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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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  • +15

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but cut this mob some slack. You ordered some jerky, there's been a delay. Reading these comments I'd swear people ordered $500k stock of jerky. I ordered some too and am waiting, I appreciated the email saying ETA 5th of August. Put your flaming torches and pitchforks down, it's just some jerky? Lol

    • 2 days till the 5th of August, i am putting my hands up that we will not receive them in 2 days.

    • +2

      I'd believe it when I see it. Haven't received a tracking email until now, and its 2 days to the 5th of August. Also it's misleading. OP is adamant everyone will receive their jerky by the 5th of August but clearly there are some people who just received an email stating they will receive theirs by the 15th of August. Which is true? We shall find out in 2 days

    • Just curious why do you feel they need 'slack' cut for them?

      They very consciously sold well beyond any stock they had on hand - and seem to not have had any plans in place for this nor advised folks buying that the items were well out of stock and it would be several weeks till fulfillment.

      They sent out a 5th AUG email only, which many folks appear not to have gotten - though you say you 'appreciated' - despite it being just incredibly untrue as it appears near nobody has even been advised their order has shipped, let alone received it.

      This calls into question the sellers claims that they shipped the stock they had onhand IMMEDIATELY (honestly would love them to state how many order this actually was) - but again appears no-one on here has confirmed receiving or even being advised their order is onroute.

      Comms have otherwise been exclusively by pretty generic msgs on OzB - twice giving dates for delivery that appear to be absolute fantasy (majority of orders received by TUE/WED(today!) and EVERYONE by end of this week).

      I think you misjudge why folks are annoyed - it's not that the orders are delayed - like you I ordered and like you I'm not that upset about that - but rather by the complete incompetence and repeated unprofessionalism from a seller who based on their own press clippings really should know this isn't good enough.

      Delays are ok - stupidity and repeated BS is not.

    • +2

      Well if you can channel IVI less and wrote in plain english instead of trying to be a word-smith, I 'might' give you an answer…..

      • +2

        OP's profile pic checks out for sure.

    • +1

      IVI, you forgot to log back into your ranting account…

      Edit: lol, just saw the comment above as I reloaded the page from my comment…

      Also, OP, got any links or references to wtf you are gabbing on about?

    • +1

      This shouldn't have been merged. We need a dedicated thread about this.

  • +2

    People are generally okay with waiting and are patient. However people without any updates are not okay with waiting and are not patient

    Customers shouldn't need to turn to an online forum for communication. Keep people updated and you'll gain repeat customers instead of one time customers that become annoyed at your company and never return

    • yea, people will be quick to forget the insane discount when the product takes way too long to arrive.

  • +2

    Has the cattle even been slaughtered yet ?

    • +4

      Cow hasn't even been conceived yet let alone slaughtered

    • -1

      Fresh jerky is coming in hot! hang in there with me OZB please.

  • +2

    Can this user and the buy aussie now website be banned from posting any deals to OZB ever again? Surely this + the Uggs fiasco is enough to warrant that. They are useless.

    • +8

      seems harsh considering 9500 pairs of Uggs has been delivered and all of 12000 packets of Jerky will be posted in the coming days. I understand the frustration and apologies for the delay but we are relying on 3rd parties to deliver.
      We haven't posted any deals until this is 100% delivered and have changed our processes to ensure all products are delivered in a timely manner for future.

      • +1

        "12000 packets of Jerky will be posted in the coming days".

        Tomorrow is the 5th of August. What do you mean 12000 packets of jerky will be posted in the coming days?

        • -3

          Sorry a total of 12000 packets. Nobody wants you to get your jerky more than me, I can assure you.

          • @Buy Aussie Now: I got an idea to fix your processes. How about making sellers have a set limit on inventory instead of putting unlimited amount and being surprised how many they sold and cannot handle the sold amount.

            Evidently you have said you will fix the processes but it has happened again.

            Addit: people still complaining they haven't received the ugg either. So lets not go there.

          • @Buy Aussie Now: You sound genuine, and you are also buying. I am sure the wait is worth it.

      • +7

        You said there was ~3500 orders from memory. Don't let the 10 people or so on Ozbargain affect you. The rest of us are happy waiting knowing that we got the email saying to expect orders by August 5th. We also understand in that time there has been various additional covid restrictions impacting postage.

        For those saying no one has posted here stating they have received anything and freaking out. Please remember most people won't even check this post again until at least the 5th of August and never if they've already received there order.

        I'm all for exposing scammers, but I don't think Buy Aussie Now has been given the benefit of the doubt just yet.

        I'd expect the following:
        - some orders received by the 5th of August
        - almost all postage tracking data sent out by the 5th of August
        - an email to those that have neither of the above providing an order status update by the 5th of August

        I will wait until then until I start sharpening my pitch fork, but I'll still be giving it until the 13th of August before I light my torch.

        • The pressure is mounting on op, the only way to vindicate op is for the order to arrive, time is op's enemy, each day past add further pressure to op, add more anxiety to buyers who put further pressure on op. I genuinely hope I can receive my order and not walk the path of refund and enjoy the jerky at a great price, which will taste even better because of the price paid. I think it is still a small price to pay for the wait times for a quality product at bargain price.

        • Well it's the 5th of august and nothing. :)

  • I got the email saying that my order is expected to arrive no later than August 5th but my order status still says processing.

    • +1

      One more sleep to go!

  • I FONT KNOW ABOUT THIS. I bought 3 on the day it was posted and nothing has turned up.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    • yes me too, you are going to get your jerky very shortly. I have spoken to the supplier 4 times yesterday alone.

    • -1

      also still waiting mine to come.

  • I haven't received any emails since the confirmation email on 19 July. Should I be worried? I am happy to wait patiently.

    • -1

      no need to be worried, jerky on the way! thanks for your understanding.

      • will I receive mine by Aug 5

      • Any way to check progress/in queue? I was one of the first few hundred clicks and orders as far as I could tell, but no updates? Cheers

      • Why don't you update the order status for the orders you shipped then? it is still showing Processing?

    • Check junk, I thought I didn't receive any other emails from them but an update email was sent to junk on the 21st of July.

  • +2

    One more sleep to go before jerky! (although mine is meant to arrive on the 15th).

    If people receive jerky, please post on here with a photo and a review (hopefully the photo will satisfy my jerky cravings).

    If Buy Aussie Now was smart, the next deal they would post would be a meat dehydrator. Everyone waiting for their jerky would be sick of the wait and would decide to make it for themselves!

  • +4

    Never thought I would have to wait 4 weeks for a couple of bags of jerky.

    • Don't you just hate getting jerked around?

  • +3

    Hmmm, I literally forgot about this jerky order.

  • Has not arrived by the day that 'most people will receive their beef jerky.'

    When exactly is this going to come? If I don't get a proper answer I'll be doing a chargeback.

    • +1

      OP has said they talked to the vendor 4 times yesterday. But i still don't see a definite answer. Makes me wonder what they were talking about. Making interest on everyones money perhaps

      • Sounds like I’ll have to do a chargeback. Pity.

  • The hope now is it will come before the Sydney lockdown ends…

    • +1

      Don't worry Sydney will be still in lockdown until July 2022 at the rate they're going. Keep essential retailers open like Bunnings… Nice one Gladys

      • 200+ cases today haha

      • -1

        bunnings sausage sizzle is essential though….

  • Talk is cheap.

    If no one posts tomorrow that they have at least got their shipping or tracking, then the August 5th date was a pipe dream and alarm bells will be more than ringing.

  • gets popcorn

  • Sent an enquiry, delivery has changed from the 5th of August to the 15th now.

    • Funny thing is OP is still insisting we will all receive our jerky by this week.

  • You can’t just change from 5th to 15th that’s unrealistically misinforming, if they don’t come after 5th like their guarantee we all need to get our credit cards to do a charge back, no company on ozbaragin would make their customers wait over 1 months, ships even faster from china.

    They probably never even had any stock to begin with, shame.

  • +12

    I bought a case of beer when I purchased the Jerky to enjoy together.
    Now my beer is gone, no jerky showed up.
    It seems to be a good reason to buy another box of beer, hey?

  • +2

    We’ve all been duped. Buy Aussie now…. Get absolutely nothing later 😩

    The mod for the company in this thread stringing us along is the icing on the cake

  • For those who want a refund if it's not on their doorstep by tomorrow 5pm

    • I had emailed them at 19/07 and since then I got no reply, expect delays. Shame there was no paypal option

    • If they are doggy they are doggy,call the bank and get charge back they dont use paypal for a reason

  • +6

    FYI. Email from AusPost for my Ugg order.

    Never again will I buy from a company that tells me "During this time please do not email our customer service team unless it's of an urgent nature as this will only slow down the process." instead of "Sorry we dropped the ball." Btw, I was also told "Your order is expected to arrive no later than August 8th." yesterday. AusPost disagree.

    Shit happens. It is how you handle it that matters. Now lets hope they don't send me two left sides.

    Your delivery is coming

    It’s on its way
    Expected Tuesday 10 Aug 2021 – Friday 13 Aug 2021*
    From Ugg Australia
    Tracking number xxx

    If nobody’s home to sign for your delivery, we’ll take it to a local Post Office and email you when it’s available to pick up.
    Here are your delivery options.

    Choose a Parcel Locker to collect

    Choose a Post Office to collect

    Rather choose from your saved addresses? Log in to MyPost and redirect this item from your tracking list.

    Keep in mind that choosing a collection option will add at least one day to your expected delivery date.#
    Security message
    Australia Post will never send you an unsolicited email asking for your password, credit card details or account information.

  • +1

    scam,received the order imformaton with no abn or anything,no shipping imformation no jerky almost A month now!
    Only got 2 emails which is order comfirmation and receipt nothing else from there

    • -2

      our ABN is public information, there is no scam

      • +2

        but your customer service (or lack thereof) is a scam ….

  • +3

    After reading comments,most likely the order's quality will be shlt as well,normally takes 5-10 days to make mostly they will rushing it, making Jerky takes a lot of time and they are making 3700+ orders ( no stock) in weeks for a bullshlt family I think will be too much work.

  • +2

    Also the most importantly is the only one who recieved his order is OP,any than that no one stated he/she received order from 3700+ orders

  • And suddenly the website vanishes, imagine the irony, poor Aussies on lockdown and this could potentially happen, wonder of this guys monies in the bank yet. Very first few people who bought even said they never got their orders yet, Wowww. Let alone false claims being shipped on the 5th, I made order around mid time after posted for this deal when back in stock.

    0 orders shipped or received, the community here never lies.

  • Buy Aussie just don’t Buy Aussie Now. At best, this is incompetence on their side. There are some great Aussie businesses but this isn’t one.

    Charge back today and potentially report for scam. For those saying that “it’s just some jerky” “give them time” good luck waiting. Might as well order something from Wish so you could have a delivery race

  • +5

    The sleep is finally over! Jerky being delivered today!🤣🤣🤣

    • +3

      Feels like Christmas, but it's the postie instead of Santa. Happy Jerkmas everyone!

      • +1

        either that or we've all be jerked by the OP/BuyAussieNow

  • +3

    Where is my jerky?

  • +1

    Postie came this morning. No jerky for me.

    • +1

      No tracking received for my jerky either :(
      Getting something from Kmart though

  • Simple question, when can the OP be straight with us? It doesn't look like today will be the day that most (or any) of us will receive the jerky.

    Give us the date the jerky will be sent, not the date when you think we will receive it. I have a feeling that they will start blaming Auspost or whatever courier they use for the delay.

    • +6

      @iNeed2Pee, rest assured I dislike this seller and their sustained BS as much as anyone but please don't make a bad situation worse by posting up incorrect stuff like website gone - when it's very much still there. Just cause you can't connect in a single session doesn't mean an entire website is now removed.

      Posting up stuff like this makes us little better than their BS 'majority of orders delivered by 04/05AUG' lies.

      • My Apologies.
        The company that owns Dr Proctor is down.

        D & S fine foods. That's the website ive always been using. As for the Facebook page this is what its showing for Doctor Proctors Beef Billtong:

        This page isn't available right now. Try reloading the page. My internet is just fine. In fact I tried it on 2 different browsers and wifi connections.

        I am not spreading misinformation. I am telling the facts, regardless of even if those pages were still up, the communication recieved from the seller as been poor. I HAVE had to chase up the answers.

        No emails were even directed to me regarding our orders as claimed by Buy Aussie now who even said dont contact us as it slows us down.

        Ive requested a chargeback.
        I hope you get your jerky. Not gonna play silly games.


  • +1

    I'm disappointed in having to wait 3 weeks for my Ugg boots, but I really am not fussed about the jerky. How can you all carry on like a bunch of pork chops when OP has clearly stated valid reasons for crazy delays. Do any of you have any concept of what it's like to try and unexpectedly ship 20,000 items in the middle of a lockdown? Obviously they have stuffed up - no one is arguing that and I trust that changes have been made to avoid this in future. But this is Ozbargain and we break stores all the time. I know we all love having the postie come to our door but for christs sake put the pitchforks down.

    • You make it out like they had no say in how many orders they accepted. They sold and continued to sell well after they knew they didn't have the stock to honour this.

      They've then well after the sale, having had plenty of time to figure out what they need to send out - given atleast 2 public statements on when orders would be arriving. Both of these now appear to not only be incorrect but grossly untrue i.e majority of orders received 04/05AUG….and there's yet to be anyone in this thread confirming even email order is onroute.

      If this was a Ma & Pa operation I would have far more patience but Buy Aussie Now appears to have endorsement deals with high profile athletes and has a lot of press publicity. So that they have stuff entry level business basics up so badly, sorry I feel they need to get a good kick up the arse as they well and truly deserve it.

      • You need to be the spokesman for Buy Aussie Now.

        I have been very patient and even thought the same. But as the days progress and they are saying different to what I was told, it's hard to believe who is not lying.

        I just wanted my jerky. I was happy to wait but no emails were even directed my way at all.

        The problem now is many users will probably deem the jerky to be a sub par product because of the hassle Buy Aussie Now put them through.

    • That would be completely valid except for the fact that not 1 single person has not only got their order, but havent even been given any form of tracking.This is after the rep had confirmed, multiple times, that orders were on their way and were shipping.

      There wasnt any stock in the first place and they totally got flushed with how many orders poured in and are playing catch up from a long way back.

      Rather than just coming out and honestly explaining that their would be a ______ delay, they have been dodging very simple and valid questions.

      I dont care if I have to wait a month, but pick a date, let me know via email and then stick to it.

      Im gonna guess very few people here, if any, will be coming back.

  • My postman did not have my jerky which I ordered 4 weeks ago, do we chargeback? Hopefully I get the jerky and my money back for wasting my time.

  • +19



    Traditional —-E
    Left Handed Ǝ—-
    Fancy —-{


    33% off! —-F
    66% off! —-L
    Manufacturer's Defect! —-e


    The Euro —-€
    The Pound —-£
    The Lira —-₤

  • I think my jerky is on it's way actually. Should be arriving tomorrow.

    • +1

      What makes you say this?

      • +1

        Received a note from Startrack saying I have a delivery coming from Victoria, and this is the only thing I've ordered recently that is supposed to be coming from Victoria.

        • Great to know - hopefully folks will see your post and know atleast something is happening - thanks for sharing this info.

          • @Nikko: Once the package arrives I'll confirm here if it is indeed the jerky…

            Worth noting I didn't receive any of the supposed email updates. Agree communication has been poor but not much can be done about this now they've already made the mistake other than being patient.

            • +1

              @commandershephard: Hahaha FALSE ALARM

              Someone sent me something twice by mistake… what are the chances of this?!

              It is not the jerky…the wait continues….

  • +3

    FWIW seems another user has posted up this deal:

    Seems very good value - Biltong only marginally more than this deal - postage appears to be flat rate $10 (tried several kg to a regional NSW address).

    They also have Dry Wors for $40/kg, which is excellent value.

    Viable option if folks want to initiate a chargeback against Buy Aussie Now and buy from these guys instead (who appear far more professional having paypal option and a lot of google reviews for good sales). Just an option anyway.

    • Always up for a good deal for jerky, won't be cancelling my order yet. I will keep this company in mind and read feedback in the future on the post before I make my order. If I received my order and finished the jerky too quickly, I will jump on this deal.

  • +2

    Also some said it is a scam, I don't think it is a scam, if it is, the forum would have been closed and op would not be answering further questions or try to calm some buyers after receiving all the money.

    • +1

      It's not a scam.

      It is just a poorly run deal.

      • As some said, over promised, under deliver. I order stuff from ebay, I often received package earlier than the estimated postage time. I'm sure op will learn from this experience. I'm sure deal like this will be posted again where it would be ozbargained quickly. Depending on how the deal is described, it may go from hero to zero or if forewarn everyone that they may get the jerky one or up to two months, people will complain less.

    • Definitely no scam! Jerky will be delivered

      • +1

        Can you tell us why your communication has been so poor though?

        I mean I am all for supporting Aussie businesses, but your communication has been atrocious.

        Didn't recieve one email, not even my confirmation.
        I had to touch base with you almost 4 times to get a confirmation….

        • Curious - if you neg'd @iNeed2Pee, please explain what he asked or said that deserved a neg?

          Would be nice if folks could either read OzB's voting guidelines or post constructive feedback to discuss instead of anonymous negs. :-/

      • Yes, you are still here, so definitely not. Real scam, like the one reported on Tv, the person become uncontactable. BTW, real scammers will probably try to scam more money in one go, like asking you to pay 1000+ and run away. Don't know how these scammers sleep at night.

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