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GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0, PD Type C $98.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon AU


This popular deal is back with a new code. Enjoy :)

$51 off with promo code YXAMYI75.
Save $51 when you purchase 1 or more GOOLOO 2000A Peak Jump Starter Battery Pack offered by GOOLOO Direct. Enter code YXAMYI75 at checkout.

1.[Powerful and Reliable] - It provide instant current, without the need for a donor vehicle. You can start your vehicles (up to 10.0L Gas or 7.0L diesel), Motorcycles, RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, mower, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boat, yachting in just a few minutes.
2. [Power Delivery 15W Type C Input and Output]: Supports USB type-C charging (5V/3A); you can use it to charge your other devices or charge the jump starter itself.
3. [Quick Charging Output]: The Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device at lightning speed, such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, camera, kindle and more.
4. [Advanced Safety Technology]: The intelligent jumper clamp combined with 8 protections including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use.
5. [What You Get]: GOOLOO Heavy-Duty Jump Starter, 12V Battery Clamp, Wall Charger (With UL Certification),USB-C Cable, Type-C to Type-C Cable, Storage Case, User Manual. Our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service. This is the best gift for mom.

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  • There seem to be a few different versions of this. Is this the better one? Would be used for 4 and 6 cylinder car and a motorbike.

    • I think it's just built up brand recognition by being posted/bought a lot.

    • +4

      I went for this 2000A Gooloo after seeing a review on Project Farm with a bunch of other brands.


      • Same here, went with the same version shown on Project Farm. And the Gooloo jump starter is goooooooooooood!

    • Yep definitely go the 2000A and not the 1500A

  • There was a cheaper 2000A jump starter posted yesterday for $83.99. Unknown brand, but honestly, they all look like they come out of the same factory.

    • Doesnt matter they come from the same factory, some products can still be of lesser quality

  • Anybody know the battery capacity on this? Could be very good for camping if the battery capacity is high.

    • 73 Wh. I think this is the one with most capacity

      • That is roughly 20,000 mAh at 3.7v. Same as the Xiaomi power bank.

    • +2

      I use these to run my Engel fridge. They work well.

      • How do you use it to run the fridge, keen to know for my 4wd setup

        • These have a 12V output. You can buy a cigarette lighter socket cable from Amazon, Jaycar or make your own, and plug it into the Gooloo. Plug your fridge into this. If the fridge is already at a cold temp. then you're just basically maintaining that and one of these will power the fridge for about 8hrs. I carry 3 on trips. I running the fridge, I charging and 1 for emergencies.

          • @R4: Ah I see nice one. I wonder if the Xiaomi power banks could be used also?

            Is this for your 4wd set up? When do you use it?

            You mention one is charging, how do you charge that one?


  • +1

    Mine only lasted couple of years now it won't charge.

  • +2

    Seems like the 4000amp one is no longer available

    • Also waiting for the 4000A version to be on sale. Hopefully they restock.

  • +1

    I bought that 2 months ago. First time needed couple of days ago. Fully charged but didn’t start my falcon XR6 V6. Disappointing can’t even return it after a month on Amazon… don’t buy!

    • +2

      Try contacting Amazon through chat - their customer support is excellent.

    • +3

      I've jumped a dead flat XR6 with it, and some bigger diesel and petrol engines like a high comp 355 stroker. Did you try pushing the boost button on the jumper lead connector?

      • Yes. Load was full too. Didn’t work.

        • +4

          That's unusual, the failure rates of these are pretty low. I would definitely push for a refund, even outside the 1 month. It's failed first use, and being an emergency item you couldn't test it until you had a flat battery. Under consumer law you are entitled to a replacement, contact both seller and Amazon direct dont give up.

          • @LowRange: @LowRange: Not really. I've been through many different brands and always bought the higher amp ones. Eventually they all stopped working.

            If you want a good jump starter I recommend buying a super capacitor jump starter as they do not need to be charged so long as your car battery isn't completely dead.

        • Did it get warm while you were trying to jump start the car? If it didn't, you probably got a dud set of leads.

    • +1

      Same happened to me with a Skoda Octavia 4 cyl. Petrol, bought it during the last sale a month ago.. very disappointed

    • +6

      I bought that 2 months ago. First time needed couple of days ago. Fully charged but didn’t start my falcon XR6 V6.

      I've used this to fire my Ford Territory with a battery that just clicked the starter motor. Hooked up, and it fired as if the battery was brand new! I've had to use it a couple of times, and it's not let me down.

      Having said that, and with tongue firmly in cheek … your Falcon must be a very special breed indeed to have a V6 in it!!

    • Something is up, it started my dead flat 380, with no drama at all.

    • +5

      V6 XR6? that's your problem right there.

    • Did you try the boost button on the adaptor? If it doesn't work the usual way, you can try the boost button. I'm sure you've read the instructions, but just in case you didn't I'm letting you know.

  • Any recommendations for keeping stored in the car eg. esky or cooler bag?

    • I've put velcro onto the back of the case it comes with and put it at the back of my boot near where the seats fold down.

    • +2

      Chuck it with your spare tyre.

    • Thanks for the ideas! Was thinking about getting a mini esky for the summer months. I'm not too sure about keeping it in the car when the temperature reaches the mid to high thirties.

  • Do diesel engines take more effort to turn with one of these things? If so, why?

    • They generally have a higher compression ratio which is harder to turn over

  • Save your money. I needed it once in an emergency and it failed. I wouldn’t rely on that. Better spend some more money on something that is reliable.

  • i have 2 of them, (one with water resist model, other one is regular). cant fault them.
    last time I helped a friend with 4.0L diesel Truck (moving truck, not ute haha.) with dual battery, I connect 2 of them to the first battery and voila! it started on the second attempt. it wasnt even clicking before jump starting.

  • Can these charge the car battery or is only designed to jump start?

    Could I just connect it and leave it, then come back some hours later and the car battery would have more charge in it?

    • The only reason you'd want to do this is if your alternator is stuffed. If you have a functioning alternator, then it'll charge the battery much faster than this device would.

      • But it will charge? My usual weekly travel is 4 trips, 1 ~10mins and 1 ~15mins drive (x2 for return).

        I feel like the battery charge is depleting based off my usage as the car seems to struggle more each time I drive.

        • +1

          10 minutes should be enough to boost your battery. If not, it may be a failing alternator.

          Maybe what you need, then, is a proper charger with a trickle option when full. Easy to use if you have a garage, less so if you park on the street.

          You might also do a parasitic leak test to see if there is power draw when the car is not in use. These can develop out of the blue.

          • @photonbuddy: Yes this is my case too. Oir second car is parked on the street and used maybe once a month at most.

            Battery has had to be jump started several times since covid.

            I'm hoping to hook up this external Battery to charge the car battery.

            Alternator works fine but hoping to avoid having the car idle on the street for 10mins or so.

            • @Porker:

              Alternator works fine but hoping to avoid having the car idle on the street for 10mins or so.

              Once the car starts, you should be able to drive off without an issue. I don't see the point in leaving the charger connected to charge the battery when the alternator will do a much better job. Once the car is going, you also can't charge the device off the battery via the alligator clamps, so if you flatten the device charging your battery, you then have to charge it via the USB port, which will take quite some time.

              You could also invest in one of those solar charges. If you have a parcel shelf, or somewhere in your car you can put the solar panel, it should provide enough juice to counteract the drain on the battery.

              • @photonbuddy: Thanks for the tip.

                I looked into the solar trickle charger, and is likely what I'm after.

                I didn't mind the idea of charging the Gooloo every now and then and discharging it into the car battery for maintenance. I have solar panels on the roof so would wait for a sunny day.

                I just don't want to be running the car for 10mins unnecessarily or for only battery purposes.

                • @Porker:

                  I just don't want to be running the car for 10mins unnecessarily or for only battery purposes.

                  I don't get this. Your car doesn't consume massive amounts more of battery power just because it's in motion. If you're driving for 10 minutes, that should be enough to top-up a couple of weeks worth of stationary power draw.

                  I have had to use my jump starter to get going, and a 5 minute drive to the shops, plus an hour of sitting in the car park with my dashcam running, and a 5 minute trip home is enough to charge my battery so I don't need the jump starter for a week.

                  My battery is getting on to 4 years old, and really ought to be replaced, but I only need the jump starter if the car has sat for a week or more. Even short trips are enough to keep it charged enough to start the car if I do 1 every couple of days.

                  • @photonbuddy: Thanks for the detailed reply.

                    Sorry, I should've clarified at some point, the car doesn't get driven at all. It's our second car that simply lives on the street for an emergency.

                    I just want to keep it in a ready state to go, and battery drain appears to be an issue - or was so when I've tried to start it. Had to use our main car to jump start.

                    I only have moved it maybe twice in the past 18 months so the street sweeper could clean our front.

                    • +1


                      the car doesn't get driven at all.

                      I see. Seems odd to keep a car registered (and insured?) for such little use.

                      However, I think you have 2 choices:

                      • Get a solar panel to fight the low parasitic drain that every car has.
                      • Use a jump starter like this for when you need to move it. Keep jump starter inside the house so it can be easily topped-up once a month.

                      If you don't want the hassle of getting under the bonnet to hook it up when you want to move it, you could consider running a wire from the battery positive and negative inside the car, and then just clamp onto these when you need to move the car.

                      and battery drain appears to be an issue - or was so when I've tried to start it.

                      All (modern) cars have a low parasitic drain for things like the clock. Car batteries tend not to like low power draw, as it will deteriorate the battery. Using a blunt device like this jump starter isn't going to help your battery.

                      Even unhooking your battery probably won't alleviate all your issues either. Car batteries just aren't designed for this type of use.

                      Depending on how 'on the street' your car is, a good 5 or 10 amp multi-cycle charger may be a better option. Most of these have a function that can clean-up a battery before they start charging. Of course, it means running a 240v cable to your car.

                      • @photonbuddy: 5 watt solar panel charger with blocking diode puts out about .300mv

                        Lets say his car battery is 65ah, 65 / .300 = 216

                        If that sum gets below 200, you need a charge controller or a lower wattage solar charger.

                        I run a 5 watt panel semi permanently on a vehicle i have, the battery is 63ah. Keeps it charged and ready to go at all times.

  • I have the lower amp version of this from the same brand. It worked well to jump start my little corolla, but died when I tried to check it's charge recently.

    I bought mine in 2018, and it held a charge well… I jump started my car last year. Tried to charge it recently, and got the single blue blinking light of death. According to support, it is now defective and can't be repaired. Unfortunately mine is out of warranty, but they are "glad to offer a big discount for your next purchase, like 30% off."

    Just be aware that these jump start kits can die around this time frame, just out of warranty. There's a few posts on amazon about similar things happening to others.

  • Will this charger, jump start a scooter battery (6V) where the battery is very low in charge?

    • no, its a 12v jump starter

  • Promo no longer working…

    Edit: Weird, it worked when I clicked out of the page through to the "GOOLOO DIRECT" seller page, then back into the product. Initially was showing a 10% discount that didn't allow the promo but when I clicked back it showed the promo code working.

  • Woudl this work for a 2016 landcruiser 200 (V8 diesel)

    • Yes it will work on a 200 series.

  • +1

    The promo code is not working, I guess the price is whatever is displayed without the code?

  • I just ordered. No code required. Free delivery. No Prime required.

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