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Massdrop X BeyerDynamic DT 177X GO Headphones US$349 + US$15 Shipping (~A$497.75) @ Drop


A collaboration with world-renowned headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic, the DT 177X GO has the kind of German-made quality you can see, hear, and feel. Based on the DT 1770 PRO, it uses the latest generation of 45-millimeter Tesla drivers for a wide frequency range and a weighty, controlled bass. We smoothed the response slightly while retaining the punchy sound that’s made the DT 1770 PRO a favorite in recording studios.

Close back headphone - great for work (from home) and not disturb others!
32Ohms so no need for an AMP/DAC

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    keen to hear anyone's thoughts who owns a pair of these

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    Was tempted to post this when it went live earlier in the week, but it's a hard thing to justify when the AKG K371 and Audeze Penrose exist at $150-$180 and $400 respectively.

    This is definitely a tonal and timbre improvement on the DT1770 Pro from all reports, but it apparently comes at the loss of detail, for a headphone that was already technically wonky.

    For those who love the Beyer house sound but just want a little less heat in the treble and a little more warmth in the bass, this has what you're looking for I guess, but eh.

    • Is it an apples to apples comparison to compare this with the Penrose? The Penrose is marketed as a gaming headset with little compromise on sound quality and latency, but some on the microphone, which the drop/beyer doesnt even have.

      • The Penrose comes ahead on frequency response, detail and resolution, features (including bluetooth connectivity), and software. The mic suffers in wireless mode, but it's a good mic if you want to record in wired. There's also firmware updates that have improved wireless mic performance.

        Typical planar timbre is in the mix here of course, but this is a well made planar and compared to Beyer I wouldn't be concerned at all, and you can always buy something like the HD6XX down the road if that's something you want for music usage, or even the Koss KPH30i for USD $25 delivered from Drop for a budget option with quality timbre and staging.

        If you want a high-end closed back, while this is still $400 it's phenomenally well rounded product, but I've heard complaints about wireless connectivity, though these people never confirm if they have common interference issues due to building conditions or nearby radio interference.

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          god damn i love the kph30i, absolutely ridiculous bang for buck

          • @harro112: Can't seem to get the kph30i for a budget price any more :(

            • @SevenSmurfs: yeah not as cheap as it used to be, but still great value at $50 delivered from amazon imo

            • @SevenSmurfs: At last check, it's a monthly drop ship that takes orders for 2 weeks a month.

              If you order outside that period, it's $40 USD.

        • I have a Penrose (blue) and I sort of regret buying it. The range isn't that great, the "connecting, connecting, connecting" when you are out of range is super annoying, the wireless mic is actually poor for the money. I bought the Penrose for wireless gaming, and while the audio quality is excellent, isn't well-rounded overall. If I went wired, it might be good, but most headphones with a modmic would sound about as good and be cheaper on top. The extra features are definitely a bonus and I don't really use the software because I think they're gimmicky. It's been updated to the latest firmware but it hasn't improved a whole lot, to be honest. I really wanted to like them because I had to justify the $400, but it falls under the "It's the company's first product, give them a break" category. Except Audeze's first was the Mobius, so the Penrose is the 2nd try, and although it is their "budget" headphone, I am still somewhat disappointed.

          • @shiny1: Have you had any success with Audeze's support service?

            Has checking through you wifi setup revealed any potential interference issues? Are you using the front ports to prevent the metal in your case from causing interference? Does the Audeze app let you renegotiate the connection or manually set a channel?

            It's much higher bandwidth than most wireless sound tech, and that comes at the cost of range/signal quality.

            • @jasswolf: Nah, I've come to terms that this is their product and I'll just use it as is. My dongle is at the top of my case sticking up. Haven't checked the app for different channels but I don't think it'll help. The range gets lost 6m away with a door closed.

              • @shiny1: I strongly recommend giving them continued feedback as codec changes may occur over time that improve effective bandwidth and thus range/signalling for a given perceived quality.

                Audeze, and many users, have never directly encountered these issues.

  • Dang, missed out on the last sale so just went with the DT 770 pros instead