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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Fuchsia or Black $466 Delivered (Express Delivery with Free Account) @ Shaver Shop (Online Only)


15% off Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Fuchsia or Black for Click Frenzy Julove.


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    Can anyone confirm this is four times better than a $100 hair dryer like this one?

    Also Dyson 2 year warranty vs VSSassoon 5 year warranty

    • +2

      My wife went from 40mims to an hour with her old vss, to 10-15mins with the Dyson. So I guess so?

      • +4

        Not having to wait 40 mins for the wife to get ready is certainly worth paying extra for.

        • +2

          My wife's old vss was 7 years old, I dont know how long the Dyson will last, but cutting down that time is a huge pro.

      • Also potentially less risk of hearing damage, apparently they are quieter as well as quicker.

        • Hey Keeno. Still modding for bam bam on Twitch?

        • Although it is quieter, you still have it very close to your ears the way the inlet is designed, and it's higher pitch than regular ones, so you still can't hear much and still sounds loud to the user. So it's not super quiet just FYI.

        • What about the sonic boom when it breaks the sound barrier?

    • I’m a massive fan of the dyson, I have thick long hair and it takes 10 minutes to dry and my hair actually looks like it’s been blow dryed and not just dried. If that even makes sense.
      I wouldn’t get any other hair dryer. I used to only buy $20 ones and couldn’t justify the price. But I purchased one one sale and absolutely love.

  • Yeah it's the goods, feedback is it's quicker to dry hair and doesn't damage it as much / get as hot as normal hairdryers, so if your missus / partner / mistress looks after her hair she'll appreciate it.

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    Currently 20% Cashback (capped at $25) at cashrewards until midnight, which brings it down to $441 after cashback

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      ShopBack 15% capped $30.

  • If you want faster drying time, GHD top of the line version dries faster than this Dyson. Also currently on sale

  • +1

    new airpods?

  • +3

    Does this qualify as an anniversary gift

    • +2

      well some prefer no hair, I would go for a epilator :p

      • Cheaper in the long run too. Might ask the missus. She might leave.

  • Just in case anyone was on the fence but thought $466 was a bit steep!

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