What TV Shows Are You Watching ATM?

It's already been an exceptional year for TV, and we've still got many months to go!

What TV shows are you watching atm?


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      Maybe you'd like "The Expanse" then

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        I'm sad and keen for season 6

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          Ha ha, same. Enjoyed the TV series quite a bit.

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          Exactly my thoughts :(

    • I need to finish Mare, really well written show

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    Better Call Saul (Doesnt hit Breaking Bad levels but still good)
    The Undoing (Meh)
    The Queen's Gambit (Okayish)
    Mare of Easttown (KW Masterclass)
    The Nevers (Got me interested)
    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Boooooring)
    WandaVision (Not bad)
    Loki (Okayish)
    Gangs of London (Decent with some AMAZING action scenes)

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      tried to get interested in Loki but for me its a fail.

      The Falcon et al was mildly entertaining but slow to develop.
      I may try the others to see if I like it
      I did enjoy the Mandalorian series

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        Loki was just okay. If you go in expecting that standard Marvel experience, you might still be entertained somehow.

        If you expecting something other than just another Marvel show, you will be disappointed

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    Just finished Lupin which was pretty good.

  • aaahhh been thinking the exact same thing.

    Kims Convenience - finished
    Startup - finished
    Heaps of doc's on Prime
    Upload - finished
    God… so many have been watched in the past few weeks. Been binging big time! Someone give me the motivation to do something other than work, sleep, net shop and stream.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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      Lel I've bought gum from the Kim's Convenience store, and would stand close by it every day waiting for the tram to go to work.

      It's in a pretty shit part of Toronto, that gets worse as you get closer into downtown from there.

      Also, Toronto is tiny.

      • Ha I lived Dundas & Sherbourne and went to Kim's while waiting for the Queen st streetcar, didn't realise they made a TV show there! That Dollarama was sketchy AF.

        • Haha yeah my partner and I went to that Shernourne Dollarama once, just before leaving. Definitely the sketchiest of Dollaramas!

          And yep! The 501 Queen.

    • shame they didnt make startup season 4

      • Since its release on Netflix and Prime, and has had such a good reception, I wondering if Crackle will start filming again….
        Fingers crossed!

        • i thought the actors had recently complained about the show being racist or something.
          akwafina is nora from queens gave me a few smiles

          • @juki:

            1. That's all actors do is complain. Shallow, self-entitled, garbage people.
            2. Everything is racist now. Making nothing racist.
            • @Faulty P xel: maybe i havent watched it, i was just reading an article in which they werent happy and they seemed to have some possible fair points against the writers/production team

              But ey who knows what is at play if money is at stake, maybe they are sour from losing their job ect.

              "Everything is racist now. Making nothing racist." yeah especially on the apple platform i found everything has to have a woke undertone one way or another, hard to believe i'd nearly regret the crazy series from the 90s

              • @juki: I haven't seen it either, just making a wider general observation. ;-)

  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Season 2

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    Watched Mr. Mercedes & Taboo off SBS on demand also Zero,Zero, Zero a little while back. All pretty good.
    Just finished Avenue 5 which is a bit of a laugh, Long Way Up to get some scenery.

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      I just watched all three Long Way series. Good stuff.

    • I really liked Mr Mercedes until I realised that season 2 was going to continue with the same villain and I thought that was stretching the premise too much.

  • sweet tooth

    • I really struggled with this one, but finished the season anyway

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    Hospital Playlist (on Netflix)

    Want to watch Misaeng eventually too, was thrilled when I saw it is on netflix

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    Anyone watching Dave? Series 1 was brilliant. 2 is a bit slower but still great.

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      Just started season 2. First season was hilarious. First episode of season 2 kinda makes me dislike him a bit. Seems arrogant. Maybe part of the plot.

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    most shows except reality tv

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    Been watching:

    • Mr. Inbetween
    • Back in Very Small Business
    • Hill Street Blues
    • Car SOS.
    • Tales from the Loop

    Currently awaiting new seasons of:

    • Resident Alien
    • Raising Dion
    • Avenue 5
    • Into the Night
    • The Orville
    • I thought the Orville was cancelled after season 2, so you've given me good news!

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    Trying to finish Mr. Robot and I've recently discovered ZeroZeroZero looks promising.

    • ZeroZeroZero 👍

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    Just rewatched the last couple of episodes of Ted Lasso as the 2nd series starts this week.
    If you want a light, feel-good watch this is the one.

  • Mare of Easttown, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead now that I have Binge 😊

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      Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead

      I hope you like disappointment

      • Thoroughly enjoyed GOT and enjoying TWD 😊

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          GOT fell off a cliff in the last two seasons. I loved season 1 of TWD but it fell off and I gave up a couple seasons into Negan. Hard when your favourites die :(

          • @Caped Baldy: Yep, when they brought in new writers due to books not being finished GOT took a massive nosedive in quality.

            • @gromit: Nah, D&D gave up and had their sights set on other projects.

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    Mr Ed

  • +7

    Heaps of stuff. I got a cross-trainer last year and put it in the small lounge during lockdown.

    Banshee (7/10)- Been watching this in drabs over the last year. It ultra violent and has really good action production for a TV show that does not appear to have a significant budget.

    Mare of Easttown (8/10)- really enjoyed this. More than I expected.

    Ted Lasso - just had a look at this after seeing reviews for season 2. Hoping to interest my wife in it.

    Parts Unknown (9/10) - picked this up again after noticing there is a documentary on Anthony Bourdain being released. Really enjoyable, quirky travel/food show. He had a great style. Travels to amazing places and eats amazing food but spends a lot of time talking about history and political problems in those places. Very down to earth show.

    Rick and Morty - no explanation needed.

    Loki (9/10) - found this show enthralling. Adapted well for TV with an interesting story and a big budget.

    Other things I would recommend:
    * The Outsider (7/10) - Stephen King, Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn. Sci-fi horror cop drama.
    * Breeders (7/10) - UK comedy about living with kids. Quite enjoyable.
    * Watchmen Series - (10/10) - rewatched this during last lockdown. Great show in every way, story, action, music.
    * WestWorld (10/10) - I love this show so much. Sci-fi. Huge budget, Great acting. Great soundtrack. Enthralling story. I honestly thought they could not keep the momentum going in season but Aaron Paul was great. Rewatched again recently.
    * Too Old to Die Young (8/10) - Ultra violent. Watched this last year and it was really hard but ultimately rewarding. Not many people are going to like this or be able to get through it. It is as bleak as it comes and I had to take a break in the middle. The film making is bonkers and completely indulgent, I honestly cannot believe they gave someone the money to make it. Created by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only god Forgives, Pusher films).
    * Solar Opposites - (7/10) - Made by Justin Roiland very similar in style to Rick and Morty.

    • The Outsider seems cool. Time for a google search……..

    • Too Old to Die Young (8/10)

      I watched first episode. I need to get back to it but each ep is movie length. I found it really funny in a quirky way.

    • Have you seen the letdown? Similar to breeders bit very different, I quite liked it

    • Really enjoyed Westworld, Watchmen and Ted Lasso!

    • Ted Lasso was such an enjoyable surprise for me.

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    Since no one has mentioned it yet, The Boys.

    • -17

      probably because its so boring and predictable after the first few episodes

      • Have you watched the whole series?

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          most of it think I missed the last 3 episodes

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    What's so exceptional?

    • I think this is a good question!

      Maybe there's lots of studios competing for our dollars so a lot of good content is coming out?

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      So exceptional people are re-watching 10 year old TV shows.

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    All the Marvel TV series;

    WandaVision; pretty good, not my favourite though.
    Falcon and the Winter Soldier; same as WandaVision, pretty good.
    Loki; my favourite out of the 3. Most interesting in my opinion. Music is sick too.

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    El Cid on Amazon.

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    Queen of the south
    Animal Kingdom
    I think you should leave

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    Currently watching:
    Kim's convenience (it's funny)
    Mad Men (it's interesting)
    This is Us (it's beautiful)

    I like Marvel and have finished Loki, which is pretty good. I found the first episode a bit disconnected from what I was hoping to see, but after that I enjoyed the season.

    Didn't enjoy Wanda Vision, gave up after 3 episodes.

    Falcon and the winter soldier was fine, but not amazing.

    I've recently finished Mare of Easttown, which is amazing.

    • With Wandavision you really need to get to episode 4, everything changes at that point. That being said, it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Where are you watching This is Us? I’ve only been able to find the first season :(

  • I’m rewatching game of thrones, the one true king.

    Shame about the last season but still an epic series.

  • +1

    Just finished the second season of the French/English adaptation (in name only) of War of the Worlds. You don't see dirty spaceships and children getting shot on TV very often. Also, Sascha pisses me off - he better be dead by the end of the series.

    • The show is intriguing initially but has too many strange and unnecessary story arc's (like the whole bizarre incest thing) and ultimately never explains anything

      • All the antagonists are the product of inbreeding, and ultimately foundational incest. Also, Emily's father is unknown at present (so three guesses who he will turn out to be).

        Authorial intent can be tricky to interpret, and I am of the belief that it is usually more important what the viewer gets from the work rather than what the author wants them to get from the work. It's also not particularly easy to cover incestuous rape in a way that isn't going to seem exploitative, especially given the resulting child is a cursed from birth sociopath that literally exists in the narrative to ruin everything.

  • I’m haven’t been watching much TV lately, but somehow I stumbled upon the anime “To Your Eternity” late. Episode 1 hooked me right in with the feels. The English dubs of newer episodes must be delayed for some reason but episodes 1-7 appear to be free as a preview on Crunchyroll.

  • Don't really watch much TV but only just gotten in to Ozark.
    Also found Young Rock slightly amusing for those times you don't want to think while watching tv.

    Waiting for next season of Money Heist to come out in September…along with seasons of Peaky Blinders and Yellowstone that got put on the back burner with covid.

  • +1

    Superman & Lois on binge

  • So far…

    Superman & Lois (Its alright if you skim past the drama-y bits)

    Falcon & Winter soldier (Its aight nothing matters)

    WandaVision ( Will it effect the MCU movies? maybe?)

    Loki ( This one was actually the best of the three and probably worth it to watch)

    Breaking Bad (Up to 3rd episodes, it is pretty good so far.)

    Teen Titans live action show (Its pretty bad)

  • Just finished season 2 of this way up, a new British comedy, certainly worth a watch.

    Also watching Black Monday season 3, the first seasons were pretty good, less certain on the latest season but I'll keep watching it.

    Rick and Morty, can be hit and miss, but the hits are worth staying watching.

    I'll watch the latest season of the boys, Loki and handmaid's tale in the next month or so. I'm normally not much of a marvel fan but I've got high hopes for Loki

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    Mr Bean on Holiday

  • +2

    Jack Irish
    Mr Inbetween - it's a shame that it and Jack Irish have both ended.
    Pikes Peak: on the edge
    Clarksons Farm
    Mare of Easttown

    • +1

      If you like those two I think Ray Donavon is in a similar vein.

      • Yeh I liked Ray Donovan but dropped off it in the 6th season

  • +10

    Idiots protesting in Syd Live spreading the virus : https://www.9news.com.au/videos/watch-live

  • +1

    Rewatching the X files with my son

    I have seen them before but not for ages and it's his first time watching them

    Up to season 6 at the moment and then I';; sit down and rewatch Babylon 5 with him

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      Ah Babylon 5 a blast from the past. One of my favs from many years ago. I enjoyed Dark Matter from a few years back and more recently hooked on The Expanse.

    • has x files not aged too much?

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    mad men at the moment

  • +14

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned The Expanse. The best sci-fi show on television right now.

    • +2

      Yes! Already looking forward to the final season. I do hope we get more of The Expanse - even if it's in the later timeline or a different setting

  • Big timber on netflix.

  • +2

    Rewatching utopia 2013 the UK version. One of the most underrated tv shows ever and one of my favourite shows of all time.

    • Awesome show. Nice to see a fellow fan. US version was ok, hard to compete with the original.

  • Harley Quinn series. Lucifer.

  • Just finished binge watching The Last Kingdom. Before that was Vikings and now i'm watching Queen of the South.

  • 4 Blocks on prime and stan.

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    Dexter, in anticipation of the new season.

    • There's a new season coming?

      how is that going to work…

    • +2

      Fingers crossed for season 5. Dunno why they stopped at four seasons…

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    Starting Breaking Bad.

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    Currently watching Psyche (pretty good, although season 3/4 was a bit out of whack and boring, but it picked up the comedy on Season 5)

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      You mean Psych? Come on, son.

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        Suuuuuckkkkkk iitttttt

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        I've heard it both ways

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          You hear about Pluto?

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            @Caped Baldy: That's messed up.
            This is my associate MC ClapYoHandz…. With a Z