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Free Large Pizza 4pm-6pm Daily (5000 on 23rd July & 8th August, 1000 Each Day 24th July - 7th August) @ Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is giving away up to 285,000 large pizzas - according to their Insta

From 4pm to 6pm AEST Daily

  • 23rd July / 8th August - 5000 Free Pizzas
  • 24th July - 7th August - 1000 Free Pizzas Each Day
  • 23rd July / 8th August - Pizzas for Podium - Whenever Australia steps onto the Podium, we'll release extra pizzas the next day. Check our socials for today's giveaway!


  • 23/7 — 5000 All out for today
  • 24/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 25/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 26/7 — 2700 All out for today
  • 27/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 28/7 — 2400 All out for today
  • 29/7 — 4800 All out for today
  • 30/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 31/7 — 3700 All out for today
  • 01/8 — 3100 All out for today
  • 02/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 03/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 04/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 05/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 06/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 07/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 08/8 — 5000 Thanks for playing. All codes have been given away.


Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please click here for Full T&Cs and click here to see our Privacy Policy. A surcharge of 10% Applies on Sundays & 15% on Public Holidays.

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  • Missed today and every day so far. Shattered. Anyone who’s been lucky and wants to donate one I’d greatly appreciate

    • +1

      PM'd :)

  • -3

    Wait till tomorrow

    • There is no tomorrow. Today was the last day

    • there's no tomorrow bruh

  • final day result. no win again today. tried 11 times and none pizza collected. everyday like hunger games and no gold win.

    need better promo setup to be fairer for all others than just few audiences

    • +2

      But you got sent at least one from somebody didn’t you. So you did actually win a free pizza. Or possibly more

      • +3

        yes, i appreciated two kind pizzas issued out by nice ozb and really grateful for that.

        but I am mentioning about doing it myself on the promo. have tried this 11 times using the campaign site and stress that I have not won even once from the process while hearing others manage getting more than one from the campaign.

  • +1

    We're all out of free pizza. Try again tomorrow!


  • +2

    I had to press submit like 20 times but eventually won one.

  • +2

    Well that was fun, ended up getting 9 free pizzas and a good couple of kilos on the scales

    • Yep, I only got 7. So that’s 7 dinners and 7 lunches with the leftovers reheated. That’s a Oz.bargain

    • -3

      got 11 pizzas

  • +6

    Btw cheers skido for another awesome deal!

    Tried to add a pizza joke in there but just couldn't work out the delivery.

    • +1

      I see what you did there, brain didn't pick up until a few seconds later

    • +3

      revoke your neg, maybe? ;)

      • +1

        And ask for freebies in the classified as it could be found there before. You cant find anyone more cheeky!

        • +1

          no one give freebiemaster1902 any pizzas lol

  • Well done those who got multiple, I didn’t get any but I’ve got a couple of mccain chips promos, happy to swap but know it’s not the same value

    • What are McCain Chips worth? What is the value of Pizza Hut pizzas with a code?

      Edit: Looks like its about $4 for Chips, and $11 for Pizza Hut value.

  • -2

    Tried many times over many days but no luck. Anyone who’s been lucky and has multiple that wants to donate one I’d greatly appreciate

  • -3

    Got none, anyone have a spare?

  • Has anyone been able to determine if at a particular store the usual Minimum Pickup is $3, then these coupons may be used without adding anything worth $3 more to the cart?

    Or does this work only if your particular store does not have the Minimum $3 Pickup condition? I can see some stores have and some dont. However, the my local one has the Minimum $3 pickup condition. Will this free pizza coupon work here?

    • I saw it at the checkout, but after ticking 2 "accept" boxes, this condition turns grey(no longer required).

  • +4

    I've already given away all my Pizza Hut codes but I do have some extra McCain chip codes from here.

    If you are interested PM me your email addy (it's a barcode).

    Pizza out!

    • +2

      ah McCain dins, you've done it again!

      • +3

        Not to sound cheesy but as they say you gotta keep your eyes on the fries.

        • +2

          <groan> lol

          • +1

            @tdw: Haha did you manage to snag one of these champ?

            If not let me know I got a couple more left :)

            • +1

              @dins: i tried on the first day, got an error and didn't get through for some reason. then i remembered i still have a bag in the freezer from the previous promotion last year(!) so i'm sorted, but thanks for your kind offer!

              plus, i kinda went crazy with the free chicken treat chips so giving chips a rest for a bit

              • +1

                @tdw: Haha no worries champ have a good one.

    • +2

      All codes now gone to good homes.

  • +1

    Pizza Hut at Welland Plaza say they wont honour any more of the "Pizza for Podiums" vouchers!
    They say I have used too many there.
    Can their franchises refuse to honour Pizza Hut vouchers?
    The next shop is too far…

    • +1

      LOL. how many have you gotten

    • +3

      I always order a side to keep my local happy.

    • Pizza hut at Fairfield heights only honoured one of my two orders. It was my first visit.

    • Do not use the same name for pickup every time. It allows you to edit name.

      Do not pick up two free pizzas at one time.

      • Normally I would use my name n wife, pickup at the same time, no issue. I guess it depends on the store too.

        • +1

          Also depends on if you are in lockdown or not.

        • Pizza Hut at Mascot has said that each promo pizza needs to be picked up by different people, even though the orders clearly had different pickup names and contact details etc.

          Sydney is in lockdown and public health orders clearly says "Only one person in the household can leave their residence to obtain food, goods or services once a day".

          So basically Pizza Hut is telling consumers to break the public health orders as they want each individual in the household to physically come to the store to pick up each promo pizza……

  • Anyone want to swap Pizza Hut codes for McCain chips? I can do 2 for 1 pizza code

    • what happened ran out of space in your freezer?

      • McCain < Pizza Hut = Profit

  • Does anyone have any leftover codes, I've been missed out for all of these including the mccain ones. Thanks !

  • Anyone else having trouble with stores not allowing the same person to pick up two or more pizzas?

    • nah my local one is really friendly. we just load all our orders under the same name (covid rules anyway) but even if we do different household names they know it’s us anyway due to the pickup time

      • I am thinking about loading my last 7

    • +2

      No issue, twice I've picked up 4 at a time. I think I only have one left. With the 5km limit though I have to go to a different Pizza Hut and they are bloody awful, ingredients not fresh, toppings missing and doesn't taste anything like my preferred store..

  • Anyone got a spare code to share, thank you, pm me

  • +3

    No love for Paralympics Pizza Hut?

    Bad form !!!

  • Does anyone know who pays for the pizza, head office or the local franchisee?
    I've been twice throughout the whole promotion and the person serving was rather .. surly!

    • +2

      Head office pays. But its not good for the franchisee as its not counted as revenue, so its seen as a cost.

      • Thanks, unfortunate that the franchisee is responsible. Explains the response!

  • -3

    After all the effort to win a voucher. It doesn't work. Their customer service appears to be dead. Guess I'll save in the long run as they've lost a customer, I can't stand businesses that waste my time.

  • +3

    Winner winner. Someone's dinner!


    • Thanks.

  • Hey if any one has a spare code they're not using today send me a pm please.

  • +1

    Heads up can't put in the order in advance for pick up, codes must be redeemed before expiry tomorrow (31/8). Thought I would process an order for pick up later in the week but wouldn't work.

  • Can still use the codes tomorrow, right?

    • i'm going to try and use mine tonight, just in case it doesn't work and i have to contact them.

  • Thought I had one left but they all gave an error, must have used them. If anyone isn't using their code i'd appreciate it.

  • Anyone not using their code, please pm me. Thank you

  • For anyone one using their codes tonight please DM me! TIA

    • +2

      Im using one of my codes, what do you want a DM for?

      • I mean not using haha, sorry!

  • DO NOT trade / send anything to bestozbargainer, it's a ghost account to a banned member (and has now been banned.)

    We have the classifieds (and restrictions to who can use it) for this reason. To avoid new accounts signing up to scam users.

    • Finder Fee?

      • Another member reported them otherwise we would not have been aware and they wouldn't have been banned. Please use the report button in the future. Thanks

        • I got a confession out of him

  • Anyone not using theirs today? I'm looking for something for lunch, PM me!

  • +2

    If anyone wants free pizza hut podiums pizza before these expire tonight here you go,


    • +1

      Damn all used

  • used my one and only code just then, no problems at all.

  • +1


  • Did anyone have any spare codes left unused? Would love to use them before expiry.

    • still need one? PM me

      • Yes please

        • sent

  • Giving away away 2 codes, PM

  • +1


  • +1


  • +1


  • +1


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