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LG 77C1 $5596, 77G1 $6396, 65C1 $3276 | Hisense 70S5 4K TV $716 | Breville BES870 $594.15, BES878 $704.65 C&C /+ Delivery @ TGG


Greetings everyone, the excellent prices are back again on these popular items. The Hisense is the cheapest I've ever seen I believe. This time directly from TGG so can stack with discounted gift cards also :)


Other Deals:

Note: Coupon seems to work on a range of products in Small Appliances and some other areas. I don't know yet what it applies to but did the research to find these great deals as a pick of the bunch.

As always, enjoy :)

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      Could be dead by then

    • If it is a price you can and are willing to pay then just buy now and enjoy!

  • Hmm, to wait for a C1 drop to 3k or just go with the G1 now that the prices are so close…

    • at this rate I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the G1…hope for just over 5k around black friday / xmas / boxing day sales

    • lowest for C1 65 has been 2953 so far

  • That 77" price 0.0

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    Bought the G1 77" before it expires!

  • These prices are insane.

    Okay, now to try and return my unopened 65 GX to JB Hifi. This will be fun I'm sure :P

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      You could also try to seek refund the difference to avoid all the hassles. Also check if your credit card has price protection, might be be even easier

      • Thanks - I did that when it want from ~$3470 to ~$3280 when I was waiting for it to be available for pick up initially, but for $150 more I'd rather have the new brighter panel in the G1!

        • Fair play, yeah I'd love a G1 but can't justify an upgrade from CX only 1 year in.
          Good luck man!

  • I felt this is the price drops we would have seen last year if not for Covid… OLED has been threatening to drop for years and we're finally seeing some great discounts. Love my 65" CX in the theatre, next living room will be a 77 or 83 OLED for sure, maybe a couple years away.
    Once you go OLED you can't go back

    • In reality, it's barely on par with pricing before COVID for 55 and 65 at least. 65's were easily had around $3K before COVID even down to $2.5k on run out sales. More drop in prices required before it's much to write home about.

      • yeah pricing is still higher than pre covid… 65 for 2300 is the benchmark.

    • I heard Samsung are getting in the OLED game soon (possibly using LG panels?).

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    Does anyone know exactly what the code does?

    • 20% off by the looks

    • I can't find any details either.

      It wouldn't work via cash rewards or shop back? - The price match kept overriding it.

      It works on my tablet, without a rewards app/extension.

      The item is a clothes dryer. None in stock nearby, and delivery kill's it unfortunately.

  • Thanks OP, just saved me $780 on a $3800 fridge.

    Where did the code come from? Click frenzy or something?

  • Doesn't seem to work on the 55" C1, unfortunately.

    But the 55" G1 is included.

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    Breville the Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder Pro $1359 after the code.

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    $799 off the Hisense 4k UST projector if anyone is interested. Seems like a good price at $3196?

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      no stock so doesnt matter

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      No Stock

    • Well it can't hurt to try! Order placed for the 65" C1 :)

      Cancellation in 3, 2, 1…

      This is the way.

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        Lol added to the cart, but unable to place the order out of stock in qld. If you have the order through, maybe you can get it. Unable to add the cart now.

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          the payment button appears for a microsecond…just can't hit it!

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          i just realized that even it was instock, myer just won't deliver to my place, actually they only do the metro area. meaning if i choose to collect at a metro auspost, i might be able to put the order through when it shows "limited stock". so damn stupid me.

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        was it still in stock when you visited?

        • Yes, I went with delivery but it said limited stock at the local Myer

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      Congratulations to whoever picked one of those up

      • My order says "Preparing", but it'll probably be cancelled…

    • @workingfromhome Please send me a PM/message, I've got a present for you…

  • Sorry, just saw that

    • 65" C1 here is superior for very similar coin.

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    I know the promo code is "TODAY" - but does anyone know if it actually finishes today?

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      Just going off the code, it should work everyday for the rest of existence.

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    How come the tvs start in 3K range. Is there deal on UHD ones for around $1000 for LG/Samsung?

  • Just rang Marsden Park TGG and they said they have no stock and no stock at their warehouse either?

    • For which TV? Hisense 70S5?

      • Sorry, LG C1 65

        • No worries, as I'm looking at getting the Hisense 70S5 delivered (box is too big to fit in my car) and most stores around me are showing 'stock coming soon' or 'one on display'.

  • Just used the promo code to buy the LG 8KG heat pump dryer I had been eyeing. Got 20% off - score! Thank you so much OP.

    • For a second I thought you said you bought the LG 8K Z1 OLED I was about to say you god damn mad man

    • I’ve been comparing the LG vs Bosch. Is there a specific reason why you picked LG?

      • Oh dear, I’ve only just seen this and I’m probably way too late. Sorry!

        I picked LG because I have an LG front loader (decided to match), which makes stacking the dryer easier as it comes with an attachment to stack on top of LG washing machines.

  • jeebus the hisense 100" is 100KG+ in weight without the stand…

    • probably tell you to put it on the floor

  • Does anyone know if the G1 includes a stand? Been reading some conflicting claims of it including vs not including a stand

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      Comes with a stand in Australia but not other countries

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      Yes, covered already on prior page

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    WTW87564AU heat pump dryer is $1271.60 premium delivered to Melbourne


    I miss out on the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634512

    • Can’t decide between this or the LG… I got the LG v9 washing machine last month but the LG heat pump dryer is $250 more than the Bosch!

      • I went with WTW87564AU since I want to put it on top of my WAP28482 with this stacking kit WTZ11400.

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    If you've ordered and haven't taken possession/delivery. They will refund the difference to last week's 15% off code.

    My fridge dropped by another $100 with TODAY as it works out to a 20% discount.

    Called them and they'll refund me.

    • Did you call the store or the general line?

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        I called store number. He looked up my order and I gave TODAY code and price difference and he said yep we'll get that refunded to you. Someone will call to arrange the refund.

    • Also asking this. Called the TGG store that the TV was sent to, to fulfill (not yet been dispatched). They couldn't change anything. Called the online team, they couldn't change anything. Requested through the EBAY link to cancel or discount and no response.

      • Oh I bought in store and they price matched the ebay discount. It was a direct purchase in store.

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      Legend. I called this morning and got a useless shit kicker that flat out refused saying it was an online only deal that they have no idea about. After all but giving up, I read your message and gave them another call. In less than a minute I had a $50 refund headed my way. Thanks mate.

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    Just ordered the 77" oled LG from last promo deal at 6005 rang up my local and because of this promotion they're happy to refund the difference thanks op!

  • Wow! Thanks!

  • Too bad. Bought almost 3000 worth of appliances yesterday in store. Now the price difference is almost 600 with the coupon code today.

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      Give them a call or visit your local store. If you purchased only yesterday, I'm sure they'd refund the difference (if you purchased from The Good Guys that is).

      • Called them but refused. Said they don't price match online exclusives :(

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          Damn.. That's a bit disappointing, I thought it would have been okay considering others have been getting refunds. Maybe try the main TGG line or the store manager and see.

          • @doweyy: Will do. Thanks mate.

            • @fakeshan: If it hasn't been delivered yet I would return then repurchase online

          • @doweyy: They still said no. Thanks for the advice anyway. :(

          • @doweyy: Sorry Double post

      • You think TGG will do anything to help you after you've given them money? You obviously haven't dealt with them before.

    • They'll technically only do it if you purchased the "Concierge" thing, which I always thought was a rip but it's about $100/year and you would get 120% of the difference if it's cheaper within 30 days if purchase.

  • Time to use all those discounted gift cards

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      Yep, FYI, max of 2 gift cards can be claimed online

      • Better to match in-store and use there

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    Damn you OzBargain, finally dropped $3471 (inc. delivery) on the LG 65" G1.

    Happy with the choice of TV but man that much money felt like a serious gut punch.

    Now to figure out how to break the news to my wife :-(

    • +3

      Good luck lol. Maybe wait till the TV arrives, and then break it to her once she sees the amazing picture quality?

      • Well the problem is she's seen the picture quality because I dropped $2500 on the 55" C1 just last month :D She loves the TV…..but that means we've spent $6K on 2 TV's in the past 2 months. I've got a pretty serious budgeting spreadsheet and finance app to show her that we can afford it and its within our budget (ie we'll still have some money to put in the savings after all our expenses), which I'll show her, like you said, AFTER THE TV ARRIVES :D :D :D

        • Just got a call from TGG an hour ago saying that its on backorder and they have no ETA :-(

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    I'll patiently wait for the C1 65 to drop below $3k

    • already has, lowest for C1 65 has been 2953 so far

  • Damn it, got a CX77 for $5300 and I thought the 77 wouldn't get close.. Could have had a G1!

    • +2

      Reasonable difference between 5300 and 6400 though.

    • Can you please share receipt so I can price match?

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    grabbed a Chromecast with google TV for $64

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    The LG c1 OLED is available for $2076 too. All time low?

    • The 55"?

      • No the 48".

        G1 55 is <$2600, not sure about C1 55. Honestly with how small the price difference between the C1 and G1 is it makes no sense to get the C1 to me.

        • Thinking of getting the 48" but would that be too big for a monitor?

          • @first in line: You'll need a pretty deep desk. You don't want to be sitting closer than 80 cm from a screen that big IMHO.

    • And the A1 65" is $2636!

      I mean, it's an A1… but still not bad for a 65" OLED!

      • +2

        Nah mate, you'd be better off paying the extra for the c1/G1 or downsizing to thr G1 55 for $2600.

        • I'm hanging out for my myer price error 65" C1!

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