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Xiaomi Viomi Alpha S9 Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station $549 (RRP $999) Delivered @ PC Byte


$2.65 cheaper than last month's eBay deal that required Afterpay. Lowest price so far. Free shipping and no payment surcharge.

Auto-Dumping 2.0

2700Pa Strong Suction

5200mAH Large Capacity

950W Strong Dust Collection

381mm Ultra-short Air Duct

5 Floor Map Storage

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    Bought during last deal. No complaints, works well.

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    agree with @wintermadness
    Mopping is a gimmick though (for my floors) - tried it twice, did not like it (applies to most mop/vac machines)

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    hmm, I'm really on the fence about getting this one vs the roborock s5 max (ozb's fave). I've compared the specs and this one has autodump + higher sucking power, but s5 max has a bigger dustbin and mopping capacity. i have floating floorboards and tile, so while i know it's not a replacement for a real good mop it is a consideration…

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      This has mopping function too. However, the mopping function is really just a gimmick, it is just moving a dirty cloth across your floor. Don't get the vacuum for the mopping function get it for the vacuuming function.

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        S5 max mops rather well, just spray your floor with floor cleaner before. You can also tell it to do multiple loops

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        I couldn't disagree more with the mop comment. We've had plenty of rainy days where I live and it's cleaned muddy footprints from my dogs if set to lvl 3 water level. It's pasicslly a steam mop type of a mop, which is fine for my tiled floors, does a great job.

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      ended up biting the bullet and got one! sick of sweeping up daily after the dog.

    • Following. My mum was really interested in th s5 max at a similar price a while back, wondering if I should put this on her radar.

      Primarily tiles here with a couple of small rooms having carpet.

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      Hi, I bought this unit and using it from last 2 weeks now. My old vacuum is Roborock s5Max so I am going to compare it with S5max. It is better, faster and the application is almost the same. The only issue is I am not able to use it with google or Alexa. As I have a german shepherd dog and S5 max was struggling with the dog hair and I have to empty the bin after every 15 minutes which is too hard for my lazy bum so this machine made my life a lot easier.
      Do I recommend it - yes 100%
      Is it better than S5Max- Yes it is if you don't mind starting it with the app.
      Issues: I have to buy a disposable dust bag for which I found a simple solution, I cut the existing bag from the top and put a bag sealing clip and will increase the life of the disposable bag.

      I hope it helps.

      P.S: Mopping is also better than S5 Max as it does Y-style mopping.

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        I have seen a you tube video of someone connecting and using it with Google homehome.


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        This "user" made the exact comment on 06/07/2021 in

        Sulpu on 06/07/2021 - 13:32

        Hi, I bought this unit and using it from last 2 weeks now. My old vacuum is Roborock s5Max so I am going to compare it with S5max. It is better, faster and the application is almost the same. The only issue is I am not able to use it with google or Alexa. As I have a german shepherd dog and S5 max was struggling with the dog hair and I have to empty the bin after every 15 minutes which is too hard for my lazy bum so this machine made my life a lot easier.
        Do I recommend it - yes 100%
        Is it better than S5Max- Yes it is if you don't mind starting it with the app.
        Issues: I have to buy a disposable dust bag for which I found a simple solution, I cut the existing bag from the top and put a bag sealing clip and will increase the life of the disposable bag.

        I hope it helps.

        P.S: Mopping is lso better than S5 Max as it does Y-style mopping.

        • So?

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          Hey detective: i did not want to type the whole story again.

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          Not everyone reads every thread here, so many of us appreciate he posted it again here. Thanks Sulpu ;)

          (I guess he wanted you to update it from 2 weeks to 3 weeks ago :D)

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      We have whole house tiles including in bedroom and we do once a week mopping with Roborock S5 Max (2 loops), seems to do a good job. It is not a replacement for real mop but does a decent job for normal areas.
      With two kids (1 year and 5 years old) the dining area and kitchen area gets very dirty. So, once a week we do mop with Swiffer wet mop ( and once a week with Roborock S5 Max mop with just a water.

      Happy with it.

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    Got mine from last deal also and no complaints. Mopping feature works well on my floor (click flooring) but doesn't get as close to the skirting boards as I would like. For anyone with pugs it works well on the hair, even in thick carpets and rugs

    • Does much dog hair get stuck in the main brush?

      • None at all. But pug hair isn't that long. My hair (shoulder length) gets stuck. It comes with a little blade to cut it off though.

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    Wish vacuum wars had reviewed it, unsure what its weaknesses are compared to more expensive models.

    • Ditto - but I pulled the trigger anyway, have been wanting a robovac for ages and just moved into a bigger house with lots of floorspace to be cleaned. I haven't even checked cost of dust bags and mop heads but I'm sure there will be cheap(ish) options somewhere.

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    waiting for s5 max deal.

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    Bought the last deal and cannot recommend this enough.

    I own two huskies who live inside and haven't vaccumed or mopped since purchasing (3+ weeks of owning). Also haven't had to empty the dust bag compartment which I was worried I'd be doing weekly.

    I have tiled floors and the house area is around 120m². I've limited the vaccum to the tiled floor + rugs (doesn't enter the bedrooms just due to clothes etc being on the floor at any given time).

    The mop needs to be on lvl 3 water level (1-3 levels available) to mop my tiles properly but it does an excellent job and has cleaned up every muddy paw print my dogs have left behind.

    Pre-set vaccum daily at 10am, wall barriers are simple and their is a mop barrier function.

    My only thing I'd suggest is to spend 5 minutes once a week to remove any hair that may get wrapped around the wheels/vacuum hand IF you live with someone with long hair. My dogs hair doesn't get stuck in it for what it's worth but my partners hair is very long - not an issue, but something I'd recommend to do weekly.

    • Great review, thank you mate.

  • I tried eufy RoboVac 11S and it was just to dumb and got stuck on things so returned it to amazon.

    This seems like this has much better sensors and virtual walls to stop it going to problematic areas.

    I hope I dont regret this as no easy returns like Amazon at PCByte

  • Does anyone know if they send the Invoice along with the box? I want to purchase this as a gift but dont want the invoice attached.


    How is this compare to Catch deal of Roborock s5 max ( with 10% off unidays code)?

    • I believe it's been listed in the past for over $100 less than what you're saying it's available for.

    • I am thinking about it as well.

  • Pulled the trigger! Can't wait!

  • Thanks OP, I've had my eye on this…my Deebot 930 has mapping issues so keen to give this a try.

    • hmm was still considering the deebot 930 deal….. dealbreaker with mapping issues?

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    I've found mopping on the viomi to be pretty good.. but I found the mapping and navigation to be subpar compared to the original Xiaomi.

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    How does this compare to the Roborock S6 pure?

  • Very tempted.. except not sure about the consumables like the dust bags and mops.

    Where do you existing users buy these at "best" prices?

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      Ali Express has them in bulk for $10-$20 shipped, I haven't checked eBay but they're probably on there for a few dollars more.

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    Just for those that want to know.
    The Roborock s5 Max/S6 pure still pips this in terms of vacuum performance with better pickup 98% vs 90%, for some reason the brush rotates faster than it should and scatters particles rather than pushing them into the inlet.

    Still a great price for one with an auto-emptying dust bin.
    As for me i'm still hanging out for a sub-$500 roborock deal.

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      Just wondering… where did you get those stats from?

    • Also interested to know where you sourced that info about the Roborock having better performance than the Viomi. Is that anecdotal of factual?

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    For anyone wondering about the longevity of their disposable vacuum bags, there are pretty simple solutions to make the bag re-usable. Like many have said, you can cut the bottom of the bag and put a bag clip on it, but something like this will be a better seal I think:

    You can buy those either on that website listed there, or on Amazon. They work great for sealing chip bags etc and preventing them from getting stale as well.

  • Not related to this vacuum but worth considering….

    A lot pricier but the new Roborock S7 is so much better. Had the Eufy 35c before getting one. Hair would get stuck on the main brush and you'd have to physically cut/remove the hair whereas the new Roborock S7's main brush is like a rubber/silicon that works really well. Mopping is cool as well but doesn't replace a manual mop of course.

    An auto emptying dock is suppose to be released very soon as well. It'll be the bagless version which will save on the bags too.

    • The S7 is "so much better" than the Viomi or the Eufy35c?

      • +1

        It's better than the 35C. Don't have any knowledge on the viomi so that's why I said it isn't related to the viomi vacuum. Sorry!

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    Can anyone provide a review on how good it is with carpet? Thank you

  • +5

    Am I the only one who saw the thumbnail and thought it was a smart toilet seat?
    This would be an interesting feature if it was…

    Auto-Dumping 2.0

    • haha… now that you have mentioned it. I can't unsee it.

    • Me, yes,

  • Been wanting to buy one.. Does anyone know how this compares to the Deebot 920 and if this is better?

    • I have the 930 and been researching and no one has done a written/video comparison I've seen, but on paper it is a lot better.

      • Ahh thanks for the feedback !!! Was very close of buying the 920 two days back. It had pretty decent reviews…Thinking of changing preferences to this now :)

  • so many different types of robo vacs, what is the best one?

  • Is there a way to get the white version instead of the black one? Just curious

    • Bit the bullet and got it!! House is 56squares so hopefully its enough to vacuum the whole thing in one go.

  • any idea on the delivery timelines?

  • The other day my S9 had trouble docking. It kept lining up and almost touching contacts, then moving back, turning, trying to redock, over and over again. I was worried I'd have to make warranty claim. In the end, turning it off and on fixed the issue.

    • I have the same issue with my 2yr old S5 but it is out of warranty and driving me nuts… prob time to consider something new.

      • Any ideas on the cause or part that is faulty? I hope it doesn't evolve into a bigger issue for my unit.

        • Whenever my vacuum starts acting up I just give the vacuum and charging station a complete clean.

  • +1
    • Yeah looks the same. And I think AZ eShop = PC Byte. Also on Catch, same seller

    • +1

      As very non OzBargain-like as this is to say, I'm half tempted to pay the extra $50 for the peace of mind dealing with Amazon vs PC Byte based on reviews on OZB and Product Reviews.

      In saying that, Google Reviews are mostly 4's. Decision, decisions….

      • Catch is also close. Comes down to $560 on catch. Should prefer Catch or PC Byte ?

        • Catch is showing $639 for me. Maybe they just jacked it?

        • It's likely the same seller, as in AZ eShop = PC Byte.

      • Just be aware that it isn't being sold by Amazon, but rather AZ eShop who is likely PC Byte. Still better though as it's shipped by Amazon and you'll still have buyer protection from Amazon.

  • How does this work on long hair?
    I have hair all over my home and worried it will tangle up in this robot vacuum.

  • Wish this device came in white at the said price..

  • Can it be scheduled to clean ?

    • Yes, in the app.

  • Bought, and got some bags from AliExpress

    • Hi, would you be able to post a link of which bags you bought from Aliexpress… Newbie here and not sure which ones are suitable :)

  • Thinking to upgrade my old Xiaomi vac, unsure of exact model I have. ( I think it's done ok, 267 hrs total tume/14k m² cumulative cleaning count/270 cleaned up)
    App says I have 'rockrobo.vacuum.v1' Mi vacuum.
    Thinking the mopping function on an upgraded version would be great for the bachelor pad. Tiles throughout, only bedrooms carpeted and a rug on the floor of the lounge.
    How does it work avoiding the rug on the floor for vacuuming only, and mopping elsewhere? Likewise, vacuuming my bedroom carpet, but then mopping the ensuite bathroom?

    • From my understanding you would have to set the rug as a no-go zone, meaning it would not vacuum or mop on it.
      So you would add the no-go zone only for the times you want it to mop I guess.
      Unfortunately it seems you can't set areas to only vacuum or only mop within the same zone/room if that make sense, you could however still set it to vacuum only for an entire carpeted bedroom for instance to avoid it mopping the bedroom

  • +1

    Warning: PCByte takes ages ship orders.

    I ordered mine on Monday before this deal was even put up and it's still "Processing".

    • Yeah I was wondering wtf was going on, I bet they dont even have stock to cover the orders.

    • i just received mine today. ordered on the night this deal was posted

  • anyone can comment on the mapping feature of these? I have two rugs that shed like no tomorrow… can I exclude that area easily on these?

  • Arrived today, set it up and done a couple of global cleaning and recharge cycles but when I go to the area editor it says there is no room information on the current map and to go to the map details page.

    In the main settings page the only map selection I can see is map list with options to restore current map or rename.

    Any ideas how I set up the rooms?

    • Could you tell me what day you ordered this? Mine just says processing

      • Ordered Tuesday night. Got an invoice about an hour later then nothing till it arrived on Friday midday.

        • Was it AusPost, and if so did you get tracking and who was the sender? I have a few things in my tracking list and have no idea who they're from.

    • Hows the vacuum performance btw? Happy with the purchase?
      Just bought one and trying to prevent buyers regret

      • Doing well now - took a few days to successfully map the whole house but does a good job of cleaning. Had to educate the family that you no longer leave stuff on the floor like wired earbuds and the like as they quickly wrap around the brush.

        was surprised on day 3 when it reported full dust bag but closer inspection showed it hadn't opened fully.

  • got one thanks op

  • I purchased on 14th July and still "Processing".

    I suspect they don't have enough stock and we'll be getting ours probably by Christmas. Contemplating of cancelling and reordering with

    • +1

      The Sydney lockdown may have affected things.

      I haven't received mine either, and it's still in processing.

    • I'm in Melbourne and I just received mine this morning. I ordered it the day this deal was published and my current status is 'Shipped'

  • Has anyone been successful at claiming warranty from PC Byte? I bought my Viomi A9 from them that stopped working after 3 uses and not really getting anywhere so far.

    I went back through my email and have realised that they never actually sent me my order number - all I have is the PayPal transaction receipt. The contact number provided on the PayPal receipt is disconnected and I'm yet to hear back from their customer service email address after emailing them over the weekend. I'm not holding my breath though, as I haven't even received the usual acknowledgement email that you get after contacting customer service teams.

    I've also tried calling both Sydney stores but, understandably, nobody's picked up, as they would be closed due to lockdowns. And I'm not in NSW anyway, so it's not like I could take it to a store.

    The A9 is much cheaper and less complex than than the S9. Given the popularity of this deal, has anyone actually dealt with this seller's post-sales support?

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