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Seagate One Touch Portable Hard Drive 2TB Grey, Red, Blue, Black $87 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Was searching around for a replacement One Touch drive and found Officeworks have them on clearance.

Only compared the 2TB @ $87, best I could find on the web from a quick search was +/- $100 from Bing Lee.

The 1TB and 4TB as also on clearance. Not sure if they are cheap as I was only looking at the 2TB version.

Hope this might help others.

Happy buying all!

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    Good price. The 4TB is $137. 1TB isn't worth worrying about

    Amazon has matched these prices.

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      Would like to add that JBHIFI has also price matched.

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        Just noticed this a few moments ago also. Beat me to the update.
        OW will price match with -5% (or should)!

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          I don't think OW PM if it's the same pricing

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            @M4N6K1: Could be right. I think if they are nice enough, they will. Worth asking the question. JB might knock off a $1 or $2. Either way, at $87, it's pretty cheap.

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    Thanks OP. Just bought the 4tb hdd in black.

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      NP - nice one. Glad I could help and share!

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    Always though one touch is ssd

    • Both SSD and spinning versions. So you are somewhat correct with that thought.

      SSD - 500GB, 1TB and 2TB from memory.
      Spinning - 1TB, 2TB 4TB and 5TB.

      • yeah, I got one from gigabyte GPU sales last year which leads me to think it is a 2TB ssd. Almost bought without reading until I saw the 4tb for $137 comment

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    Same price on Amazon and JB for the 2TB

    • Couldn't find it this cheap on Amazon. Good find if you did. No wait from OW, just a quick drive if you not in lockdown.

  • Shuckable? Would like to use in a Cloud Key.

    • Not sure - would expect so. Maybe a quick google search might bring something up, or perhaps someone has a teardown vid on YT.

    • Yes, they should be SMR Barracuda drives inside.
      7.2mm for 1TB and 2TB, 15.5mm for 4TB

      • Oh SMR, damn. No good for video recording then.

  • Not sure if it makes a difference but the 2TB has seems to have a 5400 RPM hard drive whereas the 4TB has 7200 RPM

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      Not sure what you mean by 'makes a difference?
      It's not uncommon for a larger disk to have a higher spin speed. The spin speed usually allows for a higher read/write speed and seek, in a like for like drive.

      E.g. - to try and explain simply… hypothetically, say you have a 1TB 5400RPM drive on the same interface as a 1TB 7200 RPM drive of the same design, plater count (or larger), cache etc. (like for like).
      Assuming the controller on the drives are the same (in this example, likely to be from the 7200) and capable of processing the data, then the drive with the faster spin speed should have a faster seek, read and write. Therefore the drive should be faster.

      So, in the case of a larger drive 4TB, with the same platers as the 2TB, etc. will need the spin speed to be higher, thereby helping the larger drive perform faster and in turn more like the 2TB.

      (Hope that makes sense - it's 1.30 am and time to switch off)… ha!

  • Is this SSD?

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      Not this one - it's a spinner.

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    Not bad prices. Sadly i missed on previous deals were you could get a 4tb for $100, so still waiting for those before i pull the trigger

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    4TB portable was $115 at JB a few weeks ago. Normal price only $139.

    Still is $115!

    • is it the same model?

      • One touch vs Backup Plus. No idea what the difference is. Assume the software that is bundled. Personally I never use the bundled software. I am a FreeSync fan.

      • Yes it is the same model. I was able to get the Price Beat Guarantee by calling the head office. You cannot get Price Beat Guarantee in store atm due to lockdown.

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    How is $87 for 2tb even considered a deal?

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      I second what you said. These are very overpriced, what makes these special to pay about $43.50/TB? Nowadays you can get normal portable hdds for $25-$30/TB

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    Cheers, pinched one!

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    Just in local Officeworks and the 4TB drives are all $116, 5TB in black or grey are $169.


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      Got 4TB for $109 at my local in Lismore

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        Price beat with the JB price ?
        I didn't grab one, might go back and get one.
        Got a drawer full of unused drives, guess the wife won't notice one more lol.

        • What are you storing ;)

  • Why is it called One touch?

    • Not sure of the difference….

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    Umm - am I missing something about these? Their normal "Expansion" 2TB portable drives are only $68.99 at the moment … almost $20 cheaper than this deal.

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      It is/was cheap for the OneTouch version. Want the cheaper expansion version, then easy decision, just need to order one of those instead.