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Face Shield $2.99 + Delivery (Free C&C or Spend $50 Delivered) @ Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist (Online/in Stores)


According to the PRICEHIPSTER this face shield is 57% off and in stock

Also available at My Chemist https://www.mychemist.com.au/buy/102379/Face-Shield

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    What is this suppose to protect you against? Oil spatter while doing deep frying?

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      playing astronauts with the kids

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        Would be useful for some handyman work around the house.

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      STDs. You are not getting laid.

      • Not true.

    • Recently, it works quite well for me when i need to remove a large number of paper staples.

    • Angry wife

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    I'll buy this if Gladys says so.

  • Medical goggles and N95 mask is right way to protect you from airborne transmission.

    • I prefer this over goggles when I’m seeing actual (suspected) covid patients or in high risk situations. They’re disposable and some of the goggles are so thin they don’t seem to do anything. And they give you extra reason to touch your face which is exactly what you should avoid.

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        I hope community can raise awareness of eye protection as i rarely see people protect their eyes.

        Either face sheild or goggles can reduce risk of infection.
        Face sheild has worked well to deal with previous variants.

        "Eye-protective face shields have been proposed to prevent community transmission. A large study showed that 19% of health-care workers became infected, despite wearing three-layered surgical masks, gloves, and shoe covers and using alcohol rub. After the introduction of face shields, no worker was infected."

        But for delta, it maybe not sufficient.

        Below is from Factsheet of eye protecion

        "Goggles and safety glasses:
        Closely fitted wrap-around goggles or safety glasses that meet Australian standards (AS/NZS 1337.1:2010) should be worn for all face-to-face contact by healthcare workers. When worn correctly they protect the wearer from direct, droplet and aerosol transmission. Usual prescription glasses, contact lenses or safety glasses that are not wrap-around do not provide adequate protection and are therefore not suitable.

        Goggles with a manufacturer’s anti-fog coating provide reliable and practical eye protection from splashes, sprays, and respiratory droplets that can come from multiple angles. Newer styles of goggles fit adequately over prescription glasses with minimal gaps (to be efficacious goggles must fit snugly, particularly from the corners of the eye across the brow). Other types of protective eyewear include safety glasses with side-shield protection, which are widely used in other specialties that use operating microscopes.

        Face shields:
        Single-use or reusable face shields may be used as an alternative to goggles or safety glasses. Face shields are particularly useful for splashes and sprays of blood or body fluids, depending on the type of work performed. Face shields should extend below the chin anteriorly, to the ears laterally, and there should be no exposed gap between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. All face shield should provide a clear plastic barrier that covers the face. Face shields which have a gap between the forehead and the headpiece are unsuitable for use in the operating theatre, birthing suite, or when certain aerosol-generating procedures are performed on coronavirus (COVID-19) cases (unless additional eye protection is worn under the face shield). These shields are however an appropriate form of eye protection in non-high-risk areas. "

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    This is an alternative to goggles and medical staff in hospitals during outbreaks do use this for eye protection

    • Do they, or do they use medical specced face shields like this? if you drive a Ford Mustang are you driving the same car as Scott McLaughlin did? In the same way not all masks are equivalent OR appropriate depending on circumstances, so it is with face masks.

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        What are the medical specs? A field shield is a face shield, both are plastic to prevent splatters from fluid

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        agree that masks have specs and are tested but NOT face shields

        • Check the link. There are OBVIOUS differences between medical quality shields and these. If as you claim "medical staff in hospitals during outbreaks do use this for eye protection" then the blame lies fairly and squarely on the hollow men Morrison, Fraudenburg and Hunt for not providing proper PPE.

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            @DisabledUser67242: These are not 'medical specs' :
            • Wide strap for long term comfort. • Anti-Fog Clear Polycarbonate• Lightweight, soft EVA foam that adds comfort• Tangle resistant tubing allowing easy handling • Single use, ready to use• Quality Australian designed and manufactured

            Are you associated with Fairmont Medical?

            • @BargainOz8: IF you're still seriously still having trouble differentiating between this and ACTUAL face shields used in hospitals then I suggest you either google better or make an effort to visit a hospital some time. Alternatively watch the news a little more closely I'm sure they'll pop up again in the next few months.

              • @DisabledUser67242: Clearly you dont work in the health sector and still can’t list this so called ‘medical specs’ for the face shield that you speak of. Please stop misleading the community with your nonsense.

          • @DisabledUser67242: Love a good whine in a global pandemic…

            Damn those evil politicians for not procuring enough medically certified plastic for those long-suffering doctors and nurses!

            • @UncleRico: You love a good whine full stop Uncle. I'm not in the least surprised that you wouldn't care about front line health wprkers in a pandemic, it fits the demographic precisely.

              • @DisabledUser67242: I care plenty about my fellow human beings, I just don't care for apportioning blame where it doesn't belong, least of all while the biggest whiners do nothing to help. Point me to a verified case where a single health worker has been infected, never mind suffered a fatality as a result of a politician induced shortage of PPE.

                I'll wait. While you whine…

                • @UncleRico: What are you waiting for? To be spoon-fed saccharine nonsense like "we aren't safe until we're all safe" while ignoring the current data about vaccination rates and what vaccination actually means wrt contracting Covid-19 and transmitting it?

                  Your ignorance about the lack of PPE isn't surprising, nor is your ignorance of the long term effects of Covid-19. It isn't like the flu despite the bs written in Murdoch rags. It's somewhat serendipitous that few of our health workers have been seriously physically affected by Covid-19 exposure to date, and again no thanks to your besties in Canberra - you know the ones responsible for Aged Care where 678 people died.

                  There's plenty of information about HCW health and issues already available if you really care about your fellow human beings as you say. You could start here for example:

                  These are just preliminary analyses as you'd understand - the actual longer term physical and mental effects of Covid-19 on health care workers and their families won't be known for many years.

                  In my position of ultimate power and control I can understand your disappointment in my lack of action to protect vulnerable Australians. But hey what did you want me to do - negotiate the purchase of millions of doses of Pfizer your mates didn't perhaps - while themselves getting vaccinated with Pfizer?

                  On the 10th of July 2020 there was a meeting between Pfizer and representatives of the Australian government regarding access to their vaccine. The government representatives insisted that Pfizer hand over all their IP, and then started trying to knock down the price. In the end, the Australian government knocked back the offer of 40 million doses, which could have arrived in Australia in late January 2021. This would have allowed Australia to have a similar vaccination rate to Israel (at the time of writing 60% fully vaccinated), the US (47%) or the UK (50%). Currently, only 8.2% of Australia’s population are fully vaccinated.

                  No-one should be surprised at this report of the July meeting, nor should they be surprised that Morrison has recently once again lied about "ramping up" the Pfizer rollout. Pfizer confirmed recently that the contract the government eventually signed hasn't changed.

      • I've watched that show "Emergency" on TV (set in the Royal Melbourne Hospital) and they do in fact wear regular Face Shields.

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        I’ve worked at 4 hospitals since the beginning of the COVID outbreak. We use the ones linked in the OP. They’re also disposable. You are incorrect.

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    People who mocking this obviously never see news or go to GP, now all those high risk people are wearing this so must be for a reason.

    • they make a great prop for political theatre.

  • I see old people wearing these in lieu of a mask. If they have an exemption all well and good, but these don't comply with the NSW health order.

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    I saw these going for 5 cents at Bunnings

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    Saw at Bunnings for 2c many crates full

    • In store only? Link? I can’t find it online

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      …paid with cash, got for free.

      • Make sure you do 100 separate transactions or it will cost ya $2

  • Was 5cents at bunnings.

    • Not was, it is 5 cents still.

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    5 cents each at Bunnings.

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    2 cents at some Bunnings, TWO CENTS

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      oh shit, i paid 5c..

    • Link? Or in store only? I can’t find it online

  • Good fir snow battle

  • Where are the 2c/5c face shields at Bunnings some are referring to? In store only? Link? I can’t find it online on their site

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      On clearance carts 🛒

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      Bunnings, Eastgardens, NSW.

    • Bunnings moorabbin oakleigh and Notting hill vic

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    “Can I use this for welding?”

    Asking for a friend

    • Don’t you have any newspaper left?

    • Tell your friend he shouldn't be welding