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[NSW] IKEA LADDA Rechargable Batteries 900mAh 4x AAA - $5 @ IKEA (Rhodes)



I bought 4 of them and whatever left on the picture

I used it with this $10 coupon https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637426

Ended up paying $2.5 for each pack

Good deal!

Previously offered for $8.99

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  • +81

    you seriously go to IKEA ? essential enough? check inside the package just incase there is covid hiding

    • -9

      Eh, ikea far more essential than some other shops open out here, lots of wfh needs or replacing broken necessary homewares etc

      • +5

        cant u get it online?

        • +1

          Probably one of the few areas that actually benefits from browsing a physical showroom/store - office chairs for instance are very individual

        • price is still $12.99 online though

        • IKEA has stopped online delivery in NSW, at least when I checked on Tuesday.

      • +4

        now i know why we are in lockdown…. blame the battery!!!!

        • +1

          it wouldn't have happened with Eneloops

      • +6

        People may need those things but pretty poor form from IKEA though because a) their stores are designed for browse and try and not allow you to get out easily after getting what you want. b) their in-store variable pricing which means you need to physically enter C) the tax they put on for click and collect is ridiculous

    • -8

      yep, went there to get spare parts for my broken sofa and stopped by for some batteries.

      • shouldn't it be:
        'yep, went there to get spare parts for my broken sofa and thats it.'

        • +12

          come on, give the man a break. He went for an essential item, saw the batteries, got some for himself, thought it was a good deal, thought it was worth posting here, and so he did.

          If you don't need to go to IKEA, don't go just for this. But if someone is going to IKEA Rhodes already for something else that they think is essential, they'll grab this on their way to the counter.

          Yes, we all need to abide by the rules, but gosh, you guys are harsh. He saw a deal and posted it! Leave him alone.

          • +11

            @Mr Frodo: thanks. exactly what you described.
            in retrospect, i should just keep this to myself. didnt expect to cause quite a stir.

            definitely followed the entry rules, masked up, checked in, went in and out for less than 15 minutes.

            • -1


              went in and out for less than 15 minutes

              Thank goodness this delta variant wears a nice wristwatch to know it should leave you alone.

    • +4

      That's why NSW is at whre it is. Apparently common sense is not so common.

      Cant believe my local smoke store and bottle shop are still open.

      • The bottle shop and tobacconist should always remain open. There would be a literal health and public order crisis if alcoholics were unable to access liquor and smokers/vapers had to go cold turkey.

        Jewellers and Hot Dollar should not be open.

        Clothing stores, Kmart and Ikea should be open for click and collect only, preferably a completely contactless direct-to-boot service at parcel pick-up locations.

        • +1

          Well, some needs to look after their mental state with retail therapy. I guess that's why LV Gucci etc are open.

          I indeed see why Gladys over estimated what common sense mean to the general public.

    • +1

      Logged in for the first time in months just to up vote this

  • +1

    Same here at Logan. Too many at home didn't grab any for myself.

    • +1

      Just so people don’t do what I did and drive to Logan Ikea to get this deal, thinking that the above post meant they were the same price. They’re not! They’re still $8 at Logan Ikea.

      • +2

        It honestly isn't worth getting delta to only save $3. At least give us 50% off for that kind of risk.

  • +4

    Great price, shame I cbf heading out there.

  • +30

    and this is the problem - IKEA not essential but open

    small independent retailer = not essential and closed

    • +1

      but them meat balls are essential right?


      • Do they still have horsemeatballs?

  • +5

    Gladys ain't gonna be glad about this.

    • +16

      She would argue that it's just common sense.
      Big foreign owned business= good
      Small local business= bad.

      • -9

        Big foreign owned business=pay more tax to gov.

  • I think it's essential depending on what you're getting. A few people I know are getting desks or chairs to support WFH (somehow hadn't gotten one yet). Going in to re-model your kitchen, not so.

    • +5

      Click n collect? Nope, people can go in and sit on chairs that 2000 other people potentially sat on.

  • are they trying to make way for the new branding packaging (white/teal) like the AA?

    • are white/teal still made in Japan?

      • +1

        Yes they are

  • Looks like there is no much left on the shelf.

  • i tried to use the code for this battery, but at checkout it says unable to deliver

    • +7

      It wants you to go instore!

      Spread the rona love

      • cant spread it if i havent catch it.

        Gotta Catch 'Em …. poke style

        • +1

          Or create a new style? Evolve two or more strains?

  • +8

    not worth it, better stay at home and be safe. Imagine getting a fine for this trip, how many batteries could you have got?

    • +1

      just post it…. "bargain - 4 AAA battery just $1,005 with possible exposure of your name in newspapers"

  • +2

    Could be argued batteries essential for charging remote to power tv in order to stay up to date with covid restrictions.

    • +1

      By that logic, couches are essential too. Plus, don't want a bad back from being stuck watching TV for new updates over months.

      So we should allow 2000 people to go through and test the couch.

      Click n collect. Don't allow any shopper into any stores ffs

  • +3

    NSW gonna be in lockdown till christmas at this rate. Bring back the cane for those abusing the system

  • +8

    Can't wait for this to happen to Rhodes, I am sure save a few bucks on some cheap batteries is worth it to some people that cause the whole Sydney lock down extended.


    Don't be selfish people.

    • +2

      peoples idea in their heads is if i exercise my freedom and rights to be out and about it will force the government not to enforce and extend lockdowns. they are just shooting themselves in the foot. the more they flaut the restrictions the longer the lockdowns will be.

      stop finding loopholes in the restrictions. its for everyones benefit.

    • 2000 in Ikea NSW, same with 2000 in MCG Melb.
      we are even

      • need a tie breaker


      • Remember, it's not a race!

        • +1

          its always about race

          • +1

            @havok44: But we cant talk about it…. taboo

    • What masochist wants to walk around Ikea for 11 hours.

      • It was an employee

        • +1

          What masochist works for Ikea

  • +15

    Any IKEA deals in NSW shouldn't be published during NSW lockdown
    This will just encourage more people moving around and lockdown will never ends

    • +1

      or any instore deal should be banned too?

      • +1

        Yea, at least the in-store deal

    • people can decide for themselves. they know the rules

  • +3

    If I look at the picture is it considered browsing?

  • +8

    Has great potential to be an OzBargain super spreader event!

    • the occassion will be marked with $1000 fines issued to those who participate.

      • Expensive ladda

  • nice

  • +20

    I've always considered essential to be food, shelter and (vital) medicine). The people shopping for clothes and furniture can keep wearing the same clothes and using the same furniture they have now. And just be grateful that the crisis of this generation involves sitting at home eating junk food and watching videos. Not fighting and killing in trenches.

    • +1

      but but they are restricting our freedom.


      • +1

        Freedom to catch covid ?

        • Tell that to the nitwits.

  • +2

    Watt a good deal!

    • +2

      i bet you are amped up for this deal.

      • +2

        Keep your crappy puns in a volt

        • +3

          crappy puns you say? guilty as charged.

        • Not in My House!

  • Anyone got a deal for battery chargers?

    • let me check my local bunnings… wish me luck with the police.

    • Ikea had a nice looking unit. Not sure how good it is.

  • +2

    COVID-19 likes this post

  • $7 at Ikea North Lakes [QLD]

    • +1

      Are you there now? Lets meet for a coffee? (Im not undercover police trust me)

      • +1

        Nah I was earlier this week.

        P.S. QLD != NSW so not sure why I'd be worried if you are the LADA police :D

        • +3

          P.S. QLD != NSW

          thats what VIC said yesterday and see now? the Rona is coming~~!!

  • Looks like they are clearing these to make way for the new (teal?) ones with same specs but cheaper. Whats the difference?

  • I've been wanting to go in since last deal was posted at 8.99 just b4 lockdown. I had since speculated prices on discounted items would keep dropping at places we're not supposed to visit, and here we are at $5. Shame we have no self- control, they may have been $1 if we'd held out till after lockdown… just wish my fire alarms took AAs and they'd be essential ;(

  • +13

    IKEA open is Sydney is just insane. WTF is wrong with the gov't? Not much point having a lockdown unless you do it right.
    Any 'essentials' could be delivered, or C&C outdoors.

    This is why the rest of Australia is building a border wall.

    • But you cant block nsw vic forever? And when its open you will have removalists coming over….

      • I'm hoping in 6 months we will have decent vaccination levels, then we'll take our chances.
        You planning on moving here? :-)

        • Nah, i like it here plus i havent catch covid yet i cant leave.


          • +1

            @ChiMot: You sure? You could sell your squalid Sydney workers' cottage and buy a mansion out West.

            • @manic: Now we"re talking…. you really hit my weak spot…

      • +1

        Yeah we can

  • +3

    I spent the whole day there two weeks ago. Best 11hrs ever