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Bosch Series 8 9kg Heat Pump Dryer WTW87564AU $1,197.60 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Not the lowest price on OZB but if you're after one, this is still a good price. Similar price to last deal at TGG on eBay but this time direct with TGG. Use shopback 3.50% cashback.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Just saw a notification that it price matched to 1387.

    So may come down to 1110

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      Yeah… But the code "Today" doesn't stack on the price match

  • Website still showing $1497 for me and the TODAY code ends at midnight so still better off buying it with code then waiting? Unless price updates before midnight.

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    Should be 87564AU. 87565AU is the older model and has been discontinued.

  • Is this a condenser dryer?

  • Does anyone know if this is stackable with this

  • Very regretful of my bosch heat pump dryer. Doesn't really get clothes dry. My wife absolutely loathes it. Everything needs to dry out afterwards, even using the towel setting and clearing out the lint every time.

    Takes forever to do a cycle also.

    It's a big shock compared to a typical cheapie.

    Look up reviews before buying. Very polarising.

    • we have this exact model and LOVE it. we just use it on the max cottons setting and everything comes out dry.

      bed sheets need a second hit but everything else is great. runs circles around our old Asko heat pump

      • we just use it on the max cottons setting and everything comes out dry.

        My experience is the same as yours.

    • Oops… hope we don’t have same experience…

    • Did you overload the dryer?

    • Typical cheapies are basically bar radiators that cook your clothes. Yeah, if you want them done "quickly", have them wrecked over time as well, and spin your power meter so fast the numbers are a blur, go with a cheapie. Who cares how long it takes, put it on then get on with your life, then the cycle finishes.

      Heat pump dryers take longer because they draw heat energy from the surrounding air, which clearly doesn't contain as much heat as the cooking element in old-style dryers.
      Do you overload it. If you stuff it full of clothes then of course the warm air can't reach the inside of your ball of clothes, nor can the moisture easily evaporate from there.
      Check your settings. The Bosch defaults to "Cupboard Dry", but there is an "Extra Cupboard Dry" setting above that which will dry things a step further.
      If all else fails, just whack on a 20 or 30 minute timer cycle at the end, this ignores the moisture sensor so it won't stop prematurely if it thinks the clothes are dry (which can happen if you have some damp clothes stuck in the middle of others that can't get dried).

      • Going to try that out. if it works that might be okay. 4.5 hours cycle is a bit much otherwise…

    • does your make a clunk sound near the end of a cycle.?

  • On mobile, Initially could not use the code as It already came up with pricebeat of 110 so could not apply TODAY. It reverted back to pricebeat which was smaller amount.
    Used desktop and placed the order. All good. Thanks OP.

    Did not do much research so hopefully the product is good.

  • I think it’s better to use Cashrewards because the promo code TODAY is listed there - whilst it isn’t listed in Shopback so the cashback from Shopback might be rejected as per T&C.

  • Just bought from the recent eBay sale last Friday :( paid 1327 with delivery..

  • +1

    Just realized that there is a $100 cashback promotion that started on 16th July.
    I ordered it on 14th July but it was delivered on 16th July and the receipt shows 16th July.
    For those who got it delivered on Friday or later, don't forget to claim your $100:

    • Hey mate,

      Did you end up receiving the cashback??

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