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Free Tote Bag for Local Google Guides


Free Google tote bag for Google local guides im level 6 check your emails to redeem by 31st july

Make sure email settings are turned on


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  • +5

    Level 4 and nothing

    • Me too 😓

      • What's the Email subject? Can't find

        • +1

          "capslock janitor", your June as a local guide.

          • +4

            @Nicktorious: Found the June mail!
            "Enjoy this Local Guides pin"
            - 35mm metal enamel pin
            - Enclosed in biodegradable bag

            Wish I got the Tote bag instead.

            I rarely opened those Guides emails, let alone scroll down.

    • -2

      Git gud scrub

  • +16

    Level 6 and nothing here. must be targeted.

  • +5

    Level 5 and nothing

  • +4

    Level 7 and nothing here

  • +4

    Whats a local google guide? Learn something new every day lol

    • +73

      People who willing give away their time to a gigantic multinational worth hundreds of billions of dollars in return for a mass-produced tote bag.

      • -2

        And, seemingly, a disturbing number of them reading this post.

        • -5

          And, even more surprising, they don't only read this post, but take a decision about where to eat/shop/stay/travel based on those People's opinion.

      • +63

        I'm level 5. While it's true that Google profits from this, I also use reviews left by other people to make my purchasing decision whether it's experience or goods. So I would argue it's bit more than a bag.

        • +8

          Also get to negatively review crappy shops

        • +1

          Helped a friend sorted out their business listing problem on Google recently and actually got assigned to an agent who sorted everything out. Pleasantly surprised by that.

          Facebook meanwhile… after multiple attempts to claim the business page, it finally went through, then FB deleted it. I hope their campaign against Apple failed.

      • +23

        Sorry, but this is a really dumb comment. You want Ozbargain to pay people for their contributions? What about Twitter paying for every Tweet that gets posted?

        I would prefer reviews to be free and unbiased than having Google pay every Local Google Guide for their reviews, much less chance to have a review paid for, completely negating the purpose of the platform

      • +23

        Google maps is a public good

        Helps people be informed about what's there

        So we don't have to talk to people.

      • +21

        This is a really stupid take. People contribute to crowdsourced info because there is mutual benefit. The perks are just a bonus, and it's more than many other companies offer.

        • +10

          Yeah I contributed the other week by amending one of the times for a cafe I went to - rocked up on a Monday thinking it would be open cos it said so on Google, but when I went to the website they had different opening times. So I amended the opening time so other people don't rock up when it's closed!

      • I got socks.

  • Weird I'm level 6 at 3112 don't know why it's targetted

  • Nothing for me at Level 5.. hmm..

  • +7

    Level 6 at 2516 and they're giving me a pair of Google socks!

    • +2

      Level 7 and got the socks too

    • Yeah level 6 and I got the socks too

  • Level 6, got offered socks. Have been pretty active lately in answering questions and providing detailed reviews with photos.

  • +1

    Level 7 and nothing

  • Level 7 and nothing. :(

  • Level 5 and nothing

  • Level 6 and got offered one :)

  • Level 5 700 points and I got the tote bag.

  • Level 5 at 600 points and nothing.

  • Level 6 and nothing here

  • I was prompted to answer some questions about a venue I was at recently. After answering I got the socks offer.

  • +2

    I'm a level 8. Got a pair of socks

    • +1

      Level 8 nothing here

    • Level 7 and got socks

  • I got a Local Guides Special Edition Pin. Level 6 and 88% on the way to 7

    • +1

      Same 6 going on 7 and also got a pin.

  • Level 4, nothing :(

  • +1

    Level 5, nothing

  • +2

    level over 9000.. nothing here..

  • I got an email with free socks :)

  • Level 7, nothing yet.

  • +1

    level 6, got the email - usually delete it without reading it. Options were tote bag, socks or a lapel pin. Picked tote bag.

  • Level 7, got free socks without choice.

  • Level 7. Redeemed. 3 to 6 weeks delivery time.

  • Level 5 580 points, nothing

  • Level 5 1100 nothing.

  • Got mine - Level 6 here.

  • level 6 and nothing :) nice

  • level 6, also got nothing

  • Level 7 and 12332,nothing here. Have received free google drive and google home mini in the past tho. I have not added content in recent past tho.. That might be the criteria?

    • Level 7 here with 9.5k points, and also haven't been particularly active recently & no freebie so I suspect you may be right.

  • Nothing

  • Level 6, get a pin

  • level 5 and nothing

  • Got Free socks offered today- Level 7

  • is there a link to check ?

    • You would have gotten an e-mail about it

  • Level 10, nothing.

  • +5

    All I got is this:

    We are aware that this month’s email newsletter included a note at the top that referenced a reward in the body of the email. This was an error and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused.
    We are in the process of implementing additional checks to ensure that this does not happen again. We thank you for your understanding.
    - The Local Guides team

  • Level 5 and got a pin lmao

  • Level 6, nothing

  • Level top of the pyramid, I give out tote bags to commoners.

  • Level 7, got a pin

  • +1

    Level 5, got offered the choice of 3 rewards, Bag, Socks or Pin. I chose Bag. Not sure if it was because i contributed more frequently this month than last. My email said i had an uptick in contribution this month (+30 in contributions).

    • I got the socks at level 5.. and only had the choice of the bag this time very weird

  • No email for me, level 8 :(

  • Level 6, enamel pin. Won't use it but free is free

  • Level 7, got the tote bag. Would have preferred the socks!

  • +1

    time to start using my 7 google accounts

  • +2

    You can now get a huge fine for google review

    • +1

      Rookie mistake. Never leave text with a one star review.

    • sounds like a karen posting troll reviews to screw someone over

      so many red flags in that patient's quoted comments

    • I hope that's enough to retire on as I would hope people would avoid that dentist like the plague. Typical judges and lawyers in a circle jerk.

  • +1

    Level 8. Nothing. Sigh.

  • +2

    Turns out my Google Local Guide settings was set to not receive any emails, which explains the lack of offers. In case it helps anyone else, here's where you manage the email settings for Local Guide.

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