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ING Home Loans Owner Occupied - 1.84% Fixed 2yr, Variable from 2.45%, No Annual Fee @ ING


Plus $3,000 ING cashback per application (>$500k, <80%LVR), no limits on applications eg. $6,000 for 2 properties, $9,000 for 3 properties etc.

ING first time refinance cashback offer is unlimited and potentially highest on market for multiple properties.
T&Cs: https://broker.ing.com.au/assets/pdf/ING_Home_Loan_Refinance...
ING has the best customer satisfaction/customer service amongst our clients and has been the 5th largest retail bank for household savings and retail mortgages in Australia for over 20 years.

ING Fixed rates under Orange Advantage Package. (+0.1% under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)

1.84% (CPR 3.73%) owner fixed 2yrs
1.89% (CPR 3.56%) owner fixed 3yrs
2.34% (CPR 4.56%) investor P&I fixed 1-3yrs (same rate under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)
2.54% (CPR 4.65%) investor interest only fixed 1-3yrs (same rate under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)

ING variable rates "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier - no annual fee, no offset, free redraw. Rates below (<80lvr)

2.45% (CPR 2.48%) owner occupied P&I (>$1m)
2.49% (CPR 2.52%) owner occupied P&I (>$150k)
2.64% (CPR 2.67%) investor P&I
3.04% (CPR 2.67%) investor interest only

ING variable rates "Package" Orange Advantage 100% offset $299 annual fee

2.49% (CPR 2.85%) owner occupied P&I (>$1m)
2.54% (CPR 2.89%) owner occupied P&I (>$150k)
2.69% (CPR 3.03%) investor P&I
3.09% (CPR 3.42%) investor interest only

All fixed loans can be split with variable 100% offset if you add Orange Advantage package annual fee $299, including offset account, redraw, credit card.
ING one off legal fee $299

Always worth doing a calculation for your situation, eg:

If you have an existing loan and your rate is 2.34%, fixing at 1.84% will save you 0.5% each year.
On a $500k loan, that is a saving of $2500 every year.
If you're saving 0.5% and go with a lender giving rebates eg $3000, plus our Bundle Rebate worth $1,500, that's a benefit of $7,000!

Other Lenders with up to $4k PURCHASE or refinance bank rebate, rates from

1.89% for 2 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.75%)
2.09% for 3 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.72%)
2.19% for basic variable rate (Comp 2.21%)
2.49% for variable with offset (Comp 2.89%)

Up to 0.4% ie $4,000 value Bundle Rebate (via broker only)

In ADDITION to bank rebates, Bundle Home Loans gives a rebate of 0.3%-0.4% of loan size (net at drawdown) for ANY bank or product,
We have some of the lowest rates, and can get pricing discounts up to 2.2%. Our policy is to beat any competitor/broker/lending manager with our rates and rebates

Bundle Property Home Loans
T: (02) 9698 7186
M: 0422354868
E: [email protected]
ACL 445947

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Referrer and referee will each receive $50 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts ($1k deposit + 5 card transactions/month required). Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a $50 referral code.

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  • Damn. My mortgage is down to just under 500k. (Never thought I'd say that!)

    $4k bonus is tempting. Anyone know if you can refinance + $25k extra to get over $500k and get the bonus?

    • Yes as long as you apply for $500k its fine

  • Great Deals here ..

    DO you offer any loans for 95 % LVR - without mortgage insurance ?

    • +1

      LOL Try a bookie…

  • Emailed them yesterday , so far waiting for response.

  • Is this just refinance or new home purchase as well?

  • Refinancing to St George at the moment, ANZ offered me a poor deal initially (re-fix at 1.99%, variable still at 2.89%, some fees), but now that settlement w/St George is locked in a much more competitive offer was made - info for comparison if you're arguing your own deals

    • 1.89% re-fix, no break or fix fees
    • waive package fee for a year ($395)
    • variable 2.49%
    • 150k Qantas FF points

    If they'd offered me that at the start I probably would have stayed around - the St George offer is better, but not that much better.

  • +1

    Just confirming that with you offering a further rebate, that it cannot be clawed back per recent changes under best interest duty? For example if I refinance through you to ING and then refinance after 6 months, you cannot ask me to pay back the rebate of 0.3 to 0.4%?

    • He is saying in the OP that they don't want those 'type' of customers, but I don't think they can legally do anything.

  • Read comments regarding this broker here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560101

  • Never received a response from this broker to my email, despite being ready to proceed with a refinance. I'll use my existing broker.

    • Sorry we had alot of email go to our spam, DM me your email please. You can also call or text us 0422354868.

  • Which other lender has $4k? DM’d earlier in the week with no response