid range one.

          • @dosada: Ah right, yeah it doesn't mean in terms of lifetime eg how long before it burns up haha

      • When they say last, I think they mean "stay relevant" as opposed to a hardware failure.

        • I think in that sense they are referring to the lifespan of the device (due to the faster cpu) rather than battery life

          • +1

            @lyle88: i thought they meant battery time ….some higher end cpus burn more power and faster clock …better performance , less battery …

    • +11

      Pixel 2xl. Been using since 2018, still solid. Battery lasts more than a full day

      • +4

        Same, the 2XL is hard phone to replace. No security updates but I don't really care.

        • Same. 2XL is the best phone I've ever had hands down. It'll be sad when I have to replace it.

      • +8

        To summarise Iphones are good for simple users who are new to smartphones where you don't mind simple functions. Pixels are for advanced users.

        • -3

          so advanced when it takes 10 seconds to open up the camera app

          • +7

            @bkhm: If you take 10 sec to open an app then you should know which category of user you belong to

            • @customundo:

              If you take 10 sec to open an app

              I don't take 10 seconds, the phone does. Or do you have some expert technique to open apps quickly other than clicking the icon?

              • @1st-Amendment: Mine took less than 1 sec. Shall we agree it's a user problem then

                • +1


                  Mine took less than 1 sec. Shall we agree it's a user problem then

                  That's some crazy logic you have there…

          • +4

            @onlinepred: If having double or triple versions of the same app is for "advanced" users then yeah sure thing

        • +1

          My 6P needed a battery replacement, but that wasn't an option with Google cold stopping security updates. Otherwise it was in perfect condition; this tendency to NOT support mobiles longer term makes me choose cheaper options these days to lower TCO; although the 6P was a good price for it's time, the same cannot be said for newer Google phones.

          Edit: Now my OnePlus 5 is in the same boat… but it's battery is okay to use it still (I don't use it on the mobile network though) as I've replaced it with a Motorola Moto 5 5G Plus that was good value once I made a deal.

          • @affinity: Actually I remember having one 6p develop the purple camera tinge as well as the battery issue toward the end of the warranty period. I opted for a replacement with a p20 at the time and ended up selling that and went with my current Pixel 2.

            Almost completely forgot about those issues til you brought it up.

            My wife's one though, still works flawlessly- though I just let the kids use it now.

    • +1

      My Pixel1 still works, just holds half a days charge. Mum still uses my Nexus 6p. My Nexus 5 still works, it's just old and slow.

    • My pixel 3xl still works very well… even though the screen is all cracked now lol.

    • I've used pixel 2xl for 3 years. And yes I have the same problem as you. My power button dose not work properly when case on. It registers 1 tap as 2 tap. Fine without it. Weird I know.
      Apps shuttering can have many reasons. Degrading battery. Lots of cache. Processor not optimised for OS. Maybe all together.
      We have a pixel 3 which is new and it's smooth as butter.
      Apps are usually worse on Android due to its varieties. Android has many advantages and disadvantages. The biggest is of course stability.
      Personally I don't care as I use iPhone & Android at the same time. Usually clearing cache (not junk files) makes my phone as smooth as before.
      Hope Google fixes that issue with its own chip cause I'm sick of Qualcomm ruining Android.

    • My pixel 2 still works absolutely fine. Only reason I got the 4A was because I dropped and scratched the camera lens ok my 2. It's otherwise still perfect and a good backup.

  • Hmm, I need to upgrade from the Pixel 3. Not sure whether to go for this or wait for the 6.

    • +8

      I'd wait for the 6! big upgrades rumored (camera sensor, google chip) + big redesign. But it's probably going to be more expensive

      • +1

        My guess it would be around $1k

      • +3

        And they will do something real stupid like every other year I’m sure.

    • There is supposed to be a Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro according to leaks..

      The Google Pixel 6 will have a 6.4” AMOLED screen and just two cameras on the back - 50MP main and 12MP ultrawide units. The RAM will be 8GB, while storage options will be two - 128GB and 256GB.
      The Pixel 6 Pro will have a bigger 6.71” screen that Prosser references as P-OLED so it's supposedly coming from LG. It will have a 12MP camera at the front, while the back will have 50MP main, 48MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide cameras. RAM here is 12GB, and there’s one more storage variant than the regular Pixel 6 - 512GB.

      Plus 5 years of software updates..

      Source: https://www.frontpagetech.com/2021/07/08/exclusive-full-fina...

      • +1

        Damn they are back to silly big screens… Guess my 4A will suffice another year.

        • The winner will be the Google silicon which should mean Apple like app performance and longer support.

    • +1

      6's screen size is too big imo, going with 5 myself

  • +1

    Samsung S20FE 5G is a better value currently. Can be bought for $629 from Samsung Education store using the $50 subscription voucher. Just my personal opinion though.

    • +5

      I know what I'm going to say is about the budget version rather than the flagship, but switched from a pixel XL to a samsung s10e a year and a bit ago and really hate the UI on samsung.

      Just my two cents but I think software wise, pixels or phones on the android one program are the best experience for android users.

      • +2

        Hate the ui and the slow updates.

        • +2

          Samsung isn't that bad on updates nowadays. My S20 FE is on June Security patch and Pixel 5 is on July Security patch both Android 11 and both gets updated first week of every month.

          • @Bigboomboom: They have the second best update policy amongst android and the added features put it above pixels in terms of utility.

            -Oneplus user.

        • Have you tried alternate launchers?

          • +1

            @ihfree: I have, but as far as I'm aware those don't change the fact that only the Samsung files app has root directory access, native assistant is bixby rather than Google assistant, and a few other niggly things.
            I tried switching over the assistant settings so that the bixby button calls Google assistant but it always seemed slow and unresponsive in comparison to my old pixel.

      • +2

        I don’t know why people complaint about UI when you can always use any launcher of your choice and customise the way you want. Just my two cents though :)

        • +1

          Exactly! I've had Pixels, Samsung's, Motorola's and many more over the years. Their UI looked exactly the same: Nova Launcher.

      • FYI you can change pretty much everything to look like a pixel. Great thing about Samsung is its customisations. You lose that going to pixel

        • +2

          but uninstalling all of the factory apps requires rooting right?
          I used to root my old phones specifically for dualshock3 bluetooth connectivity, but these days I can't be bothered.
          I guess part of the reason for my preference is that I like the stock android camera app, file system app, and lack of bloatware.

          • -3

            @lyle88: Yea you like the Simple android experience and a lack of advanced features. I just wanted a phone that worked, and after years of pixel I just tried an iPhone, and if you don’t care about all the random extra stuff, is the best phone IMO. I love android and miss it, but iPhone you can control more for app privacy and security, you can install basically every stock app, hardware is actually high quality and never slows down at all in my experience, support is unrivalled with physical stores. Much better support for other third party things too. Using backbone with Xbox streaming and it’s incredible.

            • @onlinepred: I honestly don't know if you're trying to insult me here?
              But the short answer is, I don't think the 'advanced' features that phones offer these days are really worth it. Any recent device will be fast enough.
              Camera quality, battery life, build quality and lack of invasive additional apps are probably my top priorities.
              I'm not sure what backbone is like but gaming on a mobile device isn't really worth it for me, I would just play on my desktop instead.

              • @lyle88: Invasive? You mean like google invasive?

                • @onlinepred: Ahh I see, you're hanging round the comments section looking to start an argument online.
                  Good luck with that, and maybe get outside and enjoy the sun 👋

                  • @lyle88: I’m sorry, it’s just with each new comment you raise new points that are very vague and non sensical like invasive and google in the one sentence. Pixel build quality isn’t the best either, just look at consumer reports. The pixel 5 earpiece is the worst I’ve used on any phone in the last 5 years. I struggle to hear people when I’m in a noisy place. The fact they removed the facial recognition from previous model shows just how you can’t depend or rely on tech from a pixel phone from generation to generation. Including a mid range cpu and gpu at a flagship price also hits me hard in the value and loyalty bones.

                    I agree entirely about most features I wouldn’t use, hence I went to iPhone for the build quality and support as I like to use my phones longer than 2 years right? I merely brought backbone up as an example of how biased support is for hardware phone, because barely 1% of android phones are pixels, barely any third party hardware company provides support just for pixels. So whatever hardware you might buy is designed for support of every android phone, and will never be as integrated etc. anyway sorry I will walk away.

      • love my android one phone …it’s nokia, another android one or pixel will be next phone …

        • What's Nokia like now compared with before Elop killed it off?
          Are the phones as well built as they were back in the late 2000's?

    • +1

      Samsung S20FE 5G is a better value currently.

      After owning a few Samsung phones, I'll never buy another one. The lack of timely updates, and shocking support are simply not worth it

      • +1

        @1st-Amendment, yes, but how far back? I was in the same boat, I gave up on Samsung for this reason, but I understand they are better these days…

  • +3

    Great device.
    As an iPhone user, Pixels are the one and only Android phone I would buy as a spare (3XL still going strong).

  • +3

    No issue with my PIXEL 3XL as of now. I am using it for the last one year 7 months and dropped plenty of time no issue as of now. This is tempting but wait till Dec or Nov 2021 or mid 2022 to upgrade.

  • +3

    Isn't this kind of overpriced when you can get an SD865 phone for like $900?

    • How often does said phone receive updates?

      • +2

        Price aside, the OnePlus 8 Pro that I bought at the start of this year, gets an update every month or so. And yes, it has SD865

        • +3

          Have heard great things about OnePlus.
          A shame they aren’t locally delivered.

        • Mate don't even with the updates. Updates were great for my 7T for the first year then it slowly died to a trickle. Same thing happened with the 6 and most likely the 5.

          Hopefully merging their os bases makes it a little better for us but I ain't holding my breath.

  • +3

    My Pixel 4XL is still going great. Just love the timely updates - much better than my old OnePlus 5 - their updates always introduced new bugs.

    • Which is why I wouldn’t touch any other Android phone.

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